Ungrateful Parents

I want to Cunt Ungrateful Parents.

I mean these spongers who whine over things like when their latest rat-faced brat can’t go to the same school as it’s siblings,,”Eh,wor poor Ebony-Charise’s nivver been apart from Romeo-Dylan, Kylie-Adele, and whatever the other ‘uns called. It’s not rite parting the bairns.”

Mother is invariably a single parent,and her brood straddle the entire spectrum in both colour and learning needs. The lazy trout doesn’t work but her hobbies include scratching lottery cards and smoking, “me tabs,eh,I cannet cope without me tabs”. Normally outfitted by Sports Direct,they slob around in “trackies” and trainers,oblivious to the revolted stares of normal people glimpsing some 20 stone,saggy-titted sea-lion dressed in exercise gear.

Father or “Baby-Daddy” is never sighted.

These people live their entire lives,and raise their pasty-faced,unhealthy,perpetually welfare-dependent brood on the taxpayers’ pound. They should be fucking grateful that they live in a country where they can choose to neither work nor want. They should be grateful that they live in a country that taxes it’s citizens to enable a feral underclass to enjoy free healthcare,free housing,free education…free fucking money, even.

The trouble is that they aren’t grateful,they are the worst group for whining that “It’s not fair, we’re entitled……..”, Entitled,apparently,to sit on their fat,lazy arses and expect other people to keep them and their appalling tribe of brats. I just wish that I was “entitled” to say “Fuck Off. I detest your greedy.irresponsible,whining dependency and refuse to contribute to a lifestyle which disgusts me.”

Fuck them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

46 thoughts on “Ungrateful Parents

  1. Good cunting Dick.
    Has everyone else had the letter which made my piss boil off? That little pie chart which gleefully explains that the majority, by a massive amount , of my taxes go to paying benefits, which doesn’t even include pensions.
    So in light of that information, fuck off benefits scroungers, and foreigners fuck even further off.

    • Aye, Duke… The piechart just should have been divided up thus:
      Bogo-Bogos (and their scores of kiddies), Eight Ace and his family of Britscum chavs,Parking Stanleys (and their hordes of offspring), and Iron Curtain Eurofilth ( as seen in Poundland)…. Went into a Poundland on Bank Holiday Monday because I heard they had an offer on electric shaver adaptors (and mine is fucked)…. It was infested with eurotrash from the eastern side of the continent… Scores of the cunts, all babbling their gibberish loudlty, blocking all the isles, their shitty kids pulling all the shit off the shelves and playing with it in the middle of the floor, and all acting like they fucking owned the place… Obviously not working (probably in there every day) and just one lot of many… I didn’t even bother to look for the adaptor, as I fucked off in disgust… Gyppo cunts to a man…

  2. The problem is the BBC and the Labour Party make them feel that they are *victims*. I have lost count of the number of feckless tarts who bemoan their fate on Tadio 4 alone (god knows Radio 1 & 2 is probably more their real area). There is always some loudmouth lardarse Labour wimmin happy to stir the pot.

    Regards that excellent description from Dick (“Mother is invariably a single parent,and her brood straddle the entire spectrum in both colour and learning needs. The lazy trout doesn’t work but her hobbies include scratching lottery cards and smoking, “me tabs,eh,I cannet cope without me tabs”. Normally outfitted by Sports Direct,they slob around in “trackies” and trainers,oblivious to the revolted stares of normal people glimpsing some 20 stone,saggy-titted sea-lion dressed in exercise gear.”. I had no idea Dick knew Mrs. Boggs lardarse neice. Lazy fat bitch can sink a whole tin of AQuality Street in an hour without breaking sweat.

    • I remember seeing a BBC documentary about how unfair universal credit was as they followed some of these benefit scroungers around. And for all of them it was the same story, they were going to get less money unless the lazy fuckers worked for 5 hours a week, if they did that they continued to get their full benefits. And I’m being told these cunts are victims because they have to work for 5 hours a week to get more money then what they would earn actually working a full time job? One was whining about how impossible that was and how she hadn’t worked in ten fucking years!

      Only way to fix this shit is to just pull the plug on the whole benefit system except for the genuinely disabled (and being fat does not count). When faced with the option of getting a job or starving it’s amazing how many people suddenly become motivated to get off their arses and contribute to society.

  3. One simple rule:
    If you cant support children you do not have children. You are not ‘entitled’, it is not a constitutional right that you are supported.

    Stick that in a manifesto and see what happens.
    As Dick eloquently says- fuck them.

    • Don’t worry, when I run that will very much be in my manifesto. Along with NHS reform (namely a purging of the unnecessary middle managers, less reliance on foreign doctors and a threat to cut the budget if they don’t start being more receptive to advice and criticism), the repeal of hate speech laws, the drafting of an official, codified constitution to stop the elites trampling all over our rights and a complete halt on immigration from the Middle East. Oh, and maybe I’d bring back capital punishment for the most serious of crimes.

      • Well, I don’t consider myself to be one – I mean, I’m certainly a liberal but I’m no lefty. Maybe that’s just because of how far left the modern left are these days. Also forgot to add that I would institute a massive rollback of the welfare state – not complete abolition, but far stricter vetting procedures so only the most vulnerable are helped with a lot less money given out to all but the most severely disabled who can’t work.

      • Yeah, my joke radar is shit at the best of times. Let alone on the internet. That I’ve been having to deal with heartburn and chest pain since breakfast probably hasn’t helped my thinking skills either.

      • @ OpinionatedCunt

        I assume by ‘liberal’ you mean something like:

        “Real (classical) liberalism is a political philosophy that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government. It developed in 18th-century Europe and drew on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the growing notion of social progress.”

        If so, #MeToo.

        Real Liberalism is as different as chalk and cheese from Libtardism.

        Confusion arises cos the cunts on the authoritarian left (libtards) have hijacked the word liberal.

      • That is indeed what I mean, RTC. Modern so-called ‘liberalism’ – or rather, libtardism – disgusts me beyond belief.

      • Will I still be able to get my tattoos removed for free OC?

        And where do you stand on slash n’ gash operations?

      • Must mean gender reassignment. Your policy might include adopting slash but dropping gash for reasons of cost?

      • Oh yes, of course. I wouldn’t want to impose laws or anything surrounding it aside from banning children from having such procedures due to personal liberty issues, but I do think people should be encouraged to try every other available route to overcome their gender dysphoria issues without having to permanently mutilate their bodies.

      • Komodo is correct.

        So do I get my gash OC? Not much point in slash if you don’t get the gash. Might as well stick to being a shemale, ffs.

  4. The problem is, anyone’s allowed to breed. They love all the attention they get while they’re pregnant, and then enjoy doing the rounds showing it to friends, relatives, workmates etc, but when the newness wears off they think they can dump it on someone else. They’re quite happy for their problem to become yours and mine.
    If you go to adopt a cat from the RSPCA they want to know your life history and inspect your house, but if someone decides they want a baby it doesn’t matter if they’re homeless, jobless, penniless or brainless, this country will pay them to do it.
    There’s lots of bad reasons for having children and only one good reason. If prospective parents were vetted beforehand to decide upon their suitability, it would save our society a whole lot of trouble and money.

    • There’s another problem. I remember reading a report years ago that the average person on benefits is only £2 a week worse off than the average person on the minimum wage. £2!! Is it really any wonder they’d rather not work?! Just as much to blame is our backwards system that allows these people to sit on their arses all day watching TV and eating crisps and chocolate. The state hasn’t given them a life. It’s robbed them of one.

  5. Dick, it seems it is as I feared. I shall be visiting your ( used to be mine )” Green And Pleasant Land ” in a couple of weeks to attend the wedding of a niece. I left for the ” Land Down Under ” 40 years ago. Despite what I think I know about how it has changed, I dread to think I am about to experience it up close and personal. It has been a while since I was there.

  6. Wow.. great Cunting Dick. Theirs a group of them getting pissed in the garden near me every day. Yes, drunk in charge of kids. I should of been born with a Fanny .

  7. Everytime I see one of these venomous harridans I always wonder if she is actually called Waynetta.

    • I was once walking through Ferryhill and I heard a mother screech at her offspring, “Gerr ‘ere now Chavney before I bray yer one.”


      I shit you not.

  8. Of course the arrival of social media and cable/satellite TV has helped these scumbags scrape even more attention for their so-called “poverty” lifestyles, and that they seem to think they should be receiving more benefits because of entitlement and that they have a shitload of kids to look after.

    On top of that they will moan about the lack of good social housing, saying they need at least a 4 or 5 bedroom house for their growing brood along with a big garden and a car or two – all of it paid for by you-know-who!

    And what is even more extraordinary is that the job centre jobworths don’t seem all that bothered demanding if these shitbags are “actively seeking work”. It’s as if they’ve given up all hope and redirected their ire on the genuine unemployed wanting constant proof that they’ve been looking for work at the risk of losing their benefits – the same benefits they have been paying into when they were working prior to redundancy.

    So with social media freely available, all of these scumbags can whinge, moan complain. Or get some cheap notoriety on shitty breakfast TV shows like Jeremy Kyle or “Benefits Street” – a show that made stars of some of the worst scumbags ever!

    Bunch of cunts!

    • Once saw a teenage chav on a documentary say (seriously!) “I’m entitled to benefits cos I pay my taxes when I buy fags”… Worra cunt…

  9. It’s only in Europe that we have liberal benefit systems. In the UK, apparently it is only ISAC connoisseurs that can see the fiscal madness of public funded fecklessness whilst hosting circa 2 million Polaks. Lefties also refuse to discuss the high levels of scroungefullness amongst peaceful and darkie communities. Work or starve is the general policy in the rest of the world. In the US, the African-Americans can be trained to use tills and say “have a nice day”. I’m sure the feeling of hunger induces this willingness to learn.

    • Lots of us can see it. We just don’t have any party or candidates outside of Ukip to truly represent us and sadly the two party system makes them winning fairly unlikely.

  10. Lived on Teesside for years. Area went downhill. I have told people the things the feral savages got up to but no one believes me, it’s so outlandish. Parts of Middlesbrough look like they’ve had an enthusiastic visit from USAF. If one of the local slagbags had taken her brood for some fine dining at KFC, by the time she got back the locals would have weighed in her radiators and set fire to the place for good measure. I know many of us here have experienced the reality, which the fucking politicians, the fucking posh Oxbridge fanny whining in the Graun, the whole fucking lot of em never have to live with.

  11. Good cunting Dick fiddler always enjoy your rants I hate ungrateful parents… the cunts then again mine were alright what you drinking lately Dick still pounding back bushmills and guinness?

    Myself I’m really getting into Mint Juleps lately, have to put my mint plants to good use before fall/winter cause thers no way in fuck i’m paying grocery store prices for fresh mint.

    Juleps and Old fashioneds with oranges are probably my new favorites as far as cocktails go bought some marachino cherries to throw in because last week I never had any. I heard marachinos ruin the taste of a old fashioned?! I guess I’m have to find out myself if they do or not, worse case scenario i’ll just use them for ice cream and mock cherry colas

  12. I had a fat chav, Waynetta type bird standing next to me at the bar. She was wearing a grey sweatshirt with the word “GUESS” emblazoned across the chest.

    I said, “Thyroid problem..? KFC Bargain Bucket..? How many guesses..?….

    • I understand that the delightful and no doubt fragrant young lady that Paul Hollywood is balling (allegedly) has as her opening conversational gambit, not as you might expect her concern over Corbyn’s position on the Customs Union, but a more prosaic, 32E if you’re wondering. Which handily, doubles as her IQ. Stay classy darling!

    • A bit disappointed. Perhaps the balloon should have shown him cuddling a blood-stained *stabee*.

      • Oh the poor poor victim. A terrible indictment of how we as a society let down the black youth. Yes Sadiq, enough about the perp, what about the stabee? Whatevs, wrong place wrong time.

      • I hope the blimp has been filled with farts, just like the subhuman cretin it has been modelled on.

  13. Does anyone remember that cunt on Question Time who berated a Tory minister for proposed tax credit cuts and said “I work bloody hard for my money”. All to thunderous leftists applause from the carefully selected bunch of cunts in the audience.

    When she said “bloody hard” she meant she runs a nail bar from home , that doesn’t turn a profit (no tax payable then I guess) and makes sure she works under 16 hours.

    I remember at the time wishing she walked under a bus on the way out of the studio but then had the thought that putting her four feral rats in care would probably cost decent members if society , like me, who pay their way, more by way of social care costs.

    She was crying whilst making her plea to the minister and clearly truly believed that she should be entitled to a shitload of free cash.

    Here’s an idea you cunt, don’t have four children an certainly don’t have four by some feckless disappearing cunt .

  14. ‘they have robbed them of one’ that’s right. We live in the Servile State. What are slaves? People who have no control of the decisions that affect their lives. We’re not in galleys being whipped by an overlord. But we are equally powerless. A soft slavery you could call it. Where the state does everything. Everything, every goddamn sodding solitary thing about this filthy modern world grates on me. Every voice I hear is excrutiating, every image I see revolts me. I stump up the stairs to bed at the end of day to silence and darkness.

  15. Why do these big old fat tabbies always have a little weedy runt in tow smoking his roll ups and looking close to death.

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