CQC Inspections

I hate irritating government watchdogs and other health authority busy body cunts who constantly criticize the NHS for not being good enough in patient care.

These cunts just go round hospitals ticking boxes suggesting that front-line support isn’t good enough; or mental health is badly lacking; or out-patients are having to wait over 4 hours; or the ambulance service is slow to respond to calls; or there’s not enough midwives ….and on and on and on they moan and criticize and belittle…

These cunts don’t really ask themselves why the NHS can’t cope; of even if they do they won’t publicly admit it (growing population being one – but that’s racist of course); and neither do they take into consideration the constant budget cuts going on in every hospital across the land; that specialist care is in short supply and expensive; that there’s not enough trained people coming into the profession etc etc

But it also pisses me off how hard a lot of the NHS staff work in order to try and meet these unrealistic quotas and targets: front-line staff in A&E especially, who have to deal with a lot of ungrateful scumbags on a daily basis – especially all the pissheads & cokeheads at the weekends.

And then there are those cunty out patients who come in with a broken fingernail and make a great fuss about not being seen too within 10 minutes, and whinge on Fb about how shit the NHS is – even though they have probably never paid any contributions, but just love to exploit its free services.

Personally I think the NHS do a wonderful job (apart from management and all the other useless cunts in suits that don’t do anything other than to meet those targets anyway they can); and those watchdogs can go fuck themselves with their complaints – perhaps they should spend 6 months on the front-line trying to cope with more and more demanding patients on a dwindling budget before publicly having a pop at a poorly performing hospital.

They certainly tick my box called “CUNTS”

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  1. A good way to start rebuilding the effectiveness of the NHS would be to deny all treatment, unless needed for an accident, to those who have contributed nothing towards it.
    Foreigners can get treatment in their own country. Any emergency treatment can be paid off by themselves, or the community pay back work they will be required to do at national minimum pay rates until the debt is cleared.

    No more freeloading off British workers.

    Drug abusers can be left to rot.

  2. Great post NCFOM.

    Easy to criticise others for doing their best in difficult and challenging circumstances especially when the problems being faced are as a direct result of total incompetence by the same paymaster.

    Of course there do need to be checks as to what is going on in our hospitals however rather than simply throwing good money after bad at the NHS and blaming those working tirelessly to provide the best service that they can there needs to be a radical overhaul in order to ensure the bulk of the money is going to the right places and not wasted on layer after layer of management, premium outsourcing and overpaying pharmaceutical companies for their products.

    To undertake and produce a master plan for every par of the NHS will of course be a massive job but surely beyond the realms of possibility especially if taken on by a group of highly experienced business leaders.

    Logical questions can be asked, like “why does the NHS not claim/recover ANY of the money spent of those from Europe receiving treatment under the reciprocal E111 scheme”? Or why do we pay £30 an hour for agency nurses when we pay our own nurses fuck all?

    My family has always received fantastic service from the NHS, and long may it continue.

    Perhaps when we leave the EU without an agreement we can divert more money to the NHS and tell foreign fuckers that in future they will have to take out insurance and pay for the treatment they receive (in advance).

  3. If I were a doctor I would soon sort out the “health tourist” and foreign freeloader problem.
    I would turn into Harold Shipman and those cunts would be going home in a body bag.

      • You will be told you can’t do that by the cunts concerned with Global warming (or climate change or whatever the fuck they call it).

        But sounds a great idea to me.

  4. I would ban all target systems in all businesses and institutions immediately and foreved. They are hopeless bullshit for a lost culture.

    • Added for emphasis. As one experiencing ever-increasing loads of target bullshit theoretically designed to address problems I have never had, while transferring administration of the bullshit from the bullshitter to me. Without advance warning or necessary information, it must be said.

      I’m not in the NHS, but it’s obviously creaking under (1) excessive self-perpetuating management ensuring (2) incompetent supply and outsourcing approaches, also (3) permanent indebtedness due to the accountancy scam that is PFI (thanks, Major, thanks, Blair)

      Should also mention our failure to attract student nurses (and who the fuck would want to do that job these days, other than Flo Nightingale?) necessitating the use of nursing staff badly needed in their countries of origin, and expensive agency staff.

      The aim is always to create a level playing field for the paperpushers and bean counters – leaving mounds of building-site rubble for the sharp-end staff and, increasingly, the patients to paly on.

      • Oh, and wilfully cutting nurse student training so that we physicall cannot supply the numbers needed even if they wanted to do it.

        Cunt from top to bottom.

    • Agreed! It’s not just the NHS but most public sector services, especially schools.

      It is bad enough for teachers trying to cope with cunty kids and their demanding parents; but then they have to do a shitload of reports and other such bollocks just to keep the school governors happy, so that they can “fiddle” the books so that they tick all the boxes demanded by the very same tick-boxing cunts.

      I would so love to put these gormless suits on the front-line of public sector businesses, and give them a taste of what life is like at the shitend of the stick. They’re just like politicians and the civil service as a whole – accountable to no one, but love to give it large on those that can’t really fight back.


  5. Good timely Cunting. CQC is a government Quango that have become utter Cunts with totally unrealistic guidelines. I have had dealings with them over the last few years, one cunt of an inspector I had a run in with made my staff so demoralised that 3 of them resigned. He was rude and arrogant , he wanted to see my interview and police check records because I had The temerity to correct the cunt over something he was in the wrong about. My local Hospital in Brighton has been given an inadequate rating on every level , the bastards didnt take Into account the extremely hard work the staff do there. Instead of supporting health staff they go on a campaign of totally demoralising them . CUNTS !!!!

    • In the private sector, bung cures all the ills of the CQC. Been going on for decades. In the Nash, accepting the drivel of these CQC cunts is accepted in preference to sanctions. And it is the sanctions that hurt. In my old PCT, the flow of interdepartmental cash was essential. Without it, you are fucked. CQC? Twats !

    • Pity these cunts aren’t quite so severe and determined when it comes to our border controls – seems like they don’t give a shit about ticking any boxes for what type of cunt comes into this country, but you can be sure it will put an extra strain on our services – the same services these cunts constantly criticize for not being good enough.

  6. Depresses the Hell out of me when we’re with a feckless wastrel, with a car on the drive who’s dialled ‘999’ and says to us: ‘Well, I thought I’d get it checked out, just in case’. Call your fucking GP, you cunt. We’re for life-threatening emergencies, not a fucking prop-up for Social Services or a Big Yellow Taxi Service to take a cunt to hospital as they THINK they’ll be seen quicker of they arrive by ambulance – trust me, you won’t, we’ll fucking see to that. And it makes it even worse when a General Broadcast goes out on the radio for a cardiac arrest or another CAT 1 call, and they’ve nothing to send as we’re all tied up dealing with the aforementioned cunts. The gift Of Life is wasted on so many people…..

  7. To say I wholeheartedly agree with this cunting is an understatement.

    Most people who have a less than favourable opinion of the NHS know fuck all about just how hard it is on the shop floor and what staff face on a daily basis. We had a so-called ‘manager’ who used to swan down from up in her ivory tower once a day, ask if everything was ok (and invariably she got the answer she was seeking) and then fucked off again, probably to hightail it to the restaurant to get another doughnut and coffee, lazy fat cunt.

    These are the people the NHS should start with getting rid of and save a shitload of money. The pen pushers who are ticking target boxes in a comfortable office while the frontline staff are told not to book any agency to cover nurse shortages as ‘it costs too much’.

    It is very easy for these CQC clipboard fuckers to say this isn’t up to scratch and that isn’t…..well no shit, Sherlock, don’t you think the staff know that? Don’t you think the public can see that? Therefore, what purpose do these ‘inspections’ actually serve except to say that the problems are the same old problems that were there when I started my training in 1996, because nothing…..ever…..changes.

    The failure in the NHS are all a domino affect. Immigration has crucified the country, so GP’s are oversubscribed, people cannot get registered so attend A&E when they have a fucking cold and every trivial, fucking ailment under the sun, A&E cannot cope with the mass numbers attending (who usually have to wait beyond the breaching time of 4 hours,) they cannot cope because they are abysmally understaffed and they are understaffed because no fucker wants to enter NHS medicine or nursing because of these EXACT working conditions.

    And let’s not forget about bed shortages and that too stems from there being too much demand and not enough to go around. I worked with some wonderful, dedicated, passionate about their job nurses and doctors who live with the daily frustration of not being able to give their best to patients because their hands are tied by this mismanaged, oversubscribed and underfunded service.

    They can inspect all they like, but it won’t change anything. Not even the Fairy fucking Godmother from Cinderella could wave a wand and sort that shit out.

  8. That’s management! Problem? Standard response:

    (a) It’s your fault.Can’t be mine, I’m a manager.
    (b) We’ll have to bring that up at the next bullshit coordinators’ meeting – not you, sunshine, you’re paid hourly.
    (c) I’ll just put that in the spreadsheet.
    (d) Sorry, rushed off my feet. Lunch with the directors at one and a meeting about reiki at three.

    I feel your cuntedness.

    • e) I’ve listened most condescendingly to your concerns and I’ll take your points on board (closes door on way out)

      • Thanks, Ron. That’s the one I get most often, in fact. Along with

        (f) (a month later) I’ve been terribly busy (drinking coffee) and somehow I missed that. Let me have the details again. (repeat ad infinitum)

  9. My wife had a cataract op yesterday, and got a Rolls Royce job from all the front line staff. Hats off to them; box tickers with an Audi and reserved parking space can fuck off.

  10. Two tier, two Lane NHS require.
    Tier One free at point of access to all UK Tax Payers emergency care as are All life saving operations organ transplants emergency trauma surgery etc.
    Tier Two All non essential surgery has to be paid for on a sliding scale of life enhancement i.e. getting someone back into the workplace or enabling them to see children grow up. These would be paid from your NHS stamp. Mental health treatments Old Age these would also be paid out of your NHS stamp.
    Non life enhancing non essential surgery and treatment comes directly out of your pocket.
    And now the Two Lane bit.
    UK Tax payers are effectively exempt from paying for anything other than non essential treatment but because they pay tax and I mean real tax not the pretend tax that those scrounging dole cunts claim to pay which is just money going out of the government pocket then back in again it would be covered by their NHS stamp. The only thing UK taxpayers would pay for is picking a date for their treatment.
    Non UK tax payers have to pay the true going rate for non essential treatment and that’s 50% upfront and the other 50% after 30 days.
    Emergency treatment is the same rules except the first 50% is payable before you can leave the hospital and the other 50% after 30 days.
    I’ve probably over simplified things or said things that could upset people but 70 years ago the NHS and the benefits system as a whole was set up to help those that truly needed help and expecting those able to pay to carry on paying doctors. Now people demand boob jobs, sex changes, etc. Randomly sue for such things as cannabis oil, or some super expensive unproven treatment which they have told will have little of no chance or success. Now I know as a parent the instinct to keep your children safe is unassailable but most of the cunts doing the suing the NHS seem to be of the feckless scum dole breeders who use their children as a form of income.
    I’m afraid the addition of an exponentially growing migrant population has sped the decline of the NHS but our home grown scum were on a sure fire course to the bottom and the eventual and inevitable destruction of our entire welfare state and in fact our nation as we know it. Shit I’m depressed now.
    Release The Kraken.

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