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I really have got the fucking hump now.
As a child of the Fifties I was brought up on a diet of BBC Radio Comedy which apart from The Navy Lark, Clitheroe Kid and the beloved Round The Horne followed me on to my pubescent days. By this I mean
I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again,
on TV, At Last The 1948 Show and of course, Python and Fawlty Tires.
Fast forward and I am now an ex pat nearing 26 years in exile. BUT I still have the beloved wireles (radio for you cunts that do not understand)
So I am still able to listen to Radio 4 comedy via the internet. Happy me one would think. Am I fuck?
Its all been taken over by utter utter cunts.
I used to love The News Quiz, Alan Coren etc. Found it a bit dodgy when Toksvig started but still tolerable, plus the guest list were amusing even Trotsky Hardy. Miles Jupp is the latest offering as presenter with a string of unkown, unwanted and total wankbag untalented parts of the lady anatomy to entertain us.
Coming to my point, Mr Jupp is unable to fulfill his commitment this series as he is “off filming” so there will be guest presenters filling in. Who has just caused me to throw a total wobbler and draught this missive?
Susan fucking Calman. What a total waste of air. I get the impression that the audience are tittering out of politeness or a studio producer is pointing a loaded Schmeisser at them with a sign Laugh Futher Muckers.
The only saving grace is that it hasn’t mentioned its “wife” or their pussys (cats) yet. Can you imagine the fucking pong in that household?
I’m off for a Madras and a wank over Andrea Rosu. That should get the blood pressure down.
Have a good week y’all.

Nominated by Billy Cunter

22 thoughts on “BBC Radio Comedy

  1. Spot on cunting Billy. R4 comedy seems to infected by unfunny lesbians these days with their stock Trump and Brexit material. R4 as whole is going to ratshit as cunty millenials influence production. Comedy programs used make you laugh, now their just shit. News used to be news, but now their magazine programs.

    At least I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue can make you laugh but no doubt the libtards will get their claws into that great institution too. They’ve done it with Dr Who, so what’s left?

  2. Couldn’t agree more the output of BBC comedy both radio and television is as near 100% a left wing oh so clever wank fest for intelligent superior CUNTS, it always seems to me that the objective is not to entertain the audience but to amuse the participants and massage their already inflated egos, cunts to a man, political correctness is very rarely funny.

  3. Radio 4 currently has a thing for *ethnic stand up* with a gang of fishwives who screetch their own announcements in Australian. There have been turban wearers and David Lammy wanabees as well.

    As for the fucking News Quiz far too many wimmin guests and most of pompous Jupp’s replacements have been wimmin too. A few weeks ago it was that ugly old fucker Jo Brand. I can only take the first three minutes then I switch it off. It’s anoter of those lazy BBC series that have dragged on far too long. It will end next week and be replaced by The Now Fucking Show which is only 16 years old, then News Quiz will be back for series 98 (honestly that’s not a joke). Elsewhere if they can’t find wimmin for Just A Minute they get a poofter – often that hairy fairy from Oireland Graham Norton, another pansy for Europe. A total load of fuckwits.

    You can still hear the classic shows on Radio 4 Extra thank goodness

  4. BBC comedy, like much of its other output, is a pile of right on , pc lefty bollocks. The licence fee a fucking outrage. It should have been privatised years ago
    A very worthy cunting Mr. Cunter.
    Veering off topic , just watched a piece on Zimbabwe. Ninety percent unemployment and the economy in freefall. The new ( ? ) government is offering 99 year leases to attract white farmers back to the farms that were seized from them. Oh the fucking irony , an indictment of blick rule.
    I wonder if Afua Hirsch will be writing an article in support of the move ?
    No, thought not.
    Fuck off.
    Good morning.

    • I wonder where the anti apartheid bunch that wanted to free South Africa were when the white farmers were being discriminated against in Zimbabwe?
      Must have been too busy celebrating the instalment of a convicted terrorist as president.

    • A Zimbabwean told me the very same thing. The blecks can’t handle farming. It’s work so they’re naturally shy of it. CUNT.

  5. BBC Radio 4 Comedy… same old tired out formats. “I don’t think it’s funny no more,” to quote Nick Lowe.

    And that goes for Radio 4 in general which, up to about 8 years ago, used to be my default radio station of choice. Nowadays it’s LBC, which is far from perfect, but 10 times the station Radio 4 is today.

    Besides, all MSM comedy is shit now, full stop.

  6. Let me get this right. Some Saudi cunt walks into the Saudi embassy in some shithole peaceful country and doesn’t walk out again. So can somebody tell me why i’m supposed to give a fuck?

    • Must admit that I thought the same, Freddie, but it seems odd that there is such a stink being made about one missing journalist when you look at some of the shit that the Saudis seem to have got away with in the past.

      • Yeah, how about asking some questions about the billions the same fucking Saudis pump into this country to build mosques and schools that churn out untold brainwashed jihadi fuckers who want nothing more than to blow the fuck out of us?
        A bit more important than the cunts chopping up one of their own if you ask me.

      • That’s it though, Freddie Why the sudden interest in this journalist? Normally The House Of Saud is beyond criticism by Western leaders no matter what they’ve done. Why the change? Plus I wonder just what he knew that they seemed to desperate to shut him up immediately?

      • Trust investigative journalists worldwide to make a big fuss about one of their own getting bumped off in a Saudi embassy!

        Bet your bottom dollar they wouldn’t have turned a hair if the victim had been an electrician or a waste disposal operative.

        You could bank on it.

      • That precious cunt who the stupid fuckers left in a wheelchair, Frank the wank whatsisisname Gardner. CUNT!

      • Your right there, Dick. Chop chop square in Riyadh isn’t named after a dinner time favourite!

  7. It’s not just radio comedy that’s finished, it all is. Anything that might offend some tiny minority with access to Twitter is fucked. The only people who it is acceptable to make jokes about these days are working,white,heterosexual men.They’re still fair game.

    We used to be a nation that could laugh at ourselves and others without every “permanently offended” weirdo screaming about one “…ism” or another, demanding police action/public apology/ and,worst of all,getting it.

    Fuck them.

    • Morning Mr Fiddler, its a humourless wasteland of hurt feelings and lefty sensitivities. I haven’t watched anything much since The Inbetweeners, immature schoolboy humour yes, despite being only 10 years old would never be made today without a dollop of diversity casting. Four white lads, no queers or ethnics? At least one would have to be a minority and some other cunt identifying as a deviant.

  8. Just makes you wonder where it will all end. One can only hope this trend of being offended by mainly quite anodyne stuff, will eventually fall out of fashion.

    As it does seem to be just that – a fashion for being offended. Where Uncle Fucking Tom Cobley and all have jumped on the Twitterati bandwagon of supreme cunts.

  9. If like me you love your British radio then go to RadioArchive torrent site,great little site for dramas,horror,documentary and loadsa comedy although I agree its cosey left wing garbage now,loads of good radio horror though,fill yer boots

    • Hey Smasher –
      Question for you as you seem to know more about ye olde wireless of yesteryear than I. Back in the mid 80s, Radio 4 broadcast a play by N.C. Hunter called Waters of the Moon. The only cast member I can recall for sure was Martin Jarvis. I have been trying to track down a recording of this for many, many years. Got any tips as to where this old cunt might find it? Ta.

  10. The BBC are all homo loving, tranny loving, Muslim loving, rabbi loving, libtard lefties. They’re all perverts. There’s no comedy there. A large dose of Zyklon B wouldn’t go amiss. Now that would be funny. The CUNTS!

  11. Isn’t the term “BBC Comedy” an oxymoron these days?

    It should be called: “BBC Brexit and Trump Bashing Department for Unoriginal and Unfunny Cunts!”

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