Demonocracy in the EU

The Demonocracy of the EU is a Global sized Cunt.

Freedom in the EU does not exist, it is a false plant they tell us is democracy, but its roots are firmly anchored in Fascism.
After over a thousand years of the majority of the peoples of Europe’s nations striving, suffering and dying for democracy, for our nation to survive, we must de-couple from their cartel, a travesty and insult to Democracy.
Fact, there is documented evidence that the EU was conceived, founded and developed by ex Nazis, who were overlooked from being held to account by the Nuremburg trials.They worked in high and legal (sic) positions for the German chemical giants, IG Farben, Hoechst, Bayer and BASF whom were responsible for funding, aiding, abetting and running the Nazis and in return they were richly rewarded and promised dominance of their corporate industries world wide. They failed in their attempts then, but like a demonic phoenix, these corporate and political entities have arisen from the ashes of their 1940’s defeat, to plan and engineer yet another attempt at European and further, global domination.
After sixty power hungry years of bribery, jobs for the boys and public disinformation via media controlled outlets, many are in their pockets; politicians, bankers, the moneyed elite and heads of industries globally. Whilst engineering a dictatorship, they have pretended Democracy, whilst conning the nations of Europe into accepting their rule as absolute.
The European elected parliament is a fig leaf, with no effective powers to rein in an elite and corporately controlled European Commission from dominating nation states.That Commission chooses its own and the people of Europe have no/little say in the choice of their Officers and Executives. They are the antithesis of democracy and their powerful tentacles reach into every aspect of our lives, have held us fast and are now threatening to increase their strangleholds.
That is why we True Brits must continue our struggle and free ourselves from that nation destroying monster.
To suffer woes which hope thinks infinite.
To defy power that seems omnipotent.
Fuck you EU.

Nominated by The Spark is Cast

18 thoughts on “Demonocracy in the EU

  1. Good cunting, Spark. Democracy is an illusion that keeps the population quiet. I’m currently reading The Establishment by Owen Jones which posits that, whatever the hue of the ruling party, The Establishment manages to look after its own. This is the case in the UK and, as you suggest, in Europe and the EU.

    The worst aspect of Democracy is that when it doesn’t go in The Establishment’s favour, there is a cry that the vote was undemocratic or somehow rigged. Brexit is the obvious example, but this cry plagued the American mid-term elections. Sturgeon and Scottish Independence is another one. This cry is loudest from socialists who get very disappointed when the chance to get their snouts in the trough is denied by the proletariat.

  2. It’s all falling apart. The belges are up n arms. France is in yellow pearl. Poland n east Europe not playing the game. My money is on Russia attacking polski next year

  3. He’s a cunt, but he’s bang-on on this one!

    The most nefarious of the EU’s activities, championed by their most ardent supporters (B.Liar, Les Dawson and Macaroon), is the replacement of relativity well educated, indigenous, self-sufficient, tolerators of government for poorly educated, foreign, dependent, big government supporters from every backwards shithole the world has too offer.

    We can see what they’re doing, we tell them that we can see what they’re doing, and yet they continue to do it hoping that their “waycist” bandying supporters will stifle the outrage.

    Well it won’t. “Waycist” is now so overused it has become meaningless and a thinly veiled ploy to suppress free speech. Well fuck off! That’s not going to work anymore!

    If most pee-dough rape gangs are made of Muslim Pakistani men, then we will say so.

    If most terror attacks since the Good Friday agreement have been done by Muslim extremists, then we will say so.

    If most victims of and perpetrators of knife crime are young black men, then we will say so.

    That’s not “waycism” that’s FACT!

    I will no longer apologise for pointing out the truth no matter how uncomfortable it might make THEM feel!


  4. That fuckwitted Gina Miller has been opening her big rubbery lips again:

    “There is a growing ask for another say”

    Obviously she has let her English lessons slip. Her and fucking Soubry ought to be stripped naked and locked in a cell with a couple of heavy duty rapists, till they can only walk out when they are permanently bow-legged.

    • Jesus, I would feel sorry for the rapists. Imagine being confronted by the sight of Soubry’s nakedness – a pure white rice pudding skin. And Miller’s furry naked body – just like a marmoset.

      I feel my breakfast rising….

    • Just as an aside, we’ve already cunted nouns as verbs (‘to parent’, etc)…verbs as nouns, as ‘ask’ above, are also cunts. The language is going down the drain (or toiletting) along with the rest of British culture.

  5. No great secret that a lot of SS types who escaped Nuremberg became great exponents “United Europe” (by which of course they mean united under Germany). Case in point Hitler Jugend division commander Kurt Meyer, a fanatical Nazi thug with form for murdering Jews and burning down villages on the eastern front and summarily executing POWs in the west. The EU is just National Socialism in a suit that’s all.

  6. Project Fear ramped up to 11 this morning – cunts dying in NHS hospitals all due to Brexit obviously… Won’t be long now before Project Fear says No Deal will wreak as much havoc across the world as the millennium bug, ffs!!!

    • You’re such a cynic, RT Creamy. Next you’ll be saying that Brexit didn’t start the First World War.


  7. When we manage to extricate our country from the shitfest that is the EU, the UK will only be in difficulties if we retain the useless politicians and civil service flunki cunts we currently have. The rebuilding of our country will be less difficult than it was the last time we defeated the Germans. From our island vantage point, we will then be able to watch the evil empire fall apart. What’s to worry about? Fuck the evil scaremongering CUNTS who are presently in power.

    • I agree, Sir C.
      It’ll be fascinating watching the Fourth Reich lose its grip bit by bit and observing it re-branding itself:-

      The European Committee?
      The Fifth Reich?
      New Alliance Zealous Idiots?

  8. The remoaners and their media friends are racking up project fear like nobody’s business. The army are getting tooled up, medicines are being stockpiled, civil servants are working over Xmas (oh dear) , the likes of Soubry are threatening to leave the Tory party (oh fucking disaster)
    Silly cunts. Business is business, money is money. Even Carney and the remoaners tame economists know that.

  9. This article, on how Martin Salmyr, a close aide of JC Drunker’s, received a double promotion, within minitues to become one of the most powerful men in the EU is a perfect example of EU Democracy.

    I would encourage all cunters to read it and the next time some remoaner fanny tells you that the EU is a democratically elected body just quote Martin Salmyr.

    Interestingly, despite the fraudulent nature of the election of this Nazi bastard and the lame protestations by the EU Council the Nazi remains in place.

    We have been warned.

    • If you imagine for a moment the EU didn’t exist and someone proposed a bloc of countries take their laws, immigration directives, trade agreements, fishing rights and much more from an unelected commission based in an obscure outpost like Brussels and pay billions for the privilege, you would think they were insane.

      That’s what pissed me off so much during the referendum campaigning when Pigfucker wheeled out Osama Obama to lecture the masses knowing full well the American people wouldn’t buy this pile of cuntwank for a second if the tables were turned.

  10. The EU is a slow grinding organisation, creeping through Europe taking democracy away from individual nations, the political elite can see it just as we do but refuse to aknowledge it is happening.
    Anyone who points out the EU stratergy is called racist, nationalist , ill informed…. and when we finally get the chance to exercise our democracy we are told we got it wrong, we are stupid, didnt know what we are voting for so we will have to try again and keep trying until we get the right answer.

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