Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group On Kurdistan…
is a feckin cuuuunt.
Indoctrinated at the monkey-houses of both Sussex AND Bradford, he is currently MP (“Labour cooperative”) for Brighton Kemptown. Nudge nudge, wink wink, need more be said ?

A vomit-inducing BBC vid on YouTube (about 4x as many dislikes as likes !!) opining that the demise of the Begum brat is a real tragedy.

This boy is an archetypal virtue semaphore, waving around like an flasher’s todger on the Paris metro. Another soulless ginger with the regulation hipster specs and appearance.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

60 thoughts on “Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

  1. An ugly, nerdy HIV carrying, virtue signalling cunt with a “special interest” in “youth services.”
    It’s cunts like this that gimp masks were invented for.

    • I am just singing along with my little granddaughter to some nursery rhymes when that good old favourite “I am H-A-P-P-Y comes on. Buggar me, what do I do but start joining in substituting the official version with the letters “I am H-I-V-O-Y. She’s giving me funny looks. It’s a “catchy” little number. Try it!

    • Whats worrying me is that the cunts in the HoP have an all party parliamentary group on Kurdistan.

      Christ on a bike, WHY.?

      There’s a million things wrong in this country. Why are these cunts spending time debating Kurdisfuckinstan for pity’s sake.

      Burn the lot of the bastards.

  2. I wonder if he acquired HIV at a ‘bug party’. He certainly looks the type.

    If I were a Gaylord, I wouldn’t let this ginger cunt put his hopeless, translucent winkle and orange pubes anywhere near my tradesman’s entrance.

    • I think the honourable member for Cocktown and Arseby Stephen Fry made a doc about bug chasers. Fucking vile

  3. Best thing they did to Brighton was build the A27 dual carriageway thereby avoiding the worst of the cesspit. The downside is it goes close to the UOS campus at Falmer and its palpable when driving by the air is full of SJW anti male toxicity.
    I truly feel sorry for esteemed cunters who live in Brighton. Its been turned from a fun seaside place to a degenerate dump.

  4. I am an Iron with a ginger fetishist. However I draw the line at socialist scum.

    He is, also, is one of the ugliest people in the lower house. Indeed, I I would go so far as to say David Lammy is better looking.

    He is HIV. So fucking what? So are many others who just get on with it. I am not and it would not bother me if my partner was but the whole world does not need to know.

    So what I am saying is this:

    • Agree Krav, having ‘the Gayness’ is going to define him? A usual foghorn about LGBT£#@ rights but strangely quite over the ongoing protest by mainly peacefuls about the ‘No Outsiders’ programme in schools. Like ISAC’s favourite thumb sucker Owen Jones, they have built a career of manufactured outrage but seem to pick and choose the targets of their ire.

      • If I could say it’s not ‘manufactured outrage’ it is real because any questiong of lgbt rights he sees as a PERSONAL attack. Sexual identity us all there is in his world view. There’s nothing else.

  5. I live in Hove and couldn’t agree more. The whole place is swarming with Snowflake hipsters, man hating Dykes and Pathetic Soy Boy bummers. It used to be a great place to live when I was growing up but not now. Everyone has to attend pride like it’s some kind of civil duty,a celebration of bummery FFS.

  6. This country is falling apart like a Chinese motorbike, yet they have an all party comittee for Kurdistan?
    FUCK Kurdistan!

  7. Did you hear him last week when Andrea Leadsom said that parents should’nt be obliged to make their 4 year olds attend gay awareness courses at school?. He was in real screaming queen mode in attacking her. Pathetic.

    Of course, like his two fellow Brighton MPs Lucas and Kyle he is a remainer, and I think Kyle is an iron hoof as well.

    Just one point about Russell-Moyle – he is only 32 but sadly has HIV – doesn’t say a lot either for sex education in schools or his ability to listen, does it?

  8. I’m very uneasy at the thought of someone with Aids being allowed freedom of movement. Gays are promiscuous and wanton in their unnatural urges. They don’t care that they are spreading a serious disease that could be caught by a decent member of the public. The authorities are in such thrall to The Gays that they refuse to release proof that AIDS,which most Gays carry, can be spread not only by unnatural sex,but also by contact with something that The Gay has previously touched….a Gay waiter who touches your teacup… you’ve got AIDS,a bus seat previously leaked on by a Gay returning from a night of depravity….you’ve got AIDS, a dog petted by a Gay…you’ve got AIDS and your hound has canine AIDS.
    At least this Russell-Moyle creature lives in area where 99% of the population are already infected,and not in a rural area where normal people run the risk of being infected. Personally. I’d make all of these Typhoid Mary types live in large camps where they could be easily contained,as could their disease. I’m sure that they’d be happy enough as long as there were plenty of womens’ clothes and shoe shops, a cheap wig emporium and a plentiful supply of Babysham.

    The failure of Brexit has been a bitter pill for me to swallow. I’d assumed that Post Brexit, we’d have been able to deport the Gays along with the other undesirables. This country will never regain it’s place as a Great Power until The Gayness is suppressed. British history from the glory days proves that when Gays didn’t exist,we had an Empire and, By God, foreigners knew their place. The decline of The British Empire directly correlates with the rise of The Gayness. It must be contained and it’s sufferers reeducated (apparently aversion therapy is especially effective) if we are ever to regain control of this Green and Pleasant Land.

    Fuck Off.

    • The usual well reasoned and articulate argument from your good self Mr Fiddler. The Gayness was invented by Nicola Sturgeon to undermine and destroy this great country of ours. Thank God we have you and Michael Gove to fight our cause. You have my vote Sir!


    • I can only add that thanks to the preference of the Gays for fluffy kittens and flowers, there is now a major epidemic of feline AIDS, and bee AIDS is a distinct possibility.

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says ‘There are no Gays in Iran’ Mr Fiddler. I believe him. This ‘tendency’ only ‘comes out’ in our Western permissive culture. When it is condemned and the subject of a taboo then it just doesn’t exist.
        I salute your efforts to educate on this issue.

      • Welcoming to Caliphate Towers Reassignment Clinic Mr Scrofulous-Boil. Your operations is making very soon.

        Oh, lovely. What a wonderful view you have here from the 20th floor.

        Yes, is nice view. Come seeing nice view from open window. Abdul and Khalid explaining you about operation.

      • Of course there are no gays in Iran, or any other Islamic shithole for that matter. Those ones that bugger the dancing boys don’t count, because ‘Bacha Bazi’ is a tradition, ie a cultural thing.

        PS Mr Fiddler, I’m not promiscuous myself, can’t be, pardon the distasteful pun, arsed with sex. I’m too misanthropic for the effort involved in having to interact with another human, the vast majority of which on the globe are stupid. I’ll take deportation though, given what’s unstoppably coming to the UK in the future, as long as it’s to somewhere non left wing.

      • “I’m not promiscuous myself”….Know what you mean. I too prefer to believe that I’m “not promiscuous” by choice, rather than face the fact that I’m certainly no oil painting.

        🙂 .

  9. ‘Monkey-houses of Sussex..’.

    *Yoink*Cheers HBH.

    That’ll wind up some UofS twats i know.

    • I thought it was Chris Evans. Ginger cunts all look the same to me.

      The Yanks* have the right idea about Kurds and ‘Kurdistan’. Expendable cannon fodder in a proxy war.

      *And the Turks

  10. Ginger cunt, schools should be teaching maths and english not fucking kids minds with this LGBT crap, we are constantly being told this is normal, no it isn’t, is a deviation from the normal.
    Not saying its evil but for fuck sake stop saying its fucking normal, gay fucking pride should stay where it belongs…. in private not dancing down the street.

    Off topic, in the news a ship picked up migrants off the coast of Libya, who then hijacked the ship to stop them being returned to Libya, now heading for Malta.
    I guess ships will employ ramming speed in the future.


  11. During the height of this crisis at PMQs he stood up to ask a question. Heartfelt pleading for LGBT rights to be taught in schools-the usual play on emotion saying young people are committing suicide because their they are not listened to.

    I thought what has this man got in common with the ordinary voter. Nothing.

    Got me thinking about Identity politics and how I believe it will eventually make the country ungovernable.

    More and more people like this, who believe this about gender, are gaining power. And what they want to do with that power is not change economic policy or foreign policy or domestic (they play lip service to the concern about the Health Service or say Homelessness) but change perceptions of their identity.

    The REAL ISSUE for them, underlying everything, is how their IDENTITY is perceived. And you cannot have a debate or a discussion or even a conversation with someone fixated on their identity.

    But more and more people like this are getting power.

    • The frightful Jess Bulldyke Phillips was on Wireless 4 news yesterday – made a change from Wimmins Hour, but she sounds so fucking coarse but typical of the Labour wimmin. I guess she is one of the reasons so many males in Labour are poofs – they are frightend of these piss-poor strong wimmin.

      • Funny though she and Sugartits went for emotion PLEADING (‘I am pleading with you Prime Minister’) on Brexit.

        They ‘use’ emotion when they want.

      • They sure do MP. Womens lib, feminists, emotional manipulators in their prime, and few do it better, or more cunningly. They want it all, they want it now. Fast becoming one very destructive force in many failed marriages, relationships, just for starters. They haven’t yet mastered the art, or concept, that they can, or how, to gain equality and remain a softly likeable feminine, instead of a hard, emotionally unstable, somewhat ugly, bunny boiler.

      • So true Lostsheep. They’re so busy trying to achieve everything meanwhile losing the most important thing.

      • Yes Miles, Sugartits and Bulldyke are a right pair of pleaders. I don’t think I could bring myself to bum or be bummed, but if I were a 32 year old male sitting amongst some of those terrible old relics, I think I might go on the turn. I didn’t envy the person sitting next to Margaret Beckett – you could almost smell the stale piss stains through the TV screen.

        You honestly have to wonder about “Mr. Phillips” though – there is one, god help him.

      • Yes Mr Boggs there was always a whiff of the charnel house about Margaret. Or something aged about her. The frail frame, voice. The name as well ‘Beckett’. A very old name.

  12. Liz Truss is a cunt.

    That goes without saying, I know. But last night she upped her game by saying,

    “Theresa May has done an incredibly good job with getting us to where we are now… and the sincerity and honesty with which she spoke today, I really hope that colleagues come on board, support the deal…”

    Liz Truss is Chief Secretary to the Treasury. This country is finished.

    • But the fact is, it is that deal or nothing. All that Labour shit about delaying for 2 years is just a way to push it into the long grass. Neither Commie Labour (Corbyn) or Nancy-Piss-Elegant-Blairite Labour (Dame Keir etc), would “find time” to reintroduce it, and if there was a second “confirmatory” vote the public would be inundated with all the shit Blair, Heseltine, Mangledbum and all the parliamentary pansies could throw at Project Fear.

      Far better to have the little we have got than fuck all which is the only other option.

      • I do not consider we’d be achieving anything by becoming a “slave state” as JR-M put it, paying £39 billion for the privilege, plus a further £18 billion when the transition period is extended into 2022. And on and on and on it will go…

        There is no “little we have got”. It’s a con, an illusion. The only winners will be the EU, the UK establishment and those already wealthy enough in this country.

    • Would you rather have Diane Abbot in charge of the Treasury? She probably thinks it’s full of magic beans!

  13. Aaaggh just the picture has my piss boiling….

    I think cunts like this have been analised too many times. He must have spunk on the brain or something. Maybe he should leave Brighton and go meet some “real” Muslims. He can educate them about lbwgt blt’s and try to dress their sons up in fairy costumes and try turning their women into bulldykes…..
    I’m sure they’ll treat him with the greatest of respect.

  14. I don’t really care where he wants to put his cock, apart from children of course, but I would ask whether this cunt has done a real job in the real world?

    I suspect that he has never earned an honest buck in the real world.

    • There are 649 more where he comes from.

      Not to mention the additional 800 benefit cheats in the House of Lords.

  15. If you were only told his name, but was then asked to describe him i bet the majority of people would say, shit stabber.

  16. The world needs more people like Lloyd Russell-Moyle, what a wonderful place it would be with more Lloyd’s. Like the BBC story telling me our kids need more exposure to drag queens in schools.

    Yes yes yes, this is what we need, more progressives with their minority focused agendas ignoring reality.

    Fucking great I say….

  17. I was waiting to go into a meeting at work. All the usual leftie snowflakes were their in the canteen with their hug an AIDS bloke mentality. This bloke who we know has AIDS was preparing a sandwich and cut his finger, blood dripping on the floor etc. Now comes the funny part. These well meaning hypocrites couldn’t scatter quick enough . They barricaded themselves in the meeting room like he was a zombie about to bite the cunts.😂😂😂

  18. Owen Jones and Eddie Izzard are their biggest trumpet blowers. Their MP for Brighton Kemptown is this buckets-and-spades infested ginger beer (see what I did there?). Their MP for Hove (the posh part of Brighton) is another shirt-lifter, Peter Kyle. And their MP for nearby Shoreham is a tranny called Sophie Cook. And Labour wonder why they’ve lost the working class voters……

    • I thoughr Kyle was a friend of Dorothy. It’s strange how Labour seem to attract so many homos – they can hardly claim they are repressed these days

      • You could make that 27, only Rory Stewart won’t come out of the closet for some reason.

      • I suspect those figures are an underestimate, because there are quite a few in the closet, as I understand it. I strongly suspect a few of the men have beards at home, and some of the ultra-feminist wimmin, I can’t believe they are lovers of the cock.

        There are far too many pansies there I think because they are so fucking arty farty they would never survive in the real world. As we have seen with expenses, parliamentarians seem to think they are above the law and can do what they like, and it seems they can.

    • I see Peter Kyle’s office near Hove town hall had its windows smashed in a while ago.
      How could people be so callous to an upstanding member of the public. Must of been neo Nazis from New Zealand or Norway.

  19. What’s with the above cunt’s “psycho killer grin”?
    Like Jefferey Dahmer contemplating a room full of unconcious rent boys…

  20. What strikes me about this ginger cunt is how they want to eradicate traditions like the family, Christmas , birthdays or anything white and Christian. And replace it with their degenerate joyless view of the world. The Snowflake Nancy Boy is a direct result of indoctrinating kids for the last 30 plus years with bleak Cultural Marxism.

    • I respect and often agree with your opinions, FF, but your constantly invoking ‘cultural Marxism’ strikes me as a bit glib. What kids have been indoctrinated with for the last 30 years and more is better described as ‘customised culture’ and is very much a capitalist thing.

      Citing your examples…Nothing has succeeded in destroying the family so well as making the workforce flexible and insecure.
      It wasn’t The Gays or The Snowflakes who decided that job security was a laughable obstacle to increased profits, and did away with it. Or who ensured that both partners in a marriage had to work full-time in order to afford a mortgage, to the detriment of their childrens’ upbringing. It was The Market.

      Christmas has been transmuted from a religious festival to a profitably commercial one, lasting about three months. That wasn’t done by ginger social workers, but with the compliance of most of the population.

      I was not aware of any anti-birthday tendency on the Left or the Right. Or how that might be described as Marxism, if it did exist.

      The decline of white Christianity can be laid squarely at the door of globalised, capitalist enterprises, for whom the nation state is a hindrance and an embarrassment, assisted by a materialist culture for which greed is good and the Temple moneychangers the epitome of virtue.

      Our decadence is the natural product of customised culture, which is very nearly ubiquitous today…a mutation of what Adorno and Horkheimer wrote about in their classic Frankfurt School* text Dialectic of Enlightenment seven decades ago. Their contention was that the freedom to choose, which was the great boast of the advanced capitalist societies in the west, was chimerical. Not only do we have the freedom to choose what was always the same, but, arguably, human personality had been so corrupted by false consciousness that there is hardly anything worth the name any more. “Personality,” they wrote, “scarcely signifies anything more than shining white teeth and freedom from body odour and emotions.”

      (In Stuart Jeffries: Why a forgotten 1930s critique of capitalism is back in fashion – Guardian article, 2016.)


      • Capitalism combined with collectivism, with a sugar coating of righteousness smeared over it?
        The worst of both worlds…

  21. That photo looks like he’s just feasted his eyes on a choir boys pink bum and wants something up his Aids riddled lascivious dirt box.

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