Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP. CUNT

Just in case you hadn’t realised what an accepting cesspit modern society has become and how self indulgence and a CV peppered with FUCK ALL is the absolute prerequisite qualification for selection as a fucking ‘Labour’ MP, step forward the MP for Brighton (tee hee) Kemptown.

The U.K. Parliament is a place that has set the standard for democratic sovereignty around the world, its overseen the worlds most destructive wars, the dissolution of empires, the abolition of slavery, conspiracy to overthrow the rule of law……

It’s been the home to some of the most influencial political figures in history whose rhetoric and absolute self belief and determination never to give in galvanised a nation against all odds to stand alone in the face of tyranny and overwhelming military power.

When Churchill stood in Parliament and gave his ‘We will fight them on the beaches’ speech it was utterly selfless.

No reference to the personal struggle was made, not even in passing, no hint given that the orator was enduring great personal sacrifice.

And then there’s Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP.

Standing in Parliament to announce to the world that he’s been a little bit of a naughty boy and as a result has contracted AIDS he had the temerity to declare he didn’t want a public out pouring of sympathy for being so brave……..

Fuck me. Let’s really hope the Ruskies don’t invade, on second thoughts….

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, in my 48 years on this earth I’ve had to endure some Uranium enriched piss boiling cunts but you’ve just muscled your way into my top 2.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

49 thoughts on “Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

  1. I think Brighton says it all really.
    I do hope he doesn’t get any nasty infections or blue patches on his feet.

  2. If the Ruskies did invade you wouldn’t see these oh so brave snowflake lefties for dust save for Corbyn rolling out the red carpet for them with his silly Lenin cap on. Twat.

  3. Is it me or does he resemble that cunt Chris Evans?
    A dose of Arse Injected Death Sentence would suit them both perfectly in my opinion

  4. Stupid cunt should learn to keep all of his bodily orifices shut for his own good.

    Doesn’t want public sympathy? Why the fuck mention it then. Gets fuck all sympathy from me,

    Fucking faggot.

  5. Thanks for the tip off Cunty. I live in Brighton . If you take man fat in the Shitter i have no sympathy for you. Dirty filthy Cunt .

  6. You just know that anyone with the name Lloyd Russell-Moyle is gonna be a prize cunt…
    And he’s from Brighton…
    And a ginger.
    And an MP.
    …. for labour.
    And he either takes it or gives it up the bum. I recon he takes it.
    What a cunt.

    • A disease ridden Chris Evans lookalike and doughnut puncher, ffs man, pick an affliction you greedy bastard. I see the Parliament petition is still going great guns Deploy, over 225,000 now but the cunts wont bat an eyelid.

      • 225,000 ….. sweet. I haven’t checked it since yesterday. Think it was on 160,000 ish.
        You’re right, if they didn’t give a flying fuck about 17.4 million votes, I doubt they’ll care about a few hundred thousand.

    • It’s heartening to know that he has the worst sort of AIDS: gay bum AIDS.
      At the same time, it’s rather a shame that modern bummer drugs lessen the impact of this most appropriate of diseases and that he didn’t have to suffer with insufficient 1980’s treatment resulting in death weighing 2 stone 4 lbs like Freddie Mercury.

  7. This attention seeking Corbynista cunt is known for one thing and one thing only: having Aids.

    Oh yeah?

    Has anyone seen his medical record?

    As a Doctor of Psychotic Enlightenment I know all about these fucks who fake illnesses to scam others, gain public sympathy, get rich and garner votes from gullible snowflake electorates. Like all politicians, lying through his rotten teeth comes as second nature.

    I understand that having Aids is a badge of honour and virtual necessity for holding office in Brighton. Even so, this nonentity fuck surely needs his legs breaking, don’t he?

    Besides, no woofter (self respecting or otherwise) would stick their pus oozing bellend within spunking distance of this cunt’s jacksie.

      • Fuck me….. bugchasing !!
        At my age I thought I knew about every piece of filth, lunacy and perversion on the planet.
        Then along comes some dirty bastard and invents a new one.
        I despair.

      • All this AIDS talk has reminded me of that joke going round in 1985 about Rock Hudson (does anyone remember this?!):
        What’s the lowest form of AIDS?
        Rock’s bottom.

      • In a word, no.
        ‘ tis the season of shallow, virtue signalling bollocks.
        Soon be over.
        Thank fuck.
        And you ?

      • I love Christmas!
        Watching all the best fillums with a whacking great mug of mulled wine pepped up with some cheap port.
        If only my soon-to-be ex-wife would die of an instant brain haemorrhage, Chrimbo would be perfect…

      • Are you and the fragrant Mrs. Cunt Engine spending the festive season together ? Or have you booked a Travelodge ?

      • Alas, we are. But, in the words of notorious botter George Michael, it’s the “last Christmas” we ever have to spend together and thank fuck!

      • Came in through the Rock and out through the Hudson I think an American (unfunny) joke of the time Thomas.
        I hear the cost of retroviral drugs used to treat the bumboys infected is £22k a year – the salary of a newly qualified nurse. Fuck that – if its caused through anal intercourse you can pay for it yourself or fuck off. More nurses needed than bruised and battered ringpieces through unnatural acts. When you got a dose of clap in the Navy it was a self inflicted wound – you got treated but little else. This ginger man lover thinks its a badge of honour.

      • Evening Mr Cunt Engine.

        Naturally in my work I meet bugchasers every day. My argument however is that even if this Russell-Moyle fuck was a boner fide bugchaser, no Aids riddled homosexualist would agree to transact with a ginger knob whose middle name is Cameron.

      • May I enquire as to your line of work, RTC?!
        Meeting bumlords?
        Are you a proctologist?

      • I am a freelance psychologist Mr Cunt Engine. Although my wife prefers to describe me as “a washout.”

        Like George Orwell, I spend an inordinate amount of time associating with lowlife scum, online mostly (present company excepted).

        Sorry, I have to pop off now and cook the wife’s supper. Trust Mrs Cunt Engine is well?

      • I am a freelance psychologist Mr Cunt Engine. Although my wife prefers to describe me as “a washout.”

        Like George Orwell, I spend an inordinate amount of time associating with lowlife scum, online mostly (present company excepted).

        Sorry, I have to pop off now and cook the wife’s supper. Trust Mrs Cunt Engine is in rude health?

      • You can ask… but for some reason my reply went straight into moderation. Will try again later if it doesn’t surface in the near future…

      • In the meantime, I’m going to make some justifiable assumptions about your chosen path in life…you dirty boy!

  8. Evening Ruff Tuff.
    My solution for these unspeakable deviants is to throw them all in a lime pit and torch them with a flame thrower for good measure. I’m open to other suggestions but clemency is out of the question.
    I will now self appoint myself as the high priest of moral protection. Amen 🙏

    • Evening Fenton.

      The traditional tried and tested methods are invariably the best.

      I would not hesitate for a second in endorsing your no nonsense solution with regard to this matter.

  9. I would send all these AIDS ridden pervs to Brussels and let nature take its course.

  10. That photo says an awful lot about what’s wrong with this country.
    I hope his balls drop off and roll down a grid.
    Get to fuck.
    Good evening.

  11. Its Chris Evans with a cock ring,dirty bastard probably does the Brighton bathhouses bareback,the labour retards welcome cunts like this with open arms,hes probably shared the
    same wank pit as Eddie “pink beret” Izzard,labour is now a freak show….

  12. It’s official. I’m a ‘ big mouthed lout ‘.
    So says Mrs. Cunter.
    All because I’ve been pouring scorn on some PC lefty bollocks about darkies ( again ) on BBC 1.
    The darkies are all virtuous and the whites are all stupid, immoral and evil.
    Fucking tripe.

    • Just when you thought the remoaners couldn’t get any crazier they come up with something new.
      I can’t see this pile of shit doing much business outside the M25.

    • The public are loving the real life political turmoil of Brexit so much they want to pay to be patronized by a remain EU arse crawler on film. At least when it bombs it really will be ‘because of Brexit’.

      • Mr.B, I heard about this and cunted Bennylin Cunterbatch a few months ago when he apparently ‘rescued’ a bloke from being mugged (no witnesses though).

        That Brexit film will be a whitewashed pile of wank – a bit like each Project Fear 1-58.

    • The Tinsel Town luvvies will lap this doss shite up Freddie, might give them ideas for one on how Trump and Russia stole the election.

    • Cant watch anything involving that faux socialist millionaire posh boy Bendydick Cumbersnatch,chuck him in room 101 with all the other luvvie cunts,celebrities are cancer…..

  13. Besides anything else, he deserves to be cunted straight off the bat for two reasons alone:

    He is a Labour MP.
    He is a big supporter of that putrid, treacherous sack of turd Corbyn.

    It seems drama queen twattery is not a stranger to him. He also went into one big stylie when Darth Mayder cancelled the deal vote and grabbed the ‘ceremonial mace’ in protest……the only ‘mace’ that should have been grabbed was the type that comes in a can and promptly sprayed into the fucktard’s face.

    As for his HIV status, really who actually gives a fuck? Why does he feel the need to air it and share it anyway? To break down barriers and stigmas? My arse. More like to get a bit of media attention seeing as he is a big fat nobody in the political arena, and having had several gay friends and acquaintances over the years (inescapable when you were in nursing) one thing I know for damned sure is they just love attention, a bit of controversy and even better, a shit load of drama.

    Do fuck off Lloyd. Nobody gives a shite, you daft cunt.

  14. It’s indicative of the trivia which are increasingly brought to the attention of Parliament by its members. No-one really gives a fuck whether an MP has an STD ( the question of how he got it being irrelevant, despite the villainy-signalling of cunters possibly protesting too much) as long as he’s not spreading it around or letting it interfere with his work. In fact we can probably assume it is a given in some cases. Do we need to know this? No. Stop wasting the House’s time and taxpayer’s money, please.

    Another even sillier example is reported from yesterday’s proceedings. Corbyn, after a Punch-and-Judy exchange with May, was seen by several Tories to have mouthed the words “Stupid woman”. Cue Outrage. Cue Wimminz Indignation (another wimminz MP havng been called a stupid woman some months ago by Bercow) “In the centenary of wimminz getting the vote…etc”. Cue the cunt Bercow (not a lip-reader, didn’t see it) Cue extensive report with spokespersons on R4 World At One.

    May is a woman. FACT
    May is not the sharpest pencil in the box. FACT
    May may justifiably be described as a stupid woman. FACT.

    If Corbyn – or anyone else – had said out loud, rather than mouthed, “Stupid man,” at a male MP, it is unlikely he would have been picked up for unparliamentary language let alone on sexist grounds.

    I apologise for wasting even more of cunters’ time on this trivial incident, but as an illustration of what we are reduced to, it seems pretty good to me. We vote for cunts, returning to the topic, and that’s what we get. Cunts.

    (posted through blinding cloud of urine vapour. Terms and conditions apply.)

    • Update: Corbyn says he mouthed “Stupid people”. Top of the R4 news @1400. Cue: “We people are sick of being abused by people! In this the 180,000th/4000th anniversary of the emergence/creation (delete according to fancy) of people….”

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