Harry’s Heroes

Harry’s Heroes are cunts…

That irritating gorblimey cunt Harry Redknapp is bad enough… But who the fuck wants to watch a bunch of has-been fat cunts like John Barnes, Twat Le Tissier, and that fat bastard Ruddock? And those cunts at ITV must be spunking millions on this shit… Fuck off…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Needless to say Norman, I won’t be watching. Gave up on everything to do with football and most other sports money has ruined some years ago.

    Cunts every one of them although at least Le Tissier had a modicum of talent.

    • LeGod as he is still referred to by the slightly more civilised fans on the south coast.
      The last ‘loyal’ player not to follow the big bucks, or perhaps too lazy. We shall never know.

  2. Arry is everywhere these days thanks to the dim millennials discovering him wandering around a pretend “jungle” being his cheeky chappy self. Obviously they’re not as environmentally aware as they should be or they would know the difference between a jungle and a rain forest the thick cunts.
    No matter, as long as Arry is hoovering up money like Tony fucking Blair , everything is “triffic” in Arry’s world.

    • Just like his celebrity son.

      Harry also now doing TV adverts. Also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s and anything that although demeaning pays cash.

      By the way, looking at a picture of him recently, has he had a stroke?

      • He sold a confused Razor Ruddock to Cowdenbeath in the Scottish League Two for £1500 and two weeks use of a Costa Blanca timeshare despite being told “But I’m fifty, retired and still shit guv”.

      • Saw him taking out the rubbish binbag on some advert last weekend. Had a good chuckle at that one, ol’wifey must be wanting some more cash for spending.

        Turn in your man card, Harry.

    • Allegedly, Harry Redknapp is a cunt who should have gone down for his tax issues a few years back.

  3. As far as i’m concerned TV is no longer a dying medium. It’s fucking dead.

    I might watch the news but that’s largely remainer/SJW wank. Netflix is mostly childish American junk and largely UFO documentaries. Tried it for about 4 months. Absolute garbage.

  4. Is this real life? Not only do we hear that parliament is outright rejecting the revoke article 50 petition, but now the treasoner is agreeing to resign once Brexit is finalised. I guess that the latter may well be somewhat of a gambit, but fuck me sideways, I’m in awe and in danger of feeling a strange sensation that isn’t outright dismay.

    Is this what good news feels like?

    • Possibly, but you know it will turn into fake news don’t you?
      The Appeaser is not known for keeping her promises, as you may have noticed.

      • Exactly what I thought Freddie.
        She’s not exactly honest when it comes to her job, the lying backstabbing cunt.

    • If the deal is a shit one (which it is, though it’s very good for the EU) it should be rejected REGARDLESS of whether May steps down or not.

      “If you agree to sell our country down the river, I will step down once the EU’s ‘Deal’ has been voted through.”

      • Agreed that the deal is shit but we know that MPs will renege on the referendum if they get a chance. May has engineered, by incompetence or design, the will of the EU.

      • I think the “deal” is only a ploy to keep one foot in the door indefinitely, step up the propaganda, and then slowly rejoin, without any of us pesky voters getting a say.

      • It’s a ploy to keep the EU jackboot firmly planted on the UK neck indefinitely.

        There is no escape this time.

        For what it’s worth, Nigel Farage is 100% against this “EU Treaty” as he calls it.

      • Also saw Andrew Bridgen MP on tv, i think he’ll stick to his principles. Doesn’t look like boris and mogg will though.
        Pair of cunts, you are right RTC, doesn’t matter who’s up front it still fucks us over, once it’s signed.

      • Several other principled Tory MPs appear to be standing firm… as are the DUP, so not all lost yet.

        How fanatical do you have to be to imagine Mavis’s version of Brexit will lead to anything other than EU subjugation?

      • WTF has her resignation after her deal has passed got to do with whether it should be voted for or not?This is utter wank nonsense of the highest order. Jesus fucking Christ we are being treated as mugs of the highest order. Who the fuck is going to say, ‘you know I think your deal is bad for the country but if you resign after we agree to it then that’s ok’? Is it just fucking me?

      • I’ve mentioned it on a different post, and only very basic measure of events, but tonight the odds of us leaving at some point, without a deal have shortened again.
        It’s now 12/5 not long ago it was 9/2. Lets hope the eu get squeaky arses about us taking part in european elections, and go for no deal.
        If that happens the hunchback can stay in No10 as long as she wants. Make her go out into the big wide world, and bring the bacon home.

      • I think her timetable for stepping down will be triggered regardless of how her deal fares on a third attempt to push it through.

        Imo, there’s no way she’ll be able to hang on if she suffers yet another humiliating defeat.

      • The defeats get less humiliating after every vote, anybody else would have taken the signal after the first vote. But not her, being difficult is not a strength as she thinks.
        I wouldn’t put it past her if she’s defeated again to cling on, what her motivation is i don’t know ?
        Nobody can be that stupid surely ? maybe she is going for no deal by default.
        I remember in the last couple of weeks it was on the news, she was at some grassroots Tory meeting. I wonder if that is where her real loyalty lies ?

      • You’re probably right, and if you are she will bring about the destruction of the Tory party.

  5. I watched this as it was the only thing close to football that was on. I learned what a sad sorry life a retired footballer lives. One minute people are singing your name and the next your trying to find the meaning of existence with an aging wag unrecognizable due to plastic surgery, who is probably getting a portion from the gardener. However, for a gambling alcoholic, Paul Merson owned the pitch against the germans. I was quietly impressed……quietly.

  6. I don’t know why everyone is “shocked and saddened” by the racial abuse some England players got at wherever the fuck they were playing. So some retards on £4 a day made monkey noises. So fucking what. This racial sensitivity is ridiculous. You can call me anything, I don’t care. Some of the cunts are actually close to tears and are being councilled. Ridiculous.

    • Exactly. They knew it was coming so just should have smiled and flashed their wallets.

      • If i was earning what those cunts were, you could call me what you want ( apart from a proud european ) i’d fucking laugh at them, and think of my £60k plus a week.

  7. Razor Ruddock’s a funny geezer but he was pretty rubbish for the Red Men, just shocking. John Barnes for superb both for the Reds and for England though God’s Tits he’s a fat bastard now. Is he having quadruplets? He must have more points on his Nando’s loyalty card than the Flabbotasaurus Rex.

    • He still loves his honkey bashing though El Capitan, the monkey chants from the England game on Sunday were somehow interpreted by JB as a wider problem in society over here. Talented but past it cunt.

      • He whinges like a Australian Olympian, LL.
        Ex-footballers must whine about something to stay relevant. Imagine being a washed-up, bozo millionaire at 35 resorting to budget property programmes or mouthing off on Twatter.

  8. I wanna know where Gazza is!
    He’s the only one that would make this worth watching. Give the cunt a bottle of whisky before the game and watch the cunt go!

    Wayyaya fuckin saaaaiiinnn ta mi maan….

    • Yes he should have turned up with his fishing rod ! to try and pacify the patriotic natives.

  9. Multi millionaire wankers like Sterling ought to be grateful they are not on the streets dealing drugs and getting stabbed to fuck. He may have gangsta tattoos but he’s obviously just a little pussy.
    Plenty of people……hospital staff, bus drivers, coppers, teachers, shop staff, traffic wardens etc get called a fucking cunt every day of the week but nobody wants to hear them crying about it.
    So what is so special about gangsta boy Sterling getting a few monkey chants coming his way? Just shut your gob and get on with it you cunt.

  10. Know a bloke (Everton fan) who’s obviously fucked off at how well Liverpool are doing this season but is convinced it will all go tits up and the manager will round up his family and return home to Germany.
    Says he’s looking forward to the Klopps going back….

  11. Is this the coffin dodger who likes Roly poly and whose son’s wife turned out to be a tone deaf Lezza?

  12. Just goes to show any cunt can become famous, Arry for instance is riveting to the public or a certain section of cunts who would rather watch the least worst TV show than use their brain or attempt to amuse themselves.

    The race for the bottom drags us all down, I remember the ‘free dierdre’ shit, a character from a soap opera was thought of being worthy for a question in Parliament. I thought at the time we were a sinking society and here we are years later, Parliament is now the Soap Opera and seems to have been so for longer than we would care to admit.

    The rising stars are all cunts, not one MP in Parliament gives me any confidence in the future.

    Maybe Arry is a cunt but at least I can use the off switch on him.

  13. They all look as hot as a Pasty with VAT. What’s next…oh perish the thought… Holly’s Heroesses.

  14. My old man’s a dustman.
    John Logie Baird must be spinning in his grave.
    Get to fuck.

    • So it was your Dad who farted through the key hole of my front door, resulting in my cat being a tetraplegic spaz?!

  15. Cunts who have wound me up today ..
    Donald Tusk
    Oliver Letwin
    John Bercow
    Hillary Benn
    Some Cunt on a pushbike.
    Fuck off and contract a horrific STD that drives you through insanity to macabre, Edgar Alan Poe type demise.
    What’s that Oliver ?
    You’ve already got one ?
    On your bottom ?
    Good boy, now fuck off.

  16. Harry Redknapp? Is this the same cretin who ran over his missus?
    What a cunt!

  17. Leave Arry’ alone awright. Any dodgy financial business in his past is merely a coincidence and misunderstanding. Arry’ know fuck all abaaaaaht any dodgy stuff and is simply trying to make a few quid.

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