The Rt Dishonourable MP for Maidenhead Cunt of the Realm Theresa May, COTR [29!]

Theresa May is in need of an urgent cunting. So, having spent the past three years being a lying cunt, and less use than a severed testicle, May now intends to ask the EU for permission to extend the deadline for our leaving that shower of shite to June 30th. Now, I have to admit, that as well as all the other reasons for nominating her, I have a personal one. June 30th is my birthday, and I don’t want May, or the rest of those EU cock sucking traitors ruining it with their lies, their treachery, their deceit, or even the fact that they fucking exist.

The official date for the UK leaving the EU is the 31st March 2019. But as that date draws nearer, EVERY pro-EU cuck is panicking, Bercow especially, and doing everything they can to stop it happening. Especially May. After Cameron spat his dummy out, I said that May was the worst possible choice to replace him. Since day one, she has done nothing but lie to the British people and capitulate to the EU. “Brexit means Brexit”. “No deal is better than a bad deal”. “I will be a bloody difficult woman in the EU negotiations”. She even lied to her cabinet, telling them that she would not call a general election, then called a general election when the arrogant bitch didn’t even NEED to. Now she’s come up with Brexit plan that is so bad, it’s actually worse than staying in the EU. All while allowing those traitors in the Commons to have meaningful vote after meaningful vote to destroy Brexit. The problem they have, is that there was only ONE meaningful vote, on the 23rd of June 2016. THAT is only the meaningful vote. Because that was the vote in which we gave the British government a mandate to leave the European Union.

I’ve also been saying for months that May has to go. Well after the disgrace of the past couple of weeks, she DEFINITELY needs to go, and go soon. May has turned the UK into a laughing stock and enough is enough. Today (21st March) she’s actually had the gall to tell the British people that she’s on our side. Another lie. If she were on our side, we’d have been out of the EU months ago. Look how she handled the malicious midget, Bercow, after his disgraceful show of contempt for democracy and the British people earlier this week. She’s done NOTHING. Can you imagine Thatcher allowing that evil little shit to get away with doing what he did? She would have nailed his balls to the gates of Downing Street, with him still attached to them and hanging upside down.

It’s a sign of how weak that bitch is that parliament is in such crisis. The Tories have to find a spine and kick that piece of shit out on her arse, soon.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

44 thoughts on “The Rt Dishonourable MP for Maidenhead Cunt of the Realm Theresa May, COTR [29!]

  1. Traitors the lot of ‘em.

    There really is no business like show business.

    Goodbye for now.

  2. Old Zelda Hunchback has turned this into a Scheherazade situation. To avoid having her he’s lobbed off by the King, she span her stories out to elongate her life. The longer we remain in this nightmare club, the more moolah we fork out for Polish railways, Romanian sewers, and Bulgarian road-building, further bleeding money away from us to subsidise these tinpot shitholes.

    End the story Scheherazade so we can end this fucking farce.

  3. Slightly off topic but still on Brexit, just watching Ploitics Live, Layla Moran…

    Shouldnt revoke Article 50 without consulting the people (peoples vote)

    But admitted she has signed the petition the revoke Article 50.

    Back to the cunting, the Maybott is deluded (according to soubry) and will stay deluded until she steps down. She has no chance now and should put her fucking deal, on last time, to Parliament and when it fails Resign!!

    • Sourbry’s bang on the money… apart from one thing: May will remain deluded long after she steps down.

      • Haven’t I been saying that she’ll be dragged out of No. 10 in a straight-jacket, and liquid coshed.
        How many cl of Druncker’s jizz is already pounding through herveins ?

  4. She has engineered the position where her deal, which was dictated to her by the EU is the only actual Brexit. As has been pointed out many times, her deal is not actually leaving the EU. Any choice now is her deal or no Brexit. She knows at least 400 MPs will not honour the referendum.

    Cunning or incompetent?

    • She’s an EU puppet. The EU would prefer her deal to us not leaving, because with her deal they get what they most care about – the £39 billion, and that’s just a down payment, they’ll be back for more, you can bank on it. The backstop keeps us from competing with them on the world market, so what’s not to like from their standpoint?

      Remaining would mean we’d have some influence, and they certainly don’t want that.

      • I don’t see where we had any influenced in the past so why would we in the future?

      • Successive UK Governments, from Major onwards, chose not to properly exert their influence when they could have.

        May’s deal would simply make that state off affairs official, we’d become a vassal state, a rule taker not a rule maker, our politicians could then rightfully turn round and say that whatever goes wrong is beyond their control so don’t blame us guv.

      • I suspect by this time next week the “second referendum” will be mapped out, and ageing queen Anthony Blair will be getting his make-up on for daily TV appearances.

        It as if the daft woman was playing poker but showing her cards to all the other players. Today after the humiliation of Juncker and Tusk talking down to us yesterday, it has been suggested that up to 7 alternatives will be offered to the toddlers who call themselves MPs and this will include the 2nd referendum, and can you really imagine Benn, Greive, Soubry and the like-minded fuckwits refusing that when that is what they have been after since June 2016.

      • Well, they voted against a 2nd Referendum last week, 85 to 334, a majority of 249 against…

        The Tories definitely don’t want one.

  5. Ugly boot needs a touch of the ol’ lead poisoning……what a legacy she will leave, more despised than even Tony B. Liar the war criminal and devout Catholic. How the fuck is that even possible?

    • NOBODY will ever be as despised as Mincing Anthony Blair is and was. He is the epitome of cuntery.

      • RTC I think the reason the 2nd referendum vote only got 85 was because Umunna’s little clique proposed it – Labour would be upset by that and I daresay the Tories wouldn’t support it because the Soubry creature’s voice was prominent, but, if that nice Mr. Grieve proposed it, or Benn junior, or Sugartits then the soaking wet Tories and the Dame Keir Starmer Labour tendency would fall over themselves to approve it.

        I really regret this – but some of the most ardent remainers and leavers are just not prepared to compromise in any way at all and are so deluded they think they will win by willpower or the power of prayer.

      • Where’s the room for compromise on a 2nd Referendum WCB? You either hold one or you don’t… there’s no middle way, is there?

  6. I’ve been watching the odds for no deal Brexit, although a very basic parameter it’s not often the bookies get it wrong. Fingers crossed but the odds have shortened slightly.
    At one point they were 9/2 they’re now down at 3/1, and that’s for 30th Match.
    There is nothing honourable about her, she’s got the morals of an alley cat. A conniving cunt.

  7. Let’s not forget the roles of two under the radar cunts who got the Hunchback into number 10 in the first place. I’m talking about that slag Leadsom and that creepy little Gove creature. Now doing very nicely, Leadsom the leader of the House and creepybollocks the Minister of whatever the cunt is minister of.
    Their actions seemed very strange at the time but make perfect sense now. Fucking stitch up from the very beginning.
    I still have hope that Labour will vote against this shit as they are remoaners to the core and want a bent referendum or to force a General Election.
    Then we are back to square one and the date moves to June 30th. Before that date there’s the small matter of European elections. What is the lying whore going to do about that?
    My dough is on the rigged referendum being their only way out.

    • Saw somewhere that Gove is one of the favourites when she goes. The Tories may have short memories but the 17.4 million, and more besides I wager now, will not forget this.

  8. The Tory party will pay a terrible price on 2 fronts, firstly if this deal goes through, they will shoulder the blame and also for backing her when they had the chance to get rid of her.
    I watched it on the TV when Sir Graham Brady announced the result.
    They were all cheering, I wonder how many would give her a vote of confidence now ?

  9. As usual an extremely high quality cunting QDM …..
    She doesn’t need to fall on her sword she needs to be pushed onto it ….
    Trojan horse fucker!!
    Ha ha sky talking about Mavis’s legacy?
    FFS!! Useless cunt maybe? Deceitful liar? Fuck her for driving Brexit into a cul de sac

    • Her own legacy is a brown smear on the ceramic bog of government, and that came from her gob. Wretched, wretched cunt.

      Afternoon Q, esq. 💮

      • Hi captain….
        glad to see the hunchback getting another well deserved cunting ….

    • That’s fucking quality.
      I liked the line….”Lord Adonis….who the fuck is he anyway?”

    • My pal sent me that earlier and being a useless forgetful cunt I didn’t post it on isac for your pleasure….
      funny stuff ……

  10. This horrible little cunt has been complicite in under mining Brexit from day one. She’s a self confessed remoaner herself so no interest in leaving the fourth Reich EU coupled with the fact the barren bitch has no kids to worry about therefore she’s not bothered about the future as her own snake bloodline finishes when she visits the bone yard for good…..

    Let’s also remember her roots. Before politics this cunt bag did time in the bank of England. Like Macron in France she is just another Soros/Rothschild puppet dancing to their tune. This cunt has been paid to ‘throw’ Brexit and her faceless paymasters are very pleased with her progress…….

    Sinister traitorous cunt May ‘grips my shit’ and if the UK does not drop the EU like a lead fart at the end of March then the 2011 riots that started in Tottenham will look like a fucking Cricket match in comparison!!!

    • I hope you’re right. I’m up for a fucking riot. I could do with a new telly and a new pair of trainers too.
      Here in London we have plenty of aspiring architects and talented rappers who are fond of a nice bit of shopping.

      • Me too……
        civil unrest always focuses the mind, especially when cunts have tricked the people, we should take our lead from the gillet jaune…..

  11. OK. What happens next? Maybot deal fails third attempt: long delay ruled out. Exit postponed to 12th April, by last night’s agreement. We then get ‘indicative votes’ whatever the fuck they are, to see if our mistakenly elected representatives can agree on anything at all. (The social-media-propelled petition, btw, is a complete waste of time. Scrubbing Article 50 is bound to be an option: Bercow will see to that if May doesn’t. Or will see to it on May’s behalf, even) There is a majority to end the pain now. Snouts in the trough favour scrubbing Article 50. Follow the money: the snouts in the centre have it. The EU repeatedly showed us how the trick worked. And most of our dumb or corrupt representatives still think it’s magic.

    And we get to vote in the EP elections, as a worthless consolation prize.

    There may be some pious words about ‘reforming’ the EU following this. Probably best to concentrate on giving that idea real teeth.

    • And then carry on regardless anyway. Like FIFA, FIA, UN, OXFAM, IMF, etc… etc….

    • Two outcomes, either a rapid rewrite of the political declaration to include a customs union so labour will support the withdrawal agreement or long extension and a general election, May will resign on either of the above.

      • The Political Declaration is not legally binding, and besides the Withdrawal Agreement itself includes the backstop which would keep us in the Customs Union in perpetuity anyway.

      • Not necessarily. All the back stop means is that we can’t have a hard border between Northern and Southern Ireland as per the Good Friday Agreement.

        There’s nothing from stopping the UK from having stringent border checks at ports in NI thus making our hard border the Irish sea, allowing shit loads of EU and Syrian migrants into NI whereby sacrificing them to the EU wolves.

        If those NI cunts feel sufficiently abandoned by the UK it might finally trigger a reunification referendum as per the Good Friday Agreement and we can be shot of the pricks once and for all and actually have some national border integrity again.

  12. I’m a bit of a simpleton when it comes to politics but here’s my suggestion:

    If we end up staying in the EU (which is what our politicians want), there’ll be little need for a government, opposition parties, House of Lords, etc., in this country, so sack the whole fucking lot of them.

    Won’t save all the money Treason has promised the Brussels Bully Boys but it’d make me smile

    • Wonder if a petition to that effect could be arranged to get, oooh, say, 50 million signatures? We need a PR agency specialising in social meme-dia influencing. Pity the Institute for Global Blair’s huge PR outfit is otherwise engaged, really.

    • I think it’s fair to say that we don’t need the bunch of unrepresentative, self-serving cunts whether we’re in OR out. They have proved themselves to be totally unworthy of responsibility and/or power and should be immediately shovelled into the massive pile of shit that they undoubtedly are.

  13. The Anti-Christ Blair ruined politics forever. Major was spineless but at least he was a proper conservative. 1997 marked the turning of the tide to the long-term project we have now of bollocks artificial politics.

  14. The DUP have accused the hunchback of being to willing to capitulate to the EU……
    They now a fucking turd when they see one….

    ReMAYner !!

  15. In a way it was a good thing the Hunchback called the GE, fucked up, and was reliant on the DUP for support. What a carry-on.

    • They must be looking over at Blighty in Venezuela and thinking “Well it could be worse”….

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