Michel Barnier [3]

Michel Barnier is a cunt of the highest order.

This French cunt was born into wealth and privilege. He was educated in the French private sector and graduated from an institution that has supplied the upper echelons ( sorry to use an adapted French cunt word – blame King Harold for losing) of French government and business since it was established in the early 19th Century. He has never had a ‘proper’ job as my mum would have said. Nothing new there then – no different to our domestic pig fuckers who went to Eton\Harrow and Oxford\Cambridge and now, or who did, sit in the asylum at Westminster.

But this French cunt has chosen to identify nostalgia, imputed with derogatory meaning, as a reason 17.5 million British people voted ‘Leave’.

Well yes, of course it’s nostalgia. I remember attending one of the best grammar schools in Birmingham even though I lived on a council estate and had Irish parents (you snowflake cunts know nothing about prejudice). I was there by merit not because daddy had deep pockets. I learned Greek and Latin, very useful at the off-licence when it was my turn to buy the packet of 5 Woodbines to share ( yes – share you millenniall bastards) with my mates. The majority of teachers served in one of the armed forces during the war. It had left scars, both physical and mental, on some of them. They wore gowns, the staffroom was a fog of cigarette smoke and Friday was the best day of the week because they all went to the pub for a liquid lunch which was followed by a tranquil afternoon. I once ran a 3 mile cross country race in bare feet in the snow because I had forgotten my pumps. That was the kind of enduring lesson that was taught.

Dear Jesus – can you imagine the Ofsted report? But I owe these good men a debt of gratitude an infinite lifespan would not be long enough to repay. They were patriots and proud of their country. They were prepared to fight for their freedom. They taught that negotiation with bullies was futile and they taught us never, ever trust the French. Self-serving cowards all. So shove my nostalgia up your arse Barnier and if ever I meet you I will tear you a new one with bare hands. They are as hard as my feet. Cunt

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16 thoughts on “Michel Barnier [3]

  1. Nicely cunted.
    Words cannot even nearly stress the true levels of cuntitude extruded from every orifice on this cunt.
    I think the sas should go to Brussels to “negotiate” with him. …. then we’ll see how big his bollocks are. French cunt.

  2. Can’t see what’s wrong with looking back with nostalgia. As far as I’m concerned things were better in the past. We weren’t beholden to a bunch of foreign non-entities from countries with bloody short memories. We weren’t over-run with filth from every corner of the globe (encouraged by Merkel and that perpetual enemy of the U.K., France.) We weren’t being gradually absorbed by some new Super-State where we had no say over our own country’s laws,finances and defence.

    I’m not saying that everything was perfect before the E.U., far from it,but at least we were masters of our own destiny. If the U.K. is to step back from the Pan- European experiment,it must be now or never. If Barnier and his Masters get their way,we may as well just accept that we are merely a vassal state ruled by an Elite who have no patience with a people as independent as the British.

    Personally I believe that we are too far down the road to ruination to change now. Brexit or not,it’s too late. However,at least if we’re to go down,let’s go down fighting, perhaps we may still have a chance of keeping a country that was once worth saving,

    I see nothing in this country,on it’s present course,to look forward too,so Yes, Monsieur Barnier, I will continue to look back through rose-coloured glasses to a time when Britain had something to offer,it’s better than looking forward to what the future appears to hold for a U.K. ruled by Cunts like you.

    Fuck them.

    • Well said Mr Fiddler. Sadly, I think you’re right. Never mind, just get a firm grip man.

  3. #MeToo Fimbriations. Catholic from Irish stock, council estate and grammar school (I love the Church but the Pope’s an idiot). My mates were the Irish and the Poles, the different ones. Kids whose parents had been in concentration camps or were here because of the Free Polish fighters, or providing labour for the war effort, the fighting that was done at home. Dad was a marine Mum was ATS. I could polish me own shoes at 6 years old. We were British despite our different backgrounds unlike the enemy within we now have, the surrender monkeys. What a bunch of cunts. I’d take hardship any time to get rid of self serving cunts like Barnier. God Save the Queen.

  4. As if our own politicians weren’t bad enough, we’ve also had to put up with unelected, crooked, foreign eurotrash scum like Barnier telling us what we can and can’t do in our own country, whilst mooching on vast sums of UK taxpayers money, some of it now spent on grants and loans enticing businesses and companies to relocate out of the UK in an attempt to punish and ultimately damage the UK economy.

    Utterly fed up with the sight of these cunts – how David Davis prevented himself smashing Barnier’s arrogant face to a bloody pulp at the first opportunity I will never know.

  5. This posh French shitbag can fuck off back to his chateau and keep his beak out of my country.
    I don’t need to hear his opinion on anything. Just fuck off cunt.

  6. We can turn the clock back. ‘A clock being a piece of human construction which can be restored by the human finger to any figure or hour. In the same way society being of human construction can be reconstructed upon any plan that has ever existed’. GKC.

  7. A most commendable, well argued and thoroughly deserved cunting.

    If it wasn’t for men like my grandfathers (one joined the Merchant Navy and went down with his ship, the other fought with the Eighth Army in the Western Desert and Italian Campaigns), Barnier and his cohorts would have grown up to undertake tasks more suited to them, such as cleaning the arses of the SS with their tongues.

    My grandfathers and the millions like them who saved western Europe from the horror of the Nazis deserve a better legacy than for their country to be treated with such contempt by the EU elite and betrayed by Remoaning filth unfit to lick the shit off their boots.

  8. Barnier has two honours, The Legion d’honenur from his native France and The
    Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    I wonder when he’ll be awarded The Grand Poobah Of The United States of Europe?….obviously not as prestigious as an award from the dominant countries of Germany and France,but an amusing bauble from the vassal states,non the less.

    What a Cunt.

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  10. No Alan not the ‘Norfolk Dumpling’ with his ‘pudding-faced fatuity’. From ‘What’s Wrong with the World’.

  11. From what I’ve just read from the above deceint contributors The sooner we are out of the EU the better for all of us how we managed to get into this mess in the first place is beyond me If it means no deal so be it let’s get out of this farce and the gravy train that is the EU

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