King Jean-Claude of Europa, First Cunt Druncker [5]

King Jean-Claude of Europa

I see that good ol’ Jean-Claude Druncker has been up to his tricks again.
He’s been accused of ‘acting like a medieval king’ after footage emerged of him fondling the hair of the EU Deputy Chief of Protocol, and then kissing two other women on his arrival at the latest bigwig EU summit. He was then caught on camera immediately afterwards making bizarre shoulder hunching gestures.
King Jean-Claude of Europa, or just Clown Prince Benny Hill of Brussels? Well have a look and judge for yourselves.

I think that it’s about time we exercised our democratic right in a free society to vote this jumped up sot out of office. Er, hang on a sec…

PS No I haven’t got a fucking clue what a ‘Deputy Chief of Protocol’ does either, but I suspect it pays a huge wedge in salary and expenses.

Nominated by Ron Knee

21 thoughts on “King Jean-Claude of Europa, First Cunt Druncker [5]

  1. How does all that fondling sit with all the Bliar, Umunna #Me too types that worship the EU i wonder? Two faced cunts.

  2. I cant believe that people in this country respect anything this man says , let alone fear any of the threats he , Tusk and Verhofstdat fling at us. He walks like hes shit himself, talks like hes shit faced and lies like he doesn’t give a shit.

    now our lot here are no better, but lets delouse ourselves from this lot first before we turn our attentions in-house

    heard a cracker on our news up here last week. Reporter is in Dumfries or something , says theres a base there where Brits and Poles and Belgians flew in the second world war together… and I quote…. “The conflict that led to the creation of the EU….”

    I just about lost my fucking TV in my fit of rage. Fake news you cunt!! , WW2 might have led to the Coal/Steel Alliance but nowhere near the fucking stitch up of unelected/unacountable/undemocratic and unwanted cunts it has been deliberately changed into

  3. Druuu-nk as fuck.

    Touching up women, daily free meals, drunken meetings, and another pay rise this week. As Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be the king!”


  4. I am inclined to believe the old fool is an alcoholic, so to that extent, doesn’t know what he is doing, or having any control over it. It doesn’t excuse the old fuckwit, but it does make you wonder why his fellow corrupt *officials* tolerate the old turd. Like Bllair with Mangledbum, it makes you wonder what Drunker has on them.

    • I heard it was a video of a naked Jüncker being whipped by Herr Merkël dressed as Goebbels whilst the old lush sings “Über Alles” but you can’t believe everything you read in these Government pamphlets.

      • I saw that on xhamster (or was it Pornhub?). It was under ‘extreme perversions’ I think. I must admit that SS black does make Mutti look somewhat svelte

  5. This cunt is but one of an army of overpaid, unelected pointless cunts. Kinnock any one? What the fuck was his function?
    However, never forget that these positions are what our loyal MPs aspire to, along with has-beens like Mandleson (ooh, you are awful) Blair and Campbellend. Inompetence and past warcrimes no barrier.
    And by the way. No referendum within the EU which didn’t give the right answer, apart perhaps from Greenland, has ever been allowed to stand.

  6. It’s just one big jolly for these cunts, a club of total priveledged gluttonous wankery paid for by the chump workers of the EU.

  7. 3500 troops will be on standby in the event of a no deal !! wtf? all these doom mongers are going to look fuckin silly if fuck all happens and we just carry on as normal. how likely is that btw?

  8. Fucking wanker!! Seriously who the fuck does he think he is? Ex PM of the mighty Luxembourg!!
    Good point made by previous poster regarding double standards by # me too cunts! Imagine JRM doing that? Or bojo? Massive load of negative shit thrown at them from # hypocrites me too cunts!!
    Unbelievable stuff
    Saw those EU cunts have awarded themselves a cheeky little pay rise!
    And wonky toothed nobody vehorfstadt has been piping up today “ the uk will rejoin the EU when a new generation who are not hostile to Europe take over”. Hostile to Europe?? You fucking deceitful cunt!!
    There’s no hostility towards Europe
    Just the overblown, overbearing, non elected cunts at the EU!
    I fucking despise EU!! 😡😡😡

  9. That Drunk bastard loves to grandstand and posture on stage. If we were invaded by the Russians he would be the first to shake hands with Putin and be his puppet. That’s how unprincipled the cowardly the cunt is.

  10. The old cunt is the Mr Magoo of Europe. Blissfully unaware of how most voters live. Pissed up old wankstain needs to be sacked or retired.

  11. Fucking EU, fucking Junker and their fucking gang of self serving cunts, I actually hate the EU more now than i did when i vote leave in 2016.

    I dont get why our nation was sucked into deeper and deeper integration with these cunts, fuck, where was our Trump like leader when we needed on to tell these cunts to go and fuck off.

    Fuck diversity, fuck multiculturalism, fuck the EU and fuck immigrants, sick of it


  12. Apparently He’s a big buddy of Tony Blairs (no wonder he walks funny) Total waste of space pisshead who makes no sense whatsoever isn’t it time he was put to grass a total cunt

  13. Have to admit that the sight of this strutting, unelected little popinjay laying down the law to a British prime minister made me want to retch. If he’d tried that on Maggie, she like as not would have rammed her handbag right up the cunt’s jacksey. Now I would’ve paid big ticket money to see that.

  14. Reminds me of that other pisshead Yeltsin. The look on his minder’s face is priceless. Why didn’t she knee him in the balls and follow up with a Glasgow handshake?

  15. I saw this rancid old fart being interviewed about his ‘nebulous’ remark…..he looked like he has just wandered in off the street after absconding from the old people’s home.

    Vague as fuck, pissed up, pervy old cunt of epic proportions.

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