Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

To; Angela Merkel
Chancellorfuhrer of The Fourth Reich
The Bunker

Dearest Mutti,

I’m pleased to learn that you are not intending to seek re-election as Secretary-general to the Christian Democratic Union, although you intend to carry on as Chancellor of Germany until 2021.

In 1914 and again in 1939, your country sought supremacy in Europe through force of arms and failed both times, at enormous cost to those opposing you. The CDU has now governed Germany for thirteen years, and it is my belief that during your time as Chancellor, you and your puppets in Brussels have worked assiduously to establish German political and economic hegemony through the domination of the EU and its institutions.

You were well on your way to realising your dream until ironically, your own contentious policies turned around and bit you on your fat arse. Your so-called Euro ‘rescue’ policies have caused huge economic and social dislocation across the continent. Meanwhile your disastrous ‘open door’ policy in 2015 allowed over a million ‘refugees’ to pour in against a background of cuts in welfare provision, causing a huge backlash both domestically and throughout Europe.

Your national coalition managed to cling on to power in 2017, but woeful results in 2018 state elections have further reduced your credibility. Let’s face it Mutti, your chances of hanging on until 2021 are slim indeed. You’ll go with your cherished EU project unfinished. The EU does not have financial integration. The idea of an EU army is a dream, and the Euro is an unmitigated disaster which has wrecked havoc across a number of countries. The cracks grow wider. No doubt you’ll do your best to fuck us over where Brexit’s concerned, but the natives everywhere grow increasingly restless, and all the while your creature ‘Fun Boy’ Juncker and his cronies cling to the cherished belief that the answer to every problem is ‘more Europe’.

Enoch Powell once said that all political careers end in failure, and it seems that yours, dear Mutti, is also destined to do just that. You’ve learned the hard way that people don’t like uncontrolled migration, and they don’t like being told repeatedly that someone in Berlin or Brussels knows better than they do what’s good for them. You’re a busted flush, a dead woman walking, a lame duck with a crumbling legacy. It can’t go on much longer.

Auf wiedersehen pet, or as they put it more bluntly in the land of my good lady’s birth, ‘awa’ hame an’ throw shite at yersel’.


Ron Knee

33 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

  1. Quite the penmanship, Ron. Top drawer my friend.

    It’s through the mindless actions and unrestrained egos of cunts like Merkel that whole countries and now a whole continent is forever changed and not for the better. Utter utter bastards the lot of them.

  2. Unequivocally endorsed by the undersigned – with thanks,

    Why populist movements?
    Because immigration.
    Why immigration?
    Because globalism.

    What comes around…

  3. That pic of her is where she had an eye examination last week.

    ” I……A……M……A…..C……U…….N…..T”

  4. Nah, that’s the moment she was told the UK referendum result. She’s thinking :

    Fucking Cameron. I told the cunt not to fuck about with voting. What the fuck do I do now?

    • Sheisse! I just flushed my country down ze krappen fluten so I could bathe in ze reflected glow of the Obamas, UN and ze rest of ze global elite.

  5. Just seen the new Europe in action, water cannon and tear gas being deployed in Paris.
    Love it lol.

    The Merkel woman is absolute cunt, encouraging all those (million) so called refugees into Europe….

    I don’t get it at all why would you want them, we have up to 23000 possible “trouble makers” out of a population of ~ 4 million Muslims so using simple maths she has opened the door to a conservative estimate of 5000 potential ‘persons of interest’

    • Whatever else you think of the Frogs (cunts basically), I’ll admit they do a decent line in ‘unrest’, lol!

  6. History repeats itself, first as farce than as tragedy. On April 30th next year perhaps Adolf Merkel, realising her god like powers are ebbing away will take Anthony Eva Bruan-Blair to her bunker with her revolver and a box of matches and petrol. The Revd. Andrew Adonis could officiate at the union. In October will come the trials of Peter Mangledum, Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry, David Lammy. We will start a collection for enough ropes

  7. 22ct cunting Ron. The damage that this fat sausage muncher has wrought is impossible to quantify , we’ll just have to settle for ‘ massive ‘.
    As an aside , it is reported that Treasonous May has given the oily Spanish bastards WRITTEN ASSURANCES with regard to Gibraltar , fuck knows what they are , but they’ll probably be wrapped in a white flag.
    What a traitorous cunt this woman is.
    I fucking despise her.

      • I believe you are right on that particular matter, a post brexit “gentlemans agreement ” to “discuss the future of ” It’s the language of deceit and treachery

      • I’m seriously fucked off with May selling the UK out. There is no way on God’s fucking earth I am obeying any fucking Euro rules. They can fuck off. There is no way on earth i am a second class citizen. As far as I’m concerned, I am fucking going to rebel if herplan passes in the cess pit of Shitehall. Bring the system down. What the fuck can they do? Nothing. So screw the fucking Vichy cunts.

    • I thought the people of Gibraltar voted to remain in the UK. I wonder if the Spanish will go after Portugal next? After all, it worked for their stormtroopers in Catalonia without a squeak from Brussels.
      As for Theresa the Appeaser she’s finished and has been for a VERY long time. Unfortunately she just won’t accept it . If she had ANY measure of self-respect she’d go!!

      • And is Sir Nigel decrying this – seeing how the UK fishing industry was never too far from his independence rallying lips?

        No, not a Dickie-Bird.

        Rubbishing Gerard Batten however – who’s doing a wonderful job at UKIP these days – why yes, very much so.

        Sir Nige doesn’t agree with Batten having Tommy Robinson as a personal advisor.

        Well Sir Nige – as much as I admire you – you relinquished that right as soon as you decided to give up the post of UKIP leader (shortly after the Brexit result, when we needed you the most, just like the pig fucker). The shambles that you “nommed” to replace you nearly killed your party. Was that the plan all along? I hope not.

        Leave Batten the fuck alone. He’s the only cunt who’s speaking up for the ordinary Joe. The rest I wouldn’t piss on with napalm if they were burning alive!


  8. One of the best cunting I have read on ISAC Ron.

    Nominated successfully Germany not so long ago, and have included Herr Merkel as one of my 5 COTY 2018.

    Who the fuck does the stupid bitch think she is (other than Les Dawson) of course. Almost single handedly responsinle for the ruination of the continent of Europe. Strutting around in her stupid frumpy dresses whilst smiling, eating fantastic meals at the top table at the same time as causing death and misery to millions.

    Should either be strung up of locked away in a funny farm with the rest of the EU leaders.

    • Thanks Willie. That was a cracking good cunting of your own! I reckon Herr Gruppenfuhrer Mentkal will be be featuring a lot on COTY this time, the fat cunt.

  9. Some accountability is called for, political parties and leaders can wreck nations and continents, Merkel is a prime example. Like Tony B Liar she will trot away with a fat pension and show up now and again lauded for her wisdom as a senior statesman.

    Like Blair will never pay for what he did to this country as things stand she will never pay for what she has done to Europe (Greater Germany as he calls it), she is handing the baton to Macron now, he is the chosen one to push forward the Franco\German domination of a continent.

    Until the political class face real consequences nothing will change. They hide behind a democratic mandate but despise democracy. Go now for Gods sake woman.

    • Damn bloody right, SV…

      Politico-cunts hiding behind “democracy”, thinking that they will never face punishment.

      I am hoping and praying that the influences of “diversity” will rebound on our “glorious leaders”, and no longer will we avoid violence on the grounds of it “not being cricket, old boy.”

      In fact, cricket bats could be very useful indeed in the forthcoming struggle…

  10. Germany only consumes “under half ” of what it produces. Germany needs to export this” more than half” to prosper. Oh look! a club where all our nearest customers and export destinations are tariff free!….what a stroke of luck that was. Never mind that our fab new euro currency is strangling every eu state in the southern side of the bloc…as long as they have our exported produce rammed down their throats well keep the machine oiled….. oh wait…. I might get a Nobel peace prize if I let in 2million mudbloods………. Cunt

  11. Les Dawson is probably the second most dangerous cunt to have inflicted their cuntitude (albiet indirectly via the EU hierarchy scum in Brussels) since our very own Kurt Barlow’s reign between 1997-2007.

    An early Dignitas for that pair is too good for them!

  12. I’d like to use my Level 2/3 Electrical Installation knowledge to work as “Prison Electrician.” That’s the official title, apparently…
    I’d do it for free, on a work-experience basis, pro-bono – whatever.

    • Thanks to Wordfence, this should have been in reply to WC Boggs.

      If only we could develop an equally efficient GimmegruntFence.
      Bastards would never get through.

  13. Don’t give her all the credit , cunts like turkeys erdogan and saudi arabias mbs helped facilitate and helped forced millions of peacefuls in europe with their big money efforts through the last 10 years But I agree mama merkel is a grade a cunt who’s name will be sealed in cuntitude for the coming years

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