Eastern Europeans

Our town like many others has a major infestation of Eastern Europeans.

Completely understand they want a better life and it is primarily the fault of Tony Blair and the EU that they are here.

It has got to the point however that in our town centre that on two recent trips, apart from the checkout women I did not hear one person speaking English.

Our local curry shop is opposite a Portuguese coffee cafe (the cafe was asked by the local council/police to remove a NO ENGLISH sign), which itself is next to a Turkish restaurant and dodgy Eastern Eiropean men’s barbers. In fact this particular part of town has many cafes, barbers and ethnic food shops catering for our new arrivals. Tonight when having a meal was able to watch the behaviour of the cunts standing outside. All smoking, with disregarded cigarette buts thrown into the road or on the pavement. Cars parked on the double yellow lines. Men walking in the middle of the road forcing cars to slow down or stop. Lots of handshaking going on and loud shouting at each other. Mainly men, scruffy fuckers with tattoos and no manners.

These cunts are clearly not doctors or essential NHS personnel as the government would have us believe and as far as I can see have fuck all to offer this country. They clearly do not want to fit in with the locals, have no respect for those living here and act as though they own the place. They open their own shitty coffee bars, food shops and ethnic food shops which are no use to anyone but themselves. Pissed off about being continually asked in supermarket car parks whether I want my car cleaned. No you fuckers, quite capable of doing that myself. All cash in hand. Under the radar.

But it is the sheer fucking number of the cunts that I have a problem with, they are fucking everywhere and have taken over the housing in several areas of our town. And some groups of immigrants are not getting on with others resulting in street fights.

My wife told me recently she saw an Eastern European woman (she can tell by their clothes) squatting in the middle of the pedestrianised high street (outside M&S) urinating on the pavement. FFS.

Last year our local police commissioner said he was staggered by the disproportionately large number of crimes committed by Eastern Europeans, and the number that already had convictions in the home country (not picked up by the border control).

About three years ago had to fight to get our son into our local school despite living in catchment. First time EVER children in our catchment area could not get into their local school. The reason being that despite living in the same house for 25 years and both daughters attending the school up against immigrants who have been in the country for five minutes who cannot speak the fucking language and needed translators (at the taxpayers expense) have the same rights as the locals do, albeit have not paid into our system and have not been waiting in line like the rest of us.

Have never considered myself to be a racist and judge people as I find them. I am after all married to a Japanese lady.

But I can say in all honestly that I am fucking sick and tired and fed up to the back teeth with Eastern European immigrant cunts. No skills, no manners, no respect and not fucking wanted.

Anyone who tells me that immigration in its current form is good for this country is either ignorant, a liar or is only about the money and fuck everything else.

Nominated by Willie Stroker

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  1. Blame those who would see us all destroyed for their sentimental bullshit and world of lies. You know who I mean.

    Pretending is real!

  2. I hear you Willie and feel your frustration.
    I feel I have to partially defend the Poles, though. Over the past year, I’ve employed 3 Poles and a Hungarian to fill roles that the bone-idle locals simply wouldn’t, despite being offered pretty good money.
    The roles they’ve filled have become available because I’ve had to let people go, mostly because of laziness, poor timekeeping, obvious skiving (Mondays and Fridays off).
    The 4 east europeans (2 birds, 2 blokes) are some of the nicest, most hardworking, never moaning people I’ve ever met. They’re just really nice.
    And this is coming from someone who would never, ever employ a peaceful, an Um Bongo or a proper fatso.

    • Why are there so many fit eastern EU women but the old ones look like they have been through a mincer?

    • Agree Thomas, Mrs Fistula is Polish and she works a lot harder than my lazy old arse. Most Poles ( not all of them ) are hard working , good time keepers and polite . Some Poles i work with are over qualified for the job but are willing to do menial work to feed there families and maintain dignity unlike a lot of self entitled cunts here. They come from a culture where if you don’t work you don’t eat, thats why all the lazy thieving migrants don’t go to Poland, they come here. It tends to sharpen the mind when you are out of work and benefits are minimal for a ltd period of time. Maybe it should be put in place here ? Oh, and there are no Peacefuls in Poland. Because of their strong Catholic faith they will not tolerate any Peaceful cunts being sent by Merkel and co, it would result in a blood bath.

      • The Poles tend to integrate more into our society unlike Romanians and other assorted iron curtain wogs, and and soon it will be the fucking Turks if we don’t get out of the eu sharpish. But i do agree with Willie that Blighty is over crowded and no matter where there from our infrastructure cannot cope with them all.

      • Spot on, FF, and Mr. CuntEngine, and good morning to you both.

        Generally Romanians and Albanians heavily into drug dealing, gun running and people trafficking/pimping. Although I’ve noticed an alarming appearance of Latvian and Lithuanian names cropping up in the murder and rape stakes…

    • Fair comment TTCE, I would do the same in your position.

      My wife worked with a Portuguese girl in England for several years and whilst she said she spoke very little English said was a fantastically hard worker. Coming from Japanese Mrs Stroker, a compliment indeed. She said a much better worker than English workers.

      Think this country is too soft on young people, they know there is always a safety net there if they need it.

      In the 1970’s my late father was very friendly with an elderly Polish gentleman who lived opposite. My father would disappear for hours and eventually return home when we were in bed asleep, I suspect rather worse for wear.

      Told me that the neighbour had a very hard time in the 2nd World War, and some of the things that happened to him and his family.

      Since then have had a respect for the Polish, and from what I have heard consider them to be good workers.

      Perhaps I should have more correctly entitled my nomination not so much as Eastern Europeans, rather Mass Eastern European Immigration.

      I was pretty angry when I wrote it.

    • When I read this cunting, I immediately thought “this guy lives in Norfolk/Suffolk”. Then I saw it was Willie; QED.

      Whilst I agree with Willie (used to have a place near Wisbech with same infestation), Thomas is right about the paradox that our EU friends make good workers.

      The answer is, of course, to not give citizenship, benefits, education or healthcare to migrant workers. Oh, and make indigenous dole scum do the work. Work or starve should be the system….

  3. Sounds like your talking about crawley that’s just outside gatwick……. Fucking full of them lazy bastards and there Cafe and poxy shops!!! They have taken over the housing as you say and most of the jobs at the airport and they are fucking lazy too!!! The crime has gone up in crawley over the past 5 years and you can tell that it’s become a shit hole during that time but it’s been going down hill since 2004………isnt that the time when the beasts from the east were allowed in?

  4. The ‘four freedoms’ of the EU – in goods, capital, services and labour – have had the effect of increasing the wealth of the already wealthy. Basic supply and demand suggests that more of something makes it worth less; gold is worth far more than silver. More low skilled people has the inevitable effect of lowering wages for low skilled jobs. This is not a ‘racist’ point and to suggest otherwise betrays either a deep ignorance of economics or of the English language.

    I don’t know if anyone else saw the story in the Sunday Times yesterday about wealthy people in parts of London paying for private police. Neoliberalism at its finest – the poor get fucked by austerity and the rich can afford to pay for protection against cutbacks in budgets. I’ve posted the link to the story…


    • The poor aren’t fucked by “austerity” because that isn’t happening, the poor are fucked by liberal values which exist to benefit the rich and fuck the poor.

      By the way all the money has gone to care for the elderly middle class who live longer than the elderly lower classes. Their children are too busy campagning for other ways to screw over the lower classes, like legalising cannabis or making being honest illegal, to even pretend to give a shit about their parents.

      Remember, the new prosperity morality is for the prosperous only. Don’t believe anything they say. The hard working honest man has been fucked for 3 generations, and now there is only lies.

    • Anyone remember OCP from Robocop.

      Parts of London are already like Old Detroit and this private police force will only get bigger.

  5. *** Today’s Radio 4 PROJECT SCARE Story ***

    Average household expenditure on carrots and onions set to increase by £7 a month following Brexit.

    • We get carrots from my dad, who grows his own, so fuck radio 4 😁
      Morning everyone …

      • I love Brussels Sprouts…Maybe post-Brexit, they will not be available. Given their apparent lack of poulatity, maybe this should be pointed out before the “People’s Vote” – even more would vote to leave…
        Sadly sprouts only worth eating after a good frost, but when I do, I shall think of Caroline Lucarse, and stick all the excess methane into my storage tank.
        At least I won’t need to buy mercaptoethanol to make it stink.

    • Morning RTCP!
      Thanks for that information,
      Just going to Tesco’s to stock up! 😂😂

      • Morning Q.

        I don’t eat carrots, so I’m alright Jack.

        Onions on the other hand, well that’s a whole different ball game!

        If it wasn’t for borderless access via Ireland we’d be well fucked!


      • Fuck me spending to increase by £7 a month on onions and carrots alone. Bought some carrots and onions in Aldi yesterday for 45p and 29p respectively, still have some left. I would have to eat carrots for fucking breakfast with a few onions in my tea for my spending to increase by that amount each month. More BS from the Al-BBC.

    • Interestingly the same £7 a month increase was reported on Sky News but they said it was due to smaller crops because of the heat wave.

      Trust the BBC to twist the same story around so they can blame Brexit. Leftie undemocratic cunts.

      • Just checked the BBC website report and they don’t mention Brexit there either… but at least one cunt interviewed on the Today Programme about the issue definitely tied Brexit in with it.

        Slippery scumbags.

    • Oh yeah, because we totally don’t grow carrots and onions in Britain don’t we… Cunts.

  6. As I was reading your heartfelt cunting Willie, I thought you might live in the same town as me. The languages, the behaviour, the disregard and disrespect, the loud volume, and the sheer number of them. On further reading though, it seems like you’re about 15 or 20 years behind my area in the South East.
    During the daytime, you hear about 50% East European voices, loud and often raging. A constant dooshka-dooshka, dooshka-dooshka. Listen out for the word “Korrh-vah” which is the worst Polish swear and is used every sentence. Apparently it’s similar in other languages, be they Baltic or Balkan. They work at fruit-picking, cash-in-hand, whilst receiving benefits and housing. Either that or they’re “working” washing cars or food delivery, all while claiming benefits.

    The Lithuanians fight the Polish in drugs wars but also have a big hand in prostitution. Albanians, when not pretending to be Italians, actually have the stronghold in the drugs business, a proper nationalnetwork. They smuggle in illegals to work their Hand Car Washes – people who don’t exist and are free to roam about due to their invisibility.

    By far the most devious are the Romanians. Often connected to gypsy camps, they are constantly on the nick. If it isn’t nailed down, they’ll acquire it. They often work as cleaners, “cleaning” your office or premises. They are the most frequent burglars. The Romanian word for ‘stealing’ is “Chub-cherrub.”

    Watch out for the group of three or four dirty-looking men who’ll congregate at the end of roads drinking cans of cheap, Polish lager, peppering the floor in fag butts and spit. Get more used to seeing those fuckers..

    They all moan about Britain and talk up their homelands but they won’t leave, not while they’re working the system. The essence of society has permanently changed and Britain has become the worse for it.

      • It makes a lot of Polish blanche when they hear it. I suppose one person’s “cunt” is another person’s “Goodness me.” I hear it all day, every day.

  7. As barnier always loves to tell us the “ four freedoms “ of the EU are indivisible, they talk about this as if it was decreed by god himself, I’m not sure if any other free trading and cooperation agreements around the world include FMOP? , as cmc says basic economics of supply and demand effect the price of everything, produce less of something people want or need and the price will climb, saturation will lead to a downturn, it’s the same with the workforce which can be easily manipulated by FMOP.
    Big business loves this idea as it gives them a seemingly never ending supply of workers, if you don’t fancy working for low wages they have a huge pool of people ready to take your place.
    Although the EU say these rules are non negotiable they are always open to letting in new members who don’t actually meet their financial compliance? These new members haven’t got money but they have another currency equally valuable an abundance of workers with low expectations to fuel the factories of Germany and the U.K. etc
    Don’t expect this to change as the political class and big business go hand in hand, to use one of Cleggs favourite expressions “ pulling up the drawbridge and throwing away the keys” is happening but not in the way that deceitful Cunts says……
    The people that pay the price of this are working class Brits who can’t find school places, dentist, doctors or a decent pay packet!
    Whist FMOP exists this situation will not change….

  8. I couldn’t agree more Willie and how can it be racist when the majority of blockers are white European Christians?

    I’m not anti-immigration but I am anti pointless immigration. And 99% of immigration into the UK is currently pointless, i.e., of no benefit whatsoever – whether culturally or financially – to the UK.

    We’re paying these cunts cash in hand to do jobs that “no one else wants to do” whilst also paying them benefits as well as the indigenous Kyle scum who should be doing those jobs under the threat of NO MONEY!

    If we had a leader with some backbone to mobilise those workshy cunts there’d be no need for any pointless immigration.

    The country cannot keep throwing money at supply when it can NEVER meet demand and so we have to change the equation from the demand side.

    Since 2001 the UK population has grown by 6.5 million people. 82% of that increase is down to pointless migration.

    But hey don’t take my common sense word for it, try a professor:


    • Fuck me thats a truly frightening statistic.At this rate in a few years we will be the skint version of Monaco,where 85% of the cunts are foreigners.Civil war anyone?

    • Unbelievably according to fopdoddle Hillary Benn that huge influx of people has had absolutely no negative impact on housing?
      Hasn’t made a jot of difference?

      • I have commuted from the Northeast to the Southeast on a weekly basis – off and on – since 2002.

        As I’m a cunt I would rather leave at stupid o’clock in the morning than sit in cunt traffic.

        Back in 2002 I could leave at 4am and be at my destination between 7am and 7.30am (before the main traffic hit – just how I liked it). In 2007 when I returned leaving at 4am meant getting there between 8.30am and “whenever” as the glut of traffic now started at 6.30am. So I had to leave at 3.30am.

        Now in 2018 I have to leave at 3am for the same run and now most of my A1 trip is 3 lanes and a lot of my M1 trip is 4 lanes and even when I hit the M1 at junction 32 around 4.45am it’s STILL absolutely chocca!

        Then when I hit the cunt territories of the Southeast to go from J13 to J10 takes an hour no matter what time you get there. J13 down is also 4 lanes and it’s just a car park!

        So for some lickspittle Govt toady cunt to say that immigration has NO affect is just lies pure and simple.

        Just looking at the roads alone (and you can’t drive more than one car at a time can you – ergo there has to be more people in cars to drive them) gives a great indicator of the strain our infrastructure is under, and that applies equally for any shared/communal resource.

        Also throwing supply at this problem (more lanes in this instance) has done NOTHING to ease congestion because the number of cars extra over that period has not only absorbed the extra capacity it has exceeded it. More proof that we can only affect change in Supply Vs Demand by targeting the demand side of the equation.

        Just complete and utter head in the sand bullshit!

        If a man is bitten in half by a Great White shark, don’t fucking tell me he died of a head cold you CUNTS!

        As much as you politico cunts think the great unwashed are idiots, we’re not you know, we know exactly what the fuck is going on you CUNTS!

        We may not have the Oxbridge degrees but one thing we do have – much lacking in Cuntminster – is common sense!

        So if you Govt cunts could move away from looking at the problem part of the problem and get to the solution part of the problem then it would be appreciated.

        I.e. do your fucking job you useless Govt CUNTS! And start thinking more about your own then every other undeserving wet-back here legally or not!

      • The crooked way they’ve handled Brexit /immigration makes the MPs expenses scandal look like an innocuous vicar’s tea party!

      • I admire your fortitude,Rebel.Compared to your journey mine was a tiddler.I used to drive from Norf Landon down to Walton on Thames,used to leave at 5am and still took me at least 2 hours,return trip was even worse.Stuck it out for 6 years coz the job was super cushy and paid well.By the end of it I had become a 40 a day smoker out of sheer frustration and boredom,having previously managed to stop the tobacco for 4 years.Im convinced the experience is what turned me into my present condition of being a complete layabout.

      • Quis, the answer is…”Because Hillary Benn is a cowardly cunt.” If his father were alive, he would’ve divorced him, cut him out of the family will, or put him in an orphanage for deluded wimps.

    • That’s a good little video, Rebel Without a Cunt. I’d share it on farcebook – if I wasn’t already banned.

      • Rebel, the effect on air quality of all that traffic is hurting us all.

        More people, more cars and lorries, more pollution and waste. More green spaces built on, more trees (our *green lungs*) felled. Our native wildlife crowded out.

        The simple things we hold dear, the things money can’t buy. Everyone needs a bit of their own space and fresh clean air.

      • There was a documentary on the other day about the M1. Back when it was built, in the late 50’s, it was designed to carry around 14,000 cars a day. It’s now 300,000.

  9. We got hordes of them. Some are ok people and some are just cunts. What I have noticed is when there’s a group of three or more they often strut round like conquering invaders.

    You get groups of them strutting around the supermarkets with a case of beer like they just killed a man eating tiger.

    Why we import cunts when we breed enough of our own is mind boggling. Well until you remember they push house prices and rent up and wages down. Immigration is good for the economy of the very rich and liemore sees imported votes.

    Enoch Powell was right, he just didn’t foresee the scale of the problem

  10. I’m from the Islamic Republic of Blackistan Willie, I haven’t lived there for years but do go back and it’s unfuckungbelievable what’s happening.

    The former Mrs McCuntface works for a Charidee that helps out with these locusts and the stories I would hear about the huge social problems they bring with their swarms is being deliberately unreported.

    Yet again though the problems are pushed into the poor areas of Towns where theres always been problems so nothing to see here, move along now.

    But I agree it’s the pressure on school places and NHS waiting times where the Libtards are exposed.

    By and large the British public aren’t stupid and they know what’s going on and that’s why we got Brexit.

  11. When half the fucking critics of brexit are filthy eastern europeans and minority cunts from africa and the middle east you have to wonder just how phony and united the EU truly is, good cunting Willie

    • There are a few documentaries on youtube by *respected* news agencies about the murder of white farmers and their families in South Africa. You won’t hear anything about it on our £145/year BBC.

      • Yes this is excellent documentary work by Lauren Southern on this very subject.

        It’s on for 1h15mins but is worth a watch.


        Never mentioned on one main news agency in Britain and only on Fox in the states.

        Now imagine if the chromatographic implications were reversed. I doubt you’d hear about anything else!

      • I watched the first half of that last night. But I turned off after that woman – the crime scene cleaner – talked about the young boy being drowned in a bath of scalding water. Might watch the second half tonight. I suppose you heard about Lauren not being allowed into the UK:


        I think Katie Hopkins was gathering information about this when she was taken ill. Katie had a grand mal seizure in the street and was given ketamine to control the fits. The media here gave the slant that she had been found drugged-up. It’s hard for me to know what to believe any more.

      • Yes I did know, implicitly so as the reason for her non-admission – surprise surprise – was down to a bunch of “offended” (my heart bleeds you murderous cunts) “peaceful” cunts moaning at her wearing a “Mohammed was Gay” T-shirt in Lutonistan.

        The local AL-BEEB only covered this aspect – again surprise surprise – and not what prompted this publicity stunt.

        Well the reason was this: prior to Lauren’s stunt, cunts in the region were happily going around with “Jesus was Gay” T-shirts on and no fucker from the Govt to the locals to the diocese gave a fuck because the indigenous religion of this country no longer matters.

        Southern was merely returning the favour to our SnackBar friends to see what reaction THAT elicited from the locals.

        Well quite obviously there was outrage, support from the police and Government, resulting in Southern’s ejection and being banned from entering the UK.

        Well that’s totally fair and equal isn’t it!?!

        I’d just like to know why we appease these murderous cunts at every turn, no matter what!?!

        It’s a national disgrace it really is.

      • Lauren’s an intelligent, articulate and attractive young woman. She should go far in journalism. But not at the BBC – being a straight white Christian female.

  12. Ironic then that Eastern Europe in general is leading the way in the fight against the single, number one threat posing the destruction of the entire continent – the cult of eye-slime. Maybe it’s their lefty-aligned rabble that came here in their droves?

  13. “Building for the future in memory of Stephen Lawrence: Voices of youth in architecture will come to the fore at the annual lecture given in honour of the murdered teenager
    Stephen Lawrence had dreamed of being an architect before his death in 1993 ”

    I suspect that Stephen Lawrence had dreamt of many things,but I don’t think that architecture would be one of them.
    I wonder why all these Darkies pick “Architect” as a profession when asked “Occupation” while being charged at the local police-station? I mean I know that they can’t say “Dead-beat Dad,drug-runner,pimp,etc”, but surely they can come up with something more credible than “Architect”?

    • Maybe they are confusing it with designing and BUILDING a drugs empire ?
      Always prefacing the word architect with aspiring……
      I’m aspiring to be a billionaire…😂

    • You know, I’ve reached the conclusion that there is a great deal of difference between your recently imported inner city Um Bongo and ones that live in small provincial towns.
      Yesterday in car park, my lad asked me what’s under the bonnet of a car so I showed him and whilst doing so, the fellow in the car next to mine came back with his wife and kids (all blacker than the ace of spades).
      He enquired if there was anything wrong and did I need a jump start, so I explained what I was doing. He had an old Audi coupe and was quite the car nut, like myself.
      A very pleasant few minutes we spent chatting (he didn’t talk in the idiotic black way either) about old cars until his missus* was getting impatient and off he went.
      Why the fuck can’t all darkies be like that? They’d have a far better time in life.
      * I did get the feeling that his wife wanted to eat my son, though.

      • I can never hear what they’re saying over the noise of my dogs growling and the whirring of my tazer if they get too close. I’m sure that the one masquerading as an electricity man who wanted to “read my meter” was quite delightful if I could have just deciphered the gurgles after giving him the old stun-gun treatment. The involuntary evacuation of his bowels when hit with a high voltage charge rendered
        his already rather dubious charms almost non-existent, I’m afraid.

      • Lucky you had your stun gun, Mr F…I’d wager that jig would’ve turned your dogs into bushmeat in a trice.

      • “He had an old Audi coupé…”

        Tommy, did you buy any Class As or fake gold watches from him?

      • Are you sure he wasn’t a blacked up Morris dancer Thomas?

        IMHO it’s culture that’s the problem, not colour.

    • Is there a specialist field in architecture for mud huts, humpees and shantytowns?

  14. You live Iin Boston too Willie?

    Probably not. If just all sounds so fucking familiar.

      • Sounds like my town, and probably everyone else’s too. Walk round in the afternoon, lots of foreign languages being spoken, or rather shouted. None of them are working.
        Which vacancies are our beloved leaders bringing them here to fill? Maybe it’s border control because no-one appears to be doing that job.

      • So, my teachers were right all along I really did, and still do, need to pay more attention!

  15. Not too sure on this one. Round here there’s a parking stanley infestation, a big one. A really fucking big one.
    I’ll trade you any day of the week.

    • Lutonistan has both.

      The usual Papa San “peaceful” leading a xylophone of kids with a letterbox bringing up the rear. And the Africunt “peaceful” cunts.

      Or you get the borsht munchers.

      Unless they’re of West Indies descent (who are decent folk in the most part) the only British accent you’ll here in Luton Town centre is either a beggar or a homeless trying to bum a fag.

      Yes that’s how much the indigenous population of the UK matters to our politician cunts!

  16. I don’t have a problem with Eastern Europeans except perhaps the odd Romanian or Roma.
    The local economy would collapse without them. They all, by and large, work. Jobs the locals wont do.
    They have turned a run down part of the local town into a bright, noisy place full of life. Busy pubs and shops.
    They have pissed the peacefuls off mightily by settling in an area that was predominantly peaceful, with drab letter boxes shuffling behind their owners. They like a drink or 3 or more and can be a handful but they are not alien. Unlike some of their neighbours.
    I know from experience that they are good workers. Some of the women are crackers.
    So for once, I don’t go along with this cunting.

    • I respect everyone’s opinion on this site, my comments are down to personal experiences where I live, the direct impact this has had on my family and the total unfairness and stupidity of it all.

      How can it be fair that someone who has NEVER paid into the British economy, who may well have a criminal record and who cannot speak one fucking word of English (and needs a British taxpayer translator) be given the same rights as someone who was born here, does not have any form of criminal record (apart from three parking tickets and two minor speeding tickets) and has paid many tens of thousands into the system since the 1970’s be afforded the same rights (or greater) and access to local services as my family and I?

      I am not racist and have no problem with immigration in the slightest, however expect those that come here should have something meaningful and worthwhile to contribute to our society. Those people from outside the EU are given a pretty tough time of things if they want to come and work in this country, and it can prove to be very lengthy and expensive process. I know two highly qualified doctors who came to the UK from Kenya, and were given a disgraceful time by the UK immigration department, their costs well over £10,000. Passports confiscated so when the wife’s parents died (on successive days) she was not able to return to her country for the funerals. Doctors and nurses who this country are not spared this process. There is simply no logic to allowing mass low skilled unchecked immigration into the country to those who offer little, and at the same time make it difficult for those who genuinely have something to offer.

      I will admit logically there must be some decent ones amongst them (I know one or two who are friendly enough and from my wife that some of them are excellent manual workers) but on the whole I feel this county is far better off without them. It is the sheer number I have a problem with.

      Regarding the economy collapsing I disagree, we just need to stop the benefits of our feckless youth and get them working. No work, no money.

      “They have turned a run down part of the local town into a bright, noisy place full of life. Busy pubs and shops”.

      From my experience the run down part of Ipswich is still very run down, the shops are only for their own purposes and only they frequent them (dodgy food shops, cafe’s. gentlemen’s barbers) and the pubs are one by one closing down. The area is now covered with litter, and due to fights and unrest it is unsafe and a no go area which you certainly avoid at night, in any case I I suspect you would not be welcome (as made clear with their taken down NO ENGLISH sign).

      As I say I do respect your opinion as I respect every contributors on this site, all I can say is that my experiences are very much different to yours (or perhaps just that I am less tolerant), and the direct effect this open door policy has had on my family and I.

      In any case, the England that I love has gone forever, and I suspect things are going to get much worse.

  17. You have to ask yourself:
    If you were a ponce and/or a criminal which country in the world would you want to ply your trade in ?

    We are having the piss taken out of us and that’s for sure.

  18. Todays Ipswich Star news

    Teenager charged in connection with robbery of elderly man in Ipswich


    The article simply states that a 17 year old man has been charged with the offence.

    What it does not state is that the old man who was the victim has already gone on record as saying the fucking coward culprits were Eastern European. Neither does it mention the county that the man charged comes from or his name- just that he comes from Ipswich.

    No, he lives and commits crimes in Ipswich.

    Why no name? For legal reasons again?

    Fed up with this cultural enrichment. Perhaps for them, not for us.

    • It’s to be sure if it was an Osborne or Moat type their names would be splashed all over the front pages and with full coverage and mugshots on the AL-BB-CERA.

      Anyone of the “culturally enriched” or immo status need not be named or identified in case it causes prejudice.

      Well guess what? Having been spoonfed for so long that everything native is bad and every foreign is great, too late, us hated natives already are prejudiced and are growing more so on a daily basis as we’re told we no longer matter in OUR cuntry!

      Fucking cunts!

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