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The BBC deserve a massive cunting for their final 6 O’clock news broadcast of 2018. Looking forward to the new year they sent reporters around the country to ask ‘ordinary’ people what their hopes were for 2019. Lo and fucking behold everyone they featured proclaimed the correct opinions as approved by the BBC. They even found a Welshman who ( despite Wales voting massively to leave the EU) expressed the hope that Brexit would be cancelled. Talk about bias. Fuck you BBC , fuck you to fucking hell you cunts.

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  1. We’ve got some mealy mouthed prick on the British Bullshitting Corporation news telling us that it has yet to be established what prompted the Mudslime at Victoria station to attack some innocent people.
    Well the cunt was yelling Allah Akbar you deaf twat so it shouldn’t require Einsteinian brain power to work it out.

    • To be fair (which I’m loathe to be) the R4 Today Programme did report all the salient details (Ali’s Snackbar, etc), which was a bit of a surprise, maybe they’ve made a New Years resolution….

      • Let’s hope so RTC. Treading on eggshells around this problem instead of telling it like it is will never bring an end to it.
        Or at least an end that is unfavourable to us.

  2. I cannot wait until it is told to stand on it’s own two feet. I hate the idea of being fleeced to support political manifestos that do not represent me.
    This pinko lefty propaganda will quickly subside if this dinosaur becomes reliant on non compulsory subscription.

    • There was a play on Radio 4 this week based on Little Dorrit by Dickens,called Amy Dorrit who lived in a council tower block with all manner of disadvantaged neighbours and the usual struggle with the Benefits System and the Capitalist Society. To cap it all this load of old wank was played by deaf actors. Let the good times roll,I thought!. What a festering bag of old cunt.

    • Too right- hopefully that shit rag the guardian will crawl up its own cunt and die as well- the bbc are the only cunts that buy it.

  3. I think 2019 will be a continuation of the 2018 theme, writing (on a regular basis) to the BBC to tell them exactly what I think about the so called unbiased news reporting.

    On the Manchester Victoria stabbings….
    “Yet another Muslim terrorist carried out an unprovoked attack on innocent people while shouting Allahu Akbar”

    Now that would real news reporting!!!!!

    • I’ve just read the al bbc reporting of said incident. The journalist waited until pretty much at the end of the piece to reveal that the attacker shouted “Allah Akbar”. But the signallers of virtue will ignore that anyway. Cunt.

  4. I haven’t got the entire day that would be needed to cunt ABBC thoroughly enough.

    I’ll just focus on one amongst 5,000 valid reasons to cunt them and that is the endless Equal Opps/ Divershitty agenda and specifically the plague of ‘Regionality’.

    The useless One Show encapsulates it all in microcosm. Initial Presenters : Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley. Followed by Matt Baker and the Jones woman. That’s a Brummie, a Northern Oirish, Geordie and Taff. When they’re on holiday it’s invariably an excitable ‘wimminz of colour’. A Floella Benjamin type if you will. All of them incomprehensible and, Chiles apart, barely fit enough to read out Bingo numbers.

    I await the looming disaster of the simpering Fiona Bruce on QT (female and Scottish….now there’s a surprise) to provide me with yet another reason to switch off.

    I’d love to withhold my £150 a year subs if it put the likes of Linekunt on the dole but then we’d only have to pay The Dirty Dingo or Beardy twice that amount to get anything to watch (plus adverts!)

  5. They should bring out an “ABBC Bingo” game out where each tile has a favoured AL-BEEB saying on it like:


    Lone wolf

    Not “peaceful”

    Group òf men

    Unsure if it’s terror related


    It would make their news a lot more interesting.

    What the AL-BEEB doesn’t say is often far more telling than the lies they do.


    • I have had a few ‘ding dongs’ with them on the complaints section, most notable was a few heated exchanges over Nish Kumar using the Mash Report as a platform to knock brexit.
      After it was escalated up the BBC chain the same message was coming back each time so I accussed them of not actually reading my mails thoroughly.
      After a final reply from the BBC, I just wrote to say that there wasnt any point in my complaint as the BBC stance would never change and that indeed their bias matched that of Nish Kumar. I ended by saying “please do not reply astheir isn’t any point’

  6. I was once proud of the BBC as it seemed to me as a schoolboy they were a reliable source of honest news where other Countries news broadcasting outlets we’re patently bias ( I am talking the 70’s and early 80’s USSR). Now the BBC does not even try to be balanced as Question time alone proves via its post Brexit vote panel make up.
    What I am noticing now is that as we get closer to leaving the E.U. the dark forces behind stopping the democratic will of this Country are getting ever more frantic and the volume I suspect is going to become deafening over the next two months. I also wonder if we will soon see the first signs of actual confrontation …. ie Civil War like ( of course I don’t mean an actual Civil War) but riots in the name of remain or punch ups in support of leaving. I know this sounds a bit melodramatic but I am starting to think this is the logical ‘processional effect’ of the current direction of travel of demented remainders and their backers.
    All I am saying to my friends on this site is ‘buckle up’ as I think these next three months are going to make the last year seem ‘tame’.

    Happy New Year to All …….. now where’s my Nurofen Plus —— why did I think it a good Idea to end up with a couple of cans of Guiness last night after Aperols , G&T, Ale, then Shampoo to wish the new year in ? Perhaps I am the thicko Leave voters say I must be.

  7. It would require something about the size of War and Peace to completely cunt the BBC. But we all know nothing will stop them from their mission to ‘educate’ us into submission until we become multi culti, diverse blah blah blah etc citizens of Europe and not small minded little Englander leavers that they believe us to be. Unbelievably one eyed corporation which is a crime not to finance and would not be out of place in 60’/70’s Soviet Union.

  8. Calling it now – the BBC will overtake both Hameron AND Maybot in terms of cuntings this year.

    • Actually, looking at the scheduled posts the Beebistan have a further THREE scheduled all within this month. Which would make them level with Hameron and just ONE cunting behind Treasona May, and we’re only in January.

  9. The sooner this organisation is brought to book the better 100% funded by the licence fee payer it should be 100% transparent in its actions 52% of people voted to leave the EU so no more of this waffle People’s Vote or overturn Brexit Tony Blair news conferences utter tripe we don’t want to hear it respect the result we voted to leave and leave we are going to Mr Khan you don’t speak for the rest of England

    • I don’t think Suckdick should speak for England in any capacity.
      I certainly don’t classify him as an Englishman, and British is debatable too.

      • His taxonomy is Muslim male. And every last one of them has one shared common purpose – to take over the world, and then subjugate everyone else that isn’t one of them.

  10. The BBC’s Christmas special was Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders.

    It mentioned Poirot being a refugee then over-egged the pudding by constantly referred to it. Every five minutes there were posters attacking foreigners and we met horrid types who wore a kind of Nazi badge.

    Generally people were stooopid and ignorant, even the stooopid police chief. The decent, honest house servant was a black woman and the helpful, earnest priest….was a black man. It agonised over foreigners good, white people bad.

    Made by the BBC: What a bag of piss

    • The BBC can destroy anything with its hateful, left-leaning translation of classics.

  11. The ABC Murders at Christmas was a total pile of Piss Give me the other sides version of Agatha Christies detective any day of the week The BBC always on the side of the poor oppressed foreigner and the native English person always the villain Flag Wavers of overturn Brexit

  12. Fucking BBC are now blaming the UK for all the fucking waste in the rivers in South east asia, what fucking cunts…..The waste in the south east asia is their own fucking rubbish because they dont have any “council” rubbish collection infrastructure so the locals just dump it in the river (and there are millions of them).
    The fucking logic goes, China stopped importing mixed waste in 2018 and so the shit we sell to China (or pay them to take it) is now going to Malaysia for them to process.
    Big news, the 10 fucking shit rivers in south east asia have been contributing 90% of the plastic in the Oceans long before China stopped importing waste.
    Fucking BBC cunts….. FAKE NEWS.

  13. Classic cuntery from Al Beeb last night… Number 1 headline on the New Year’s Eve News? The usual fireworks in Londonistan, Sydney. Berlin North fucking Korea etc and all that other touchy feely coke commercial crap… Then it was ‘Oh yeah, some peaceful human filth has gone on a butchering spree at Vicky Station, but not to worry’….

    I do think the BBC news reporter must have been pissed though… Because he almost instantly mentioned that the smelly filth in Manchester doing the knifing was a peaceful type… When usually they call them Norwegian or ‘British Citizens’… Of course nothing will be done (again)… Crappy Oasis tunes will be bawled out, candles will be lit, bumble bee stickers will sell like hot cakes, Burnham will talk shite, and more camelsodomizing vermin will be let in, indulged, and be treated like favoured kiddies… Oh, and on tonight’s Doctor Who, the bad Susan Hampshire impersonator and her Pak-A-Mak sidekick will be telling us how great the lovable peaceful types are… Fuck off, you cunts….

  14. And the cozzers? Police were still trying to establish whether the suspect is a British national; and that “given how frenzied the attack was”, they are also “obviously considering his mental health”….

    Excuses for the sandfilth vermin already, eh? What a load of cunt…

  15. I’ve been beeb free all week, literally nothing to see here. I do regularly read the biased BBC website, where a lot of the contributors have the cunts bang to rights most of the time on the biased bollocks they shovel as news, or the agendas not so subtly rammed into most of their programming. I’ve never contributed myself, as quite a few of them are religious, and seem to despise atheists, so that’s me fucked. Still, worth a look.

  16. I’m glad I don’t own a TV so I don’t have to put up with the BBC’s visual sewage. I’ve been a Radio 4 listener for years, but I’m increasingly shouting at the radio or turning it off. The Today programme’s recent guest editors was a line up of SJW cunts. So much of the output has a lefty slant, even the arts critic programmes often allow perfectly successful women/kneegroes to seize upon an agenda, as though they had to battle against all the isms in order to achieve their success.

  17. jeeez. i thought i’d give Dr. Who a go.. what an absolute pile of shite. she’s only got 1 expression and just keeps spouting jargon which we are supposed to find impressive. oh and a Dr. WHO with a northern accent just doesnt work !. and as for the ‘sonic screwdriver’, thats getting a bit tired now. btw the Daleks can now fly!, overcoming the rather awkward staircase problem. have so far spotted , token black , token asian . token gay. just waiting for the trans and disabled now.

    • Christopher Eccleston was a reasonasbly good Fr Who despite having a Geordie accent.

      The current offering is fucking shite on every level. Picked that up from the trailers as my son (and I) gave up with Dr Who mid Matt Smith.

      BBC simply cannot see what absolute garbage it is. Sooner it fucks of the better. Completely out of touch with making quality programmes.

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