Katie Price [2]

I see Katie Price is asking for a cunting. Another cunt who has managed to blow 45 million on fuck all, is now in discussion with creditors. This plastic titted cunt of a woman should buy a fucking island with that other talentless once rich cunt Mel B and fuck off and live on it. I’m sure Katie will soon be bring out a line of anti dribble vests under the name of Harvey. Well she doesn’t seem scared to exploit the poor cunt if it gets her cash and her cunt ugly face in the tabloids. There are too many cunts who will not fuck off and are kept rich by brain dead fuckers who believe reality TV. Katie Price is a like a rat…………..she’s never more than 10ft away from a cock.

Nominated by Dry Itchy Cunt

26 thoughts on “Katie Price [2]

  1. I know that she’s a daft old tart with a terrible taste in men,but I’ll always give her a bit of credit for not just packing Harvey off to some “home” right from birth.

    • Afternoon Mr F.
      Not with you on this one, I’m afraid. Katie Price is possibly the most worthless woman on earth, seperated by her council brethren purely by her (now non-existent) money.
      Harvey would’ve had a better time being bought up by caring and diligent foster carers than being dragged around by this drink-driving, cocaine-snortin’ old whore.
      It’s her non-mong kids I feel sorry for, poor fuckers. And with Peter Andre as a dad, it’s amazing they’re not spazzers themselves.
      Check out this pic of the old bitch: she looks like Bruce Jenner!

      • Ah,but look at the ’96 photo of her…I’d have been to peel off her…..I’ll admit I possibly wouldn’t be so keen nowadays.


        Afternoon, Mr. Cunt-Engine….. Have you bought a suitably unsuitable “Secret Santa” for your office crush yet?… A tube of lube and a suitably tastefully carved cucumber should bring a girlish blush to her innocent cheeks,and pave the way for your undoubtedly inappropriate behaviour at the staff party.

      • That brings back memories of Jordan getting off an aircraft in Pristina to visit the troops. After a 5 hour flight, Jordan (as she was then) looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge. Munter.

    • Bet he ripped even her well gaped fanny apart like Alien emerging from John Hurt’s chest…and was probably about as fucking welcome too,when they got a good look at him.

      • I saw some telly programme with him fairly recently…Fuck me,just another “right-on” load of bollocks.

      • Yeah, it’s a shame…he used to be an equal opportunities offence giver…now fallen off the left side of the cliff, the ginger Scotch cunt.

  2. She might try and flog him to Madonna for a bit of extra cash, although I doubt the old slosh bucket will want to have the floors and walls in whatever fucking mansion she lives in covered in drool.

    • He’s damaged goods Cuntzilla, but he’s still a bit of a cash cow for his bucket fanny old mater.

  3. She might be a terrible woman, but…. just look at the titties on that child. Pneumatic! 🙂

  4. Laughing out loud, “never more than 10ft from a cock” funniest thing i have heard in a long time.

  5. I can’t stand this witch. One of the blandest page three tarts even in her prime, but pump her tits up and hey presto, she’s the pin up of every building site knuckle dragging chump. A slapper on a good day, famous for her bunk ups with shit footballers and here today, gone later today pop monkeys, with the occasional fucktard leaving it in to soak, meaning she had brats to wave at a camera when she wasn’t getting fucked by some random passing vagrant. Now, ravaged by drugs and an addiction to cut price plastic surgery, she sucks and fucks anything that will fuck her, as anyone, even the z list Geordie shore scum, won’t touch her with a barge pole. It can’t be far before social services remove her brood as she staggers around smelling of sourz and stale cum. Film that and put it on ITV Bee, you trollop.

    • Going back to my Kosovo war story, I recall rumours that she ended up getting laid by some squaddie during her morale visit. Kosovo was the last tour I remember when alcohol was freely available….

  6. Harvey won’t have to endure watching his mum’s sordid home-made pornos, the blind cunt.

  7. I fucking detest this vapid cunt. She ranks alongside Oprah Winfrey, cilla black and Jade Goody on my all time celebrity female cunt hate list.2 down, 2 to go mind you. Profile slipping? Make a sex tape and leak it online. Disgusting plastic semen receptacle. Her pussy was surprisingly undamaged in the Dane Bowers fuckfest though, maybe Harvey came out her arse?

  8. Her tits are too big for her height. What the fuck was she thinking. She’s gone upwards of 400cc’s and she’s missing a waist. Oh man. Sure they look alright while they are riding high but they don’t knock together. D’nt look natural at all. Wasn’t it the Pope who said, “Plastic surgery is a burkha for women”?
    Only if the silicone hasn’t dropped and they are upwards of your shoulder and threaten to cover your face.

    • Believe me still better than Mrs. Boggs with her withered old tits hanging down below her kneecaps. Margaret Beckett without the buck teeth.

  9. If only we could suggest what the trials could be on I’m a Nobody, Get Me On the Telly. If it was up to me I’d just chuck her in a lake full of electric eels. I’ve never understood what anyone sees in her.

  10. Katy Price is now as popular as the bacterior under the rim of toilets, a has been slag who once was quite sexy even if she was a total fuckwit, isn’t it time you fuck off into the sunset and hopefully join some other looooose wimmin like Chalotte Church, Lilly the musical mong and Brexit Gina……all cunts fuck oooooffffff

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