Gladstone Brookes ad

That menacing cunt who tells you to call Gladstone Brookes…..NOW…to see if you are owed some PPI money as a refund.

“Why” he asks in a hectoring tone “have you not contacted Gladstone Brookes?”

“Don’t you know there’s a time limit?” the cunt asks in his best ‘talking to the peasants’ who know fuck all voice.

Fuck off you smarmy cunt!

Nominated by ATTILA THE CUNT

45 thoughts on “Gladstone Brookes ad

  1. Money grabbing cunts. I’ve done some work for a legal firm that does this sort of thing. The boss is an utter utter cunt. He could peel an orange through a fucking tennis racket. Horrible cunt.

  2. Just read that Praying Mantis Mandelson is saying that leaving is better than May’s stitch up over Brexit. The silence of Soubry and the backing off of Grieve is now clear. The delay and dither tactics have been planned long ago. Time for a new political party. The ULP. Undemocratic Lying Party. May can take all of them and fuck off to the other sude of nowhere. Cunts. PS Mind you that party exists now. Just called something different. Still cunts.

    • The Remainers have sewn up both sides of the Brexit divide. Sulking cunts like Lady Mandelscum and Soubry actively working against the outcome and Maycunt masquerading as someone who will deliver the will of the people.

      • They’re saying Appeaser May’s about to be replaced by Boris…

        In my fucking nightmares he will!

        One fucking nightmare after another.

        Steve Baker seems like a nice boy…


  3. These Gladstone-Brookes ads always make me wonder whether PPI is really such a lucrative racket for such chancer solicitor firms – I guess they must be, because Cuntstone-Brookes have been on the fucking go seemingly forever.

    I cannot stand that bullish cunt ad frontman either, coming across like a Brundle-esque hybrid of coffee-fuelled estate agent and aggressive Apprentice contestant. It’s a fucking scramble to mute the bastard before he faux-startlingly asks “What’s going on? Haven’t you heard…”

    I hope that this cunt, assuming he’s not actually a G-B solicitor or otherwise employee and just some retained actor, will forever be typecast and recognised by advertising agencies across the country as ‘that bullying cunt from the Gladstone-Brookes ads’, never gets work again, loses his wife and home and ends up destitute, the fucking cunt.

    • Staggering…. I always assumed he was a knowledgeable do gooding geezer, working overtime for the benefit of cunts mis-sold PPI. Thanks for putting me straight on this, you’ve no idea how many times I’ve applied for compensation and been let down by these racketeers. Feeling a bit foolish now actually.

  4. PPI refunds are a load of Cunt. Normally I’d never usually side with the banks,but in this case I think that they’re being unfairly treated. Anyone who signed a contract including PPI had a duty to themselves to understand just what they were signing. If I’d been stupid enough to sign up for something that I didn’t need, I’d consider it my own fault. No good wailing years later.
    The people who were stupid enough to sign up to a contract which they,presumably,didn’t need,are now stupid enough to sign up to a firm which will relieve them them of their undeserved compo.The money that is funding this compensation is probably coming straight out of the taxpayer funded bailouts that the banks received. What next? Ten years down the line people receiving refunds on the fees paid to the likes of Gladstone-Brooks? Of course,they’ll have gone out of business by then and the taxpayer’ll have to fork out again.

    The banks may well be Cunts,but people should be aware just what it is that they are signing. Presumably if they capable of filling in an application for some service that had PPI tacked on,they were capable of understanding just what PPI involved and were happy enough to pay for it.

    Fuck them.

    • Fucking hell Dick! Are you fucking mad!?!

      People taking responsibility for their own actions!?! WTF!!!

      Next you’ll be saying that ensuring electricals are safe and are used safely/appropriately is the responsibility of the owner! What next!?! Possessing home insurance!?!

      FFS! Did you not get the memo whereby if you’re a member of the “culturally enriched” part of society that you are absolved of any such responsibility and if your dodgy fridge takes out 71 of your fellow ghetto dwellers then you are to be pitied, hero worshipped and compensated because anything that happens to the “culturally enriched” is the state’s fault and the state’s responsibility to put right.

      Hated middle-aged white men need not apply – just keep paying the taxes to ease the burden of our “culturally enriched” friends.

      You have been told Dick!

      • Not the peaceful’s fault he didn’t realise that bypassing the fuse on a British 3 pin plug or overloading the electrics in his taxpayer funded flat would be a criminally irresponsible act.

        Nowt in the fucking Koran about wiring a 3 pin plug, is there?

    • Must be the same cunts who believe John McDonalds when he says Labour’s £500billion extra spending plans would not cost the taxpayer a penny, saying it would simply “pay for itself”.


    • When I was young and even more of a silly cunt , the Manager in the Aliance and Leicester told me there were no mortgages available unless I took out an endowment policy , a total liar of course but with my greedy ex wife breathing down my neck I fell for it. Years later I attempted to get compo and was told I knew what I was signing, which was correct. I stil would like to meet that manager up some dark alley and administer some justice upon him.

      • You may have known what you were signing but from what you write it seems clear that you were induced into taking out the endowment policy by fraudulent misrepresentation. And that means that you are entitled to seek damages from the A&L IF you would not have taken out the policy but for said misrepresentation. Moreover, you have exactly the same rights even if the manager’s actions were negligent rather than fraudulent.

      • Thanks for the good advice SW , I think I might have left it to long now. This was back in the 80’s

  5. And the singy songy ‘Gladstone Brookes ‘ theme is fucking annoying.
    0838 hrs, wife being a cunt. I think Dick Fiddler might have something in this shacking up with a plastic dolly malarkey.
    Good morning.

      • I can only find Walkers crisp packets these days,Mr. Creampuff,and I’m afraid the Lineker connection is just too offputting….besides, I found the salt and vinegar flavouring played havoc with my more delicate extremities.

      • Top Tip Dick:

        Hula Hoops packets. an effective alternative for the discerning knobhead.

      • Chance would be a fine thing Dick… but the wife always scoffs the lot before I even get a look in, the cunt.

      • Do you use them as some kind of cock-ring? You must be a very modestly built gentleman. I’d need giant onion-rings.

  6. I was visiting my son when he received a call. Without waiting to hear who it was , he answered with ” “Good morning, Clinic for Sexually Transmitted Diseases,How may I help you?”

    Apparently, he had been pestered by these calls all that morning.

    We never did find out who was calling. They hung up instantly!

  7. PPI adverts in general are piss boiling crap. The Have I Got PPI ones are particularly bad – no, I don’t care how much Sarah managed to save by contacting your scam, now fuck off.

  8. The entire legal profession is full to the gunnels with absolute cunts.
    Bunch of leeching, theiving twats …

    • They are at the top of my list, sometimes swapped with politicians, as the groups of most loathsome cunts I despise the most.

      My list is currently:

      1. Politicians.
      2. Legal cunts.
      3. Financial cunts.
      4. Estate agents.
      5. Civil servant freeloading, final salary pension, useless cunts.

      • How about CEO of any charity. Expect poor bastards to volunteer, without even expenses, whilst loading up their bank account balance.

      • Dear Rebel, as a retired civil servant, I must disagree with number 5 on your list. For 30 years, I was underpaid in the civil service; whenever we wanted a half decent pay rise, we were told “fuck off you cunts; you get a decent pension at the end of it, it’s a “whole life” package”. So all I’m getting now is the pay I should have been getting from 1983 onwards; and it still leaves me underpaid, even if I live to be 100.

  9. Ok cunters here’s the deal with PPI cunts and how you can scam the cunts back.

    If you get bombarded by these cunts and there’s the remotest possibility you could have PPI then get them to send out the forms. They have to send out one form per financial institution (bank, credit card, mortgage broker, etc.) to authorise them to act on your behalf per enquiry.

    Now you could contact these places yourself but they actually fear the vociferous nature of these cunts than they do an individual so if there’s owt there they’ll roll over quicker than a tickled puppy.

    The PPI company will return all non successful claims back in a corresponding letter. If they get some PPI hits they’ll let you know that they’ve got summat and will proceed on your behalf.

    At that point you call them and explicitly tell them you no longer wish to pursue those claims. They will fight tooth and nail and demand written confirmation. Fine – and now – you can demand the right never to be contacted by them by any means whatsoever due to the new GDPR regulations. If they do, and you can prove it, then they can be fined. Putting that in the covering letter also stops them from re-pestering you.

    A few months later make your own claim against the financial institutions who weren’t returned in the “no PPI found” letters.

    Whatever you are compensated – whatever that may be – it will be yours 100% as opposed to gifting these ambulance chaser cunts a 1/3 up to a 1/2 of what is recompensed.

    As Dick would say, fuck ’em!


  10. Off point….
    The Marr shows well worth a watch, first up slippery cunt suckdick talking absolute gibberish on everything from blimps to surging violent crime in londistan, swiftly followed by the back peddling saggy May of Maidenhead, marr giving the lying PM a decent going over, it’s actually quite embarrassing for the weasel worded hunchback backed EU Trojan horse of a CUNT!!!

    • Yes, I saw that. It’s all over for Appeaser. No one takes a single word she utters seriously anymore. Even her biggest apologists must now have lost faith.

      If she said 2+2=4 no one would accept her word for it.

      God save us from Boris.

      • Both are a disgrace and clearly have no respect for the indigenous population of this country. Should both be removed from office and replaced by someone who gives a damn.

    • I watched BBC this morning and it’s ruined my day. First I had to endure suqdick khunt, then that lying, back stabbing cunt theresa the apeser. Then a programme with that fucking cunt lefty Scottish Muslim woman “comedian” that the beebistan wheel out every time they want to mug off trump.
      Every time I see her I just want to grab her fat fucking head and ram it down a toilet.
      Fucking self righteous cunt.

      And what is it with the BBC and fucking guardian columnists?
      It’s practically bankrupt coz no one fucking reads it.
      No one fucking reads it coz it’s shite and all their journalists are idiotic, deranged, arrogant, out of touch, lefty cunts of the highest order.

      I hope my piss cools down soon, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day before the rigors of the week begin.

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