Theresa May [17]

Theresa May is still a monumental cunt…

The PM we all know and don’t love has announced plans to boost Britain’s investment in Africa after Brexit, during her first trip to the continent as prime minister….

In a speech in Cape Town, she pledged £4bn in support for African economies, to create jobs for young people….

4 billion?! Tickety fucking boo… But there’s only one (OK, three) problems with that…

1. The UK is supposed to be skint… It can’t afford decent police, a decent armed forces,
public transport is shit, health care is overran (guess why), bins aren’t emptied, libraries are closing etc…

2. Aren’t most of this lot now over here in Blighty anyway? Last March (the so-called Beast From The East) Manchester looked like a cross between the set of Zulu and Scott Of The Antarctic… Not to mention the hordes of them outside a Manchester court, ‘protesting’ because one of their ‘brothers’ had been (rightfully) sent down for rape…

3. The aforementioned dark chappies and their ‘wifeys’ don’t want to fucking work (and won’t)… They don’t have to, not with the UK lavishing free money, housing, and healthcare on them… Whatever they want, they fucking get… They want to get the cunts to work over here before they throw money at them to work over there…

So fuck off Appeaser May, you Judas cunt!

Nominated by Norman

Theresa May has got to be one of the UK’s better known cunts with a little power. She seriously misjudged the electorate when she asked them to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. She was truly cunted at the ballot box and clung to power by doing a deal with the DUP, who have members and supporters who famously nearly cunted Thatcher into an early grave, in their assassination attempt at the Brighton hotel in October 1984. I nominate that May is cunted out of power by her backstabbing cabinet following a no-deal Brexit in March 2019. She has proved worthy of her nomination following her lukewarm concern at the Grenfell tower massacre and making such Tory-out-of-touch cunty remarks like “there’s no magic money tree” in response to concerns over the Tory austerity that’s ravaged the poor since 2010.

Nominated by northerncunter

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  1. List of cuntiest,most useless British prime ministers:
    2.Ted Heaf
    3.Tory Blair
    4.Gordon “hootsman” Brown
    5.John the grey man Major

    • Ah, but in what order?

      Who at the top. Blair or May?

      Blair made decisions and changed things to suit himself.

      May has not made any decisions and has not changed anything. Frankly might as well not had a prime minister.

      • It’s true – Blair & his New Labour lickspittals are more responsible than any other administration for bringing this once great and influential country to the sorry state it’s currently in.

        But rightly or wrongly, at least he Governed.

        Maybot, on the other hand, has been awol from the role of PM from day one!

        With virtually no opposition to speak of she had the chance to do practically anything she wanted, yet at every turn she has done precisely FUCK ALL.

        Except dither and appease the 4th Reich. What an embarrassment. Does anyone even bother to listen when she opens her gob anymore?

        Q: How do you know when May is lying?
        A: When her lips are moving.

        The lights may be on but there’s nobody in office.

      • Was just about to ask that question WS 😂
        I can only name NO1 and for me it’s that Teflon coated cunt of the ages blair…..
        Although that list possess some of the most abjectly useless cunts to ever hold that office Blair’s on his own for my money..

      • Bliar has to be top. The Maybot is useless and a treasonous sellout but Bliar has a special kind of sliminess to him that is rivalled only by the absolute worst of the uber cunts like Soros and Killary. Oh, and he sent us into Iraq based on a pack of lies and false pretences. Oh, and he caused much of the politically correct multi culti shit we have in this country today. And passed the Communications Act (otherwise known as the hate speech laws).

      • BLiar is top-cunt for being so far up Sorearse’s nether regions that he’s a human sigmoidoscope.

        As many esteemed cunters have pointed out, The Maybot is just a total nonentity, a straw in the wind, being blown whichever way her masters choose to fart.
        She is indeed a fart in a colander that can’t get out for holes.

    • Tony Blair without an iota of doubt. He virtually single-handedly destroyed this country:
      Made an entire generation dependent on welfare
      Took away personal responsibility
      Expanded the public sector
      Sneakily crammed in as many immigrants as he possibly could with absolutely no policy (just to rub the Right’s faces in “diversity”)
      Sold off even more school playing fields
      Scrapped student grants
      Introduced the Human Rights Act that puts the rights of criminals before the rights of victims
      Wasted billions on 2 illegal wars
      Oversaw the highest level of taxation of the public that this country has ever known (and what have we got to show for all this tax?!)
      Sold off our gold and silver reserves at car-boot prices
      Gave all our powers away to the EU(SSR)
      And then when the people finally woke up, he just did a runner and left Gordon Brown to take all the shit for it!!! Now he’s off swanning around the world making even more millions in after dinner speeches while we’re left in this hell that he created – an unmotivated, benefit dependent shithole where an overwhelming number of people can’t speak English.
      Oh, and let’s not forget how he sidled up to Muammar Gaddafi “Lockerbie? Don’t worry about it, Colonel. It’s all water under the bridge. Now about that oil….” That cunt is the very definition of an unprincipled, self-serving opportunist.

      • Well said CMI

        Blair easily top for me. He has almost single headedly ruined this country.

        May has merely been told by the electorate to do something about it but has done nothing.

      • Its always worth a repost – for me it never has been so relevant as it is today. I have no faith in any politician / party at all. I distrust them in a way I distrust anyone who seeks to falsely lead my country down a path to war / infestation with immigrants / kowtowing to the extreme left who have not an iota of an idea of how socialism actually works / the bowing and scraping to nations who, if it wasn’t for our money, couldn’t care less for us. I watch them daily lying through their back teeth and what irks above everything else we know they are lying and they know it too. There are no viable alternatives to the current fucktards or the fucktards in waiting God forbid that we should ever see another Liebour administration in my children’s children’s lives. I have a vote but nowhere to cast it. Not one of them is worthy of it – and therein lies a dilemma for anyone who just wants a centralist government who do what they say they are going to do, give preference to the indigenous peoples of this country, make sensible decisions on my behalf and is as proud of this country of mine as I am. I want the whole of England to be looked after the way Londonistan is looked after and route out the cunts who hate my country and do their utmost to turn this country into the shitholes they left to come here. Nothing will be achieved by words and in the case of the EU only great achievements will be made preceded by chaos. If we fuck this up or rather it is fucked up by design our kin and future generations will look back on the decisions we made that gave them a future of which they wont be proud and a country to be even less proud of. Populated by the mud coloured new Europeans of Kalergis plan and the master of that plan Soros and his globalist cohorts. Millard Caldwell’s words were never so true as they are today.
        “”A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the carrier of the plague.””

        Cicero’s Prognosis, Millard Caldwell

      • Vote UKIP mate. They’ve become a serious political party now and as far as I’m concerned they’re saying all the right things and despise the political correctness that has infested our society. And they’ve grown really fast in the past few months because of it. At the start of July they had 3,000 members but now they’ve got over 24,000.

      • Oh so true Cunto. ” Silk Hat, minus Horns & Tail, but still same Evil Lecherous Pig.”

      • Funny how certain people conveniently carked when they got in his way or were about to spill the beans.

        John Smith
        Robin Cook
        Dr David Kelly

        To name just three.

      • To paraphrase the words of the late great Oliver Hardy,

        “I have nothing further to say.”

        Except that Frank Field did the right thing this afternoon telling the Liebour fascists he was off and to get fucked.

      • That just about sums it up CMI
        Blair’s untouchable for cuntitude over an extended period……

    • Wot, no Jim Callaghan? Then again, as useless as he was, his talent for sheer ineptitude is massively outdone by the cuntitude of the five utter shitbags on the list.

      But whilst every member of that quintet can rightfully claim to be a first-class cunt, there can be no doubt that one stands head and (sadly attached, some might say) shoulders above all others. For this man took us into a needless war that cost many lives, delighted in transforming the UK from a relatively civilised and harmonious nation into a seething multicultural cesspit, embraced the outmoded and dangerous European Convention on Human Rights and pardoned IRA murderers whilst leaving squaddies open to prosecution.

      Fellow cunters, I give you Tony Blair. And you are welcome to him.

      • If I was allowed to I would find Tony B Liar and string him up upside down by his ballsack before kicking his fucking head in. I have a seething, visceral hatred of that man the likes of which I don’t even have for the likes of Diane Abbott, John McDonnell or Hillary Clinton. My hatred for him is rivalled only by McCain and Soros.

      • Oh, and I would invite the people around me to kick his head in too. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any shortage of people willing to do so.

      • I wouldn’t allow you to. Until I’d had first kick. And several more. And a short pause to think what I could do to him that would really meet the needs of the moment. You’d probably get in while I was thinking. There are so many possibilities, even if I restrict myself to those based on very slow evisceration and skinning.

  2. I would cunt this useless lying treacherous spineless bitch every day of the week but fully appreciate it would become tedious for others.

    There is no logic in anything she does, and I truly believe she hasn’t got a fucking clue what she is doing.

    I wonder how many people in this country agree with the £4b donation to stimulate economic growth in Africa? Very few I would suspect, the first thought is what about the Indigenous population of this country, who are continually lied to about the country not having any money.

    I must have been totally naive to have believed a single word of hers when first appointed as prime minister.

    A weak and pathetic individual who I am ashamed of as our political leader. She certainly does not represent the values or qualities of anyone I know, and who like myself believe she has turned this country into nothing more than a weak and feeble laughing stock to the outside world.

    • Well done that man. A cunting should be factual and that was an incredible factual cock up. In blowsy Brighton at the time and the bang was mind blowing followed by silence then the seagulls started up followed by an endless scream orf sirens and the bitter smell of explosives and dust all over town. Took me old arse doine there and fuck me, nothing like it since the war. IRA hid a bomb behind panelling in her bathroom at the Grand Hotel. Never disclosed how the cunts got in there.

  3. One point of fact.
    It was the IRA, now Sinn Fein, who tried to kill Thatcher not the Unionists who may be a bunch of cunts but not in the same league as Adams and his murderers.
    Africa, now there is an inspired choice of partner. Corrupt top to bottom. Hardly a functioning democracy on the whole continent. Leaders who have a shameful disregard for their people. Scratch the surface and primitive savagery soon shows itself.
    The only hope for the whole shithole is re-colonisation. Unfortunately for the Africans, it will be China who does it. And they certainly don’t give a fuck for Africans.

    • May even defended South Africa’s current policy of simply stealing land from white farmers and giving them absolutely no compensation because they’re not breaking any laws thanks to them changing their constitution to allow it… UKIP and Trump seem to be the only politicians with the balls to call out South Africa for this bullshit and not to mention how the country’s white farmers are getting murdered a lot now also.

      • I can’t recall seeing anything about the murder of – theft of property from – the white farmers on the BBC. I’ve had to view Australian and Canadian documentaries to find out.

  4. But surely she’s merely the figurehead for the people pulling her strings, the presenter in a worthless show.
    After all, you only ever see the actor cunts on fillum, not the director/producers/crew, etc. Surely instead of cunting any senior politician, we should be cunting those fuckers behind the scenes who are actually controlling everything, the captains of industry, the central bankers, Timmy Mallett, etc.
    That said, much like a traffic warden, it’s a cunt’s job, bring a politician, and only a cunt would want to do it.

  5. I think you are being needlessly unkind, Cuntstable. The Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair has governance and implementation advisors in several African countries, who are leading these states to equal if not surpass the democratic values, freedoms and absence of corruption for which the West is more generally known (I winced slightly as I typed that, true). A shining example being Rwanda, which is run by Paul Kagame, whose third term as leader was endorsed by 98.7% of the population, along with a similar mandate for him to seek re-election until 2034. Obviously to achieve this level of democracy, it is necessary to imprison opposition leaders on a routine basis, and Kagame, advised by Tony, does not shrink from doing so. Or hunting them down and killing them after they have fled the country.

    We gave Rwanda £64M last year in aid. Kagame’s Rwanda (40% financed by aid, in total) earlier this year did a deal with Arsenal FC to advertise the country on its strip, which cost £30M. Go figure.

  6. In the news today ( daily fucking mail ) Macron and Barnier capitulate , and offer concessions even to the point that the Chequers deal may be accepted.

    A game. A fucking game contrived and upholstered from the start. The bitch is about to shaft the country and donate another £40 billion to her EU chums across the channel.

    If true, then I wince at the prospect of her demise. Painful. Very Painful! Indeed very fucking painful!

    • Almost as painful as the sight of her saggy face.
      She has become a caricature of her useless self.
      I wonder how many eucunts will be found suffocated up her back passage…

    • Precisely… First of all our treacherous 5th Columnist Government (in league with the EU) lower the country’s expectations of Brexit to MINUS ZERO, then up pop Macron & Barnier right on cue to offer a meagre pre agreed ‘concession’ or two (just like Cameron came back with before the Referendum) and hey presto! the EU have compromised big time and given us a great deal – the bar has been raised to ZERO – we’re back on track folks, drinks all round, hand over the £40 billion golden handshake, worth every last penny, Brexit means Brexit… REJOICE!


      • Spot on, ASA
        They make it all look like it’s happening in actual time whereas this script was written a long time ago. Churn over the same shit for over two years, make the public exhausted, bored, frustrated with every aspect, be adversarial as much as possible, offer a paltry amount, refuse everything, watch the public become flat-lined and so indifferent they’ll beg for a solution then POW 💥…a diluted deal that pleases nobody but handshakes and shit-smiling grins for the BBC headlines.

        Cunts, all of them.

  7. A blue whale’s vagina is so large that 7 seven people can lie in it side by side. That makes it the world’s second biggest cunt after Treason May.

  8. Guess who persuaded the Sarf Afrikaans to abandon there land grab nonsense? The DONALD!

    • He may be a cunt but at times Big Don is an effective cunt. One piece orf fake news that all snowflakes hate him is good enough for me.

      • The disgraceful behaviour of the snowflakes is exactly what caused me to flip my position on Trump. I was aghast when he won the election because I was still at least partly in thrall to the media hysteria surrounding him but I’m so disgusted by how the cunts treat not only Trump and his supporters but anyone who isn’t a progressive that I’ve actually grown to quite like him.

  9. Bugger me the comments section has gorn all bold me dears. Pourquoi? All a trifle over assertive for one orf delicate parts. Writing this hoopla to check if Yours Truly can still post. Had me email fucked and suspended by Microsoft due to its use for multiple spam attacks unknownst to me good self. Disabled toilets all over again.

  10. I was sad to hear that Frank Field has resigned the Labour whip. He seems like one of the sensible (and pro Brexit) members of Labour.

    Owen Jones will be thrilled! OJ’s been campaigning for the deselection of Kate Hoey and Frank Field – and for the sacking of Nigel Farage from LBC.

    Owen Jones… what is he FOR? What a useless, whining Professional Victim. I hate the twat! He needs cunting daily – no, hourly. CUNT!

  11. Yeah, Field, Hooey, Skinner, Mann……all old school Labour and rapidly acquiring dinosaur status. People like them will never be selected as a Labour candidate again.

  12. More bloody money being given away. Africa won’t use it on their economies it’ll be used for the local warlords to buy weapons

  13. Top, middle and bottom of the league for shite priminister goes to Blair who in my eyes has done more to destroy the country and what it is to be English than all of the invaders that came here over the years. Tragic that the twat who rogered us senseless was on the inside. CUNT

  14. Anybody who believes the EU brexit negotiations have been done in good faith is either a simpleton or complete cunt!!
    It’s been nothing more than a pantomime with many cunts playing their parts!!
    At some point the hunchback will claim an amazing victory which of course is utterly ludicrous….. it’s starting to resemble Star Wars! Obi wan ( farage) where are you?? 😂😂

  15. “By helping the least advantaged we are helping everybody.”

    Oh fuck off Mavis, you’re not talking to a bunch of Libtards. 4 billion quid of our money for African dictators to spend on Rolls Royces, helicopters and guns. It’s a fucking bribe so your rich mates can get their grubby hands on Africa and exploit the “least advantaged”.
    Too late Mavis. Mr Chong from the Chinese takeaway got there before you.
    Outsmarted and outmanoeuvred YET AGAIN. Just fuck off Mavis you useless sack of shit.

    • Sack of shit? 😂
      Fucking love it ….
      it’s possibly the blithering idiot could lose a general election to Steptoe!!
      Labour should be 20 points up in the polls such is the hunchbacks ineptitude!! Its only catweazel that’s keeping things looking balanced , mays a clueless cunt Corbyns a dangerous one………

  16. Got to be Bliar, the cunt for all time, the cunt to end all cunts.
    Ted “Roger the cabin boy” Heath second and Teresa “Zelda out of Terrahawks” May a close third.
    But then there’s Major, Brown, Callaghan, Wilson and even the Iron Lady herself, of whom I was never a fan but voted for because the alternatives were too ghastly to contemplate.
    The filling in a massive shit sandwich, every last fucking one of ’em…

    • Major was a caricature of a “not inconsiderable” degree of bungling ineptitude hitherto unknown within No. 10; a male forerunner of Mavis.

      And, yes, he was also a cunt.

      I wonder if, pace the old “If” cartoons in The Groaniad, he wears his Y-fronts outside his trousers. I bet he is, in any case, a dribbling inco.

  17. Blair was the most treacherous and dangerous.

    May is clearly the worst.

    Africa for fuck’s sake!

    She wants Brexit to fail and clearly wants the economy to follow so that we cry to get back in on the EU Ponzi scheme.

    Why go for deals with the USA, China, India or even the Russians for fuck’s sake when you can have Africa!?! Is she fucking MAD!!!

    Most of Africa is a basket case run by despot dictators who I no more trust than the emails from their ilk to let me know I’m the Crown Prince of Wakanda!

    She needs to go before she gifts Steptoe, the DFS leather sofa and McNationalise the keys to No 10 and then we’re proper fucked!

    Useless fucking cunt she is!

  18. It’s a real pity we can’t bring Thatcher back from the dead. Or even her corpse would be more use than May.
    The lefties hated Thatcher, still do, but when she left office the measure of the divide between the rich and poor was at its smallest. When Blair left power, the poor were poorer and the rich even richer.

  19. 15 or so years ago, Broon came back from some African jolly to say he was “pledging” (moral compass cunt) £5bn to “education in Africa”. £5bn of OUR money!! And by the way Gordon, you fat boz-eyed bastard, that’s fucking worked hasn’t it…

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