Sacha Baron Cohen

Ohh, Sacha Baron Cohen! Disappointing. You must have the cold sweat of ‘no inspiration’ trickling off your forehead to be now scraping the barrel of mirth so badly.

Cohen’s new comedy is called “Who Is America?” and, erm, it’s not very good. It has several characters (a bald leftie and an Israeli ex-soldier seem to dominate) who are acted and disguised well but alas, it seems the tap of comedy has run dry. He now languishes in the cemetery of Comedians: Making jokes about Trump.

Really? Are things that bad? You made Ali G, a genuinely funny creation with its finger clearly on the pulse of society. You’ve been edgy, puerile, dodgy, and offensive. You’ve made films like The Brothers Grimsby and The Dictator. It was even admirable when they weren’t so great (Bruno).

Borat was ace; filthy, vulgar, offensive and occasionally hilarious. Even the outtakes and media interviews were good like the press conference at Melbourne, Australia where he greeted the journalists (in character) with, “Good evening Convicts and Prostitutes!”

We need to poke fun at everything, we need to take the piss, especially out of politicians. However… this? From you? Laborious, dull clichés about racism and guns. This is weak and has the odour of desperation about it.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

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  1. A worthy cunting, Cap’n.
    I agree with every word.
    At least he’s still got Isla Fisher’s lush tits to weep upon…

  2. Agreed. The American thing was poor and tired. Easy targets.

    Today’s Brexit Scare :-
    ‘No deal threat to Grand National’. I kid you not.

    • That Grand National/ Brexit thing was so desperate it’s fucking hilarious. I need to invent a few ever more preposterously tenuous scare stories myself just for my own amusement

  3. Undecided whether to wach this then a lefty acquaintance of mine was frothing that he sends up so many in the Trump administration and “arent they all idiots and waycists”…….mind made up then , I’ll give Sasha’s virtue signalling pish a miss then….

  4. Dead right, Captain… Never found this cunt funny in any way… His Ali G was a load of crap (beloved by chavs, of course)… The arselicking ‘Ali G Meets The Beckhams’ was sickening… Also his other characters (Borat, that Liam Gallagher type hooligan knobhead etc) are also a load of piss… Only two blokes who are more unfunny than Baron-Cunt are those other cunts: Keith Lemon and James Corden…

    • Keith Lemons fucking voice and totally cuntworthy accent make my knackers recede into my nether regions. Plus the cunt has probably fingered and licked Willoughbys snatch. Cunt.

  5. I started to watch this expecting a show ridiculing the craziness of the neo-liberal political elite and glitteratti (they’re such easy targets these days whose ideas and ideals can be shredded in seconds with a couple of common sense facts) but no, another tow-the-line borefest of “on message” shite and Trump bashing (a’la Frankie Boyle and other formerly edgy, now “on message” comedic shills).

    How very tedious.

    Have these cunts not heard that it’s them and their ilk who are pushing people further to the right through them constantly being told how to think and feel, and how bad and waycist they are for having the audacity to merely exist!

    I feel sorry for them because the emerging “edgy” comics (on both sides of the pond) are the ones pointing out the lunacy of the neo-liberals and the far left, and their humour is based on the realities of what that sector is doing/demanding Vs the “on message” cunts resortion to vitriol and stereotyping.

    Moreover, had free speech been threatened in the way that it is now – by governments, the mainstream press and the tech giants who facilitate them – 15yrs ago then they’d be outraged and would stand up (literally) against such behaviour in their acts. Now they’re just complicit.

    Total two-faced cunts to a one!

  6. Hidden away in this programme there actually is a half baked lefty right-on cunt. But you have to put up with the rest to spot him.

    • The tedious feller on the bike with the pink vagina hat? Cohen made him quite accurate but I feel it was still aimed at right-wing “racist” Yanks. The whole programme was dismal, overly-loud and poorly bereft of humour. Either that or I just didn’t understand it.

  7. Ali G, Borat, and even parts of Bruno were good. He should have stopped there.

    But ‘Who Is America?’ It even had my missus switching off, which speaks volumes. Never bothered to tune in myself – the trailer left me in no doubt it was going to be shite.

      • And any comedian that repeatedly returns to the well of trump or brexit for a cheap laugh is a cunt who has run out of any original material and should just fucking retire…….
        It’s been done to death you lazy CUNTS!!!

  8. FUCK ME CERTAIN CUNTS ARE NOW TAKING THE PISS Re THE POOL. Said cunts are sneaking in too many snide noms with FUCK PUPPET accounts using Admin Privileges. Yours Truly always willing to grin and bare a spot orf skulduggery but there comes a time when the worm doth turn. THE FIX IS IN ORN THIS SITE and Yours Truly is fearlessly exposing this dastardly practice and not just because he is not in orn it and if you must stoop so low (insert own Pope and Rent Boy gag) at least kindly refrain from filching me own original noms YOU TOSSER.
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      • Call the cops. See rule two. Appeal dismissed. Take it up the rear in good faith like a good ‘un. I only did it cos I love ya you bastard. ( Australian use of bastard as an affectionate term, no inferrrance on your parentage )

      • I thought the whole idea was to behave like cunts? Didn’t Dio nick Shaun’s noms?
        Is there a cash prize I don’t know about? Has Shaun fucked off to Monaco with his loot?

  9. Like most “comedians” and writers, the good stuff will come in the early days, that’s were its found because you’ve been thinking and writing without knowing, for years.
    When that’s used up, writing new and faster is difficult.

    Cohen’s gig is cringe. That’s got a shelf life.

    Admit to laughing loudly at parts of “The Dictator”…..

  10. Have worked with cunt Cohen on a filum. In real life and on set totally humourless. No sense orf timing, not a spontaneous laugh in it, same snotty stare in every scene and thinks its Hollywood Royalty. Spent hours trying to extemporise a scene, Director indulged the talentless arse’ole with endless retakes (only possible now due to cheapness orf diigital over film) while the rest orf us sat aboit from 5am till 10pm every day playing poker, drinking, eating and pissing while banged up in a secured studio like a huge factory warehoise (as they all are). Fair play the cunt Chaplin was like that as well (at least he was wasting his own money orn seriously expensive crew/cast time and film stock and processing).
    Only other comparison with Chaplin, none orf the five days of shooting ever appeared in the final fillum. Why do we do it? To cuote Mohammed Ali when he still had the odd marble left in his cranium, “For the fucking money”.

  11. I managed three episodes, eventually and had enough. It was just too weak. How any of the ‘victims’ were unwittingly duped is dubious.

    The only funny British TV I’ve seen this year has been The Windsors and the Channel 4 News.

  12. Can’t stand ‘im.
    Mean humour isn’t funny and he’s doing it all the time

  13. Some of his Borat stuff was excellent but could only watch in small doses.

    Apart from that not a great fan.

  14. Have to agree Cohen’s latest outing is not that great. I really enjoyed the Ali G character. Borat was OK, didn’t like Bruno much and his movies have been decent. The Dictator was funny. I thought The Brothers Grimsby was really funny and I enjoyed his performance in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. So I was looking forward to this new series as I hoped it would rip the piss out of America. Meh. It’s really not that funny. I lasted maybe 15 minutes of episode 2 and hit the delete button on ye olde DVR machine. He can do better.

    In other comedy flop news, WTF happened to Friday Night Dinner? I don’t get to see it when it’s broadcast so have to wait until the DVD is out. Just got series 5 the other day and watched all 6 episodes back-to-back. Nary a chuckle. Same situation, same characters, no laughs. What a pity. It’s been going down hill for a couple of series if I’m honest, but series 5 was very poor IMO.

    Still, at least John McCain is dead. Cunt.

  15. I’m sure my ex-wife was having an affair, every time we had sex she kept repeating the feckers name under her breath ” Justin Justin Justin ”

  16. Fuck me.

    On the one hand we have a flood of Eastern European scum, and on the other:

    In today’s local news. No bid to turn former pub into mosque, say Ipswich council planners.

    The pub, on the junction of Woodbridge Road and St Margaret’s Street, is one of the best-known landmarks in the town centre and is opposite the former Odeon Cinema which is due to be converted into a church centre by the evangelical Hope Church.

    A video labelled “Ipswich Mosque Advert” has been posted on YouTube appealing for funds for the Nawracy Cultural Centre in relation to the former pub.

    There are already THREE mosques in the small town of Ipswich. Fuck me again, only TWO the last time I looked less than 6 months ago.

    This country is FINISHED.

    • Well, they will have a ready-made soundproof cellar for any unbelieving kafir’s.

    • Did some work in Ipswich back in the day for a company called Willis Carroon. Not a bad gig and Ipswich seemed fine at the time (’95/’96 time frame). Learning there are now 3 fucking mosques in little Ipswich fills me with despair. When will the UK wake up to the fact our traditional way of life is slowly being eroded and our society will be forever changed and for the worse? Western civilisation is under threat from the rapid and hostile takeover by muslims and their filthy ways and aggressive attitudes. I just don’t get why this is being allowed to happen.

      • Willis Corroon a fine company. The award winning black glass Ipswich building circa 1975.

        When I worked in London used to deal with the Willis Marine brokers. The former Willis building (10 Trinity Square, which I had the pleasure of visiting several times for both lunch and business) was something else. Now a swanky hotel I understand.

        Ipswich has sadly deteriorated significantly since I moved here in 1993, particularly since the arrival of our Eastern European friends in the past couple of years. It has gone from a pleasant quiet town to a multi culturally enriched crime ridden shithole. Certain parts are still nice, though mostly not now.

      • You’re right, Willie. That WC building is ace. Way ahead of it’s time.

        Always enjoyed my trips to Ipswich. Would sometimes stay over at the Holiday Inn to save the drive back to Essex. One night I went to see Ipswich Town play at Portman Road. Don’t remember much other than they played a snippet of I Feel Good by James Brown when they scored. Weird. Still, good times.

      • There was talk of mosque / rocket launcher seeking permission right on the fence line of RMA Sandhurst alongside A30.

  17. Bruno was the beginning of the end for him. Borat should’ve been his swan song.

  18. Cunt’s never had much to offer. Ali G and Borat were one joke characters – and they represented the zenith of his career.

  19. This was bound to happen in order for SBC to remain relevant. Brothers Grimsby was portentous, nay the elephant vagina scene was the portent. When I first watched it I thought “No, he can’t be that desperate, he’s not going to scrape the toilet humour barrel that low, no comedian worth his salt would, he can’t possible be going there can he? ……….. Okay he went there.” Although the elephant scene still made me laugh so hard a little bit of wee came out, it was still the first step on the slippery slope to comedic irrelevance.

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