Person Christmas

(Person Christmas)

What’s Person Christmas? Well, it’s the non-gender version of Father Christmas and it’s coming soon. Apparently, according to a recent poll, a lot of people don’t care which gender old Saint Nick is. Gina Battye, an LGBT+ identity coach, tells BBC Three that it’s great that more than 17% of people reportedly want a gender-neutral Santa. Hmm. Which begs the question: What the fuck is an identity coach?

? You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry,
Better not pout I’m telling you why,
. Non-gender Santa’s coming to town.?

Perhaps you want to ruin, befuddle and besmirch everybody’s Christmas memories through the decades, perhaps you want to re-write beloved children’s stories, perhaps you just want to shit on everybody’s fun.

? “I saw Mummy kissing non-gender Santa, underneath the Christmas tree….” ?

Here we go. Another smash’n’grab to further belittle the male of the species. Dr.Who, James Bond, the madness will continue. Equal Opportunities for Myths! I’m surprised we still have snowmen left. I can just hear this sour-faced identity coach, “Why are they men? Why are they white? Why are they naked? PERVERT! Let’s teach the world to build non-gender snow persons without oppressive pronouns! Frosty The Snow-queer who identifies as an Easter Bunny!”

Listen Ladyboy, it’s FATHER CHRISTMAS and he’s a long-time, happy concept that brings a little bit of magic to a sombre Wintertime.. Why don’t you take your envy, your misery, your pc carping and shut the fuck up you malignant, titless bulldyke.


Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

55 thoughts on “Person Christmas

  1. Fuck off you miniscule proportion of society!

    You should have absolutely no bastard say in anything!

    Just think yourself lucky that we don’t chuck your gender deluded arses off the nearest tall building like the “peacefuls” you all fucking love will do once they take over the country!

    You’re welcome!


  2. Cap’n I am OUTRAGED at the utterly inappropriate use of language here. Don’t you know that you should refer to PERSON WINTER FESTIVAL??
    For shame, sir!

    • Happy Christmas to you too Ron.

      I have enjoyed your many erudite and hilarious contributions (which have left me ashen-faced on many an occasion!)

      Cheers to all fellow Cunters, you cunts. And of course to our fantastic Admin, without whom etc etc…

      • Ron, I humbly beseech your grace, please forgive me. I have brought shame on the family Magnanimous.

        I hope Person Christmas still brings me my Winter Festival presents – half a dozen bottles of Malbec, a Japanese sex robot, and a crate of Bishop’s Finger.

  3. I reckon Joseph was an arse bandit and Mary was his gender neutral civil partner. That explains why “she” was a virgin.
    I reckon they bought the baby from a Romanian whore for a couple of Special Brews and forty Silk Cut.
    If you’re going to make up stories you need to update them from time to time. It would make an interesting Nativity Play at the local primary school. (No photography please)

    • I recon Joseph was a cuck.
      Probably one of chukka ummuna’s ancestors, watching his wife getting gang raped by Persians while he recited the peaceful versions of the Quran.

  4. The leftie halfwits are what Stalin used to refer to as ‘useful idiots’ for the incoming caliphate. They will repent at leisure when the ROPers reach a demographic superiority where they can roll into any town in the UK in Toyota flatbed trucks and put the populace under heavy manners. Ironically, the women and the irons – they’re biggest cheerleaders – will be the first to sample unadulterated, un diluted Islam.

    Anyway. On a happier note. Happy Christmas gents. I’ve loved this site this year, been fortunate to have some cuntings published against some splendid competition. I take a lot of comfort that there are cunts like me out there still. I raise my hand to all of you and wish you a happy 2019.


    • You too rigsby. ….best site in the world.
      Even on Xmas eve it feels good to cunt cunts…..though I’m doing it with a smile.
      And a dribble… 🍾

  5. Make it acceptable then make it normal. So many problems in our society are directly related to the breakdown of the family.

    Used to be you relied on your family now it’s the state.

    It’s not social engineering it’s social destruction. Making the world fit an agenda is nothing to do with protecting minorities, it’s about destroying what was there to replace it with the Matrix.

    The minorities being used are going to be crushed just like the rest of us.

    Gender nutural and breaking down toxic masculinity. Emasculate those who might fight back.


  6. I was saddened by this cunting: so much so that the next time it snows I fear I will have to add male genitalia to any snowmen I find. Large male genitalia, with purple food dye to render them realistic.

    Next year I am planning to initiate a campaign for Boadicea, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie and of course our very own Elizabeth Windsor to be regendered as neutral or perhaps even male. I think this would be only fair.

    The fightback starts here.

  7. We have to listen to this identity coach, she is not ordinary, she is a “world renowned identity coach”
    I would also propose that she is a world class cunt, I dont get these people, why oh why do they have to fuck everything up.
    Santa…. Father Christmas, there is a clue there.
    Maybe she would like to rewrite history and make Hitler gender fucking neutral, i bet fucking not!!!

    The world has gone fucking crazy, being “normal” will be a fucking minority soon.

    Merry fucking Christmas Mr Santa, enjoy it …… it may be your last

  8. I laughed my head off at first.
    Then I realised that these cunts actually get air time from the beebistan and sly news (both of which I have to fucking pay for) and I started shaking my head.
    Now I’m back to laughing coz these cunts are mentally ill and they’re going to have horrible lives if they don’t get the treatment that they need.
    As it happens I’m an identity coach.
    I charge £300 per hour and if you’re a cunt you can turn up at mine, cut me a cheque, and within an hour me and my magic cricket bat will cure you.
    No more cuntitude.
    No more more talk of person Christmas.
    ….. unlimited free sessions until cured.

      • Ha ha.
        You’re right. It’ll be one of those genius ideas that never made it to where it belongs.
        It could be called : cure-a-cunt …. people could bring their snowflake family members, or even just snowflakes that they find on the street ….
        It’d be charity.
        NO it’d be A charity!
        Tax exempt.
        Ha ha. We have an ISAC company in the making.
        Not for profit of course. Each employee would have to earn enough to Hoover up all the *aherm* ‘profits’…
        And I’m sure we’d have no shortage of volunteers…
        All we need now are cricket bats….
        And snowflakes…..

  9. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was drawn to googling this Battye cunt.
    She deserves a nomination in her own right. You don’t need to raise your ire by googling her for yourselves – just take my word for it, she is a premier division cunt.

    • I looked the ugly old dyke up. Apparently she gives motivational speeches at corporate events, charging between £3000 and £6,500 a pop.
      I can talk like a cunt for a lot less than that if anybody’s interested.

      • Doesn’t seem to be going through her accounts, Fred. See link above. Think she might be regendering the profits offshore.

  10. Pedantic footnote. St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra in the early 4th century, could not possibly have been female. They didn’t have wimminz bishops then, until at least the late fifth century (Sta Cerula – disputed)

  11. The thing is these snowflakes etc in their ‘i’d like to teach the world to sing mind really believe they’ve improved on centuries of human developement. An almighty awakening surely awaits them. Can’t believe soppy twats and peacefuls now dictate our country/ western world.

  12. Here is a picture of the disgusting pig:
    Even though it has been already been said, A Merry Cunting Christmas, ISAC chums!
    Let’s hope 2019 is the year where the wheels come off the liberal spasticwagon.

    • Fuck me! I know both the schools in that article……Archbishop Tenison and Dunraven. They want to teach the cunts some basic manners before they move on to cocksucking and advanced poofery.
      Absolute fucking tossers.

    • I didn’t even need to read it to feel sick. I saw the guardian headline.. something about lbwgt sex education and got the drift.
      What cunts.
      I thought sex education was supposed to be about reproduction…. not deconstruction.

  13. Merry Christmas, ISAC colleagues, contributors, and Admin. This site has kept me sane, as well as educating and entertaining me throughout 2018, which has been a tad average for me.

    Quality writing and splendid humour. Merry Cuntmas. 🐵

  14. I second captains sentiments.
    Thanks and merry Christmas to all cunters but especially the guys that keep the site going….
    I know you guys are up against it and you get nothing for what you do….. without you guys there’d be no sanity left in the world.


  15. Thirded. Merry Christmas to and a happy new year to all of you and thanks for making what is in my opinion the best site on the internet what it is.

  16. Encore. @ admin and mods – You provide cunters of all persuasions with the possibility of free expression, and that’s bloody rare these days. I’ll raise a glass to you tomorrow, and thanks!
    @ fellow cunters – agree or disagree, it’s always civilised and always worth watching. If I’ve boiled your piss, sorry. If you’ve boiled mine, it’s fair do’s.
    Merry cunting Christmas to all, and a happy New Year despite the fact it’s going to be very largely a cunt.

    • Couldn’t agree more komodo…
      Without disagreement how can anyone have any kind of debate? We’ve all disagreed about things occasionally but that doesn’t mean that we’re enemies….
      Shame the rest of society can’t be a bit more….well…. tolerant .
      Unfortunately these days it’s left vs right. Gay vs straight. Black vs white…
      Fuck that. PINK FLOYD: all we need to do .. is keep .. talking.

  17. So presumably the libtards can do something similar for Mother Earth and Mother Nature etc. Or are those the exception to all this bogus bullshit?

    I also hope that planes and ships no longer insist on “women and children first” when the shit the fan!

    Anyway. fuck it. Merry Christmas motherfuckers (ha!) and never let the cunts grind you down.

  18. For the sake of fuck, you think you have seen and heard everything and then THIS totally ridiculous, enormous shitheap of utter fuckwittery comes to your attention. Have you seen that BATTY woman’s website? It is honestly the biggest pile of elephantitis bollocks that I have ever seen.

    She apparently ‘teaches people how to be their authentic self in the workplace’ and ‘prepares the workforce for Generation Z employees entering the workplace’……..what the actual fuck??

    Being their authentic self… opposed to what, a fucking hologram? Is ANYONE actually their real self in the workplace…ever? If I was my ‘authentic self’ when I worked in nursing I would have spent most of the day telling my most irritating, pain in the arse colleagues to go fuck themselves and my bosses to shove their targets up their arse.

    Is this what she helps people do, perchance?

    And why exactly does a workforce have to ‘prepare’ for any bastard from ANY generation?

    Fucking hell, this is all so typical of the ridiculous world we live in these days. They have fucktards like this humongous rug muncher getting away with some money for old rope ‘consultancy’ that suddenly the world needs, which in centuries previous, it never fucking has.

    Back the fuck away from FATHER CHRISTMAS, you utter cunts.

    • Oh and by the way, my fellow cunters….A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

      Dunno about you, by I intend to get comatose ratarsed, if only to obliterate all thoughts of the ever increasing number of cunts and utter cuntery in the world…..

      ….that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!


  19. Yup, just watching the Inbetweeners on the Idiot Lantern whilst sipping on a Remy Martin Champagne Cognac. Merry Christmas Cunters!

  20. Fortunately, no one will buy into any of that shit and those that promote it will lolcows fresh for the milking. Besides, half the cunts who approve of the concept will be atheists and take offense to anything having to do with Christmas anyway. Gina Battye…batty vagina

  21. Fuck all that trendy bollocks; it’s Christmas Day, the turkey is about to be stuffed (ffnarr); and this afternoon we’ll be watching “The Great Escape” – hopefully that cunt Steve McQueen will finally manage to jump over that fucking barbed-wire fence; it’s taken him 50 odd years FFS!

  22. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Thanks to one and all for your insight and entertainment. 2018 has produced more cunts than ever, and what’s the betting 2019 will build to a crescendo of cunts as Brexit gets nearer.

    Although I visit every day, I will try to do more in 2019 in an effort to contribute better – for what its worth.

    As Tiny Tim said “God bless us everyone”


    Big Al

  23. It always was and it always will be Father Christmas.
    PC shit.

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time.

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