God [2]

God. A total cunt. Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent – the omnicunt.

Has made a total balls of everything and, in true cunt fashion, will doubtlessly blame feckless humans for not sticking to the script, climatic or geological disturbances (which he incidentally rejects any responsibility for – a heads-up for the insurance cunts) or his beardy hipster son. Who’s also by definition a cunt.

Nominated by Shavi Tupuraz

49 thoughts on “God [2]

  1. I am in Starbucks.The very cute barista asked me if I wanted cream on top.I said,slow down tiger,we have only just met! RANDY LITTLE CUNT.

    • How fortunate that Starbuck lifted the ban on you entering their premises following the last “unfortunate” incident. Still, I suppose that that the Community Service Order compelling you to make recompense by working with their toilet-cleaning crew will have helped sway them.
      🙂 .

      Happy Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not),you libidinous little man.
      (Best Wishes,Krav.)

      • Hope me and Fanny didn’t disturb you and the hounds too much last night, Dick. And this morning.

    • Aye merry Xmas cunters and here’s to 2019 bringing endless reasons to cunt no doubt!!!

    • Merry Xmas to all the cunts who post on here and a special mention to the admin team who’s hard work is greatly appreciated ….
      ISAC is a beacon of light ……

  2. God is a bone idle cunt. 6 days work then he’s rested ever fucking since.

    I don’t do xmas, so a simple Fuck Off will have to suffice !

  3. I’m surprised the cunts over at the bbc haven’t invited the Islamic society of Britain on this morning to talk about abolishing celebrating Xmas in the name of diversity and social cohesion.. 😂

    Over at sky it’s business as usual with some Xmas Brexit bashing inc some body language expert showing how pathetic British politicians were in the towering presence of French hard man barnier…..

  4. I hope that this modern fad for saying that God could be a Darkie,a woman,or Heave Forbid….a transitional is wrong. I could be in a bit of bother otherwise.
    I hope Heaven does exist,not that you Cunts’ll get anywhere near. I’ll be alright,though….Bushmills on tap,roast pork,no company apart from Gemma Arterton who,while I’m in Heaven,will undoubtedly consider herself in Hell….just imagine.an Eternity with a drunken,bloated Fiddler stuck right up yer…..I almost feel sorry for the poor girl.

    Best Wishes to All,,,Oh,and Fuck Off.

    • Best wishes to all cunters, has the debauchery started at Fiddler Towers yet? I have Cockleshell Heroes and Ice Cold in Alex ready for some festive TV viewing as a break from endless soaps and cunty ‘selebs’ who have all turned into turkey cooking aficionados.
      I wont be going near any naked flames after 3.00 once the brussels and stuffing start to do their stuff.

    • Don’t worry Dick, when you arrive at the Pearly Gates St. Peter is likely to say: “Dick you are indeed a bit of a cunt, but you’re our kind of cunt. Get yourself in Son!”

    • I see Mr Fiddler you’re a fan of the Witch-Finder General. Prince Prospero comes to mind as well. From The Masque of the Red Death. He really was a rotter -refusing admittance to the poor peasants pleading for refuge from the Black Death. He laughs scornfully in their faces. A very cruel man. Does Fiddler’s Towers resemble Prospero’s castle I wonder…? Good to know that you’re gates will have been thrown wide open this Christmas morning-making sure that every last one of the tenantry receive the present they desired, seeing to their every need. You most be exhausted.

  5. In response to the Pope’s request to live a simpler life with less consumption, I shall approach today with Bacchanalian ( ? ) fervour.
    The cheeky cunt lives in a luxury that we will never experience.
    Fuck off, and take your God with you.

    • Funny how old popey doesn’t think it’s appropriate to lead by example. Typical of all moralising cunts these days, but even more hypocritical of the religious cunts. Gold hat and a gold house for a solid gold cunt.

  6. Merry Christmas cunters,
    and a happy and peaceful (or should that be peacefulless) New Year

  7. Merry Christmas to all my fellow cunters. Now go and enjoy the week long orgy of food, booze and more food.

  8. Used to have a lot of trouble telling God and Father Christmas apart.

    Not so much these days: I now see God as a sadistic pervert who gets his rocks off watching humanity suffer; whilst Father Xmas is an kindly old codger who used to leave Tonka trucks and oranges beside my bed at night once a year.


    • I suppose Ruff Tuff we’ll be breaking a lance or two in the new year. I’m sure you’d like to break a real one over my head. Well, in keeping with the spirit of the period a very Happy Hanukkah to you all.

  9. Today’s the day when we can put all those annoying TV diversity Xmas adverts to the test……

    Let’s see how many peaceful types join in the celebrations? 😂
    Are you pulling that cracker with a person of sand?
    Sharing that champagne with a swarthy type?
    Has your next door peaceful neighbour invited to round for dinner?

    surly those adverts a true representation of life in the UK?? 😂

      • They probably identify with Father Christmas Q, burly man with a bushy beard, sack full of suspicious items, an ignorance of international borders and the forced slavery of elves.

  10. Driving over to my son, daughter in law and grandchildren for Xmsx lunch and God has ordered Fog to help me on my way.
    Thank you and merry christmas!

    • If it had been an ISIS waistcoat the cunt would’ve been given VIP treatment and escorted to the front row by the bouncers!

      What a cunt this country is becoming but the worm is turning only by standing up to the cunts and promoting the Union Jack and Cross of St. George (which Birmingham University’s Professor of Black Studies – Kehinde Andrews – wants to ban) will we combat the indoctrinated negativity towards our heritage and sense of national pride!

      They can all fuck off!

      I’m proud to be British!

      I’m proud to be English (as I would be if I were born in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales)!

      I’m proud of our history!

      If you are a resident of this green and pleasant land and don’t feel the same then please feel free to exercise the greatest gift we’ve given our peoples for over a thousand years – freedom – and feel free to use it and FUCK OFF!

      Total cubtitude going beyond the pale!

      Nationalism is rising across the world because everyone is fed up of being forced into a New World Order by unseen globalist puppet masters facilitated by their sell-out government stooges.

      Nations who seek co-operation rather than being forced to integrate through coercion.

      Who value sovereignty over a collective that only benefits the globalists, corrupt politicians and ultra rich.

      No matter how small or trivial the erosion of nation, of self, may seem we must push back and show the fuckers we’re not taking it any more!

      I hope the bloke in question sets up a crowd fund to take the unpatriotic organisers to court! I’d donate to that fucker!

      • Well put, Rebel. Pity it’s too long to print on a T-shirt!

        But St George was in real life an irredeemable cunt, and I don;t know why we had to have him when we have our own English saint – St Thomas a Becket, martyred for giving the king the ecclesiastical finger, and recognised as a saint by both Catholics and Anglicans.

        St. Thomas could be something of a rallying point, indeed.

  11. Religious cunts, especially Christians, like to claim all the world’s good is down to God but if you infer that he’s also responsible for all the world’s ills then the fuckers just turn around and say: “Oh, that’s just to test us!”

    Well I’m sure the poor cunts on Indonesia are happy with their “test”!

    Surely a tricky quadratic would suffice?


    “I think, therefore I am!”

    “I drink, and you most certainly are not!”

  12. I wonder if God is a reader or contributor. I look forward to his cunting of Humanity………..no I don’t I forgot to buld the fucking boat.

  13. I think many of us could write an essay or several on this cunting.

    What gets me the most is how hypocritical god bothers are. Specifically, how their god always gets credit for the good stuff, but none of the blame for the bad. Case in point. Some fucking kid is found alive under a pile of rubble following an earthquake. Yeah, that’s god’s love and miracle working at full tilt – obviously. But if god created the earth, then he’d be in on the fact it has a molten core with tectonic plates floating on top which move, bang into each other and cause fucking earthquakes. Ergo, god created the earthquake. Wouldn’t that make god a bit of a cunt then? Ya can’t have it both ways you deranged religious fuckwits. Jeeezus christ on a bike (pun intended).

    Saw a T-shirt the other day which I must get as it’s ace – especially when you live in the bible belt like I do. Caption was: Polytheism – Why have just one imaginary friend”. Brilliant and offensive.

  14. ‘god botherers’:Let’s not pretend there won’t we be a bit of God bothering at our End.

  15. I see on the ABBC ‘news’ website, the Pope has called for peace in conflict zones. Phew! What a relief. And there was I thinking all the bombings, killings, maimings and torture would continue anyway until His Holiness stepped in. Good on ya me old fruit. Problem solved. Cunt.

  16. Happy Christmas to all of you !
    I am sure this site improves our health. The complete turd heads that sit in dominion over us mean that we have to ‘decompress’ in some way and this is a good addition to our treatment! —- Just say using the one example of Brexit where the Cabinate don’t appreciate even rudimentary ‘negotiating/planning’ skills is enough to require a normal person who cares about this Country to visit the Drs for some blood pressure pills!! No need when you can read these posts and realise that you are not alone. Anyway all the best – got far too many people in my house so need to go and do my bar duties ….. yet again!!!! . CW

  17. I’ve Just come across this cuntarific cuntfest from googling Olly Murs is a cunt! God he’s such a 12 head wet lettuce banjo cunt!

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