David Ayensu Thompson

David Ayensu-Thompson deserves a Rhadamanthine Cunting. He is described as a Ghanain Architect (who would have guessed) who had the stomach, bad taste and requisite cuntitude to be married to The Flabbopotomus for 2 whole years. During which time they managed to spawn a private school attending son, who will no doubt be an aspiring architect too. Despite being a fuckwitted Cunt, it is imperative to marvel at David Ayensu-Thompson‘s gross taste and kamikaze courage

Nominated by Sir Cuntalot

Image Nominated by Ruff Tuff Creampuff

30 thoughts on “David Ayensu Thompson

  1. I’ve just started a new job in a bovine related industry, working for a company that produces skimmed milk.
    I work in the section where the cows are bounced across the surface of a lake…

  2. That is extremely disrespectful to cows Cuntflap. I’m sure a cow would be a far more attentive lover… at least a cow is unlikely to have its head stuck in a KFC bargain bucket throughout the ordeal.

    Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn might deign to comment?

    • Fair do’s Cuntflap, cows are fucking hypocrites alright.

      Similar to a Flabbottomus that rails against private education yet sends its aspiring stabber to a £10,000 a year public school.

  3. Their eyes met across a crowded Nando’s table. That’s the table that was crowded with whole chickens and tubs of chips which is merely a snack for the Flabbatasaurus Rex. He loved her for her Maths skills, her demure elegance, her passionate principles of state schools, and, frankly, he was terrified if being eaten himself.

    Like chucking a twig into the Grand Canyon.

    • Likewise with our stabby architects.
      “If one bag of cannabis sells for £10, how many bags will Jamal have to sell to afford those new £100 Nike trainers”.

      • It’s Maths in action alright. Ignoring acceleration and de-acceleration, if a train is going 60m/p/h between A and B and 40 m/p/h between B and C, then what time does Nando’s open?

  4. Public schools are evil to the mightily principalled people like the saintly Ms Abbottpotamus.
    But not for her personally obviously as West Indian Mums will do anything for their sons.
    But don’t you dare send your son to one you wicked white bastard!

  5. This fucker needs a commendation not a cunting. He has taken one for the team so no other fucker has to, except perhaps Steptoe.
    A fucking legend.

  6. I’m sure all cunters would like to join me in offering our most sincere cunting for Shamima Begum who it’s reported has given birth to a Ruck Sack wearing Snackbar.

    Sadly mother and baby are reported to be doing well.


  7. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about Diane. It’s a much more common problem than people think. It’s a simple procedure. We’ll take David’s sperm and introduce it using this glass tube with the rubber ball on the end. The ball’s black so the tube is compatible. Now please get onto the couch and spread your legs as wide as you can. Good. OK Diane I’m just going to part your labia to expose the entrance of the vagina. Ah, there we are. Are you comfortable Diane ..are you comfortable Diane.. are you comfortable Diane……..

    • Just don’t cough or sneeze please Dianne, I don’t want to be sucked in.
      We lost a whole crew last week when you swallowed that chiggun bone…..

  8. As well as a cunting, this bloke deserves a bloody medal, shagging that lump of lard! Clearly he was well overdue for his Specsavers appointment when he encountered that old heifer.

    Only two years married to it says it all really. He must have managed that solely through donning a blindfold and earplugs the entire time.

    One hopes his taste in females has improved since then.


  9. Just been reading about some cunt who is running a “Brexit survival course”. This is to teach soppy cunts how to survive when society breaks down after Brexit. Unbefuckinglievable.
    I don’t know why they’re bothering. If they haven’t got a telly or a phone in their empty little lives it’s not worth living anyway.

  10. No doubt the kid will be thick as a post but still end up with a dozen “gifted” soft degrees from Oxbridge and will do the Cuntminster toady job to power route a’la his equally thick mater!

    Equality of outcome at it’s finest!


  11. Damn. I thought that was an old battery hydrometer. (A quick shot of 33% H2SO4 up there would have solved the problem permanently)

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