Jeremy Cunt [3]

Jeremy Hunt
Hunt is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

“The UK will prosper and flourish on a no-deal” he has said today (13/12).

Oh really? He’s changed his mind a tad in the last two years, hasn’t he? Why wasn’t he this confident during the 2016 People’s Vote, the Remainiac slug? What could possibly have driven him to capitulate ….I mean, to see the light after nuzzling on the Fourth Reich schlong for so long, to suddenly be so thoroughly pro-Britain and zealous about extricating ourselves from these bloodsucking gangsters? Hmm.

This transparent and flimsy attempt to garner support for a potential leadership bid is embarrassing. If it were a popularity contest, he’d be there down there with urine lolly-ices. Not since the days of Kenneth Clark has a Health Secretary been so disliked.
Hmm, actually, perhaps Jeremy Hunt (potential rhyming slang) HAS got the required qualifications. After all, creepy, ambitious, perfidious, disingenuous, manoeuvring, deceitful cunts do rather well.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

54 thoughts on “Jeremy Cunt [3]

  1. I don’t think it’s Khunt making a bid. Asking for the poisoned chalice? I don’t think so.

    It looks more like a co-ordinated last-ditch attempt to tell the EU that no deal is still an option and to wring something from them that will save the May bacon before the *meaningless* vote. See other recent official announcements re no-deal, troops etc. It’s also aimed at the hard-exit Tories as a component of a complicated Commons motion in January for which their support is essential. But if it had been a real option, it would have been front and centre on the table from the beginning. It’s all nacht und nebel now, and may even be as random as it looks.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it is Komodo.

      Still thinking the EU negotiators may concede on certain points.

      Almost as deluded as Corbyn.

  2. Can I just offer a 45 degree cunting for the Communist Party and that eminent Culturally Enriched MP Fiona Onasanya who’s been convicted of purjury.

    Fuck me i feel like I could make up the winning routine for Strictly Come Dancing, even though I’ve never watched it.

    There’s no better feeling than watching a self righteous sack of cunt get nailed.

    And all 3 points and a £60 fine. Fuckadoodaldoo.

    Hey Fiona you cunt, guess you never heard the saying ‘better to be slaughtered for a sheep than a lamb’.

    Or maybe be you may know it as a goat and a kid.

    Whatever that’s you fucked and I’m drinking to that.

    Let’s hope you get ‘banged up’ with Karen White, that really would make my Christmas

    • Let’s hope there is a quick election and a Brexit supporting Tory wins it. I am glad the slimy cunt was found guilty – surprised as well, as the first jury could not agree on a verdict – arseholes that they were.

      Regarding Hunt, he is nowhere near as bad as the Westminster gay mafia: Mandy, Streeting, Bradshaw, lezbo Greening and now Nick Boles, another bender threatening to resign if there is a no-deal Brexit.

      Why are gays so anti Brexit?

      • Keith Vaz too, but I suspect he is more worried about a shortage of Romanian rent boys than Polish plumbers or Bulgarian strawberry pickers.

      • I would simply ask, what proportion of the UK population is Nigerian?
        (2011 Census, )
        56M/29184 = 0.05%
        What proportion of the HoC is Nigerian?
        (2017 election) 7/650 =1.08%

        Kate Osamor, Onasanya…a case for some representative culling. This principle could usefully be applied in other directions, too. I might even accept 50% wimminz when that’s done.

      • Off the top of my head:

        Nigel Evans (Conservative MP)
        David Coburn (UKIP MEP)

        Both prominent Brexiteers MPG.

        PS: had mince pies & custard again for afters tonight… scrummy!!!

      • The opulence of it all.

        Cannot stand mince pies myself Mr Creampuff.

        Ok with the custard though.

    • These cunts (i have said it before) have lying embedded in their DNA, they are so fucking confident they think they can get away with anything, being black they assume that the authorities will no pursue them (racism dont ya know).
      Fucking brilliant that this cunt has been done at last.
      I hope those 15 Stansted protester cunts get a fucking hefty jail term as well

  3. I think part of the answer to your question WC may have something to do with identity?

    Regardless of whether you’ve thought it through for yourself the movement the gays identify with is aligned to Remain.

    Perhaps this has something to do with being ‘Liberal’ or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s got something to do with a dearth of cheap Eastern European ‘washing machine’ repairmen as preferred by Keith Vazaline….

    • I remember listening to that on the radio. Jim Naughtie was laughing so much that he crashed the pips. I almost crashed too cos I was driving at the time. Some humourless cunts even complained to the BBC. It was a genuine spoonerism (or Freudian slip).

  4. We could save a lot of time if all 650 M.Ps would just agree to tack a Cunt onto their surnames. Any that refused could be prosecuted under The Trades Description Act.

    Fuck them.

    • The vast majority of MP’s should be renamed Cunt as soon as they are elected. You have to be some sort of cunt to think you can tell people how they should live and be able to sleep at night.

      • The Honourable Mr.Cunt-Hunt certainly has a certain ring to it…. suppose Keith. Vaz could have Mr. Vazalined-Faux-Cunt.

      • Evening Mr Fiddler, lets hope Jeremy can remember which country his wife comes from next time because if he has designs on being PM, ‘they all look the same’ wont cut it.

      • True enough, L.L., but he’s got a point. All those Chinks and Nips look the same to me. I was watching some Oriental “Mother and Daughter-in-Law Fuck Step-Father” style porn recently…..couldn’t work out which was even the Father,never mind Mother or Daughter in law.

      • That’s waycist Dick!

        You can always tell who the Father is by the way he holds his chopsticks!

        I hope that this has been informative.

      • Good evening Dick.
        Would I be right in thinking that they all had cocks and tits ?
        My word Dick you do have some ” exotic ” tastes !
        Such monstrous depravity !
        : )

      • @Jack….The very opposite, I’m afraid. Hardly a hint of tit on any of them,but all three appeared to have “peeking” clitorii (wonder if that’s the correct plural of “clitoris”?).It was rather like watching 3 slightly-melted, slitty-eyed Action Men toys going at it,tbh.

  5. The more I think about this cunting the more timely it really is.

    Jeremy Hunt is indeed a cunt but today we have brought before us what the alternative has to offer, Fiona Umbongo they drink it on the Congo convicted of perjury and Comrade Corbyn clearly lying in parliament.

    I have a mate who lives in Chicago and hates Trump on the basis he’s a divisive lying cheating cunt, apparently.

    As I pointed out to him….

    Bill Clinton – Lying cheating philandering cunt.

    George W – Lying Cheating cunt that led the US into a war under a false premise costing 10 of 000’s of American lives

    Obama Barak – Totally ineffective lying cheating cunt that made good speeches but worked hard to destroy American influence across the world but also became
    The Grand Master of Virtue Signalling

    Tony B Liar – Lying Cheating Cunt that led us into a false war because he wanted to be buddies with another lying cheating cunt.

    The Donald – Lying Cheating cunt business man that actually is delivering on his campaign promises.

    Take your pick, several sides of the same coin but at least he is doing what he’d said he’d do.

    John Profumo shagged a brass that was linked to the Russians / KGB.

    His crime was to deny the affair and as such he resigned.

    He was a married man and his motivation, rightly or wrongly was to deny the affair in order to save his marriage.

    Subsequent investigations proved he was innocent of any wrong doing other than committing adultery.

    He subsequently dedicated his life to charity and shunned all publicity.

    Since 1997 we have been treated to Mandelbum who was effectively found guilty of mortgage fraud, kicked out of office but then slipped back in through the ‘back door’, Keith Vazaline who has a thing for Eastern European washing machine repairmen as well as the sort of unexplained wealth a drug dealer would be embarrassed of, dodgy dossiers that led the country into a long unwinable war, some bloke who’s name I can’t remember who got caught bumming on Wimbledon Common, Baron’s and Lady’s in the House of Lords being found guilty of expenses fraud and of course the Cunt B Liar but the list goes on.

    What’s striking is that pretty much all of these cunts come from the left yet it is the very same cunts that preach about how virtuous they are.

    I’d take Profumo and his misdemeanours over all of these cunts and whilst I’m at it id much rather put my faith in Jeremy Hunt, despite the fact he Is A Cunt!

    • Can we not somewhat follow the people of the USA, and vote in a genuine businessman instead of these lying, brown nosed cunts. I suggest Tim Martin, chairman of JD Wetherspoons. Every other day he’s having to speak to the media and put MPs in their place over facts about EU membership costs.

      Here’s just one example, in the daily mail today he talks about the true cost of the customs union and suggests MP’s have no knowledge of it. He talks about how the EU puts tariffs on non EU trade items, which the UK collects and sends straight to Brussels. A protection racket keeping prices high.

      He has been a staunt supporter of a hard brexit since day one, and has made some very strong arguments for why we should leave, better than any remainer for why we should stay. He also looks slightly eccentric and sells good reasonably priced beer, so he wins my vote every day of the week. Fuck these seesaw MP’s off and put people like this in power, we entrust Mr Martin with the security of wherever we go in the country, there’s always going to be a place that sells cheap booze and food. He can’t do a worse job than the current crop of cunts we have steering the ship.

  6. Off topic, but still on the general theme of Cunts
    Today in commons, Corbycunt mouthing the words “stupid woman”………

    Is he a cunt or
    Is this the first sensible thing to come out of his commie gob.

      • Suspend your detestation of Corbyn momentarily and admit that he has illuminated the sheer frivolous puerility of all our alleged representatives. His denial has simply provoked even more furious lathering from the people to whom we have been deluded enough to entrust our future. On all sides.
        Beer. Popcorn.
        Enjoy…. what else can you possibly do?

      • it is pantomime season, almost as good as the Gordon Brown, ” the woman’s a bigot ”
        He was well and truely fucked over that one.

      • The day Corbyn illuminates anything but his own unfitness for Government will be the day!

        Liebour may be deluded enough to entrust their future to a dangerous, hard left, anti-semitic hypocrite, but most people equipped with half a functioning brain or more are not.

        Meanwhile (like Bartleby the Scrivener) I would prefer not to suspend my detestation of the oxygen thieving commie cunt at this time, if that’s alright with you Komodo. 🙂

      • Up to you, RTC, obviously. You appear to agree with Corbyn on stupid women, though, as do I. And on May, as do I.

        I note that Chairman Xi yesterday celebrated 40 years of progress in China since it was set in motion by Deng Xiaoping. Undeniable and massive progress.
        And that he wants China to remain under the leadership of the Communist Party.

        Just saying…

      • Morning K.

        Agree, May is a stupid woman, pity Corbyn seems incapable of agreeing with himself on the issue. Stupid man.

        Fortunately for China, the Communist Party long ago abandoned the impracticality of Communism in favour of State Capitalism. China no more Communist than North Korea is Democratic.

      • Always love that ‘State capitalism’ tag. If it works, you’ve got to call it capitalism…if you’re a capitalist. But the means of production consumption and distribution are still in the hands of, or quickly recoverable by the state, and the state will tell you that the state is the people (no bigger a lie than any with which capital deludes the masses). So, Communism, as per the Manifesto.

        I guarantee that if some genius introduced state-controlled and regulatedwealth generation for the benefit of the nation (as opposed to foreign offshores) you’d be back to calling it socialism at the very least.

        It’s strong* government in fact, not any particular ‘-ism’ . And capitalism can’t claim the credit, having in its Western embodiment rather consistently opposed the Chinese approach.

        * and often very brutal

      • Yes, but no-one will ever introduce “state-controlled and regulated wealth generation for the benefit of the nation” that’s workable, unless you remove humans and human nature from the equation.

        Check out Animal Farm.

        The Free Enterprise system is the only one that’s ever come close to generating wealth for the benefit of the majority.

        You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m basically an old fashioned Liberal /Libertarian, favouring the political philosophy that values the freedom of individuals – including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets – as well as limited government, developed in 18th-century Europe, drawing on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the notion of social progress and all that guff… blah blah woof woof.

      • “…but no-one will ever introduce “state-controlled and regulated wealth generation for the benefit of the nation” that’s workable, unless you remove humans and human nature from the equation.”

        Something of a mantra, that. But the Chinese did exactly that. With humans, and with human nature….and only a little psychological direction. Another thing you at any rate will love about the Chinese system is that it is currently building and populating extensive internment camps for (all) its Muslim Uighur citizens. What’s not to love, eh? Still claiming it for capitalism?

      • Chinese State Capitalism not a model I would want to see this country, even less internment camps, will leave such things to Mao lovin’ Comrade Flabbott and the next Labour government.

        May I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous answer re Liberal /Libertarian philosophy etc, for further clarification as to where I stand on the issues we’ve discussed here…

  7. I see that the EU has announced ‘temporary measures ‘ to ‘ limit disruption ‘ in case of no deal.
    Interestingly they seem to be measures that they get a greater benefit from than we do.
    The really interesting one regards derivatives trading, a very murky and mind boggling world in which the figures involved are measured in the hundreds of trillions.
    I sense continental arses are starting to twitch.
    Get to fuck.

    • I am shamefully ignorant about this, but would not transferring derivatives contracts from London to the EU not mean that the risk inherent in derivatives trading went with them? Derivatives, still effectively unregulated, and growing steadily as a component of the financial market, are a ticking timebomb, or that’s my understanding. Gambling on the expectation that funny money will one day be accepted as real is what caused the last crash and will probably cause the next one (soon, according to some analysts). Fine. Let Brussels hold the unstable explosive.

      • They’re a poisoned chalice. The EU has an awful lot tied up in them. If they don’t have access to the City of London they’re basically fucked, they may be anyway, as may we.
        There will be another crash, that’s a foregone conclusion, the only mystery is how big it will be.
        Derivatives are financial heroin.

      • An exact analogy. Even if the will to go cold turkey existed among our comfortable classes, there’d always be some cunt on a moped knocking on their doors with a bag of uncut Ponzi.

  8. how the fuck is calling May a stupid woman sexist? she’s definately a woman and may or not be stupid. for fucks sake.

    • I agree.
      If anything it’s stupidist….
      Why should stupid people be disrespected by being categorised with Treason May?

      As a stupid person myself I can confirm that I’m deeply offended!

  9. Just when the government wants us to think we are heading for a no deal Amber Rudd pops up and says that if MP’s cannot decide on the EU deal (sorry, May’s Deal) despite not wanting one herself “a Brexit Referendum is plausible”.

    No you stupid fucking useless bitch, we had a referendum already and we are leaving the EU WITH NO DEAL if MP’s cannot agree the bastard cunt useless as fuck deal.

    For fuck sake. Some people.

    • Willie you are spot on. God give me fucking strength why are there so many cunts in our once great country!

      Maximum wankerdom.

  10. Nice of Molde FK to lend us their manager… So I think it’s only right we return the favour by lending them those cunts, Fellaini, Lingard, Smalling, Jones, Matic, Lukakunt, Darmian and Lindelof for at least ten years…

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