Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas or Alfie as he is known. Has turned out a cunt. Who he? Well he was a decent Welsh rugby player a few years back. As his career began to decline, as all sports careers inevitably do, he came out as gay. Fine, probably brave of him but otherwise ‘nothing to see here’
However, this week he is all over the mejia as victim of hate crime. In Cardiff, that well known bastion of right-on, trendy, all-inclusive thick Welsh cunts.. It seems a 16 year old half wit abused him. He is 6ft 2 n and built like a brick shithouse. For fucks sake. Get a fucking grip. Twat the silly cunt and move on. You are not a fucking victim Gareth. Show some fucking dignity and get over it.

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59 thoughts on “Gareth Thomas

  1. I doubt it was the 16 year old who left those marks on Gareth’s face. More likely the kid’s pimp.
    You have to pay for your pleasure, even if you are a snowflake hero.

  2. Not only was he twatted by a seven stone weakling, he agreed that restorative justice be used to resolve the matter like any good snowflake would.

    Utter cunt

  3. Feck me the fucking purile shite that makes it to the news now, absolute bollocks of the first water.

  4. ***Breaking News***

    Wot a surprise – reports on MSM suggest Appeaser’s given in to Spain over Gibraltar! In return the Spaniish have agreed not to throw a spaniard in tomorrow’s Brexit summit works.

    That’ll put a spring in Argentina’s step re its renewed bid to bring the Falkland Islands under its control…

      • Nowt to be sorry about RTC. The traitorous bitches crimes should be flagged up constantly from now until Pancake Tuesday and beyond.
        Good evening.

    • Fucking hell! She’ll be running out of things to give away soon.
      How about the Crown Jewels? Elgin Marbles?
      Fucking bitch. Needs hanging.

      • Reckon she goes by the maxim: “In for a penny, in for a Euro.”

        The Spanish PM is expecting co-sovereignty of Gibraltar!

        Cannot believe there’s a soul left who hasn’t seen through this lying abortion of a woman.

  5. I am not gay, and I am not homophobic, but imagine that hard looking cunt moving in behind you, knob in hand, whilst you are bent over about to play mummy.
    It frightens me to death, thank fuck I prefer fanny.
    If his picture is enough to put a man off from turning to the dark side, I am not sure what fucking is

    • Three questions for our resident homosexuals:
      a) would you have opted for restorative justice?
      b) would you have lamped the little bastard?
      c) would you snog this ugly welsh cunt?

      • Something is not quite right with this story. A 16 year old twinkle caused those injuries? Me no think so! Dread to think what injuries Gareth the gay would cause a 16 year old…. Michael Barrymore pool party?

      • Maybe Gareth’s one of them new fangled gay Christian types… turn the other “cheek” an all that jizz?

      • Gareth is not the best looking gay in Wales.
        I am .
        I find it hard(pun) that a big ginger rugby cunt get a kicking of a school kid. Their has to be more to it. Not that I give a fuck, it’s not worthy of local news, never mind national news.
        What a fucking pansy.

  6. The Falklands is next you can bet your gonads, the twats will give it away to keep the left happy, it reeks to much of Empire and imperialism to the spineless cunts a source of shame and embarrassment rather than pride in a little islands ability to defend its interests, horrible yellow backed lilly livered twats to a man, if it happens there will be many flags at half mast in the messes of our most illustrious regiments.

    • Cant see it Civvy, at least until the last man Jack who served down there pops his clogs.
      Argentina don’t need it, if they did they would have done something about it by now. They don’t have the money or the manpower for another shot at it, their Navy is fucked, the Air Force are robbing bits from old fighters and the Army are pretty belligerent.
      We happy few, we band of Brothers (becoming fewer) couldn’t let this or any Government hand over the Falklands – at least not without a fight. There are 255 military reasons and 3 public reasons why the Falklands should never see any other flag than the Union flag flying over it.

      • I sincerely hope so a lot of good and brave chaps splattered themselves over that barren little place, if it did happen one would hope there are still enough patriots left to kick up an almighty fuss, a friend caught Hermes then, doc said he was a carrier !
        Q.What’s Port Stanley and Mrs Spock got in common? A, They both been fucked by Vulcans. Thank you.

      • Nice one mate, haven’t heard either of those before 😉
        I was sailing up Falkland sound (well the ship was not me) to drop off 6 SAS /SBS guys with canoes who were rowing into an inlet to cause a fuss as they always do. When the first round hit our bows I fucking shit myself (almost literally) – it then dawned on me and the ships company that this is actually war. No Thursday “wars” as we had prepared for in the relative safety of Plymouth Sound or a jolly off the French / Spanish / Portuguese coast – these rounds were real and somebody could get killed!!
        I looked at my mate and we stared at one another for a second and just cracked off laughing. The kind that you cant catch your breath and you cry at the same time. The other PO’s and the Duty watch officer – who by this time were running around like headless chickens, thought we were fucking losing it. The pure buzz of the adrenalin must have triggered the laughing off as every cunt that looked at us just cracked off laughing themselves. I thought fuck me, what would it have been like in Nelsons day when boarding a Spanish man of war off Trafalgar or the Nile.

    • The twats have already given away the UK… doubt the 4th Reich would be arsed to send a task force down to the Atlantic to defend their newly acquired dot on the map from the Argies.

      • What she’s also giving away is lots of bribes…I mean awards, to certain MPs who might vote against her.

        “Hello, will the Privy Council suffice to abstain?”

        “Make it a peerage and I’ll vote for anything, PM.”

        Well done, Zelda. You can add Cronyism to your distasteful list of witch-like idiosyncrasies. Cunt.

      • The woman is a petulant psychopath… a sociopath at best. Wholly immoral, there is no underhand tactic she will not stoop to using to fuck us over.

        Speaking of stooping, have just seen a clip of May and Juncker walking onto a stage together: incredible… their gaits and body language are practically identical!

        If it wasn’t for the fact they were in the same room together I’d swear blind that May is Juncker in drag…

  7. The Gays are a notoriously promiscuous breed, they have no concept of loyalty to a single partner,they are unable to control their base urges and take any opportunity,invited or not, to strike quicker than a rattlesnake. Obviously the young lad involved in this incident bent down to tie his shoe-lace or something,but luckily noticed that Thomas had his Thomas out and was about to board him. He probably swung his schoolbag at the advancing,visibly “excited” Gay in the hope of rescuing his ring-piece from The Gay’s predatory intentions. Of course,a schoolbag in the face wasn’t what the chutney-ferret wanted, it was a different type of bag that he wanted bouncing off his chin. This caused the Gay to react in a typical Gay way…he burst into tears (causing his make-up to run) and screamed about a homophobic attack…
    Now, due to the hold that The Gay Mafia exert,the poor victim of an attempted “unwelcome insertion” is being held responsible while the rampant and out-of-control Gay is celebrated as a “forgiving and charitable” hero. This is all part of the campaign to normalise,even celebrate,the abnormal. Unless this blatant flouting of the law regarding predatory Gays attacking innocent men is clamped down on firmly,we are all at risk…bend over to put the dog’s lead on,discover that a heavily made-up,25 stone,mini-skirted bummer is smashing your back doors in….drop your pound coin in Tesco, discover that an Elton-John type has done you up yer yellow brick road….the possibilities are too horrendous to contemplate,and I for one,will be taking the precaution of always backing up against a wall,and wearing two belts and 3 pairs boxers before bending over in public again.

    Thomas and his offensive actions are the inevitable result of the relaxation of The Gay Laws. If they had never been eased he would have thought twice before launching his sex attack…and if it wasn’t a Gay attack,well,the incident would never have happened because the lad wouldn’t have known that Thomas was Gay and so wouldn’t have swung his bag at him, therefore Thomas should should be charged with provoking a hate-crime by broadcasting the fact that he is Gay.

    Fuck Off.

    • That is the funniest post I have read in ages Dick. BZ to that man.. Would love to swing the lamp and share a bottle of Navy “neaters” with you 😉

      • Cheers, Cunto. I’ve often thought that an “is a Cunt” get-together would be a fine do….until the Authorities took the chance to round up such a highly disreputable gang of reprobates while all gathered in the one spot.

        🙂 .

      • I’ve also thought how jolly amusing an ISAC get together would be, but where would it be held? After all, you’re (gor example) up in the third world, Mr F and I’m down in oo-arrr country. So for every cunter’s convenience it would have to be held somewhere in the middle of the country. In the midlands…in Birmingham. Which is chock full of the sorts of folk we all adore…

      • I think it would have to be held off-shore, Mr. Cunt-Engine, preferably in International waters where we could bob up and down,like a debauched Radio Caroline, spitting bile and insults at passing boatloads of illegal immigrants.

      • Cunto is right. Brilliant post Dick.

        Your talents deserve a wider audience but clearly not on the Al-BBC. Channel 4 is plagued by Jon Snowflake and Guru-Murphy. Two prize cunts.

        There’s always Twatter…….

        Perhaps not.

        Good Evening

      • Cheers, Mr. Hunt,but I fear that my “talent” probably deserves a Committal Order rather than a wider audience,to be honest.

      • It would also be quite amusing when I enter the pub (presumably it would be a pub!) wearing my “I am Dick Fiddler” badge, fastened securely to my pink mankini and brandishing an enormous dildo which I will menace other cunters with. I reckon the real Dick Fiddler would find that a rather jolly jape.

      • Ha, Like Spartacus – we could all wear “I am Dick Fiddler” badges. Now that would send him over the edge 😉

      • It’s actually quite strange to think that although we all “interact” quite regularly,we could be sat opposite each other and be none the wiser ..

      • I would indeed, Mr. Cunt-Engine, my amusement would know no bounds as you were engulfed by the mob of irate Cunters who I may have inadvertently slightly irritated over the years…..keep a good tight hold on your dildo in case you discover that it has made as unwelcome an entrance as my own at the local Parish Council meetings.

      • The morris men and the local WI are still irate after the unpleasantness of last years Ye olde village fate.

      • I was planning to employ Peter Tatchell as my bodyguard so furious cunters would have to go through him first. Once he’d had an initial beating, I daresay that everyone would back off as they realised he’d thoroughly enjoyed every moment of his pummelling, the dirty bastard.
        Then he’d most probably invite them to give him a thorough and brutal Lubbocking whilst I made my escape through the toilet window.

  8. Following the fiasco where horse meat was found in their lasagna, it appears Tesco are again in hot water after traces of human DNA was discovered in their Welsh lamb….

  9. talking about Jon Snowflake of C4 News. He ended a report about Poles returning home ( not sure that’s actually true btw ) by saying ‘ Goodbye we’ll miss you ‘ . lol.

    • More like he’ll miss some euro Borris mowing his lawn on minimum wage or cleaning his house.

  10. Those shabby vegan soap Dodgers who keep blocking bridges: I encountered a previous rabble who blocked a crossing in central London a decade ago. I drove straight at them and they moved like Usain Bolt on acid. Fuck you, you total bunch of spazmatronic cunts. You all need semtexing.

  11. I was out in NZ for the 2005 lions tour and actually met Alfie Thomas!! He’s was an imposing physical specimen, decent bloke too , where the fuck did it all go wrong Alfie ? modern Britain is a Cunt! I’m shocked that he would act like this, He should have slapped the Cunt who fronted him up, Instead of bleating like some fucking prom queen….. embarrassing stuff from a rugby legend……..

    • They had the All Blacks wearing rainbow laces in todays game in support of Gareth Thomas. Some 18 stone Maori doing the Haka virtue signalling through his footwear, nothing is off limits.

  12. I thought this was a cunting about the late Blake’s 7 actor, not some oversensitive bum-burrower.

    I suspect the main reason he is a rugby player is so that he can get his digits around the privates of other players and furtively oggle their naked twigs and berries in the post game shower.

  13. Let me say I have had a number of gay friends over the years ( I was a nurse, ’nuff said) but this kind of thing REALLY gets on my tits.

    I have no interest in someone’s sexuality. I couldn’t give a fuck frankly. It is a non-issue for me, but this kind of gay victim mentality and letting the world know about it just smacks of attention seeking to me. Yes, it is awful that the thick scrote attacked Gareth Thomas, but why make a video such as this in the aftermath? What is trying to be achieved? How did the scrote KNOW Thomas was gay? What preceded this? None of that is reported, only that it was a homophobic attack, but whose perception was that and do we know this as fact, or are assumptions being made by the said ‘victim’ and it was just another pissed up fight with some underage, ratarsed gonk during a night out?

    It just seems to me that these days EVERY FUCKING THING is a hate crime. The day will doubtless soon come that if someone farts in the vicinity of another person, they will be accused of a hate crime and infringing someone’s right to breathe clean air.

    I really don’t trust anyone who is any shape or form in the public eye, I’m afraid. It just seems to me that any publicity is good publicity if it keeps them in the media and gets them a few interviews, even ‘traumatic’ experiences such as this. To me this is something that you would think someone would want kept private, not through a sense of SHAME because they are homosexual or the fact that they had their arse kicked by a zit picking oik, but just because it is nobody elses fucking business.

    The gay community make a big song and dance about wanting to be accepted and not being ‘different’ in society (they were never either for me personally. Nobody gives a shite that I’m straight so why do i give a shite if they are gay?) but they sure do make a bloody good job of immediately blowing that out of the water whenever they possibly can by spotlighting THEMSELVES and getting milltant at every possible opportunity.

    Yes Gareth. You are gay. We get it. Good for you.

    Now please fuck off.

    • His ‘story’ and ‘bravery’ and ‘paving the way’ and that is all well and good, but he’s an ugly cunt. And therefore, not entitled to be an ambassador for us puffs.

  14. Not that it has anything to do with Alfie’s embarrassment – perish the thought, but everybody’s favourite old age pensioner songster, a sort of butch Gracie Fields has been busy in the kitchen:

    When Cliff is not spicing up his mince, he concentrates on his other love (no, not his *spiritual adviser*), he is at his sewing machine making ballet tights. A Bachelor Boys work is never done, duckie, let’s just hope he has time to put his feet up for some misiltoe and wine, and perhaps a fairy cake with his dear friend Anthony Blair. Bottoms up!

  15. Is Gareth a woofter? Well clutch my Pearls, he has never mentioned it. I think my boyfriend might be gay… Actually, I think I might be too. The rent boy I had last week:Could have sworn he was Justin Bieber as he kept saying “Baby,baby,vabay,oooohhhhhh”

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