Jeremy Corbyn [13]


My piss is boiling over! FFS Corbyn, you do NOT wear a red tie at the Cenotaph on Armistice Day.

The Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition cannot be bothered to wear a black tie as a mark of respect for millions of the dead who fought for him to have the freedom to spout his drivel.

Corbyn, you are a fucking disgrace!

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50 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [13]

  1. Couldn’t agree more, and a fucking scruffy faded navy blue coat with a hood, how can anyone support such a cunt

  2. Couldn’t he afford any decent clothes at all the scruffy bastard.
    What a disrespectful cunt.

  3. Corbyn is a completely unprincipled cunt even for a politician.Supported Brexit for 40 years then suddenly did a somersault coz he smelt power.By the way was the Emperor of Cunts Blair at todays ceremony?

    • Our next Prime Minister was seen shopping in Primark last Wednesday. I do believe on purchase was the suit has was wearing this morning. Such a man of taste.

  4. If this scruffy sack of commie dogshit ever gets the keys to No 10 then the armed forces will really know what ‘sweeping cuts’ mean. The self proclaimed ‘man of peace’ hates the military and has stated he will give the Falklands back to the dago Argie’s if he got in power. I bet he hated being there today in full view of the cameras, probably daydreaming about having a Sunday afternoon pint with his old pal Gerry Adams or a puff on the shisha pipe with some of his Hammas mates.

  5. So in one sentence then……If Corbyn is PM this country is fucked.
    What a scruffy cunt he looked today, embarrassing piece of shit.

    • I am tempted to put that disgusting freak Ian ‘Munroe’ Buggereddorf in my next dead pool nominations… I would if there was a chance of it coming true… A truly disgusting creature and an unnatural evil cunt…

  6. So enraged by this fucking utterly, utterly reprehensible sack of dig shit that I had to tell myself to calm down before the observed silence.

    Even in that section of off-the-chart cuntitude containing May, Major, Blair, Brown and Bercow fuckng cuntlord Corbyn stood out as cunt zero. Dressed like a fucking hobo waiting for seconds at a soup kitchen, I simply can’t believe anyone could be so lacking in self-awareness thst they would turn up flouncing dress codes and ergo respectful adherence expected at these levels of service.

    You absolute fucking diabolical arch-cunt. Assured that when Corbyn dies, I will barely register a shrug of the shoulders before cutting the news bulletin short in favour of Eurosport.

    You are fucking shameful Corbyn. I fucking hate you more than anyone else in parliament today.

  7. Don’t forget tonight’s Doctor Who… When the TARDIS lands in India in 1947, as the country is torn apart (ie: Pakistan)… The new PC female Doctor and her gang of jelly babies meet lots of great people (ie: Pakistanis)… And the box ticking Asian one (the one that always mentions mosques and Pakistani heritage) will uncover the mystery of her ‘special’ (ie: Pakistani) grandmother…. Don’t miss it! If you like loads of Pakistanis, that is…

    • Can it really be as egregiously chronically BAD as you say…the Tardis parked in the land of Parking Stanleys…I feel it is my duty to find out. I am going to fucking tune in.

    • So i guess thats no-one then, unless you work for the beebistan.
      The only cunts in the world more hated than the fucking Pakistanis are the sodding Somalians …..
      I haven’t paid my tv licence yet….
      Not sure if I will. They keep sending me letters, threatening me with £1000 fines but I just can’t bring myself to hand over my hard earned money to those freeloading propagandists.
      I will probably pay it but they can fuckin wait.

      • The architect rapper laddie has had his episode (that Rosa Parks bullshit)… The Pak-A-Mak gets ‘her’ episode tonight… But will the white cockney bus driver get his own episode about his heritage?…
        Nah, will he fuck! Only if he meets Suckdick Khan’s dad….

      • Look o the bright side, the way the show is losing viewers we won’t have to put up with this shite for much longer.

  8. ‘Man of principle’ used to wear a white poppy… now he wears the tiniest red poppy in existence.

    He also spent the last 30 years+ campaigning to leave the EU… now he’s pro Remain in all but name, and will vote against any deal that does not deliver the “exact same benefits” we currently have as a member of the *Single Market and Customs Union. An impossible deal to achieve of course… unless you want to Remain.

    * Including the ‘benefits’ of uncontrolled Free Movement of People, presumably.

    Anti British, anti Western, anti Semitic, pro Islamic Commie CUNT.

  9. Cunt is not a strong enough word to describe this festering piss bucket of a man. It is all the people who gave their lives that have allowed the platform for him and others like him to show no respect at all. There should be a petition whereby the word cunt is replaced by Corbyn. No amount of words from any of us will ever do justice to exactly what an absolute vile human being this bloke is. If he ever got into power then whatever you feel is bad about The UK now, will be looked back with fondness as the good times. Where is the grim reaper when you need him

    • Good idea the word Corbyn replaced with cunt. For example Jeremy Corbyn what a Jeremy Corbyn.

  10. A rather bizarre but not surprising article from the Guardian.

    The author keeps referring to “far right terrorists”. Can we assume by this he means people like me, and similar like minded people who voted for Brexit and against his beloved EU?

    His solution is seemingly rightly not to agree to Theresa Mays dreadful sell out, rightly not for a second referendum, but to keep the status quo and to make the nasty Brexit go away.

    Unlike the author, today of all days, I very much respect those brave souls who gave their lives in order to protect the people’s of this country, and the freedoms and democracy we all now take for granted.

    He would do well to remember this.

    R.I.P and thank you to all who lost their lives protecting this great country.

  11. Simple question. Corbyns a millionaire. I’m not, I’m an arse. But I do have a black tie, and I would not need to be told to wear it.I also got a black crombie, which I wear at funerals. I know nothing about clothes, but I try to look smart sort of thing. Why can’t this cunt? Why. I swear it’s part of a sneering moral decay, every leftie cunt thinks theyre clever for their contempt of tradition. Fuck em

    • Catweasel was deliberately being disrespectful… signalling to his Momentum and hard left comrades that he was only going through the motions… didn’t give a shit… whilst acting all solemn and serious – just enough to fool the average Labour man or woman cunt in the street.

  12. Personally I wouldn’t want any dirty politician anywhere near the Cenotaph, stinking the place up, on a day like this.
    Fucking scum , the lot of them.

    • Least of all, after that photo from Thiepval of Treesa wearing pvc thigh boots, and holding the granny-shagger’s mitt.
      I would have thought that “flat” shoes would have been the best option.

  13. In the interests of balance some alternative views which are contrary to my own, taken from Twitter today.

    “Nationalist buffoons and fascist fellow travellers like Farage still try to talk up Remembrance Day like it’s their thing. It’s not. People like Farage caused WW1 and WW2.”

    “It is Farage and his fascistic chums who are disrespecting the fallen of both world wars, those men and women gave their lives to stop exactly the kind of political poison that Farage et al are spreading”.

    Agree with this comment though:

    Makes me so angry that the government and the MP’s & pro remainders make out they are so patriotic each year with Remembrance Day, yet the c*nts treat our wounded soldiers like Sh1t & want to give our country away to the EU,hypocrites.

    • “Wars happen when Politicians fail. Politicians are the causes of so much. ”
      George Orwell.

      So, the Politico’s have commandeered the pole position on Remembrance Sunday as their pious and privileged podium for photo and virtue opportunity.

      These failures have no right of place at any such gathering, in fact they should be excluded.

      The Whole Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph has become a political circus of statement, posturing and posing.

      I remember the twat Blair in his overcoat, laying a wreath……………need I say any more?

      • I heard a band playing this morning (I live only about 1/4 mile, as the crow flies, from Cardiff City Hall); was very glad that it was at least sunny for them.
        And at least we were spared Steptoe and assorted Wetminster cunts, although we have Carbuoy Jones, Leeanne Woods and a load of “local people.”…

  14. What about Truedau? He used his speech in France to drone on about divel on about diversity.UTTER COCKEOMBLING SCUM CUNT.

    • We prefer to say “personwombling scum and genetalia of no specific gender”
      ….more inclusive. 😁
      What a twat that “man” is.

  15. He reminds me of that other Labour Leader cunt – Michael “Steptoe” Foot from the late 70 early 80s. What a complete and utter cretinous cunt he was, especially on Remembrance Sunday. And now we have yet another vacuous, two-faced cunt in Catweazle.

    Labour will never change!

    ** And these constant “WordFence” error messages are really getting on my fucking nerves. Having done some coding for WordPress, I can understand what a bag of bollocks WP really is.

  16. The person you refer to, is the product of a bi-sexual accoholic drug user, promiscuous and adulterous, who was encouraged by her husband ( the Prime Minister ) to shag every member of the Rolling Stones. She was readily up for this, although the Stones each deny that they smashed her!
    Her husband was another fucking cunt who has fathered this rather degenerate piece of detritus.

    Well publicized in the press. Margaret Trudeau was fucking mess.

    Wordfence is a cunt

    • That Trudeau slag jumped Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger… Keef declined (as he was with the far fitter and classier Patti Hansen, his future wife), while Charlie would run a mile from such a trollop… She was probably too old for Bill…. Richards was spot on when he said she was a groupie, but groupies shouldn’t marry Prime Ministers… I wouldn’t mind but Maggie Trudeau wasn’t even that fuckable… On a plate, as they say, and one of the biggest slags on the planet…. Less men went down on the Titanic….

  17. Big Brother has just finished. All they talked about was ‘nominations’. Who would be going first? Who would be next? I bet there was a lot of talk about nominations during the Great War as well. Who would be first over the top? Who was to scramble through No Man’s Land to retrieve a wounded comrade…

  18. ‘Light many lamps and gather round his bed. Lend him your eyes, warm blood, and will to live. Speak to him; rouse him; you may save him yet. He’s young; he hated war how should he die when cruel old campaigners win safe through? But death replied: ”I choose him”. So he went, and there was silence in the summer night; Silence and safety; and the veils of sleep. Then, far away, the thudding of the guns.’

  19. One vision of that terrorist sympathizing, trecherous, Zeppelin sized turd of a cunt Corbyn makes my blood boil. It was a miracle my TV survived today without my Size 7 boot lodged inside it’s inner workings. The bellend resembled a train spotter who had been dragged through a hedge backwards. His disrespect and utter disdain for anything remotely reverent and patriotic is a disgrace and makes me feel like spewing up my Weetabix, ideally right on top of his uncombed head. He knows exactly what he is doing when he wears a red tie to an event such as this. He is an attention seeking jizztissue who has no business in politics. I wouldn’t trust him to run an egg and spoon race never mind a political party.

  20. I notice he was wearing the smallest poppy he could find, the cunt. I very much doubt he was there to remember all the fallen soldiers, who died so that he could be a disrespectful cunt. I bet he was remembering all the dead IRA, PLO, Hamas, Black September, ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists.

  21. I’d love to see JC being riven in the most sadistically militaristic way possible, organs punctured and skin shredded until he is an unrecognisable puddle of suppurating mulch. If I had my way, it would be a nationally televised event that everyone of school age had to watch.

  22. Corbyn is more used to laying wreaths for those that kill Brits (and Americans and Jews) so I don’t suppose his dress code would be high up on his priorities.

  23. What a fucking piss poor example of a man not fit to lick the arses of any military chap or chapters, he is an embarrassment of the first water the bedraggled little piss quick.

  24. He probably has the same fashion adviser as Michael Foot. At least Corbyn had a haircut, which goes in his favour. He also didn’t wear a tie which he wasn’t entitled to wear like that cunt Heseltine.

    Fully story here for those that like a bit of history:

    On the other hand Diane Abbot was on Question Time the other day and she was remarkably subdued. Still spouting shite but subdued.

    • More like stuffed to the gills with antipsychotics.

      Still incredibly irritating though… searching for her peanut brain with her rolling eyes and waving her hands about like some demented Al Jolson impersonator.

  25. Corbyn needs yet another cunting.

    Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, I fucking hate you with every fibre of my being. As leader of the official opposition party, Corbyn is duty bound to drag his festering carcass to the Cenotaph, and doesn’t he make it patently fucking obvious that he’d rather be anywhere else. It offends me that this terrorist sympathiser turns up to ‘honour’ the fallen on Remembrance day. Because I know that the fallen he’s there to honour are not the brave men and women who died serving this country for our freedom, they are fallen of the IRA, the PLO, Hamas, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and every other terrorist group past and present.

    Corbyn is an INSULT to our war dead. He is an insult to every man and woman who has put on a uniform. He’s an insult to everyone who everyone who considers themselves to be British. Turning up to the most solemn event in the British calendar in a red tie, the smallest poppy he could find and a fucking anorak, is a sure sign that you don’t give a fuck. He would actually catch less shit if he just held up his hands and said; “look, I don’t support the armed forces. I don’t agree with remembering our war dead. I don’t want to go, so I’m not”. At least he’d be honest. Instead, he turned up, looking fucking miserable and chose to sulk for the few, short minutes he was actually there.

    Corbyn, you are a cunt!

  26. Sickening little drip-nose cunt who wore an anorak at the Cenotaph and thinks shouting makes him look impressive. Not a leader – just a protester

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