Noisy Hotel Guests

Noisy hotel guests

I would like to nominate those people who stay in hotels who seem to go out of their way to cause as much noise and trouble as they possibly can without giving any thought or a flying fuck to others.

We rarely stay in hotels these days however on the last two occasions have had very poor experiences.

The previous time was many years ago when we stayed in a Novotel in Cardiff having taken our five year old son to see the Dr Who exhibition. First night at the hotel involved much shouting and chasing around going on outside our room in the early hours of the morning, followed by the police bashing on our door, only to move on (without apology) when they could see we were a family with a young child. Asked next morning at reception what the problem was, a serious assault in the bar. No apology from anyone about smashing on the door, waking us up or for needlessly alarming my wife and son (and me to a certain extent if being honest). Surely hotel records would have shown we were a family, and that Mrs Stroker, my five year old son and I were not responsible for what happened.

The next night, rather concerned to see the room opposite had a sign on the door with the words “Hen Party”. More interrupted sleep with loud talking, doors slamming and many unwanted comings and goings.

Last night stayed in Birmingham. Went to watch the All England Badminton Championships (badminton equivalent of Wimbledon). Checked in at about 11pm. At about 2am woken by raised voices and people shouting at each other. Managed to get back to sleep however Mrs Stroker said their loud talking kept her awake for ages. At about 4.45am woken again by shouting, loud talking and people making a noise in the corridor outside. During the night we received two separate instances of people knocking on our door., which we chose not to answer. This was either by inconsiderate selfish cunts staying or by management, we assume if management to tell us to keep our noise down or to apologise for the noise. Either way totally fucked off by the experience and complained the next morning.

Another recent incident happened at an exclusive grade two listed country hall where my wife was working. Apparently a man had an argument with his wife and because of this decided to totally trash their room. The police were called and he was arrested.

What the fuck is the matter with people when staying in hotels who feel this automatically gives them the right to purposefully carry out damage to other peoples property or to cause as much ducking disruption to their fellow guests as possible who are after all really paying for and expecting at the very least an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Selfish fucking pig ignorant scum cunts.

Nominated by Willie stroker

15 thoughts on “Noisy Hotel Guests

  1. Travelling for work I have had my share of this especially junior rugby teams who cant handle alcohol. Not just hotels but the Snowflake Cunts cant even keep quiet in a library. We gave a cunting about Ego and maybe this is all related about being noticed, about being the biggest ‘about myself cunt’. Fucking hotels are where people sleep, not there to be your audience. Then again on reflection with social media and all, how do you expect the dumb down to understand actual one on one behaviour?
    Shouting means for those fucks is in upper case isn’t it?
    Maybe I am being to critical, after all some of them may be deaf and in this fucking PC world they have to accommodate for the disadvantaged.
    Self centred CUNTS!

    • Rugby teams are noisy because they’re sticking fireworks up each other’s arses or playing The Biscuit Game, the grubby, rugger Batty boys.

      • Afternoon, Capt. M.

        Most amateur football teams (and their supporters) don’t cause a disturbance in hotels because they can’t afford to stay in hotels. It’s a one star boarding house in Blackpool for that type where they can steal some cold toast in the mornings for their “snap” which they wash down with family-sized bottles of
        Rola Cola while wearing Kiss Me Quick hats pinched from the beach donkeys.

      • Afternoon, DF.

        I always steal enough rolls to last me for lunch and supper, though it’s annoying when those raspberry jam singlets burst in your pocket. Damn messy. I’ve never been to Blackpool as I’m neither a fan of chubster Hen nights nor galyord discos.

        Talking of gaylords, has that bloody rugby thing finished yet? It seems one hasn’t been able to visit the boozer recently without witnessing those grabby iron hoofs rubbing each other’s thighs on pub tvs. Every year it seems to limp on longer. Mind, there wont be much ‘limp’ in the changing rooms for those odious grunters.

  2. I think it voils down to a lot of folks being inconsiderate. They couldn’t give a shit about anyone else, it’s their holiday, so they’ll do as they please.
    A simple solution would be a deposit for the room.
    Disturb others, then it gets shared to the poor cunts staying near you.
    Leave the room in a shit-tip and the poor cleaner gets a bonus.
    Behave like a respectable adult and you get it back, with a “Cheers for not being a Cunt” note.

  3. 40mg mirtazapin and half litre of brandy. Bed at ten, sleep through Led Zeppelin practicing in my room, up at 6 fresh as a daisy.

  4. I cant remember the name of the hotel chain, but they allow any time check in so a great place for illicit sex.
    or so I thought, I had to fend off two very pushy room service teams who wanted to make up the bed that we were occupying.
    The last team were informed that we were busy “shagging” and to come back and make the bed up when we had checked out.

  5. Minor technical amendment to the subject matter.

    The hotel in which my wife was working in which the irate husband trashed was in fact a Grade 1 listed building. By all accounts he caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

    Wonder whether he would trash his own house?

  6. This behaviour is equivalent to how people act depending on where they live. If they own a property they’re more likely to look after it, if they’re renting they don’t give a fuck and they’ll leave it looking like a shit heap. Just inconsiderate bastards, that’s all.

    • I, perhaps, don’t do as much for my rented house as I would for my own but that’s because I pay some cunt good money to be where I am. I keep it clean, tidy and free of crap because I have to live in whatever shit I create and I have pride in my home, self-respect and respect for other peoples’ property.

      • I rarely stay in a hotel but have consideration for other guests, to the extent of lamping some noisy, pissed, self-opinionated cunt a few years ago on our floor who insisted on telling his 3 mates how fucking brilliant he was at 2am. He didn’t look so fucking brilliant being dragged into his room, by his feet, flat on his face, by his mates who were quietly giggling like fuck. I suspect they’d been waiting a while for something like that. Always happy to oblige.

  7. Fine Cunting, Willie.

    Whilst mural painting an indoor play centre, years ago, in Mansfield, back in 2003, my colleague and I shared a room, as usual, given that my business was footing the bill. The hotel had very few other residents that night. About 2am, we were awakened by a late-arriving, vociferously randy couple, who the hotel management had seen fit, in an empty hotel, to put right next door. Fucking inconsiderate cunts were rutting away at peak decibels, despite our banging on the wall and demanding that they either give it a fucking rest, or let us in for one-off-the-wrist whilst watching.


  8. Like all publicly accessible amenities, trains, buses, restaurants, etc, cunts have access. And all British people have a God given right to behave like cunts. So much so that I hate travelling on public transport or eating out. Even supermarkets are a trial.

  9. I know someone who was very disappointed with their stay in a grotty budget “hotel” in Hull.
    Prior to checking out he pulled back the bedding and diarrhoea’d the sheet then remade the bed.

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