Snowflakes in Cambridge

Oh dear. More snowflakery from the world of academia, and this time it’s Cambridge University. Suggestions put forward to the Student’s Union to help promote Remembrance Sunday have been voted down. Instead it appears that plans put forward by ‘right on’ student activist Stella Swain will be adopted, to ‘reshape Remembrance Sunday away from the glorification and valorisation of war’.

Any references to British war veterans, poppies and Remembrance Sunday were removed from the motion and are, at least as far as CUSU is concerned, now history, or not, as the case may be.
Christ on a bike, don’t these fucking airheads get it?

Remembrance Sunday is NOT about glorifying war. It’s a solemn ceremony held in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth to honour the contributions of UK and Commonwealth service personnel in two world wars and other conflicts. Why don’t they look up the difference between ‘glorify’ and ‘commemorate’ in a fucking dictionary if they don’t know it? Then when they’ve done that, they can have a little think on the fact that they’re free to voice their wanky little opinions because of the sacrifices made by all those who fought and died to give them that opportunity. Is it too much to ask them to show a little respect?

Next time some nasty shit comes down the pipe, waving a candle above your head and whining ‘Kumbaya’ won’t hack it.

I’d like to send these cocks a message via the medium of ‘…is a cunt’. You make me want to vomit. Grow up, wear a poppy with pride and be thankful, and stop acting like the pampered, vacuous little cunts that you so obviously are.

Nominated by Ron Knee

36 thoughts on “Snowflakes in Cambridge

  1. Just watched Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath at the cenotaph.
    He was the only cunt that looked like he was dressed in Primark schmutter .

    • Ha ha he does doesn’t he.
      The man has no style whatsoever …. cunt looks like some drunk off the street.

    • Dog almighty, bloody little shits, still banging on about “glorificatiion” of war.
      That was the “argument” when I was at school. It was piss-poor then, and remains so.
      As far as I’m concerned, it’s showing some respect for people that fought for democracy and freedom of speech – and how many of them must be…well I was going to say “turning in their graves”, given the current situation, but a muddy trench isn’t my idea of a grave, nor would having my body parts being scattered over 1/2 a mile be my preferred resting place; or returning home alive, but hugely mangled.

      Cunts and snoflakes, just show some respect. They died, so that you might express your pathetic, Groaniad opinions.

      At the going down of the sun and in the morning
      We will remember them.

  2. I always thought that if I ever had kids I’d like them to go to university and get a good education….
    NOT NOW!
    Universities just seem to be a breeding ground for utter utter twats. The bossy girl at school now has somewhere where she can seize power and boss everyone around, despite the fact that she’s completely devoid of any common sense or morals.
    …..her and her group of male ‘feminist’ beta male soy boys…
    Well cunted ron.

    On a separate note ….
    What the fuck is Corbyn doing at the cenotaph?
    The cunt supports jihadists and the IRA…
    Fucking bandwagon jumping, arse kissing, should be bayonetted by our troops for turning up, cunt!

  3. A very worthy nomination Ron, especially for today. These student types are misguided and ill-informed about Remembrance day. Never has been about glorifying war and these cunts should see a clue in the name REMEMBRANCE….Educated my arse, I hate to think what will happen in the future if some of those cunts take charge. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, something we should value and hopefully continue to have for many years to come. I can’t thank those enough who gave their lives and those that fought and survived so I could live my life the way I can. That also goes to my fellow cunters on here who served in the forces…..A very big THANKYOU….

  4. Excellent cunting Ron and here’s a cracker of a quote that sums these cunts up

    Snowflake Swedish foreign minister says Jordan Peterson should go crawl under the rock he came from….. anither Swedish mp says;

    “Shes like those vegans who throw paint over old grannies in fur coats….but shut the fuck up when hells angels turn up in leather”

  5. Stella Swain, eh?… Funny how these student activist and union types who cause trouble are always wimmin, isn’t it?… There is nobody better on earth at causing trouble and stirring shit… If there was an antichrist, it would be a woman…

    And I would stick a holly wreath right up Corbyn’s arse, the IRA and IS loving smelly old cunt…

    Oh, and nuke Cambridge, and Oxford come to that…. Cunts…

    • Too true Norman, at present it seems to be the wimminz that are the root cause of all evil……

      • No coincidence that these student snowflake shit stirrers are always ugly… I’ve never seen a fit one yet, and I never will… Mingers like Stella Swain are either cunts who couldn’t get a man if their life depended on it, or they are frustrated ugly dykes who can’t get near the fit female students in the university.. Classic wimmin basically… All about what they’re (not) getting…. That’s what it all boils down to… Nothing to do with war, principles, or any of that… Just a never been used fanny and more issues than 2000 AD featuring Judge Dredd…

  6. And thjs is supposed to be one of our elite universities… I’d laugh if it wasn’t so depressing.

    • 48% of the current Cabinet went to Oxford or Cambridge… not sure what the figure is for Labour… except Flabbott went to Oxford…

      No wonder this country is finished.

  7. Cambridge University – the home of the loyal, proud and faithful British intelligentsia. On this day let us remember Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt, Cairncross, Liddell, Straight (what a misnomer) and Stella Swain that horse-faced piece of shit that closely resembles another fucktard at Southampton University both physically and intellectually – fuck off cunt. Shave your armpits, dump the Barnardos clothes and go get a proper fucking job.

    • And our great national treasure of Alan Bennett writes not one but two plays ‘An Englishman Abroad’ ‘A Question of Attribution’ in praise of them.

  8. I must confess, I don’t wear a poppy simply because I have a thing about safety pins and the like. Nothing to do with lack of respect or anything like that.

  9. Just like that look at me slag who wanted the war memorial at ‘her’ university (Southampton?) torn down and it backfired, I hope Swain’s life now becomes intolerable and total hell… Bombarded on social media, shouted at in the street, shit through her letter box (the one in the door, that is)… Whatever this evil slag gets she deserves…

    Is A Cunt in no way condones blah blah etc…

  10. Snowflakes in Oxford 1933 – ‘that this house will in no circumstances fight for its King and country’. Carried 275 to votes 153.

  11. Nice one, Ron. As I keep saying on ISAC, war sucks. It’s given me a nice living, but it ain’t glorious. The boys and girls who take part, particularly those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, do deserve recognition. This is what the snowflake cunts don’t get – remembrance is about those that fought.

    Boys n girls who serve, or have served, are more worthy of recognition than any millenial cunt.

    • Thanks Sgt Maj.
      Thankfully millions don’t share the poxy opinions of these airheads, and will be paying their respects today. Good on them.

  12. Aren’t university students supposed to be the most intelligent of their generation? Who was it who said this country’s fucked?

  13. Fecking unbelievable, another bunch of cunts to go in my black book for re-education or more likely extermination, these people are supposed to be an intellectual elite the future leaders of the country, thank feck i will be dead, hopefully.

  14. I’ve just got in and decided to have a look at The Daily Mail website headlines….what Princess Megan was wearing,what Corbyn was wearing, who was going “Up the Jungle”,who was getting “bullied” in Strictly Come Dancing,some lottery winner willing to pay for a boyfriend, Anjam Choudry having a Happy Meal, The Spice Girls announcing new tour dates,Nigella Lawson’s struggle since her divorce….and on and on.

    It makes me wonder if all of the Sacrifice was worth it. Yes,it’s quite right that The Fallen should be honoured on this day,but how many people actually stopped and really thought about what those people sacrificed in order that we can live in a society dominated by such trivia.
    I wonder, if the dead and maimed (and their families)could be asked if they thought that their sacrifice was “worth it”, how many would look around at what we have become and say “Yes”?

    • Yes I feel the same.

      In a society where “Rylan’s” new teeth has as much importance as Lee Rigsby getting his head cut off by two “peaceful” cunts, you know you’re doomed.

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