Ahed Tamimi

This little Palestinian shit has been taunting, spitting at and physically abusing Israli soldiers from the age of 11.

Aged 16 her actions got her incarcerated and put in chalky for a few days. Had social meejah and mobiles phones not been the world’s camera then I am certain the butt of a M16 (or similar) would have sufficed.

However, this is not my main reason for cunting this girl, no.

My main reason for cunting this red haired, green eyed and fair skinned girl is because she is no doubt set to become the poster girl for the bomb-making Palestinian “peaceful” cunts that the AL-BB-CERA and other cunt neo-liberal news outlets will jump on to say: “Look, see! They’re just the same as us!”

No, no they’re not.

Little miss punchy-bitch is no doubt only tolerated for PR purposes by the Imams of that shithole. Had she not garnered this attention then I would expect that her clit would be removed and her flaxen locks and green eyes covered by a bin bag walking 20ft behind her 40yr old husband (who also likes a bit of under-aged boy action on the side).

Also – if you see this cunt in action on the AL-BEEB – please note how she continually looks behind herself, directly at the cunt filming her, several times per shot.

Staged??? Surely not. And at no time do any of the soldiers even try to defend themselves cos they’re that bad. I’d love to see her do the same in Mogadishu or Riyadh and see how far she got before the stones were thrown…

Maybe I’m just a cynic who’s fed up of our Old Testament allies getting the continual shit end of the stick from media outlets and press agencies who – for some complete and utter mystery to me, and anyone with sense – pontificates to “peacefuls” like they’re the world’s saviours.

Well they’re not. They’re at the complete opposite end of that particular grace spectrum!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

80 thoughts on “Ahed Tamimi

  1. Is it me or does this hoodlum look like she’s got a bit of Israeli in her?
    I wonder If her mother was on friendly terms with a few of the star of David.

    • Looks nothing like the daughter of a donkey shagger. On second thoughts, after close examination I’ve decided she’s as rough as a badger’s bum.

    • She could have some Macedonian, Crusader or Circassian ancestry. The area has been an ethnic mixing pot or invaders and migrants since year dot so to see this much recessive genetics presenting itself is no big shocker.

      In fact blue eyes and mid brown hair are quite common in Palestine and Lebanon.

  2. Mmm does seem a little sus, convenient pin-up for the pro peaceful apologisers, certainly no Tiananmen Square ‘tank man”.

  3. A Rabid anti-semite, in the mold of Corbyn and with the smile of a whore on the vinegar strokes, this little piece of bovine shit is enough to induce reflux puke syndrome.
    El Beeb promotes the less than camera shy whore of Babylon to sound bite its anti Israeli propaganda , and she, the bitch , is only too happy of the opportunity given to her.
    A dangerous bit of skirt that is desperately in need of a sound rogering before being consigned to an early grave.
    Fucking little cunt!

  4. Pin-up?! That?!
    The ugly bitch looks like a fucking Glazer… Easily the ugliest (in all ways) owners in football history…

  5. Great comprehensive cunting Rebel – with you and the people of Israel 100%.

  6. “Aged 16 her actions got her incarcerated and put in chalky for a few days.”…..Eight months in prison is hardly a few days.

    She assaulted the soldiers the same day as her cousin was shot in the face with a rubber-coated bullet leaving him in a medically induced coma with bone splinters in his brain….I’d have possibly been slightly upset if in the same position.

    A Jew who assaulted soldiers after being warned to stop throwing stones at Palestinians and had been arrested 5 times previously for the same kind of thing was bailed and released the same day… Jewish justice at it’s best.

    The idea that a Govt. which operates and condones an apartheid system more unfair and savage than the South Africans,in their pomp, ever managed is unfairly treated in The Press is incredible.

    • I should add that personally I don’t give a Fuck about the Arabs, Palestinians etc., but the idea of “poor little plucky Israel” being picked on by the nasty stone-throwing Palestinian children is disingenuous, at best.

      • The definition of Apartheid is…..

        ” a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.”

        Are you seriously suggesting that Israel treats the Palestinians and the Israelis equally?

      • Here’s some examples for you, Krav.

        discrimination and oppression.

        The system of Israeli laws enabling colonialism, Jewish domination and oppression of Palestinians

        Purpose/effect of Israeli laws

        Illustrative examples of relevant laws*

        Establish the claim of Israeli sovereignty in all of pre-1948 Palestine as a matter of law;

        Enable and regulate annexation of 1967 occupied Palestinian territory

        Area of Jurisdiction and Powers Ordinance, No. 29 of 5708-1948 ( September 22, 1948);

        Law and Administration Ordinance, Section 11 B (June 27, 1967) adopted for the annexation of occupied East Jerusalem;

        Legal and Administrative Matters (Regulation) Law (Consolidated Version) (1970), explaining how Israeli laws are to be applied in East Jerusalem; permitting claims for pre-1948 Jewish property in East Jerusalem but not claims for pre-1948 Palestinian property in West Jerusalem;

        Basic Law “United Jerusalem, Capital of Israel” (1980);

        Law on the Regularization of Settlement in Judea and Samaria 5777- 2017 (February 6, 2017).

        Enable irreversible appropriation of Palestinian land and property by and for the “Jewish state” and the “Jewish people”

        Absentees’ Property Law (1950), Development Authority (Transfer of Property) Law (1950); Land Acquisition for Public Purposes Ordinance (1943, incorporated British Mandate law); Land Acquisition (Validation of Acts and Compensation) Law (1953); Keren Kayemet Le-Israel/JNF Law (1953); Covenant with Zionist Executive (1954); Basic Law: Israel Lands (1960); Israel Land Administration Law (1960); Israel Land Administration (Land Reform) Law (2009)

        Grant superior “Jewish nationality” to Israel’s Jewish population;

        Define Israel as the state of the” Jewish people”; protect the “Jewish character” of the state from political and legal challenges

        Law of Return (1950) and Israeli Citizenship Law (1952): granting every Jew in Israel, the OPT and abroad, the superior status and rights of Jewish nationals of Israel, including the rights to immigrate with their families and automatic citizenship;

        World Zionist Organization-Jewish Agency “Status” Law (1952); “Jewish Nation State Law” (2018);

        Basic Law: the Knesset (1958), Section 7A: providing, a.o., that Israel is a “Jewish state”, allowing exclusion from parliamentary elections of political parties that challenge this principle;

        Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty (1992) limiting fundamental human rights, including the right to equality, with the proviso that these must be in conformity with the values of Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”.

        Confer different, always inferior, status and rights in the country to Palestinian populations

        Israeli Citizenship Law (1952): Depriving (descendants of) Palestinian refugees of citizenship and all rights in their country; defining Palestinians present in Israel as “Israeli citizens” without a nationality and group rights;

        Entry into Israel Law (1952) and Entry into Israel Regulations (1974): defining Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem as “permanent residents” without a legal right to stay, return or unite with family members;

        Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (2003, as amended in 2007): prohibiting the grant of residency through family unification in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem with spouses and children from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and designated Arab countries;

        Admissions Committees Law (2011): allows rural Jewish communities to reject Palestinians wishing to live in them, depriving Palestinians of the right to housing and access to state land.

        Restrict development, enable destruction of Palestinian homes and communities

        National Planning and Building Law (1965), and associated laws pertaining to planning, zoning and construction.

        Enable restriction of freedom of expression and association, freedom of movement, as well as deprivation of physical liberty and fair trial rights, of those who oppose apartheid and colonialism

        State of Emergency (1948; still in force); Defense (Emergency) Regulations (1945); Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (1948); Combatting Terrorism Law (2016); Nakba Law (2011); Anti-Boycott Law (2011); Foreign Government Funding Law (2011); NGO Transparency Law (2016); Entry into Israel Law (Amendment No. 27, Denying a Visa and Residency Permit for Advocates of Boycotting Israel) of 2017

        *For more detail about these and other Israeli laws, see: Adalah, “Discriminatory

      • Dick, I’d just like to point out that I am not some kind of hasbara who must defend Israel at all costs, in fact I am critical of the Israeli government’s tribalistic hypocrisy with regards to never having brought to justice those guilty of perpetrating the Massacre of Deir Yassin or the King David Hotel bombing. With that out of the way.

        It’s a simple case of semantics if you’re going to use the encyclopedia definition of the word apartheid.

        ” a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.”

        The Palestinians are not a race. They are a cross section of people with Arab, Turk, Circassian (and even Jewish ancestry eg. the Mahamra tribe and also the Sawarka bedouins).

        Also Israeli Arab citizens (to be distinguished from Palestinian Arab non-citizens) have full social, political and legal rights within the sovereign borders of the State of Israel – unless you consider that national/state border security is a form of segregation of course but it’s not my understanding that it is.

        Yes the way the Israeli government and some Jewish settlers on the West Bank treat the Palestinians is fucking abhorrent but if we are going to be critical about Israel then we should at least be honest and accurate about it and not resort to hyperbole and usage of imprecise definitions.

      • @TITS…. I see your point, TITS, I accept that the Palestinians are not a race. However, the coloured people of SA are,presumably, made up of many different ethnicities and tribes and “Apartheid” was the word used to describe their treatment.
        I quite agree with you,it’s a matter of semantics.

      • My main issue is actually with the word racism. It’s largely a clumsy, lazy, ill-defined term; so much in fact that it’s largely meaningless.

        It should be based on obvious phenotypical differences between different groups of people such as skin colour for example but often seems to use variables such as language, culture and nationality which are actual, literal social constructs unlike natural melanin.

        For instance : if white people are a race separate from black people then I am a different race to Idris Elba. However if English people are a race, then I am the same race as Idris Elba.

        Race, racism, racist. All pretty much meaningless terms.

      • Here’s a bit more explaining for you, Krav……

        On July 19, 2018, the Israeli parliament ratified into law an apartheid system that has long been a reality. “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People” is the newly approved Basic Law in a country where such laws take the place of the constitution Israel has never had.

        The “Nation-State” law had been under consideration for many years, but even many ardent Zionists had been opposed, not because they disagreed with its provisions but because it would remove all doubt worldwide about the apartheid character of the regime. For the same reason, many pro-Israel organizations and leaders in the United States spoke out against the law.

        Apartheid is a crime against humanity under the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.

        Total support from the Trump administration, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, was the green light for many members of the parliament (Knesset) to vote for the bill now. At the same time, the massive military and economic support, and diplomatic protection extended by Washington have made Israeli leaders increasingly dismissive of criticism from other governments.

        The vote for the law was 62-55, with most of the opposition – excepting 13 Palestinian Arab members – still motivated by fears of international reaction to openly proclaiming Israel to be a racist state.

        Ahmed Tibi, one of the dissenting Palestinians legislators, called it “the official beginning of fascism and apartheid.”

        An openly racist law


      • Dick

        I can assure you, from living in South Africa before Mandela was president, what aparthied was. Indeed look at Henrik Verwoed and please think again. The Fakestinian cause is a smoke screen. A basic knowledge of topography will show why Israel can nit give up any more land.

      • Krav…..you asked me to justify my charge of Israel practising a system of apartheid ,which I did.
        It was not a point of proving wether, in your eyes,it is justified. The need for land does not enter into the question. It is a rather weak attempt at justification and obfuscation.
        The fact that you spent time in SA is neither here nor there. If you did,you should be able to recognise,and accept,the point that Israel operates a system of apartheid.
        When even 55 members of the Knesset voted against introducing the “Nation State” law for fear of international condemnation over adopting laws which openly accepted that Israel was a racist state, perhaps you should consider your own standpoint?

      • I gave and reiterate that I am a ultra Zionist nationalist who believes that Israel should reflect it’s biblical borders.

        South African aparthied and the security protocols in Judea And Samaria are not comparable.

      • Hi Dick, change the wording in that to “English”, “England” and “foreign cunt” etc, as appropriate, bring it over here and make it govt policy, and it’d get my vote FOREVER.

      • Again I say,Krav. Your personal views on borders and security have nothing to do with the point which is,again,that Israel operates a system of Apartheid.

      • @Francis….quite agree with you. However I wouldn’t, as Krav seems to, refuse to accept that it was a system of Apartheid.
        I make no claims about justification,or not,for Israel’s adoption of Apartheid laws. I merely state that it is a state of Apartheid.

      • Dick

        The suggestion that Israel is comparable to apartheid South Africa is just nonsensical.

        Question: When is the next gay pride in Gaza?

      • Krav, I have no idea when the next Gay Parade is,why should I?
        When half of the Knesset admits it runs a racist state and prominent Jews and pro- Jewish orginisations start warning that the above laws are a system of Apartheid, who are you to refuse to admit it?
        The fact that you boast of being an “Ultra Zionist Nationalist” probably explains your refusal to accept any point other than your own.
        As for quoting the bible to justify your point on land borders,do you follow the Old Testement stance on homosexuality as assiduously?

      • Oh it says slightly more than that,doesn’t it? I know that someone as keen as you on the Old Testament as justification probably already knows these,but you seem to forgotten the main part when you quote

        When God calls homosexuality an abomination
        (Leviticus 18:22) (Leviticus 20:13)

        When God calls homosexuality an abomination
        (Leviticus 18:22) (Leviticus 20:13)
        Leviticus is where the Bible straight-up says that homosexual behavior is an abomination. And yes, it does. It also says that homosexuals should receive the death penalty Leviticus is where the Bible straight-up says that homosexual behavior is an abomination. And yes, it does. It also says that homosexuals should receive the death penalty .

        Surprised that you chose to skim over such an emotive issue.

      • Indeed he is, RTC,but when Krav chooses to use the Old Testament as justification,he really does display the bigotry evident in all devoted god-botherers,or (more likely) he chooses to cherry-pick the parts that suit him.

      • Fair do’s Dick, it’s just that I’ve been up to here with God and religion in the last couple of days – to top it all, Jehovah’s Witnesses caught me mid post yesterday, had to come down from the third floor to answer the fucking door, we live in a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’, opened the door, said: “No thank you” they said: “Nice to meet you” as the door shut, got back upstairs and found I’d lost my post – cunts.

        Sorry Dick. Having anything nice for dinner tonight?

      • I’m actually having the second half of my hare stew tonight, RTC. It was good last night,but it’ll be even better tonight with a second cooking.
        Do you enjoy game? Not everyone does,it’s a bit of an acquired taste when hung properly.

      • When I was a callous teenager, my dad used to bring home the occasional pheasant or two (gifts from clients) and hang them in the garage.

        Very nice they were too. Don’t think I’ve ever had hare though.

        It’s prawn curry for us tonight.

        Bon appetit!

      • Can’t see what difference it makes. If a relative of mine had been shot in the head for chucking stones,I probably wouldn’t be thinking “Oh well, he deserved it” either.

      • Krav, I’d suggest that you stop hiding behind your usual tactic of trying to deflect the point away to something else when you are proved wrong.
        Calling me a “Guardian reader” proves nothing…are you going to call me a an Anti-Semite next? You have no argument,so resort to trying to deflect.

        Grow up.

      • Getting personal lowers your argument. Israel exists as a haven where Jews can live i peace. As no one will defend Israel it must defend itself.
        All terrorism must be stopped. Israel must cut off the hands of those who cut short the lives of it’s citizens.

      • Krav. I say again. Our disagreement is nothing to do with justification. It is whether or not Israel operates a system of apartheid.
        If you feel that I made a personal attack on you,it’s just that I find your inability to provide any cogent thoughts or proof for your point disingenuous,indeed all you seem to do if try to move the argument to a point of justification,and you then resort to calling me a “Guardian reader*….really mature way to back up your point, eh?

      • Irrespective of Krav’s rather lazy, biased and piss poor rebuttals of your arguments, I’m somewhat disappointed that you are still using the same tired old argument that Israel is employing a model of apartheid when it simply isn’t.

        I thought we had already gone through this discussion Dick.

        If there is one thing that I hate more than anything else it is repeating myself.

        Don’t make me publish a cunting about self – repetition.

    • Is that Hilary in the middle of Satan himself since that face just made me shit myself? Oh silly me, they’re the same person.

      • Even Prince Andrew’s n0nce chum, J. Epstein wouldn’t have had a go on young Chelsea who looked like a mound of mashed potato with shit hair.

  7. Israel is the only free and open democracy in the Middle East. Whereas Palestine is run by a terrorist dictatorship that executes anyone who opposes them, thinks women should have zero rights, and happily throw gays off rooftops. I just can’t see how all these leftists can support the Palestinians, especially poofs like Owen Jones who wouldn’t last a day there. Of course to them though it boils down to how they view the Israelis as white westerners oppressing poor innocent peace loving Palestinians who definitely didn’t start all the conflict in the area by rallying the entire Muslim world to wipe out Israel multiple times with the Arab-Israeli war, six day war and Yom Kippur War.

    Personally I love Israel for doing their bit to reduce the amount of Peacefuls infesting the world. I just wish their work was more international.

  8. Ah yes, the Arab-Israeli problem……two sets of cunts who have been killing each other for centuries over who’s sky fairy has got the biggest cock.
    The sooner they both get properly tooled up and send each other to their respective fairy grottoes the happier everyone will be.
    Why can’t they just watch Love Island like normal dimmos?

    • Let’s also include Christians in your righteous condemnation, Freddie. In fact, all religious cunts. Fuck them and their spinelessness.
      If it weren’t for the dark ages, we’d have proper personal spaceships (that wimminz still couldn’t park correctly) and fully immersive life simulations where I could bone a forever 22 year old Ilsa Fisher.
      Oh, and proper holographic telly (for wimminz to watch Love Island on).

      • And seeing how many worthless spastics (130k) turned up to cheer at the diddler-in-chief, Pope Francis, it’s clear that catholics are just a bigger cunts as the peacefuls and 4×2’s.

      • I’ve never understood it.
        Trying to live your life to commandments.
        Surely it’s just a guide, it’s not like it’s written in stone….

      • Wonderful picture in the Times today showing the Pope and 2 other holy perverts looking at 3 small children. Should have had a caption, perhaps ‘ You have first choice Holy Father’

  9. Good on her. The Jews deserve one huge collective slap for the way they have treated the Palestinians.

    • I hope the entire lot of them are wiped out via smallpox or something. All hardline religious people are utter cunts.

      • I do wonder why there is a movement called Deir Yassin Remembered dedicated to the memory of, and seeking justice for, the 100 odd innocent Palestinian civilians murdered by Irgun and Lehi but not a peep from the same supposed friends of the Palestinians about the Black September Massacre of an estimated 3500 mostly innocent Palestinian civilians by the Jordanian government………. It’s almost like these fuckers have selective outrage directed specifically at them Jews.

  10. Off-piste but urgent cunting.
    Payday Loan Cunts Wonga are going bust due to increased claims driven by historical claims management companies.
    Other than reading of a successful nomination for Blair in the D.Pool I cannot think of a more edifying and heartwarming sight than these parasites tearing each other apart!!

  11. Mr Fiddler I can’t believe that Israeli law is for any other thing but show. I could be wrong. Freddie said ‘they have to tool up’. But they can’t because they’re trapped in Gaza.

    • Israelis have nukes – can’t get much better tooled up than that… and probably the only thing stopping the surrounding savages wiping them off the map.

  12. Good evening Thomas, As Mick Fucknall gets older he is looking more hideous , But he still considers himself a sex symbol. His head looks like its been trampled under foot.

  13. Getting back on subject , who’s ever heard of a Ginger Peaceful ? especially one that was born and bred in some middle eastern shite hole. I know James Hewitt and Mick Hucknall had a threesome with Lucille Ball.

    • More common than you think Fenton.

      There are quite a few ginger “peacefuls” especially in the Northwest Passage region around the Hindu Kush area (so Afghanistan and Western Pakistan).

      When we had a few squddies in the region – back in the day – they obviously boffed a few locals (whose men folk were out busy fucking young boys or goats or summat) and lo-and-behold generations of “peaceful” gingers.

      Some say the Vikings also made it as far east as “peaceful” territories but as they were seafaring bods, and as the Hindu Kush region is pretty far away from any seaboard waterway then I’m betting it was George IV’s and Vicky’s finest who were responsible.

      Just like you see the gingers and blondes of the Friendly and Easter Islands. They’re descended from the mutineers of The Bounty.

      So I wait in wonder as to what Hewitt’s lad and his Mrs will cast! 😁

      P.S. Wonderfully salient points made above Dick. I doff my cap to your extensive knowledge. However, when the time comes to form alliances – and it won’t be long I’m sure – whether here or there, my allegiances are firmly with our Old Testament allies. Can’t say the other option holds (m)any advantages.

      Like many on here I am an irreligious cunt, so who’s make believe fantasy you choose to pick carries no water with me. However, having dealt with our Old Testament allies in both personal and professional matters, and having visited Israel (along with various “peaceful” shitholes in the surrounding areas), I know who our allies are and who we appease/tolerate purely because of the black gold they have. They day those cunts run out of the stuff or is made redundant by new tech it will be a great day for the world. As you would say Dick, fuck ’em!

      • Hi, Reb. You’ve certainly fired up a good debate,as your posts invariably do. Good thing. I actually broadly agree with your points. I have no time for Arabs of any breed. Bunch of medieval Cunts,the whole fucking bunch of them. I just believe that Israel cannot continue to claim the moral high ground. It does itself no favours by stooping to the level ,and beyond of those it opposes. Fair enough,it needs to safeguard it’s position,but it will lose the international support that it enjoys if it continues on it’s course of “We’ll do what we like and to Fuck with what anyone says”. Even the more moderate members of the Knesset realise that they are losing the “publicity” war,and if they lose international support,eventually it’ll be game over.
        The more reactionary elements among the Jews are fixated with the Old Testement version of Israel. They,along with the Muzzas should shove their Holy Books up their arses and realise that their dogmatic rhetoric is leading them to mutually assured destruction,along with a lot of people who have no interest in their bigoted beliefs.

      • I can’t remember who said it but there was a famous phrase coined some moons ago which said (or went along the lines of): “God save me from religious zealots of all faiths!”

        I pretty much go along with that sentiment and my Common Sense Party deals with religion quite succinctly:

        The Common Sense Party recognises none and all religious beliefs and faiths.

        A person’s faith is there business and there’s alone.

        However we recognise two simple rules of decency:

        1. No matter who you are, you are just as good as anyone else, whether that’s a king or a pope, but you are no better than anyone else whether that’s a man on the street or a beggar.

        2. If you are unable to do someone a good turn, don’t do them a bad one in its place.

        Simple, and find me a religious cunt who could argue against it!

  14. Israel is a state founded by terrorists and Palestine is a place trying to win statehood via terrorism. I don’t have a dog in this fight. People who take either side willingly overlook the atrocities committed by their chosen side. It’s a fucking mess.

  15. I have nowhere near enough information about this case to offer even a semblance of an informed opinion. All I know is that she flipped out at some Israeli soldiers and went to jail for it.

  16. Apartheid this is not. What a terrible false equivalency. The blacks in South Africa weren’t lobbing rockets at anyone and the treatment of blacks by whites was pure racism.

    The Palestinians are not wanted by anyone because all they do is cause trouble. The Egyptians close the borders on them, the Jordanians don’t want anymore, the Syrians won’t have anything to do with them. The Palestinians do not want peace, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. Here are some facts:

    + in Israel all roads signs are also in Arabic to help the Arabs who live in Israel
    + the Israeli parliament has Arabs in it
    + there are Arab towns in Israel where they live in peace and have rights
    + the Palestinians use their own people as human shields and hide munitions in residential areas
    + Palestinian children are raised hating Jews and believing that martyrdom is a good thing
    + the Palestinians barely even lived in Israel as we know it today, it was largely a dessert with non arrable farm land, they in face lived close to the borders of other Arab countries
    + Arafat pilfered over $3bn from his own people
    + how much land to Muslims have? Why don’t they help their ‘brothers’? Because they don’t want to

    How can you make peace with people who only live for the glory of death. They are a death cult.

    This curly haired cunt is pure evil and in the words of derek and Clive is like to “put on my golf shoes and kick her in the cunt for half a fucking hour”.

    Apartheid this is not. You try living next to a bunch of cunts who want to kill you all. It’s not easy. If they had Israel military might they would have killed every Jew by now. Yet Israel has shown restraint. Imagine if Scotland started firing rockets over the border into England. What would England do?

    Fuck the Palestinians, they absolutely deserve their miserable fucking lives. All a bunch of cunts that nobody wants.

    • Scotland can fire rockets into England providing we get to pick the targets:

      Birmingham and

      That should do it for starters…

  17. What happened to the English sense of fair play? We all know it’s not a fair fight. I mean the Jews have tanks, smart bombs and the Protective Dome. What have the Palestinians got? Bottles, stones. That’s what’s so horrible about it.

    • You have not met some of my relatives. Also must congratulate you on your extensive knowledge and rapid access to vast amounts of somewhat obscure information regarding the current fuckfest in the Middle East. Well done DF

    • They could build some decent air raid shelters with all the aid money that pours into the place.

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