Lack of manners

People who don’t have manners are cunts. Total, utter cunts.

Please, thank you, holding the door for others, letting people pass. It’s a little social grease that helps people along and, by and large, stops them losing their shit and going on a spree of physical violence.

It costs nothing you cunts so why not do it?

Think I’m having a bad day.

Nominated by Cuntflap

69 thoughts on “Lack of manners

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Cuntflap. Doesn’t cost anything, does manners.

    Drivers who won’t let you in as the roads merge or contra flow – they move up so close to the car in front and refuse to even acknowledge you…

    • Sorry BC, got to disagree. There’s a lot of “traffic calming” (i.e, driver enraging) chicanes near me. So, I wait (politely) for the cunt whose right of way it is to come through. Do they hurry? Do they fuck! They dawdle along not giving a shit that I’m (politely) waiting, and waiting, and waiting for them to pull their bloody finger out. My manners have cost me untold hours of my life. Nowadays, I just drive through (quickly) as soon as it’s safe; let those dawdling cunts slow down (even further) until I’m through. I’ve a life to get on with…

      • As far as I’m concerned, the dawdling is itself bad manners. Road etiquette is about following the rules and fucking getting on with it. That way everyone knows what’s going on less time is wasted. Concentrate on the job in hand and get a fucking move on cunts.

  2. I once held a door for an old couple as they went into a large department store,not a word of thanks. I then had to stalk the ill-mannered old bastards for forty odd minutes as they tottered their way around. Typical of old Cunts they bought Fuck All but pawed and poked at things that they couldn’t possibly afford. When I saw them heading for the exit doors, I darted in front of them and held the door wide open….just as they got to it, I slammed it right in their gummy old dials.

    Fuck them.

  3. Dear Mrs.May
    I was wondering whether, if it were terribly convenient and not too troubling, you could, if at all possible and might it not be awfully vexing, please, with the maximum respect and magnanimous wishes, naturally, if you could go away, quickly.


    Cap’n Mags.

  4. I think women have fucking appalling manners compared to men.

    Hold the door open for them and they don’t even look in your direction, nevermind a fucking thank you. The cunts, certainly when I lived in London, would barge into you more often than men and even then the fucking blokes would at least offer a cursory ‘sorry mate’.

    These days, what really gets my fucking goat is mobile phone usage. Cunts blaring into them or zombification on the fucking busy pavement. It’s the main source of ire in my eyes in everyday social etiquette and fucking cunts are getting worse than by the day.

    BTW, is calling someone a “rude cunt” in public considered bad manners?

    • Yep wamen really do have horrible manners and are naturally rude and vindictive, which is why I don’t bother trying to appease the twats. I act accordingly though if she or he acct nice towards me or is at least mildy pleasant then one good turn deserves another

    • “BTW, is calling someone a “rude cunt” in public considered bad manners?”……

      Apparently not if what the Queen mouthed at me, when I flicked her the V-sign as she drove past on her way to open Kielder Water, counts for anything.

      🙂 .

    • Young women generally have stratospheric entitlement attitudes, mostly because they’ve been trained wrong or not at all by the father, and legions of simp men keep kissing their ass in the hopes of pussy no matter their faults.

      Society wide retraining is required. We can start right now by allowing every door to smack them square on the noz.

    • It happened too many times with me. These days I won’t budge and if they even look at me I just say ” What? Just because you’ve got a fanny I’m supposed to get out of your way?!” They don’t have a comeback. You should all try it.

    • Give the old fuckers a break Dick, the grim reaper is not far behind holding open the door with his trusty Scythe waiting at the other end… Your right tho old people are generally cunts for the most part

  5. Some sprightly cunt who wrongly parked in a disabled bay has just been taught a lesson in courtesy by the Yale key of Justice. Cunt.

  6. Some of the rudest and most arrogant cunts I have ever had the misfortune to meet , were Pakistanis. I can be that specific because I have never encountered yet a rude or ill mannered Seikh, Hindu or Bhuddist. Muslims it seems , are despised by other asians and particularly those that infest the areas called Pakeminstan!
    Recently I have seen so many examples of Pakistani Islamic rude intolerant and racist behaviour, none of which has been challenged by plod.
    I am proud to say that I hate these cunts with a passion, and would willingly wipe my arse upon their hairy beards. May allah be fucked by a scabby billy goat, and mighty mo be pissed on from a great height.

    Salom ! ( that pisses them off )

  7. Women in cars never give way when you are trying to pull out. Happy to totally block your access whilst staring straight ahead. Especially the fat ones.

    Manners cost nothing, however generations of poor and lazy parenting have led us to where we are now.

    Having said that, what we are up against are ignorant people with no manners, no respect for others and pure self entitlement.

    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, as trying to be considerate, thoughtful and civil is not part of many people’s mindset and is a complete waste of fucking time.

    In fortunately the old days that I remember as a young person have gone, soon to be replaced by pure cutthroat savagery.

    • Not using indicators is one of the worst. The “I’m so important I needn’t bother” attitude is a favourite of German car-drivers.

      ECT is too good for them.

  8. If someone is rude or disrespectful to me in a supermarket , I casually follow them and slip expensive items into their trolly whilst their backs are turned , then watch the confusion at the checkout , a great result is when items go unnoticed and get scanned, bumping up the bill !
    Ho ! Ho ! Ho !
    Fuck off.

    • Some fucking old cow scowled at me in Tesco’s because I accidentally knocked into her with the trolley,I did apologise but just got the Death Ray off her so when her back was turned I put six tubes of Anusol in her trolley and then waited fof her to get to the checkout,the stupid old cunt was screeching her head off and the other cunts in the queue were wetting themselves laughing.

  9. Excuse me awfully but…

    A nobody has just been appointed new Brexit Secretary. Quelle surprise.

    Reacting to the new appointment, Nigel Farage said: “The new Brexit Secretary is completely unknown to the British public, the Civil Service is really in charge of these negotiations.”

    Amber Crudd has also been reinstated in the Cabinet.

    • Well it’s not much of a job is it?….carrying The Appeasers handbag on her trips to Brussels to pick up her instructions.

      • Down in Hastings, Rudd only just sneaked in with a majority of about 700. Let’s see how gung-ho the melted-face harridan is about Brexit; her constituents are watching….

      • Let’s hope she’ll be able to look into the eyes of her constituents as (dis)honourably as these five traitors:-

        Michael Gove
        Penny Morduant
        Chris Grayling
        Andrea fucking Leadsom
        Liam Fox

        Still haven’t resigned and still kissing May’s bony arse.

  10. It’s all in the delivery. Faaaarrrkk-orf yeewou caahnt! And repeat.
    Apply now to Sir Limply’s College orf Grace, Charm and Etiquette. No refunds under any circumstances.

  11. It seems the more inane and mundane the mobile phone conversation on the train is, the louder the person will be. Whole conversations peppered with monosyllabic, guttural profanities regarding what one fucker said to them and how the spotty chav responded are agony, especially with poor enunciation and appalling grammar.

    Consequently, as I related on here recently, if these peasants are seated near me, I play Beethoven’s 8th on my phone at top volume to antagonise the cunts which results in them stopping, moving, or (best of all) bickering with me. I love an indignant peasant argument.

    • The 8th is far too good for them. One of the longer quartets is ideal… make sure the speaker’s distorting, though.

      • It has to be something I like, Komodo, otherwise I’d probably play Brazilian death metal or that drill grime noise. Nonetheless, old Ludvig does the business when I’ve employed it possibly because of its erratic brio.

      • I can only approve your impeccable taste, but recommend something Indian, in shikar tal, for really confusing rhythms (17 – 6+6+2+3 – ‘beats’ to the ‘bar’ in Western terms) Watch them try and tap their feet to that…

  12. As YT commented two years ago it is all a fucking stitch-up. My how all the news shite has fallen in to line now reporting all the “opinion makers” ganging up to say how Blighty will turn into a Banana Republic but without the bananas in the event orf no deal. So little children Mother May’s poisoned potion really is cuite safe to drink, no my sweets you must swallow it whole or there will be no deal for you beeeuaaahha hahaha…….

    • Even the Daily Mail has been castrated of any common sense, Sir Limps. It called the Brexiteers “shrill” for their behaviour and bent fully over for Zelda’s well-worn, grey Strap-on.

      She had to wipe it clean of Phillip Hammond, first.

      • Since Paul Dacre stepped aside and the DM is run by this new Johnny it has gorn far more snowflake aping its weekend and online versions. Doubtless worse to come Cap’n.

  13. I haven’t encountered much rudity since I moved to Yorkshire though maybe I just haven’t noticed since London was so full of cuntitude…
    Used to get pissed off when I let someone out when driving and they didn’t say thanks (doesn’t happen up here) or someone sees me waiting to pull out but doesn’t indicate left meaning that I miss my chance to go. Bangladeshis were rude cunts and don’t even get me started on the Somalians (don’t have them here).
    The one that fucked me off most was a huge fat black girl that took ages to waddle to the door. Like a gentleman I waited and she saddled through…. glanced at me and waddled on with a smug look on her fat ugly fuckin face ….. I must admit at that moment I thought about what prison life would be like and whether it would be worth it.
    It would’ve been worth it but the fat cunt will eat herself to death anyway so I let her waddle on to burger king.

  14. For somebody raised on a council estate, I think my manners are usually pretty near impeccable, but I have just let a massive loud smelly fart go.
    Obviously it’s impossible to post actual flatulence on ISAC, so you’ll all just have to take my word for it.

    Bon appetite…

    • Thank Dog smells can’t be posted…yet.

      Treesa wouldn’t half stink of old wee. And used gerbils.

  15. I see an ugly bunch of rent a mob eco cunts are going to try and bring London to a stand still. Give the cunts a fucking beating then let them share a cell with Leroy who will give them a daily bum full.
    Self righteous virtue signaling cock suckers .

  16. Well said Cuntflap – I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The lack of social and moral fibre in this day & age (and it’s not just “da yoof”) really depresses the fuck out of me. And I fear it’s not going to get any better.

  17. The young student fuckers and entitled cunts are ignorant as fuck… Seen them many a time… Stupid cunt headphones on, don’t talk to the staff who are serving them, don’t smile or even attempt to be civil… Just pay by card (what else?) scowl and fuck off… Retail, transport, bar, and cafe staff should be given a taser: and should use it to wake up any bad mannered little fuckflake cunts… That or just punch the fuckers out…

  18. Saying “thankyou” when I hold the door open for you stops you getting your fat fucking face smashed in with a door next time you fucking try it. Fucking cunts.

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