Children in Need [2]

Well, it’s that time of year again so I feel a cunting for Children In Need is in order.

Like most places my university are supporting this absolute wankfest, as they do every year, because they still have the stupid, idealistic view (the same view I once had myself) that this charidee is a force for good and a bastion of everything that’s right with the world.

Well, it’s not – it’s just another corrupt organisation where the executives and other senior figures get paid eye watering salaries and fuck all money goes on the people they claim to help, which the usual luvvies and all the regressive cunts get to feel morally good and pure and virtuous about supporting.

Fuck this absolute cunt of a ‘charity’, and like I always say, if you want to give to charity – check out what the overheads are and give local.

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46 thoughts on “Children in Need [2]

  1. Excellent cunting amd seconded a million times.

    I.know someome who was high up in the charity sector and, so much wasted money, highly paid executives with range rovers etc.

    Most if the charity sector is not much more than a joke.

    And has anyone heard those nausiating macmillan cancer support adverts with the sad sounding women. Makes me want to vomit every time I hear it.

    • Nurses of MacMillan are NHS contracted and enjoy the full NHS benefits. The Charity was set up to fund the service which replaced the original NHS Oncological Service. It was a clever slight of hand !

    • Not sure about the advert (hate every charity without exception, especially the African water ones after what I have read in ISAC) however should mention when my late wife was dying of cancer found MacMillan to be straight talking, very professional, efficient and offered help where they could.

      Feel I should say where credit is due.

      • Completely understand ASA.

        Some charities like MacMillan do great work, sadly rather suspect these are very much on the minority these days, and are purely vehicles for profit.

    • Children in greed is not a charity in the same way that “chariddy” run by the Fatmanjelly woman was not a charity – it was an extension of herself using everybody elses money as is CIG. Multi millionaire cunterati and all the A-Z list slebs asking on TV for kids to send in their pocket money using fucking scare tactics to convince them that their £5 will be better spent by some cunt like Loony Henry and his fat ex Cunt French flying first class and 2 nights in the nearest Hilton to show the starving kids what it looks like to eat 5 square meals a day and shit their bodyweight out every night.
      Its not charity – its business, and business is booming.
      Take water aid. Started in 1981 and has in its defence done some great work.
      The latest adverts allure you into putting your hand in your pocket to give £2 a month so that little Umbongo doesn’t have to walk a 5 mile round trip to carry home a petrol can full of goats piss and intestine destroying highly toxic liquid (strangely called water).
      As an ex Navy man and having been on a couple of disaster calls in the Caribbean years ago due to typhoons / hurricanes we could get a clean water supply piped up and ready to go within a day or two. No specialists or specialised equipment necessary.
      Since 1981 water aid would have us believe one of two things. Either the world’s water supply is still killing on an industrial scale and the work must continue sine di – or too many people are giving too much money to wind up or join in with another charity and therefore streamline costs / efforts to make one lump of money out of several.
      After reading that spending on staff is £24m, has a full time staff of 751 and a CEO on >£125,000 PA + pension contributions and a convoluted spread sheet with a baffling array of P&L I can see why wateraid needs to keep going and little Umbongo needs to carry on walking. Yup, Charity is a business and business is booming.
      Fuck Children in greed. The Poppy appeal and my local Hospice get my brass. The Hospice spends every penny on the people who go there to use the fantastic facilities and are looked after until their last breath. Likely its where I will spend my last days so to me its also a bit of an investment.

  2. Nauseating to see a bunch of me me me fucking luvvies giving their all to further their pathetic careers. Wogan had it right. He charged the fuckers £20k for his selfless devotion.

      • If these fuckin self serving cunts gave 2% of what they fuckin earned they’d raise fuck loads more, but no they give their time, fuck you ! I’ll give my time making insincere pleas for fuck all and you donate, you fuckin overpaid shower of fake, self obsessed self promoting shitcunts

  3. I don’t contribute to Children in Need or any other human based charity, except RNLI. This is because there are too many cunts in the world as it is and providing money to anywhere in Africa just encourages the bastards to breed. Same applies to India, Pakistan, the Middle East, the Far East, Central America and Londonistan. Also, anyone donating to these fucking refugee NGOs needs their head examined. Cats, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, horses, mules, polar bears, penguins, birds and most other domestic and wild animals are much more suitable beneficiaries of charity. Roll on global warming – that’ll sort the cunts out. Good start in California recently.

    • I agree SF. I never support large charities (especially not that one where Fanny Izzard gets his slap on to appeal for starving children). There are so many small animal charities – for example The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, and many local ones, who get no help whatsoever – not even free ads in local newspapers. I always try to find the really small ones.

      I am waiting for Andrew Adonis to start The Sainsbury Appeal, your chance to give generously to now defunct Blairites. Our chance to make Mangeldbum and Blair’s twilight years even more comfortable, to supply Keith Vaz with washing machines and to help Hazel Blears to fund her tap dancing school., and to keep Alistair Campbell in booze. Send all you can to Queens House, Mincing Lane Middlesex

  4. Source. Parliamentary Library. Update 20i6 ( Publication date )

    The total take of Charities in the United Kingdom in 2016 was £70.1 Billion

    15.3 Billion of which is Tax enhancement for charitible giving.

    This staggering sum of money is what the charities in the UK swallow each and every year, and for this reason, and this alone, Pudsey Bear can go fuck himself

    I thoroughly recommend the Commons on line Library Service. The Stupid cunts can’t be arsed to hide their own fucking stupidity.

    Oh! and by the way, Pre loaded cards were given to 225,000 Pakistanis last year as a gift from the United Kingdom.

    Note. The above figure of £70.1 Billion does NOT include our Overseas Palm Greasing Fund

  5. I couldn’t give a Fuck about children in need.

    There’s no point throwing good money after bad at the Darkie kids in Africa. The money will just go to over-paid administrators , corrupt officials or local warlords. The odd penny that gets through will just be wasted keeping a bunch of fly-blown,listless children alive for a couple more days until their Mother drops out another brat and the Father fucks off to make his way to the Land of Endless Benefits….the U.K. If the money was spent on neutering the parents I wouldn’t mind,at least that would be some benefit and save me being put off my dinner by the sight of some “celebrity” whining on in front of a bunch of children too lazy to even wipe the flies off their own faces,and their cow-eyed,floppy-titted Mothers.
    As for the children in need in this country,’s a load of bollocks. They all get generous benefits (paid out of my tax) which are adequate to keep them in a style which their feckless parents can’t be bothered to provide.

    Overpopulation is a huge problem,and keeping on providing the means for Darkies to drop another litter or work-shy Chavs to buy Adidas trainers for their brat won’t help.

    If Pudsey Bear comes anywhere near me, he’ll get his good eye gouged and his collection bucket stolen so that I can spend it on curry and Guinness. I fancy a good night out,and everything’ll taste that little bit better knowing that I’ve deprived some Sponging brat of it’s undeserved handout.

    Fuck Off.

      • You’re far too kind. I am a rank amateur in Advanced On-Road Tractor-based Obstruction Skills and I still fumble when releasing the dogs after letting go a left and right of BB Magnums. It must be the recoil.

  6. 😊 Hello. My name’s Pudsey and I’m a smug looking cunt because I was paid 118,000 quid last year to wear a spotted handkerchief over my right eye and look fucking miserable because I’m needy.
    Hello, Pudsey. Come closer my little friend. That’s it closer. Yes. it is a nice warm fire isn’t it. Closer Pudsey, closer ……

    • Saw one of those Pudsey cunts coming toward me in the street yesterday… waving a puffy fat paw… took every ounce of self restraint to hold myself back from knocking it down and going berserk with the golf shoes.

  7. Poverty causing ‘misery’ in UK, and ministers are in denial, says UN official.

    Philip Alston, special rapporteur on extreme poverty, said despite being in the one of the world’s richest countries he had encountered “misery”.

    A fifth of the population, amounting to 14m people, are living in poverty and levels of child poverty are “staggering”, the Australian said.

    The government rejected his analysis, saying we do not have any poor people in the UK. We have so much money in the UK, its not like we give billions to the EU every year who everyone says they haemorrhage unaccounted for money and get fuck all back, we certainly don’t waste money on HS2, or millions on Julian Assange security, or give vast amounts away in foreign aid every year, or waste millions on Grenfell, or reduce the numbers of police so that our citizens are in any danger and that crime in general is spiralling out of control. We haven’t cut spending on education, wasted billions on legal fees on unnecessary enquiries and repeat appeals on important decisions, and we certainly would not make it harder for those who need it to get legal aid, under budgeted for the renovation of Big Ben, or even considered spending £3bn of taxpayers money refurbishing the houses of parliament. Nothing of the sort- everything is fine.

    Its not like if we had a referendum to leave the EU that the voters would ever dream of leaving such a wonderful, fair, friendly, transparent and democratic community. Whatever you have heard, you must be mistaken.

  8. Our government spend £14billion a year on overseas aid yet still everyone wants you to spend £2 a month on this and that. Children in need can go and fuck themselves as i’ve never seen anyone who aint a virtue signalling nauseating lefty on that programme.

  9. Vile virtue signalling nauseating celebz on the corrupt bloated pro eu savile encouraging bbc,fucking detest everything about this shitfest and always have done

  10. Speaking of sponging cunts I read today that we give that backward third word shithole Pakistan £380,000 A DAY – £2.8bn over 20 years. I suppose some shit for brains Big Brother runner-up posing by a well in a dusty village is a better photo op than social care or homeless military vets back in blighty.

  11. Mr Fiddler. You asked on the previous thread: ‘What does the Brexit secretary do?’The full job title is Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. The word we should look at there is ‘Exiting’. What is required it seems is entering the negotiating room and while the negotiations are going on sitting there (near the Exit) making sure you are not privvy to any of it. Once you have fullfilled that role and you are sure the negotiations have been agreed you can exit as if you were one of them. Then there is a period of purdah. But it doesn’t last very long- a day or two. After that you simply exit the government. Job done.

  12. Ironically the actual children in need are those of the virtue wanky middle class do gooders who watch this nonsense. Pay attention to your own children you self absorbed cunts!

  13. Should be renamed ‘egos in need as its full of fantastic wonderful selfless creatives virtue signalling like an epileptic lighthouse. Celebs/stars are cunts to a man fucking awful self aggrandizing toss twats.

  14. I now only give to local based charities serving local people. ANY charity that has a huge fuck off office on the Thames Embankment, with a CEO on a 250k salary + expenses and BMW can throw themselves in said river as far as I’m concerned.

  15. Plenty of Children in Need in this country before we ought to give a fuck about the RotW dregs.

    Eye clinics for districts where parents watch flies land on shite and then watch them dance all over their kid’s eyeballs. Eye parasites you say. My word, how on Earth could that have happened!?!

    Food aid for regions that formerly had a naturally selected and stable population of X before do-gooding westerners decided to upset the natural balance and now it’s an overpopulated shithole with starving millions. My word, how on Earth could that have happened!?!

    A pointless waste of time and effort wrapped up in a virtue-signalling cuntfest of cunts!

    They’re all Smashies & Nicies to a one!


    P.S. I look forward to seeing M’Tembe on his daily bison piss run. Warms my heart seeing him every couple of years or so…

  16. Let me start by saying that I was a Paediatric Nurse for 10 years (trust me when I say that a decade was MORE than enough working in the cuntfest that is the NHS) but even I, who am a sucker for a bleeding heart, cannot abide this pile of steaming shite.

    It is nothing but a bunch of condescending, attention seeking, ‘look at how fucking charitable I am’ luvvie fuckwits begging for money from the unwashed public, most of whom probably will imminently require charity assistance themselves to pay for the ever increasing cost of living in the rip off UK.

    It really gets on my tits to see a lot of highly paid wankers cranking up the weep-o-meter to warp factor 1000 to get Joe Public to send their hard earned money to a place they THINK it will go to, but undoubtedly will not actually reach.

    Let them fucking donate a month of their earnings each to this bollocky shite. I am sure that would rocket the proceeds right up without having to spend an entire night bugging the shit out of the working poor with their tear jerking wankfest.

    (Plus this bollocks replaces EastEnders which I like to watch whilst eating my Friday Fish ‘n’ chips so that alone irritates the arse off of me.)

    • And NeverEnders beats this cuntfest???

      Fucking hell! What to you do forra treat? The shipping forecast?


      • It’s pushed Have I Got News For Cunts (which the wife insists we watch) off the schedules this week, so every cloud…

      • Cant stand HIGNFY. Smug tossers and box-ticking panellists having a sneer at anything outside North London, anyone who voted Brexit or anyone who doesn’t watch the BBC and think it is the jewel in the British cultural crown.
        Anyone who isn’t a bourgeois cunt.

      • Well, it might come a close second, admittedly…..😏😏😏

        The shipping forecast? I’m not THAT fucking sad.

  17. Are there no workhouses ?
    Are there no prisons ?
    Time for bread and soup ! Mmmmm
    Frugality brings freedom.

  18. I’m not one of those who regularly has a go at the BBC, the thing that annoys me most is that on radio 5 live they seem to have this peculiar idea that rugby union is more important than football. But seven solid hours of this fucking crap with a bit of news in between is beyond excessive. If children are in need it’s either because their parents don’t give a shit or shouldn’t have had them in the first place. Either way it’s fuck all to do with me. It’s even more annoying because it’s the only channel where you can avoid the endless ‘children drinking bison piss’ adverts.
    Feed the world my arse. Whatever they’re given, the situation never changes.

  19. I just channel hopped onto the shitefest (note to self Sky 115 is AL-BEEB Uno HD – please avoid) only to be told:

    Text ABC12310 to Donate £10 pounds.

    Text ABC12320 to Donate £20 pounds.

    Text ABC12330 to Donate £30 pounds.

    Too fucking rich for my blood! I suppose the rattling stuff isn’t wanted anymore. Just the foldy stuff to keep the fund managers in new Bentleys every two years, eh?

    Also has Graham Norton got the most annoying forced laugh on TV? Sounds like a scratched Wombles record.


  20. So, it’s ’35 Year Old Sandfilth From The Calais Shitheap In Need’ time again, eh?
    Those NeverEnders cunts were sailing close to the wind with that Disney bollocks…
    Hasn’t anyone told them that most Disney stuff is banned now? The Femstapo and their spokeslag Himmler Knightley made it law, didn’t they?….

    And I wonder how many times the word Grenfell was mentioned tonight?
    Those BBC cunts can fuck off!

  21. Never seen or heard Pudsey getting het up about all the kids abused by the “grooming gangs” I suppose white teenage girls are unworthy of assistance.

    Children in need my arse.

  22. Kids are always in fucking need of something or other. Probably turn their noses up at a second-hand Iphone 7 because its “so fucking yesterday, and I can’t live without an Iphone 8s. And don’t forget the “S” because the 8 is wank as well. The “S” means it must be special or summat!”

    Fuck the national charities and their huge admin staff and CEO and all the other boardroom cunts that demand 5 and 6 figure salaries for doing fuck all.

    Keep it local.

  23. I avoid these odious telethons because the ones i was forced to watch as a child inured me to the suffering of other children.
    Sociopaths are made, you know.

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