PPI Claim Adverts

Fucking PPI Claim Adverts need a colossal cunting. The adverts that appear on every cunting newspaper site. Always the same fucking cunts on the photos, holding up a credit card or a statement or whatever fucking else the cunts think they can cunting help you with for 35 cunting percent of your fucking money.

Jesus Christ in a Zeppelin, every cunt and their ancestral cunts know about PPI and the ease you can do a claim yourself. But no, these cunts home in on the fuckwits who probably had PPI on a fucking Wonga loan and because of the fucking interest rate are owed enough to buy Porsche and Brooklyn fucking Sunny Delight for the next decade.

If not the fucking adverts then the phone calls from Bryan who is obviously working from India and using an Indian accent to try and alleviate you of your fucking hard earned by going through the list of names he has on his fucking script in the hope you are one of them. Then for a nominal fee of 35% he can helping you claiming back your PPI.

All these cunts need whipping with a sock full of piss

Nominated by Dry Itchy Cunt

20 thoughts on “PPI Claim Adverts

  1. Far as I’m concerned,any Cunt stupid enough to use one of these firms deserves being overcharged. If they are too lazy to do it themselves,well,they deserve ripping off.If they are too stupid to manage to claim themselves,well, if they’re that thick,they’ll probably spend their refund on Magic Beans or something of that ilk anyhow so what does it matter which bunch of crooks take their refunded benefit-money?

    Fuck them.

    • Sorry Old Bean my one and only bank denied all 3 of my claims,(mortgage, loan and C/card.) the vociferious fuckers at one of these companies got me back a packet, fuck knows how after my own claim (used Martin Lewis’s,) claim form failed. I know it is my own money back but with the compounded interest I was happy.

      • I’m glad that they worked for you, Toryboy. Nice to hear that someone actually gained from using them. If your own claim had failed I suppose it’s a decent idea to let one of these firms have a go. Nothing lost if they fail too.

  2. Thank fuck the deadline for claims is next August. This shit will vanish overnight. No doubt they’re already looking for something else. I see there’s already a V W claimline.

  3. Emergency counting for the BBC. They have Started a campaign against ‘heteronormative culture ‘ at the BBC. Wtf? unless i’m Very much mistaken being Heterosexual is actually errrrrrrrrr the norm? anything else is not the norm, that’s not to that means it’s de facto bad, it’s just the the fuckin norm yer fuckin idiots. Jeez gawd hep us all.

  4. This one’s my favourite:


    The incredibly helpful geezer never fails to stop me in my tracks. Trouble is, every time I phone to claim my £7000 the cunts on the other end tell me to FUCK OFF.

    So what’s it all about? They must be pissing a bundle down the shitter on those adverts!

    This country is economically mental.

  5. Have you got PPI? No, but if you ask me that question one more god damn time I’m going to piss in your eye then skull fuck you through the other.

    Bloody parasites. Washing my money for a nominal fee will you? The same class of cunts inevitably created the situation in the first place.

  6. Yep… PPI firms are a rip off. If they charged 10% instead of 25or30% we could swallow it.

    Went via the regulator & got over £10,000 back. Would’ve been £7000 otherwise. Parasitic CUNTS.

    Putting the freshness back into PPI. However I do like the Schwartzenegger tank robot.

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