Tim Farron [5]

Arch remainer and well known gimp Tim Farron thankfully missed the recent vote on the ERG amendments which should torpedo the whole silly Chequers mess due to ‘other important commitments’?

What could these commitments be to make the vertically challenged ginger topped git miss such an important vote to his few followers I hear you ask?

Well, it turns out that he was speaking on his Christian values and beliefs on gay man sex. I personally struggle to see the connection here but clearly he must be some deranged deviant of some kind.

While it would be easy to fill these pages with almost unlimited examples of Farron’s bumblefuckery but, I think it is clear for all to see, that he is a total cunt.

Btw – that twat Cable missed it too – as has been previously highlighted on these hallowed pages – another cunt.

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54 thoughts on “Tim Farron [5]

  1. These cunts are missing Wetminster votes because they’re getting into practice for the time when all law will be handed down by the cuntlords in Berlaymont-Berghof, and NO voting will be required on the part of GB politicos.

    I was hoping that Ickle Timmy and his farmer-friend Cleggy might have drowned in a vat of something unmentionable by now.

    • Well to them the chequers plan is perfect. We get to stay in the EU getting fucked by them while not having any say over it. Just like how Tim likes to be gagged and tied up while Jerome ploughs his arsehole over and over again.

  2. Haven’t heard about little Timmy for ages. Poor cunt……completely stitched up for refusing to say that the sky fairy approves of blokes sticking their cocks up each other’s bumholes.
    If he wasn’t such a dirty traitorous remoaner cunt you you could almost feel sorry for him.

    • Ah the Left….When is a liberal not liberal enough? When they’re a Christian. Still an onion headed little turd mind you.

    • It would be very interesting if Timmy and Cliffy got together to discuss this issue…

  3. This pathetic little cunt is hardly worth the effort. Leave him singing kumbayah with his god bothering mates.

    • Yes. Bring on cunts worthy of our attention, please. And let his god sort that one out. Isn’t there something about ‘judge not, that ye be not judged?’

      No, I don’t believe it either.

  4. That the LibDumbs thought the sun shone out of Tim’s homophobic bunghole says everything you need to know about those cunts.

    God bothering disingenuous cunt can fuck right off!

  5. Soubry was doing her nut at this pair of wankers as the remoaners lost by 3 votes. Excuse me while I piss myself laughing.
    While Timmy was bashing the good book Cablecunt was “attending a confidential political meeting.” In Brussels no doubt, collecting his monthly brown envelope.

  6. Easily one of the most slimy cunts in British politics. I mean, just look at his face – it practically screams ‘I’m a slippery little toad’.

    Oh, also – fuck Samsung as well – when I tried to post this initially I once again got let down by the fact that my tablet runs the internet and loads pages REALLY SLOWLY with an intermittent connection, despite the WiFi working fine on my phone.

  7. They’re all things to all men /wimminz /LGBTQXYZs /gender fluid trannies /BAMEs these days, doncha know?

    Apart from a few honourable exceptions prepared to admit they ain’t, that is.

  8. Most God-botherers are sexual deviants. Perhaps he doesn’t like The Gays because he indulges in some even more exotic passtime. Farron has the look of a man who might enjoy bare-back donkey rides on Blacpool beach,perhaps that is what he gets up to,rather than The Gayness. I have heard that he puts a “Kiss Me Quick” hat on his ass before he feeds it a stick of rock.

    Clement Freud and Cyril Smith were an exotic pair of Liberal politicians too.

    • There was a nasty rumour flying around that Clement Freud regularly smeared Chappie on his old chap before inviting Henry to give it a thorough licking.

      • I actually know someone who gets his wife to smear her fanny with Marmite. He then gets his “motors running” by watching their dog lick it off…mind,the woman is a bit of a pig,so I suppose at least if the dog’s been at her beastly loins,he wont have to.
        They keep guinea-pigs too.

      • What interesting friends you have DF, be if they invite you round for breakfast don’t touch the Marmite. I’d avoid the milk too.

      • Dick, you surpass yourself on virtually every post you make, Just came in from the alehouse to some very fucking bad news and thought “what could lift my spirits albeit temporarily”? Then I happen across probably the most venerable cunter who’s retorts and responses never fail to remind me that I do have heroes and people I look up to, unsurprisingly you take top spot – never short of a good word for a fellow cunter down on his luck and cornflake box temporary soles for his worn out all Northampton made finest English shoes. Don’t ever stop going in to bat for your kith, kin and fellow cunters. The world is a far off better place with cunts like you around Dick. My appreciation in attempting to elevate you to King of cunts goes right to the point of a snap election of the real proper genuine cunts who grace these pages – but non so worthy as you Dick. My fucking hero, and I don’t use that title to elevate some kind of online hero worship or the adherents of just a cunt who shares my views. You are a Prince amongst cunts Dick, and our community would be much worse off if you were not contributing to our Legion of the cunt appreciation society. As a Falklands veteran and a real Patriot I toast your health and long may you cunt until your ever generous worthy cuntings subside when you decide you have had enough.
        With the warmest regards Dick my online cunting Hero, Goodnight, God bless and may you and yours live long and prosper

      • Dick,
        Not quite used to the use of Hamsters / Gerbils and other small slithery creatures I do believe that pastime is almost the exclusive domain of the turd burgling fraternity. I believe the malady to be named / classed as “felching”. A snip from an A&E report of note and still available (but I am fucked if I am going to spend the time providing you cunts with a shortcut) suggests a couple of Reg Dwight / Harry Webb types appeared in said A&E – one of the pair of sodomite cunts had a gerbil trapped up his shit chute after his bum chum had inserted a pipe long enough for the said rat like creature to disappear up his rectum. All well and good until the poor Gerbil decided that being trapped up a sodomites ringpiece was a trifle restrictive and attempted to scratch his way out of the confines of a severely disturbed back actor.
        The outcome I believe consisted of a General anaesthetic and the offending animal being removed by a similar means to an abortion. That is ripped to pieces by scissors and sharp scalpel like tools. When the term “queer” is used I don’t think that particular 5 letter word covers the below humanity baseline that these dirty cunts would stoop to. They really want parity with “normal human beings”? FFS, my definition of “bent” with my first wife was trying to invade her chutney locker after 10 years of marriage and its only when we broke up and I discovered that bum sex was about as common as pencils in an IKEA superstore. In fact my last three liaison’s have favoured one up the shitter than any messing about with a fanny like a clowns pocket.

    • What is it with all these aberrant Liberals? Thank fuck Jeremy Thorpe was a true gentleman of impeccable moral character.

      Not so Vincent Cable. He has the look of a man who’d get up to all manner of deviancy rather than attend a knife edge Brexit amendment vote in the House of Commons.

      Probably off trying to tempt young Timmy out the closet.

      Anyone got any dirt on Jo Grimond?

  9. Glad to join in on this superb cunting of the objectionable, daff bulb- headed cunt.

    Let’s face it – his liberal and Christian views vying for pole position somewhat excludes him from front line politics.

    His disapproval of same sex sodomy/bum-fun indulgence is simply not the liberal way. This seems to have worked out nicely for those of us who thinks the Lib Dems are a collective of baggy ringpieces.

    The fifth cunting for Tiger Tim. I shall raise a glass tonight to many, many more on these fine pages.

  10. Message from Tim Farron’s press Office.
    Again like the referendum you have allowed me to be cunted when in fact you not only didn’t understand the true meaning of the cunting but you failed to understand the destination of the cunting.
    We need another vote on this as I’m sure if you all thought about and understood the cunting you’d change your mind.

    • C’mon Tiny Tim, your halfway to making it onto the Wall of Cunts. After leading the Limp Dumbs into even greater obscurity you have to have a goal in life.

  11. Off topic but doesn’t anyone make an effort when going out these days? Seen loads of cunts looking scruffy and unwashed going out an abaaaaaht on a Saturday night.
    What a load of trampy cunts.

  12. If you told this cunt that “Hot Cross Buns” was the title of a Jesus fitness DVD, the cunt would probably believe that as well….

  13. Typical liberal. I’ve said it before and will say it again – everything these people do is controlled by either what they do with their own dick or where other people put their dicks.
    It drives almost every decision they make. I’d say ‘fuck em’, but they would like it too much.

  14. Really bloody annoying.

    Every website I now go on tell me they use cookies, and that they value my privacy. I have to agree to this in order to continue on the website.

    Understand this is probably to do with the new data protection laws but to be honest is getting on my fucking tits.

      • No Ruff Tuff

        Whenever I see or hear anything to do with the EU, I firstly shudder then switch over/off.

        Want nothing to do with the bastard cunts.

      • Such ingratitude Willie… they’re only interested in your welfare you know.

      • I’ve just sent the subject access request ‘from hell’ to some cunt who won’t stop spamming me with calls and texts, despite attempts for them to remove my number from their databases. I’ve tracked it back to an individual company – took aim, and boom. Of anyone else wants to do similar to a cunt they don’t like, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide pointers.

    • From what I know those new laws hurt small businesses whilst the cold callers who they’re meant to punish continue finding a way round the system. I mean, we sure as hell haven’t stopped getting the bloody things.

  15. Tim Farron

    A deluded twat who has achieved precisely nothing in his pointless life, other than to attract ridicule.

    • His fringe is higher than yours Willie stroker. He has to stand on a fridge to cut it. He should start sleeping upside down, as apparently it slows the hair loss down. Not sure what happens after a wet dream though. Catarrh? That might shut him up.

      • Morning Lostsheep, welcome to the site.

        I wish you were right but unfortunately 11 years old than the cunt in question and my fringe is now only a distant memory.

  16. Liberal ‘Democcrats’

    That second part of the name is in itself a tasteless joke, these cunts have time and again shown their true colours regarding democracy.

    They did all they could to not get an EU referendum in the first place and then have tried to get it overturned ever since.

    The double dealing cunts reneged on boundary change because the AV ref got defeated in the most one sided electoral drubbing I can remember.

    They seem to be a magnet for deviants.

    Fuck them and I hope they all rot.

    • Actually they are neither liberal or democratic……. Absolute faux Cunts!!!
      Off point ….
      saw that fucking two bob political Pygmy Leo Varadkar making more threats to the U.K.!! …..
      Seriously Who the fuck does he think he is? Nothing more that an EU attack chihuahua! Listen up cunt when your bullying big brother EU collapses you are gonna be left all on your own in the big bad world!, choose your words wisely as the might be your last!, if we end up leaving with no deal I would love to see some large tariffs on Irish beef etc etc
      See how big mouth Varadkar likes that! The U.K. could smash Ireland’s fragile economy..
      Go fuck yourself TITSUCK…….

      • I can’t abide the not!Fenian shirt lifting cunt, who the fuck do this wanker think he is? Christ, if I were a rich bastard I’d pay a pretty penny to see him get the old Nazi poof treatment.

      • So he won’t let us use Ireland’s airspace? What you gonna shoot our planes down with cunt? I want a Brexit so hard that we have a fucking 30 foot razor wire topped wall along the Irish border. And you can have all your pikies back. And Roy Keane.

      • Maybe a potato gun?
        The EU is full of barking chiwhuahuas like this little cunt!!
        I hope once this is settled the U.K. doesn’t just simply forgive and forget how people like Varadkar, muscrat, vehorstadt and Co have acted towards us , the threats and bullying should be remembered, they say you only find out who your true friends are in times of real need……….

      • The irony…. on the news this morning we have France whinging about the Donald’s trade tariffs and how *unfair* it is to Europe, how it will harm smaller countries. It seems it is OK for the fucking EU to look after heir own interests but not anybody else. What a load of hypocrites.

  17. Fucking cookies. They’re called biscuits you Yank cunts.
    Ok, i’ll admit to buying a packet of discounted “Maryland Cookies” in Tescos the other day and very nice they were.
    On the other hand I’ve been to Maryland a couple of times and I don’t recall eating any biscuits.
    Like “Yorkshire Tea” I suspect they only exist in the mind of the marketing man.

    • Brit supermarkets selling something called “Viennese Biscuits”.

      I lived there for two years, never saw anything remotely similar.
      But “Manner” wafers are lovely.
      If you are ever visiting, the Manner family have an emporium about twenty yards from the cathedral, bng in the centre of town.

  18. He is just another cowardly politician with tourettes. Only very rarely do we hear anything remotely sensible from these clowns.Dutch Foreign Minister Blok, stated a few days ago,” Peaceful Multiculturalism is just not possible.” Only to back track the very next day, under pressure and abuse from the social media snowflakes, and apologises. Watching the continual drip drip destruction of everything that was once so good about this country, is looking into a crystal ball, and watching history, 3000 years ago, repeating itself. Most of our politicians, with their golf club mentality, came into being off the backs of so called hard working lower class. Even in both wars, the privileged became the officers, the rest the army. Even Rememberance day is slowly being chipped away by the Politicians under pressure from the deluded snowflakes elite. Our mental councillors here, only last year proposed emitting the word ” Christian” from the usual hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers,” to make it more acceptable to ” the others.” Luckily the go ahead was squashed after the Salvation Army refused to attend and play the music. We are not genetically wired to connect or live with others of a different culture. Fact. So stop trying to enforce this upon us , you imbeciles.

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