Rachel Johnson


An outsize bloomer cunting please for the sister of Boris Johnson. Not only is the frustrated ugly old hag a pain in the arse, she is a copycat of the worst sort, since she has followed th antics of the dirty-minged old bag “Dr” Victoria Bateman last week and appeared naked on TV.

Not only do the Remainers look desperate they also look physically repulsive and are clearly mentally derranged.

Which Remainer will be the be the next one to drop their drawers on TV? Dame Keir Starmer, Mincing Mandy, Chukaspear?.

What a steaming heap of turd they are


Nominated by W. C. Boggs

59 thoughts on “Rachel Johnson

  1. She’s everything I’d normally hate….ardent Remoaner and latterly appearing on every single pound shop TV reality show going.

    But who can blame her sporting the only pair of real tits amongst an entire family of them?

    Posh totty maybe, but certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed!

      • Hmm… until she wipes her snatch on your drawers, tosses them out of the window, asking you leave whilst regarding you like something that’s dropped out of a dogs arse. She’s all yours bud.

      • Maybe my standards are improving but I would not fire one into her. She looks like a bloke in a wig.

        (this coming from a guy who wants to shag a posh bird)

      • Lying cunts all of ya. Here’s your choice.

        Rachel Johnson


        That coloured mess Diane Flabbott.

      • White bloke in a wig or black bloke in a wig…… Would it be racist if I chose white bloke in a wig?

  2. She is editor of ‘The Lady’ or was. I suppose that’s the right etiquette for ladies that appear on television now.

  3. There are so many of these pointless, vacuous, talent-free upper class twats infesting the media. They need to be wiped out.

    My inner Leninist is going to slip the lead before long.

  4. Posh fucking nerd. Who wants to see her saggy old milkers?
    If I get my cock out will that mean my vote actually counts?

    • Methinks you have a crystal ball ? That,or an advance precognition machine under your bed .

      • I have more than one ball (unlike Herr “Schicklgruber”): think “Minority Report” (2002) or “Wanted” (2008).

  5. What is this obsession lately with getting your kit off to make a political point?

    What POINT are they actually trying to make with the nudity? Is it a distraction ploy so we don’t actually focus on the utter shite they are spewing, but instead are mesmerised, or rather revolted, by the sight of their spaniel ear tits and muzzie beard minge?

    I just cannot correlate the two: stark bollock naked and political protesting. What the actual fuck?

    All of these menopausal fuckers are just the type who need to be keeping their clothes FIRMLY ON. Preferably super glued to their losing-to-gravity bodies.


    • ‘Awaiting moderation’ yet again.

      Was it my use of the word ‘minge’?

      Just speculating…….

      • Sorry about that, we have lives and jobs and pop in and out of the site when we can, it normally means a quick tidy up of the MOD box and yes we approved it

      • Thanks admin. Sorry, I was just being a cheeky, sarcy cow. (not for the first time)

  6. Sorry to change the subject,but this is very worrying…..They’re going after the aspiring barristers now! First aspiring architects and now aspiring barristers….when will the madness end?

    “Another victim of Bloodbath Britain: Mother reveals agony as aspiring barrister son, 17, is knifed to death in Kensington – in the ‘fourth attempt on his life’ – as three teenagers are arrested over his murder”

    Fourth attempt? Just how unlucky can one innocent aspirant be?

    # AnotherAngelTakenTooEarly.

    • Its a national crisis, we need to stop all these aspirations, no good can come of it!

      • We shall soon all be aspirated into a non-white hole…
        More suction than in the whole of Shepherd Market.

    • Get those flowers, teddy bears, unlit candles and other condoling detrutus advertised on eBay™ tout de suite.

      • No it isn’t. It’s detritus. AS you undoubtely know, or will do when you’ve Googled it, ‘detritis’ is the dative masculine plural, and ‘detritus’ is the preferred spelling in the major dictionaries.


        In the interests of accurate pedantry.

      • No I didn’t mean rubbish, or crap, I was referring to that mawkish (and eminently saleable) miscellany of weirdness which people leave in remembrance of “The fallen” (obviously).

        I’ve always spelt/spelled it detritis, Mr K, and proud to be wrong if I am. Proud, because my typos have greatly reduced since jettisoning SwiftKey.

        I’m spending long enough on here as it. I don’t mind the odd picture search, Flora, they take no time, but Googling Latin declensions might take a little longer. As it wasn’t italicised, it was (supposed to be) the English spelling, not the Latin, though in point of fact, in the above sentence, it would not be difficult to make out a case that it was in the dative; it certainly is in the plural!

        What a lot of old bollocks; as said, I evidently need to watch my p’s and q’s, the school Monitor is about.

      • I’m a little disappointed with SwiftKey, any suggestions for a replacement?

      • I think SwiftKey, of its ilk, is as good as it gets, TITS, and it does have some useful features. I’ve heard that Swype™ is good, but never tried it, and the basic Google offer (GBoard™) is OK tbh.


        Another alternative is many years of diligent study at school and university, and even then you fuck up the spelling of shit like “detritus”!

        (Thanks K, I love learning new things x)

      • This phone came with Gboard and it’s shite, that’s why I changed to SwiftKey which I had on my old phone but it doesn’t seem as good as it used to be.

    • I think the journos misheard. He probably dreamed of becoming a barista, not a barrister. Presumably in Starfucks or Costalot.

      Free coffee and sheeit, blud innit.

      • I think that is a much more reasonable take on it Paul ! Yes. Barista. ( Cunt )

  7. One of the group of around 20 or so cunts who are on the mainstream media, who seem to do the rounds like clockwork. I guess these are the only people who have a valid opinion on anything. Oh occassionally there is the Odd expert of some sort but the likes of Ash Sarkar, Jones the cunt, Grace Blakeley, the asian bird from ‘Class’ and so on are rolled out day after day, week after week.
    Rachael Johnson is a remoaning cunt, getting her tits out is just a stunt ( bit of accidental rhyming there ).

  8. I bet Magic Narwhale will be putting in a claim for PTSD, the terrorist scum.

    Isn’t it just Boris in drag?

    Goodbye for now.

  9. Off topic, but hilarious…..

    Just watched politics live on BBC 2, Will Self and Mark Francois had a spat which ended in a Fury/Wilder stare off

    Pity they didn’t have a proper fucking scrap

    Will Self (Cunt) said every racist and antisemite voted leave in the referendum.

    • Will might be back on the drugs if he seriously believes that. Many momentum supporters voted Remain..

      I thought he was quite good on Shooting Stars.

    • That cocksucker Self is one of the most arrogant, up his own arse cunts you will find anywhere. An excellent advert for the remoaner cause. I want to see more of this nose in the air piece of shit spouting his Establishment bullshit on the telly.
      Brown tongued cunt.

      • Will Self is a spent wankstain, and is surely on the fucking payroll of beebistan

      • He is another hero of Radio 4 – reminds you of Melvyn Bragg, two fuckers who act like senior schoolmasters in an East End school who really think they are superior to everyone, including the headmaster

    • The silly little mong offspring from Alistair Campbell was also on the show….. fucking hell she is more loathsome than Daddy, she had also tweeted that Nigel Farage had pulled out of the show because she was on, and Daddy had predicted that he would.

      What a cunt …. Grace Campbell

      • This is yet another example of nepotism promoted by the political establishment (if you can call the ex wank mag alcoholic writer that), and embraced by the BBC without question. Stephen Kinnock the bald wanker is only there because of who his dad is, and Auntie Jack Straw’s lad, Will (ex drug dealer) has been knocking at the door for a long time. Both ardent remainers of course.

      • Petulant brat should be hanging her head in shame having a war criminal enabling cunt for a father. Instead she gets a platform on the ABBC’s premier politics show to tell us we were all lied to and didn’t know what we were voting for and we’ve now changed our minds. Presumably she includes Remainers in that bogus calculation…

  10. I do not want to see Owen Jones with his cock out.

    It was bad enough when I was at Hampstead Heath…..

      • Fuck, thats 3 now….. maybe social services should look into this, 1 is unlucky, 2 is careless, 3 serial baby killer.

    • Hopefully the buck-toothed cunt will consider the possibility that perhaps it’s “the will of Allah” that she is not fucking welcome here now then.

      • Baby aint snuffed it. I bet the cunts end up in the UK in a few months, and once here…..! Fucking twats should have been snuffed as a certainty !

  11. She looks like a tranny!!
    Infact im pretty sure that her and Boris have never been seen together?
    Just saying

  12. Do you think she would burn well, if started with a rag soaked in turps?
    Flammable Cunt ?

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