Hollywood [2]

Hollywood, or the pale shadow it has become.
We all have our favourite films. Mine are from the 70s when Hollywood made some stirring and thoughtful epics.
Today I read that the following are the blockbusters for next year:

A Mary Poppins remake/follow-up
Frozen 2
Captain Marvel
A Dumbo remake
Avengers something or other.
Toy Story 4
The Lion King remake
Star Wars IX( Yes, fucking 9)

Not one of these unoriginal pieces of shite would tax the intelligence or attention span of an 8 year old.
Hollywood was always full of cunts but now it is full of childish, clueless cunts without an original thought between them.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

35 thoughts on “Hollywood [2]

  1. A most apposite Cunting Cuntbubble, kicking the NY off with a tasty kick in the cunt.

    Hollywood, and the world generally, has run out of creative steam.
    Films /movies: shite.
    Music: shite.
    Literature: not read anything written in last ten years, but probably shite too.

    Treasoner May: Queen Midas in reverse, everything she touches turns to shit. Has she been announced COTY 2018 yet?

    Could be Suckdick, of course…

    • Morning RTC, how was your new year?
      I hate to sound like a broken record, but as with music, a cunter has only to step lightly off the mainstream path to discover that there were loads of splendid fillums released last year, usually nothing that was “good” enough to get a cinema showing.
      In fact, getting a cinema showing, a fillum is almost guaranteed to be a pile of wank.

      • Morning Thomas,

        Am sure you’re right about stepping lightly off the mainstream path, been doing it all my life, up until about 12 years ago when I destroyed my hearing one drink /dope fuelled night attempting to relive my youth with Faust’s first album and Santana /McLaughlin’s ‘Flame Sky’ turned up to 13 on the headphones. Went to bed that night with what sounded like jet aircraft taking off in my ears! Usually it would have cleared by the morning, but not this time. Then auntie Phill rang up and spent 20 minutes shrieking down the phone into the worst effected ear, left me virtually deaf.

        Couldn’t leave it there though, could I? The following day I decided to drill a hole in a concrete wall… half an hour later of leaning on the screeching Black & Decker, my hearing had been reduced to a pathetic crackle, like you get from a severely abused tweeter. Following months of hearing tests etc they decided little could be done but hopefully things would improve given time and avoidance of loud sounds and noisy environments so as far as I was concerned my life was over and spent the next ten years wandering around in an aural desert with cotton wool stuffed ears. Currently hearing is enough for practical purposes, but nowhere near what it was. Music sounds like I’m listening to a 78 played during a sand storm. So I tend only to bother with stuff I have loved in the past, filling in hearing deficiencies with memory and imagination, unfortunately new stuff, no matter how good, does little for me anymore. Really only got my own cuntish self to blame. Discovering ISAC has been a godsend, Nicola Sturgeon got me here, if anyone’s interested.

        How was my New Year? It was cancelled, along with Xmas. I made absolutely no concessions to either, except the wife gave me a digital radio so I can monitor James O’Brien when I’m in the bath, and I gave her a couple of litres of Sherry. Saw no-one, wished nobody a happy blah-blah, apart from Cunters on ISAC, now saving up my pennies for a trip to Dignitas.

        Oh, and have decided to stop worrying and learn to love the fact that this country is finished.

        How was your New Year? Bet you got an invite to Fiddler Towers. Cunt didn’t invite me this year, miserable wretch. I wouldn’t have gone anyway, heard he had that Tom Daley & family round there for a mince pies…

      • Well, I achieved my goal, which was drinking enough port to nod off before midnight, although the bloody fireworks woke me up!
        Shame about your hearing…you’re not alone though – I fucked my hearing with years of riding motorbikes at ridiculous speeds with no ear protection and heavy metal at idiotic volumes.
        My tinnitus is appalling, sounds even worse than Mrs Cunt Engine yapping in my ear.
        This might be the year I actually go to see if anything can be done about it, it’s fucking maddening!

      • I fear you may be disappointed. I spent months researching tinnitus, and concluded there is no cure – closest I came was utilising hypnosis. Tried playing pink noise in the background at one point, may have helped a little, or may have just been psychological, not sure. Might be worth a try.

        There are tons of tinnitus relief scams out there of course, feeding off our desperation and hope. I’ve more or less learned to accept mine now. Some days are worse than others. Also, found the more you brood or worry about it, the worse it seems.

        Good luck though. If you find anything that works, give us a shout!

      • I would have invited you, RTC, but I was terrified that you might actually come….everyone else thoroughly enjoyed themselves in your absence,if that’s any consolation.

        🙂 .

      • I fucking well didn’t, Mr Fiddler. I rather fear you slipped me a mickey. When I woke up in your spare toom this morning, my ass was killing me.
        What sort of cocktail is “Rohypnol Surprise” anyway?

      • Mince Pie Guy and Bent Dennis speak very highly of the “shenanigans” that took place in your downstairs ‘cloakroom’. 😂

        PS: “shenanigans” was the closest they could get without being moderated….

    • My COTY Ruff Tuff will most certainly be that punchable Cunt Lineker, make no mistake.

      • We were spoilt for choice this year Fenton. Fuck knows what cunts 2019 will throw up…

  2. To be honest Hollywood have been churning out sequels and remakes for donkey’s years – for example one of my favourites is The Three Musketeers, which has been revisited by Hollywood alone 3 or 4 times since the 1930s, but the best being the 1973 version – for me at least.

    Then you have all the sequels – Jaws, The Godfather, French Connection, Star Wars, Superman, Friday 13th, Halloween etc. all of those started out in the 70s and have been trickling along ever since.

    Of course these days popular films are no longer remade but “rebooted”, but on most occasions the reboots forgo any decent story and just overload it with CGI and lots of action sequences (as well as plenty of diversity of course!)

    Let them carry on, because Hollywood has always jumped on bandwagons and rarely feels the need to jump off. Personally I rarely watch sequels or reboots if I think the original is good enough – and I do agree the 70s was probably the best decade for gritty, blockbusting, intelligent film making to come out of Tinsel Town

    • Agreed. For me Star Wars finished after the first 3 and I neither had, nor have, any interest in future films.

  3. Personally I’m looking forward to die hard 11 , we find our hero John mc claine in a residential care home that’s under siege from painter and decorators who the owners have employed to spruce up the place But mc Caine smells a rat and is having none of it believing this respected local firms employees to be highly trained Ninga assassins, watch our zimmer framed colostomy bagged hero bimble into action…….

    • … but then John realises he has transgender feelings and decides to discard the familiar white vest for a Vera Wang off-the-shoulder blouse and matching Jimmy Choo shoes.

      He/she/it then makes mad passionate love with a non-white, non-gender specific person with aspiring architect credentials.

      “Yippie-ki-yay, Ms Mufti” says John. And off they trot hand-in-hand to the virtue-signalling-for-beginners class, and everyone lives happily ever after!

  4. Of course the worst thing about Hollywood is the entitled ‘film star’ cunts who live there. Jolie and Streep,to name but two amongst hundreds, are wealthy virtue-signalling cunts who think their elevated public profile gives them the right to spout endlessly their invariably left wing ideologies.

    The CGI pap that infests Hollywood these days just passes me by as yet another $200m formulaic slice of dross I’ve absolutely no intention of watching even when it arrives on the TV for free.

    The one bloke more than any other who bucked that trend and turned out quality, thoughtful, British-orientated and entertaining films year after year was…….Harvey Weinstein.

    The man deserves an Honorary Knighthood and I was disappointed to see that the Queen has yet again failed to correct this clear oversight in the recent Dishonours List.

    • Brenda gave Bob Goboff a knighthood, so you’d think Wankstain would be a shoo-in. That said, a knighthood is the sure-fire mark of a major CUNT, so maybe Harvey wouldn’t welcome being so dishonoured at this time…

  5. Like the beeb every Hollywood film now has to have some snowflake ‘message’ or other.Clint Eastwood would’nt have a chance now.

    • I read somewhere a while ago that Indiana Jones was going to be ‘re-booted’ (as they say) as ‘Indianana Jones’ or ‘Indiana Jane’ or some such b/s. There was also some mention of a female ‘Green Lantern’. I didn’t make it up. You couldn’t make it up.

  6. A good cunting. Seems to me that Hollyweird has deliberately gone down the lazy-arsed path because it knows the younger audiences are so fucking transfixed by their phones, they wouldn’t even notice the film anyway. All it seems to be, are endless dirge remakes that don’t need remaking, and overplayed CGI thud and blunder borefests that people forget about by the time they get to their car on the drive back home.

    There are plenty of really decent films that never made the cinema, as cinema today is usually aimed at Generation Wank. Too much of a throwaway culture these days.

  7. It’s been fucked since the old contract system was broken up. All the great film noir, musicals, ‘message’ pictures were made under that system. That was a system that worked. It was formulaic but a good formula. More widely ‘The System’ was always used to describe things in an oppressive sense. But really we NEED a system. Shared values for things to work properly.

  8. Slightly relevant. Saw Jolie being interviewed yonks ago on, hate to say it, but big breakfast I think. That Bacon guy. Anyway, thick as fucking pigshit, I mean denser than reinforced concrete. Bacon was embarrassed. Her being a yank, he mentioned the song put a feather in his cap and called it macaroni. Jolie, what do you mean macaroni? Now she’s some fucking ambassador, and producing Today prog. This fucking world gets more deranged by the minute, steptoe, flabbot, lammy, butler, onasanya, bergdorf. I submit!

  9. Some New Year horseshit from the Hackney Hippo, most certainly guaranteed to boil your urine:

    “The Tories have argued that deploying more rescue vessels to the Channel could be a pull factor to migrants. Any immigration policy that is enforced by leaving people to die is the wrong immigration policy.”

    Why? It may deter further chancers if they learn there is a good chance of them drowning in the Channel.

    These people have a choice. Why Flabbot argues it is incumbent on the authorities to save the sorry arses of these economic migrants is way beyond my comprehension. If this corpulent chiggun chugger had her way, the floodgates would be flung wide open for these fucking towelheaded scroungers.

    Abbott is a prime cunt.

    • Also if them cunts had 50kilos of coke, heroin, speed or whatever drug on them they’d be banged up (for a little bit anyway). But because they ain’t carrying they are welcomed with open arms and a flat, house, money etc. Then they can start doing the criminal stuff using government money to fund it. We really are a fucking mug country with a weak government.

  10. Nice job, CC.
    As others have pointed out, Americans do still make some good films, but most are just lazy franchise fat cash cows. The other problem is that Hollywood’s been ravaged by the cancer of identity politics, just another angle of attack in the war that cultural Marxism has been waging for years. we’re in the same boat here with the British Broadcasting Cunts.
    All the decent films I saw last year were either European or small budget British efforts.
    Hollywood needs to kick the SJW shit out of its product and it might then get back on track, but as long as the Disney juggernaut in particular is a main player I doubt it will happen.

  11. Thinking of great films, British, hollywood, the cruel sea, the Yangtze incident, kiss me deadly, rear window, Dr strangelove, paths of glory. Douglas, mitchum, Lancaster, gable, some classy totty, Dana Wynter, Taylor,, lamarr.Was it a golden era? Yeah, I think it was.

    • You’d probably like the Talking Pictures channel,Freeview 81,if you haven’t found it already. Plenty of good films on there although there is the odd apology for showing material containing “outdated cultural stereotypes” which I couldn’t give a toss about. Asking people which films they enjoy is a quick and useful way of weeding out the wheat from the chaff socially. For instance,any cunt who likes unmitigated shite like Lion King,Mamma Mia or Bridget Jones..usually middle aged fuckwit women with hair like a busted mattress and wearing a bobbly cardigan

      • Yeah cheers seen a few, night to remember was on. A gem the other day, wartime film with Burgess Meredith explaining engerland weirdness to GIs. Cup a Chah mate! The English treat the black fella different here, they’re allowed in the same carriage. A general explaining that he was good Alabamy republican stock but had to respect the Nigra for his contribution.(Reportage that mods!) Fucking brilliant.

  12. Ah, Hollywood… Once full of sexy and talented sirens like Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall. Shirley Maclaine, Janet Leigh, Liz Taylor, and Debora Kerr…

    Now? Full of talentless flash for a bag of chips slags like Cumbucket Lawrence, Skanklett Johansscunt, Slagelina Jolie, and all those other ‘Oh! The horror! I’ve been hacked! (Yeah right!) shagwagons…

  13. Still haven’t managed to get all way through Last Jedi, which as a big fan of science fiction, tells you all you need to know about what a festering pile of feminist bullshit it is. Twice I’ve tried, and failed to get to the end. Just can’t do it. And here’s another problem I have with it. If Luke really thinks that the only way to bring order to the galaxy, is for the Jedi to become extinct, why does he agree to teach Rey three lessons? I can only assume the answer is in a part of the movie I haven’t managed to watch.

    Don’t even get me started with the Han Solo movie. Shite! And I’ve just found out that they’ve rebooted Hellboy, without Ron Perlman having so much as a cameo. Cunts. Then there was the travesty that was the Predator movie. Hollywood should leave remakes alone. Modern scriptwriters andn producers haven’t a clue how to handle them. They should try doing something original for a change. Then again, we’d probably be bombarded with movies where some miserable twat who thinks he’s actually a woman, stands naked in front of a full length mirror for two hours, while fretting over whether to cut his todger off with a carving knife or a pair of scissors. Then decides to use a chainsaw instead.

    • I watched The Predator the other night. No wonder Arnold turned down a cameo appearence.
      And Shane Black is a massive cunt who should be utterly ashamed of himself…

      • Considering Black was in the original Preddator, you’d think he’d understand what the movie was about. Arnie took one look at the 2018 script and turned it down flat.

  14. All modern hollywood directors and writers are bedwetting geeks who look at movies to see how people behave, whereas the directors of the 60s and 70s looked at how real people behave and speak, as did the actors. Many served in the military and had real jobs before learning how to make films.
    Hollywood is completely infantilised, which is perhaps appropriate given the amount of paedophilia that occurs.

  15. Agreed, that’s a very low brow list of shite coming out. However, I am looking forward to John Wick 3.

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