The First Purge

Remember – pre Trump – a film called The Purge?

It was a dystopian, edgy piece of fiction where for one night all crime is legal including murder.

The first two films (pre Trump) were basically affluent suburbanites jelous of their neighbours wealth/possessions and so wanted to exact some legal persecution on them out of spite.

The post Trump Purges (Election Night and this one) have essentially been “The Man” purging illegals, the poor and “culturally enriched”.

The First Purge focuses on the first experimental purge on Staten Island (a poor and “culturally enriched” borough of New York).

This time there’s not even a thinly veiled layer of humanity when it comes to the hated demographic.

Initially the purge is a big flop as the “culturally enriched” decided to merely just have happy-happy street parties like Mardi Gras, not remotely interested is looting the fuck out of everything and burning “The Man’s” shit to the ground (because they never loot, riot and burn shit to the ground for any minor excuse in real life do they, no, that’s completely unfactual isn’t it…).

So – as it’s too happy-happy – the all-white organisers mobilise their all-white special KKK, mercenary, police and military squads to start purging the “culturally enriched” only.

Needless to say the hero is Cadillac Escalade driving drug dealer, whose not really bad, he’s just a misunderstood good guy with a heart of gold who loves his community.

Yes, you genuinely could not make it up.

If the purge was a reality, I’m pretty fucking sure that the hated demographic would be in the majority when it came to barricading themselves in for the 12hr 7pm-7am purge interval.

I’m also fairly sure that the “usual” opportunist looters, etc., would be out in force – not that any of that footage would be shown – for the same reason Crime Watch was taken off our screens (hmmm?).

It is the blatancy of media outlets (news, film, TV) in the post elected Trump era to demonize a single racial demographic (even though the heads of those outlets are invariably from that same demographic), with no evidence to back up that demonization, purely for political/social brownie points that rankles. Why, isn’t that the very definition of “waycism”?

They live in majority white, rich neighborhoods, in gated residences with private security firms ensuring that only the “right kind” get into their protective bubbles. No illegals to be seen here (unless they’re in the gardens, kitchens or nurseries).

It must be great being so socially minded when you’re minted.

The only good thing coming from this pile of fact free fictional turd is that yet again it just washes over you, thus further diminishing any stigmatism of being called “waycist” because that’s just anything that the neo-liberal fascists choose to label as being “waycist” these days.

Well we no longer give a fuck because that’s just bullshit, promoted by elites who wish to subdivide society into smaller and smaller in-fighting sub-groups because they know that as soon as the greater public realises that THEY are the real problem, and not some cosmetic difference that we have no control over, that there will be a cultural revolution and purge, except it will be the plebs Vs the elites, and gates and private security will not be enough to stem the tide of thousands – if not millions – wishing to get “Mussolini” style on their asses!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

35 thoughts on “The First Purge

  1. There was some guy in America believed it. Went out and killed 3 people. No consequences see.
    Purged in prison.

  2. Although I understood all the words individually (and there were 563 of them), as juxtaposed above I’m struggling to extract any holistic meaning. I must be doing something right, as I’m completely unfamiliar with this film.
    The First Purge looks/sounds like the kind of shite which made choosing a video in Blockbusters a regular mindfuck, as it was mostly utter wank like this, so thanks for the heads-up, RWAC.

    • What he/she said ⬆️

      It’s Friday so I’m off for some fish and chips. Marvellous.

      Goodbye for now.

  3. The only “Purge” will be in a real Dystopian future when the fucking peacefuls become the majority and all us “white boys” will be purged.

  4. If only we could have a Brexpurge here. I’d glady round up the pathetic remoaniacs (like that Rachel Johnson stripping off today) and ‘purge them’ like prawns by putting the cunts in water until they shut the fuck up. I might get distracted though and leave the cunts underwater too long… Oh well.

      • I’ll pick up some second hand golf clubs and purge Islington and Hampstead of preachy pro-EU wankers tonight, meet you around 10.00 B&WC.

        • I hope you realise thats a job that’ll require 9 out 10 being purged LL. Total cunts in those parts. My mate Dave said he knows some Russian cunt who’s got some Nova chuck Norris…😀

    • Stanley Patrick Johnson has a lot to answer for. He quite reasonably assumed that, by imbuing his multifarious progeny with boundless self-confidence, per procurationem the finest “public” educational régimes money could buy, he would thereby set them up for life, and with the best possible chance of “success”.
      Boris has certainly been overdoing it a bit for some years, and now it seems to be Rachel’s (hopefully brief) turn. Self-awareness was evidently strictly off-curriculum at New College in the Eighties, although maybe she just didn’t “wear” that well.
      Jo Johnson, mutatis mutandis, appears to be the least affected of Stanley’s brood, although I notice that he is – worryingly – married to A Gentleman. His turn next, perhaps?

      • Apologies for the excessive, and frankly typographically wrong, use of italics there. Strangely apposite though, somehow.

      • Any one got any tramadol.
        My head’s banging after reading that reply from caught spedding.
        As for the purge films , not my cup of tea.

          • Well, RTC, your arm-length and the totality of vengeancece is not an immediate issue for me. Oscar Homolka might disagree, but Karl Maldon did rather get his cumuppence in that screenplay.
            Get to fuck, you chancer. I can, however, open channels for your furthered enjoyment of depravity, obviously noten plein. Let me know via TripAdvisor
            ™. Not used PM on there for years, so should be initially robust.

          • Swedish CS? WTF?

            The answer is no. Please explain the rationale behind your somewhat cryptic enquiry.

        • I found a small cache of 10mg diazepam tablets recently – badly out-of-date, but still very (ab)useable Mince Pie. They were sold to me for a very good price some years ago by a gentleman of Oriental extraction who needed the trade, but they are not really “my bag”. No tramadol, sorry, though plenty of codeine 30mg (fresh), if that’s any use to you? Not wishing to fall foul of the 1971 Act, these medications are yours for the asking.
          Apologies for the trauma, MPG.

          • Fuck off RTC, you chancer: ’twas a one-time offer to Mince Pie Guy only, in atonement for my quite gratuitous obscurum per obscuribus comment.
            Lovely afternoon!

          • Funny you should mention codeine. I’ve had a belly full over the last couple of days. Had a tooth removed and my mouth is a worse than when the tooth was in

          • In the interests of further clarification MPG, and to paraphrase Louis Prima’s once famous ditty, I ain’t got no Tramadol.
            It’s Valium 10mg, or codeine phosphate 30mg only. I could rustle up some stolen pseudoephedrine, but you might as well determine your own supply, more locally.
            Apologies again

          • He’s obviously not interested in Valium CS. Let me have them!

            PS: My arm is long and my vengeance is total…

          • I think I read somewhere that the recreational (ab)use of diazepam in Sweden is the the highest in the world, and by some margin. The Swede’s drug if choice.
            I may be wrong, and apologies for the lack of petspucuity.

          • No probs CS… besides I’m currently on detox, so you can shove yer Valium up mince pie guy’s poop chute.


    • I thought that was Boris Johnson who had taken his shirt off BW? It’s almost impossible to tell the difference other than Boris has bigger moobs but allegedly a smaller cock! 😂

      The movie sounds like so many other right on libertard films that dominate today, personally I liked the idea of a Brexit based quisling purge film , that I would definitely pay to see, the thought of Soubry getting repeatedly run over by a steamroller in slow motion would be worth the ticket price alone, or umunna getting the big red Brexit bus shunted up his arse! What’s not to like?

  5. I think London should be given its own stabby purge opportunity. Let the Fergals know that on a selected day between 7pm and 7am, they can stab and kill as many of their own lot as they wish. All action must be contained within the confines of the M25.

    Happy days!

  6. Ive seen the first one (The Purge) and election year. I would laugh if Sadiq were to introduce it to the area within the M25.
    Make sure the poor commuters are heading past Uxbridge or Wandsworth by 6.30, get home by 8 and watch it all on a big LED screen with some booze and snacks.

  7. Don’t think there will be any purges being done especially iff Trump signs this pathetic spending bill today that offers no money for wall and if offers huge amnesty benefits for dreamers and illegals Trump will be finished if he does this its bad enough of his recent lying saying wall is already built just completely ridiculous claims hes making lately

  8. *Correction (devil/Detail)
    Fuck off RTC, you chancer: ’twas a one-time offer to Mince Pie Guy only, in atonement for my quite gratuitous obscurum per obscurius comment.
    Lovely afternoon! *
    Kindly delete the foregoing

  9. I see this movie always being recommended on netflix all the time but it just looks so stupid and cheesy. I like schlock but it has to be good schlock this is just cheap and tacky and politicaly dangerous if its intended to promote Trump supporters as delusional killers and illegals as nobel savages

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