Kevin Bacon [2]

Kevin Bacon deserves a nomination purely for that stupid name -Bacon.I ask you who but a complete cunt would have a name like that…

But let’s get down to business. I mean what is it with British advertisers these days and their obsession with has been American actors? Harvey Keitel, David Hasslehoff, William Shatner and now scrawny little skinny grey haired with highlights, rat faced Bacon.

Who cares about gifting data to your kids or listening to fucking Britney spears on Apple Music or getting the latest Samsung mobile on fucking EE with 2 years free BT sport.
Bacon must really be hard up and not bringing in the bacon as it were to demean him self on these horrendous adverts with his droning boring middle American accent, dressing in Spandex and donning syrups and going on about 4G and fucking wifi hotspots.

Bacon, do us all a favour and FUCK OFF back to the states and “star” in dodgy B movies and attend openings of art galleries but please get the fuck offa our TV you UTTER CUNT.

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  1. I do believe Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme cost him a packet ( made off with?? -apologies) so he’s having to prostrate himself in the otherwise career ending U.K. advertising gig.

    I have no particular gripe with Bacon (or even Iggy Pop) but then again I tend to record everything and then watch it back later and skip the ads. Can’t honestly remember any memorable ad since the Rossiter/Collins classics.

  2. Cunt lost his dough after being suckered into a Bernie Madoff ponzi scam.

    Probably still has more than me, although looks pretty desperate if he sinks to this level….

    There’s some things you can’t forget.
    Last time he was on here, one cunter tagged him as that “Royston Vasey nosed cunt”


  3. I note they quickly dropped the ad with the two arsebandits from Gogglebox making lascivious remarks about Kevin’s “package”.
    I presume they had a lot of complaints about it. Fucking right too.

  4. If he is still alive and kicking in Britain in 20 years time when the snackbars take over then he’s better get rid of that fucking surname for starters.

  5. No gripe with Bacon here I’m afraid.

    Sure, his ads are fucking cringeworthy in the extreme (find me ads these days which aren’t), but the fucker is flogging himself as he has lost an absolute fortune over the Madof fraud; and just because he happens to be famous, I don’t subscribe to the theory that he somehow deserves it or can just get on with what he has left.

    He’s been in some decent films (Murder in the First massively underrated), and as long as he doesn’t start regularly preaching anti-Trump like the rest of his Hollywood scumcunt brethren, he’s fine by me.

    • Indeed, TECB.
      And no matter how shit and cringe-inducing those ads are, they’re still nowhere as bad as Harvey Keitel’s Winston Wolf insurance.
      I wonder if Keitel cries himself to sleep at night with the misery of the evil he has unleashed upon the world?

    • Keep it under your hat TECB, but I actually smiled the first time I saw that ad with Britney Spears… sad cunt that I am.

      On the other hand, the one with Delia Smith made me projectile vomit prawn vindaloo all over the withdrawing room carpet.

      The wife was not amused.

  6. Bacon would appear to be a reasonable actor who has given up on finding a reasonable film to act in. Last time I saw him was in ‘The Woodsman’ which was a load of bollocks. So if someone offers him a pile of money to appear in a British advert I don’t suppose anyone can blame him for taking it.
    People who make television adverts consider us all to be fucking stupid and they think we’ll be impressed by an American accent, enough to make us go out and buy the product. Worst one I can remember had James Woods saying “Go figure”. Ugh.

  7. I cringe whenever I see Serena Williams on those mattress adverts, or Owen Wilson doing the sofa ads.

    Are they really that desperate for the money?


  8. Lol. Bacon makes himself look a right tool on those ads. Funny thing is, they’re totally useless as far as i’m concerned. I piss myself laughing at the daft cunt, but I couldn’t tell you what he’s punting to save my life.
    You’re right about those ‘American accent’ ads though.Anything advertising women’s hair products seems blighted. Ironically, American tv is loaded with ads voiced by English actors, as the Yanks appear to think that English accents sound smooth, polished and authoritative, ergo more persuasive.

    • To be fair Ron, I think he’s meant to make himself look like a right tool on those ads, isn’t he?

  9. Sorry, but as a selective kind of cunter, I can’t get on board with this particular cunting.

    As far as I am aware, off-screen he is an OK guy. No industrial sized piles of nasal candy and he hasn’t fucked somebody else’s wife, as far as I am aware. He also hasn’t jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon, this being an instant cunt credential.

    He is a good actor, no question. OK the ads are daft but this needs a sense of proportion as this hardly sets him off down the path of cuntitude, as well trodden by the likes of Gina Miller, Tone, Fatty Abbott, etc.

  10. I don’t think Mr Bacon should be cunted, but EE should.

    They grossly over change and their business sales people are treated to lavish nights out presented by stars like Ruby Wax. Cunty bollocks.

    EE have changed their name about 4 times in 10 years, have a shitty service, grossly overcharge and are general cunts.

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