Sadiq Khan [11]

Emergency cunting for all the dickheads on the Peoples Vote “March for the Future” that took place today – but especially for our esteemed London mayor, Dickhead Khan…

Khan told the crowd: “What’s really important is that those that say that a public vote is undemocratic, is unpatriotic, realise that in fact, the exact opposite is the truth. What could be more democratic, what could be more British, than trusting the judgement of the British people.”

Does this dozy cunt not see the contradiction in what he’s saying?? By writing off the 2016 referendum result, he’s denying the judgement of the British and being totally undemocratic.

And take a look as this shit :

Do these dim fuckers not realise that by staying in the EU, you are definitely NOT getting your country back!!!

By Christ on a Bike, if this is the intelligence level of average Brit these days, I’m booking a flight to Dignitas!!! I fucking despair…

Nominated by Dioclese

…and 17 million others who knew exactly what they were voting for

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  1. Sadiq Khan is a bit like 90% of Ladbrokes bookie’s pencils.


    I could rant more but the “…part and parcel of living in a big city…” complicit, appeasing cunt simply isn’t worth it.

  2. Why is it that peaceful persons never target this sort of shite fest.? The answer on a post card to 10 Downing Street.
    Geldknob and kahan’t two of the biggest cunts in the universe.

    • Why don’t the peacefuls “target this sort of shite fest?”

      Can only assume they don’t want to alienate their largest support demographic.

      Still rather surprising though, considering how incredibly thick and stupid they are.

  3. I think I can imagine you Mr Fiddler sitting on the Left Bank with a glass of absinth explaining theories of Modern Art..

    • Indeed, Miles. The fact that I know Fuck All about Modern Art wouldn’t deter me from spouting off with the absolutely certain belief in my own infallibility that only an Englishman abroad can truly carry off……although,to be fair, I’m an inveterate Gobshite whether abroad or not.

      🙂 .

    • Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee
      Laid down the axioms of abstract art
      Even Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian
      Preferred to paint a slice of rhubarb tart.

      “At Last The 1948 Show”

  4. I am always intrigued to understand what drives certain politicians to dismiss the results of the 2016 referendum in favour of the ‘People’s Vote’.

    Could it be that they or their spouse or dependents have business interests that may be adversely affected leaving the EU?

    Suckdick’s wife is the director of a law practice in South Londonistan. I wonder if this deals with human right cases for illegal immigrants and perhaps they are fearful that the legal aid gravy train will shudder to a halt once (if we ever) leave the EU.

    Not saying the above is certain but it would certainly explained why the chocolate coloured gnome jumps up and down like Rumplestiltskin where Brexit is concerned.

    • Much in the same way Blair’s wife and her fucking pals like mike Mansfield have made a kings ransom from legal aid PM.

      Watching yesterday’s march of the remoaners was in some respects quite illuminating, most of the so called intellectually superior remainers seemed pretty clueless, with hardly any understanding of the most basic issues.
      Many that were interviewed repeated the fictitious nonsense that we “ were leaving Europe “?
      And that they have been denied their democracy? Many claimed they hadn’t understood the question on the referendum ballot paper? And of course Sky Cunts found many who had voted leave? But had now morphed into rabid remainers??
      But looking around at the boards being held aloft was the funniest of all, “ we want our country back” claimed one , obviously those Cunts had attended the wrong march! Others that made me chuckle…

      Our democracy has been stolen..
      Brexit is against democracy ….
      We never voted for brexit …..
      And my particular favourite
      ASK THE PEOPLE…… ( repeatedly until we get the right answer?)

      The bullshit figure that these Cunts wanted to hit was the biggest protest march in the U.K. s history which was according to police 650-700,000 for the 2003 anti Iraq demo, the organisers of that claimed over 2 million had marched in London?
      What did yesterday’s march prove other than we have people that are happy to subvert a legitimate vote which they lost!! Utter Cunts…..

      • Cherie is currently defending one Ivica Todoric, whom the Croatian authorities would like to come home and face trial for massive fraud. The extradition case has been deferred to this week. Cherie successfully defended a Rwandan thug close to Rwandan thug and president Paul Kagame against extradition to Spain on war crimes charges a couple of years ago.

  5. I used to see this sort of demo all the time in London. A Socialist Worker rent-a-mob of lezzas, lefties, scroungers, hippies and token darkies. These are the exact same people who need their benefits switched off post-Brexit so that they are “incentivised” to do the work done by Eastern Europeans. I bet they left London in shit state, the clean up of which is paid from the socialist magic money tree. Cunts one and all.

  6. Ex Londoner here.

    I love my town. Or I did. Best people in the world.

    The past is a foreign country it is often said. And that’s how I feel about London, now . Full of silvery spoons and ROPers.

    Take a slice out of Grenfell tower, and that is the demographic of London, now. Game over,.

    • Share your pain brother. London was the best place in the universe when I was growing up. What did for me was standing outside a small shop near Earls Court December 94. Every person passing or shopping was not speaking English. That was it wife and I moved to Lincolnshire. Not a total escape because Boston 20 odd miles away is a suburb of Krakow but peacefuls are short on the ground; though we have a mosque in Lincoln now. Only time we visit London now is to visit my brother and he is going to leave as soon as he can. Sad but there it is pc cuntery at it’s best the greatest capital city in the World turned into one of the biggest shit holes

  7. Sad Dick Khunt has one aim and one aim only.

    For him and his ‘peaceful’ brothers to take over the rule of Brittania. And believe you me, if Corbyn gets in, he WILL be deputy PM.

    I can’t adequately express my contempt for him in mere words.

  8. Total Cunt. Take him to the Tower, along with the others to whom Oliver Cromwell famously said “In the name of God, Go!”

    Can we please see if this guy is avaiable to run for London Mayor?

    I have previously cunted the Remoaners – clueless cunts. I feel they are now whipping themselves into a frenzy as the day of departure gets closer. For the younger members, it reveals the brainwashing they get for education these days.

    The true State of the Nation will be revealed in 3 weeks. I will be marching past the Cenotaph with other true patriots. As in previous years, I bet there will be zero peacefuls, and no k*ff*rs in the crowds, and the snowflake cunts will still be in bed – cunts. I wonder how many our patriotic Media will report as attending? My experience in the past has been Whitehall has been packed with respectful non-marchers right down to Parliament Square. Humbling.

    By The way I also lived in Rhodesia – a happy functional place until the Foreign Office cunts and others fucked it for everyone. Like my fellow cunters have said, the Chinese now run it – they staged the coup to get rid of Bob, as their investment was going south.

    Keep up the good work, fellow cunters – its proving a vintage year for cunts so far.


  9. I demand a second referendum coz I know the result will be an even bigger win for Leave.Nothing gets up a true Brits goat more than being lectured to by his so called “betters”.What will the remainers do after a second defeat? Blame Putin?Trump?Bad weather hampered voter turnout? Or will they slip in a clause stipulating that only a leave majority greater than 10% is acceptable?Fucking Cunts.

  10. Political debate has been reduced to visuals. Sky News: babes in arms, banging drums, t-shirts, jeans. All walking along in the bright sunshine. Young and hopeful. Harrogate: be-seated, respectful applause, suits, flowery patterned dresses. Old and hateful.

  11. I am fucking sick of Khan(t) and his ilk.

    Some prick was clutching a placard with “Respect the remain vote!” on it.


    I may be a bit thick and I also may have misunderstood the meaning of the word “democracy” but I’m almost sure the remain vote was less than the leave one.

    Or am I missing something?

    • The referendum was a BINARY choice. But these Remoaner cunts are either too thick or too poorly educated to understand that. Either way, this country is finished.

  12. Toppest emergency cunting – saving me the effort (should be a triple cunting for the cunt but I’ve had a few pints again, anyway’ I digress)..
    I did look at that ‘we want our country back’ bollocks. Fucking bollocks! 17.4 million people want OUR FUCKING COUNTRY BACK!

  13. This protest, the words of Sadiq Khan, the SNP (who seem to want the Scottish Indepenence Referendum AND the EU referendum to be re-run) and other remoaners are doing my fucking brain in. The decision was made, the die was cast, the majority voted to leave. That was the decision of the majority of the people who voted. That is how democracy works. On these types of decision the vote should be held every 30-40 years if you want to be part of an organisation like that.

    Old Charles de Gaulle votoed us twice. Maybe he was right. Them and us do not mix. De Gaulle was a cunt but you’ve got to admire him for having to drive a Citroen CX Safari every day and drinking cognac.

    Believe it or not I voted to remain at the referendum but my opinion has changed and I am now wanting to leave. The reaction of the EU and the IMF prove that it is necessary for us to leave. They are pissed off that they will no longer be getting billions of pounds from us any more. Fuck ’em.

  14. I want my country back. I want my identity back. And am (reluctantly) prepared to envisage that force will be necessary. It will take a lot more than 700,000 turkeys voting with their feet for Christmas to change my mind.

    Like other cunters, I assumed there would be an economic hit in the aftermath of leaving. And a specific hit on higher education, where I work. But given the resolve that has been so completely lacking from the negotiations to date, this could have been recovered from, easily. The country I want back had that resolve.

    I recommend cunters whose outlook is similar to read “The Napoleon of Notting Hill” by GK Chesterton. Britain used to be a nation of individualists, and he was one.

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