Elaine Douglas and Tommy Brooks

This was on the BBC (they even had enough space on the day when Trump came to the UK) therefore these people must be Uber cunts and I mean UBER CUNTS.

I’m not going to write anymore but If this don’t make your piss boil then nothing else will.

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Douglas and Brooks, two Jamaican nationals of no fixed address, were put up in hotels for almost a year and handed pre-paid credit and travel cards, all paid for by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Douglas and Brooks were also both housed in the Radisson Blu hotel in Kensington.

Douglas claimed a total £67,123.35 of relief intended for victims of the fire. She spent 276 nights in the Radisson Blu in Kensington, costing the council more than £55,000, and spent more than £11,000 on a pre-paid credit card she was given when she complained about the hotel’s food.

Brooks claimed £58,396.89 of relief and stayed in the Radisson Blu and another hotel for 243 nights. He also spent more than £9,000 of charges on a credit card.

And here’s the punch line : The court heard Brooks and Douglas had managed to avoid immigration authorities for 16 years after entering the UK illegally in the early 2000s. FFS!

Brooks was sentenced to three years and three months in jail, while Douglas was sentenced to three years. So that’s three years in a nice comfy bed with three free meals a day thrown in at the taxpayers expense. They should deport the cunts back to Jamaica and make them serve the sentence there.

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87 thoughts on “Elaine Douglas and Tommy Brooks

  1. Don’t worry: the Left will find an excuse as to why they should be seen as “victims” rather than the scrounging illegal immigrant cunts they really are!

    • The whole fucking lot of them are spongers,even the ones who actually lived there. f anyone else’s house or flat burnt down,it would be “Where was your insurance, Cunt?”….not a fucking bottomless wallet and the promise of free accommodation, no questions asked,for the rest of their sponging days.
      Chuck the fucking lot of them out of their taxpayer funded hotels and apartments. Give them all a ticket back to Bongo-Bongo land and just tell them to Fuck Off.

      • I think some rough justice is required.
        They claimed on the basis of a non-existant address going up in smoke.
        Put them in a solid cage, and off to the local crematorium.

  2. I’d like to know what they were living on for 16 fucking years. They were either working illegally, thieving or poncing off benefits. How did they get away with that for 16 years?
    Well as they managed to live a life of luxury just by saying they lived in that fucking tower I think we know the answer.
    Deported ? Don’t make me laugh. You never heard of human rights? We’ll be paying for a load of bloodsucking lawyers to keep them in the country.

  3. Bet half of the dead in Grenfell Tower fitted the same profile. It’s why the left trot out the line “it’s likely we will never know the true total of the dead”

    The council never want it known how many HMOs they’d turned a blind eye to.

  4. It’s ok though , they’re Jamaican and Jamaica is so cooooooolllll and everything. They should have done the lightning bolt pose in court and they’d have been let off .

  5. Compare and contrast how they were treated compared to the many men and women who have served in this country’s armed forces – often experiencing the horrors of war and being left with the physical and mental scars that can result from it – yet have ended up living rough on the streets of our cities.

    It sickens me to the core.

    • You’re not the only one Sterling. It’s an example of how the establishment view and treat the indigenous population yet bend over backwards for poor deprived darkies. A ‘ wind of change ‘ is required.
      As for these fucking jungle bunny bastards, I’d have them tarred and feathered and left out in the sun.
      Utter scumcunts.

    • Excellent point,S.W. The Military Covenant seems to be too easily ignored and forgotten.

      • It was as hollow as any promise made to the Armed forces Dick. Front line personnel are in a unique group. Those that have seen combat up close and personal still alive in the UK on demob are just cast aside with little help from anyone. Sure, a bit of a course to show you how to readjust to civvy life, a box is ticked and that’s another wounded mind, body and spirit floating around in a life they cant comprehend. It doesn’t apply to most but the few who just will never adjust to life without a regime are the ones who suffer most. An ex Navy oppo of mine had done 33 years and ended up a WO 1. The day he handed his kit in not a word of thanks was offered by his superiors and an engraved tankard off his peers. He left quite some time ago and had done some shit jobs. His first as a stoker on a ship as part of the Falklands campaign. Through to both Iraq wars. All that was left to show for it was a tankard (and a lump of money). Since coming outside his marriage has fucked up, spent most of his payout on ale and more ale. He is now just a lonely old pisshead who gave his youth and the best part of his life serving his country.
        Military Covenant?? Don’t make me laugh. Had he lived as a fucking arsewhipe bumming from the state all his life he would have more support than any “covenant”. At the end of the great war men (some still boys) were told that England would be a country fit for heroes. The amount of times I saw my Grandfather cry like a baby (always outside – never in front of anyone in the family) having seen the horrors of the Somme and Verdun as a 21 year old sergeant and demobbed with a few quid and fuck all else sticks in my memory. These two greedy cunts are endemic of the state of this country and England in particular. To those who gave everything there is fuck all down for you – for those of you who take and give nothing in return – welcome – those who provide for you will ensure you wont have to do a days honest graft in your miserable existences. We mustn’t forget our white privilege though Dick, must we?

      • Another cracker, Cunto.
        You posts,along with several other contributors, really do deserve a wider audience. Some of the most sensible and erudite comments appear on this website…along with some slightly lower-brow offerings,of course…..

      • Hear hear Dick but that’s the beauty of cunting and we cunters.
        “”We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
        For he to-day that sheds his cunts with me
        Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
        This site shall gentle his condition;
        And gentlemen in England now a-bed
        Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
        And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
        That cunted with us upon Big Dons day””
        “William Shakespeare – Henry V” – mostly 😉

      • Ah “The Military Covenant” or the “Bend over and get arse fucked covenant” it’s actual name. One of the great unwritten contracts of British politics. Has existed in one form or another since pre Roman era. Has recently had it’s profile raised by the likes of Phil (anus) Shiner,the cuntfest that is the house of commons (by name and nature), Chakrabatty (pronounced hypocrite cunt) and a legion of hardworking guilt ridden fuckwits and so on and so forth.

    • It’s because the Armed Forces are the best of us doing whatever is asked of them, whatever the cost, and never complaining about it which unfortunately makes them easy for politicians to take advantage of. They are paid the less than all public sector workers despite having by far the hardest and most dangerous jobs around. But unlike all these other public cunts like the NHS junior doctors you never see the armed forces going on strike, abandoning their responsibilities, until we pay them more. Disgusting how the people who do the most bitching get rewarded the most in favour of those who quietly serve our country without ever making a fuss about how little they get for their sacrifices.

      And they have to put up with cunts who actively try to persecute them like that utter cunt lawyer Phil Shiner who fabricated stories about Iraq War veterans to get them arrested while he collected millions from the tax payer under the guise of “protecting human rights” for terrorist cunts. Why the fuck he was let off with just losing his law license is beyond me, I would have deported that fucker to Iraq and to how much he likes living in a war zone filled with terrorists. Of course that’s the benefit of having support from all these labour politicians like Corbyn and Chakrabarti that would love nothing more than the see the armed forces totally dismantled so there would be nobody to overthrow them when they turn into a dictatorship like all good socialists do.

      • BZ Mad Jack,
        First post I have seen from you Keep up the great tradition of cunting, every word of your post made sense. We indeed have an enemy within, it comes in all hues, shapes and sizes but mostly mud coloured (or sponsors / supporters thereof). Its creeping into the very fabric of our lives daily. I have no cure other than war and conscription. Lets see how many “Brits” answer the call. Apologies, I am trying very hard to disguise my “white privilege” that sets me apart from the mud coloured peoples now populating my country and those who have / had /are willing to sacrifice their lives for Queen and country / blighty. I think under terms of conscription to fight in a foreign field the population would shrink from circa 65m to less than half of that and the Windrush generation would sink under the weight of blambos making their way “home”. Lets not forget not a single blambo would regard themselves as British if we had not been supporting these dopy cunts since the day they disembarked the banana boats.

  6. Just goes to show how woefully inefficient our immigration authorities are.

    • Not really the authorities fault… enforcement of immigration laws is waycist.

    • Never mind unlimited credit. I’d have assumed that a Darkie with any kind of credit or debit card had stolen it,regardless of limit.
      Whoever heard of a Darkie parading around with a credit card bearing his own name? Beyond the realms of credibility,surely?

      • When did you ever see a person of colour in a credit card advert? Never.

        Nor in insurance ads, pay day loan ads, or any other dodgy rip off financial ads that entail the customer signing up for a legal mugging.

      • Yes RTC,
        Have you seen the new advert for Nationwide? They gave us the singing sisters and the latest is a blambo with more teeth than Red Rum and a fucking nauseating voice declaring the steel and iron workers met in coffee shops to put all their geld in one pot until all of them had houses. Think they did something similar over a year ago and now the tail is wagging the dog – we will be paying for Grenfell grotto and its next 3 or 4 generations without a question asked. This is why these two cunts got away with it. The simplest of questions to aid the enquiry were seen as “racist” – keep up the free digs in 5* hotels and prepaid credit cards but only a racist would ask if you had actually lived in the block of flats or anyone you ever knew??? Excuse me, that’s my white privilege showing again. I must remember that its sackcloth and ashes wearing hair shirts kneeling on lumps of chalk with my face against the wall – after all I am only the racist colonial slave keeper that should know his place. Listen up Elaine and Tommy – I aint ever owned no slaves and neither of you two cunts ever picked any cotton.

    • Well just look at what happened when they tried to get more serious with May trying to create a “hostile environment” for illegal immigrants (I wonder what happened to her spine after becoming PM). And then the outrage of such a thing when those Windrush cunts caught up in it because they were too stupid to have any legal identification, pushing the Home Office back to square one where it feel incapable of daring to touch anyone who isn’t white. Politicians need to realise that these “diversity” loving libtards might make the most noise but they sure as hell don’t represent the majority of the population.

      • May’s “spine” is just a rumour…like the Loch Ness monster.
        Bugger all evidence to support any existence.

  7. I wonder if the people in charge of checking any claims have been asked just how this delightful pair managed to access so much,for so long,without anyone making even the most basic of enquiries ,such as, Did the flat number even exist?
    The trouble with a lot of these inner-city benefit and social service offices is that they are either run by staff who are terrified of being called racists,or by other Sooties who collude with their “clients” in fraud. They don’t just turn a blind eye,they actively participate.
    These two Darkies really sum up for me the type of people who probably made up the vast majority of Grenfel tenentsl ,even if this particular pair didn’t…illegal,dishonest,grabby,lazy,unemployable,entitled,criminal leeches. They are scum who we now have to pay to keep in prison while their legal-aid lawyer ensures that their taxpayer-funded life continues in this country upon their release.
    Grenfell has become the ultimate Golden Tit for every greedy bastard who knows that they just need utter the magic word “Grenfell” and lottery win style riches will be theirs….not if they’re white,of course,because from the photos that I’ve seen only multi-hued enrichers seemed to live there..and I’ll bet that not one of the bastards wasn’t in receipt of unearned benefits.

    Fuck them.

    • I wonder if they qualify for the Sainted “Windrush Generation”?…suppose not,or they’d have played that ultimate get-out-of jail free card. No descendant of the banana boat generation can ever do anything illegal….It’s the law.

      • No such luck – according to the nom they entered the UK illegally in the early 2000s. Blair would have seen them right though.

  8. Fucking hell these two are ugly bastards. Thank fuck we’ve got a chance now to throw them out of the country. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they were caught up in the fire, and someone put their faces out with a cricket bat.

  9. There have been so many fires in the UK over the last 50 years, where the loss of life was appalling. Cheapside- (Glasgow) 19 firefighters burned to death. James Watt Street Fire. 22 burned to death. In fact, Glasgow was then known as the being the Tinderbox C, and had the most appalling death Tolls. Other cities throughout the UK, likewise have appalling records for death by fire, and if you want Tower Blocks to be included, then Ronan Point is a good example.

    My point is. In all of those disasters ( and the hundreds not mentioned ) The survivors recovered with stoic dignity. Grateful to have survived, they asked for little, and were largely forgotten within a week or two.

    The authorities did little, and the politicians less.

    Grenfell brings home a revisit to tragedy , but where was the dignity, where was the stoic and determined resolve . Instead, the brown grasping palm was shoved forward for cash, compo, rehousing and all amidst the most disgusting spectacle of greed and 3rd world hysteria.

    Im sorry these people died the way they did. But they way they lived and their cultural barbarity has done little to fuel any enthusiasm or compassion on my half. As for the afore mentioned twats. They prove my point in it’s entirety.

    • The difference from previous disasters is the virtue signalling, common sense hating Left, the sensationalist MSM with their relentless 24/7 wall to wall blanket coverage, Lammys, Flabbots & Catweasels of this world all cashing in and encouraging, nay ensuring the surviving residents (+ every other cunt and his dog) CLAIM in a manner of entitlement never seen in the aftermath of any previous tragedy. Big business for the counselling classes, interpreters, etc. Collective guilt makes everyone a winner it seems.

      Whatever made this country great and a relevant force in the world is gone forever. The spirit of the blitz has long ago evaporated into the ether. This country is finished.

    • The stoic,self-reliant era is passing, ASA. We know what the future holds for this country. God help them,because they certainly lack the fortitude to help themselves.

      • Indeed, Mr F.
        One wonders what will happen to the children of decent(!) folk like ourselves.
        I’ve tried my very best to bring up my kids with the victorian level of discipline my father installed in me. No whining, crying, getting money without working for it, pointing out the true nature of women and how to take advantage of them, the true nature of sponging creosote-coloured cunts, the true nature of politicians and assorted worthless famous types and the true nature of leftie pieces of shit.
        Someone could argue that I’m making him jaded at a relatively young age (15).
        I say that I’m arming him against cunts that will attempt to fuck him over and teaching him how to make the best of his honky middle-class privilege.
        The little one (7) likes ‘Frozen’ though, so might turn out to be a botter.

      • Good Evening, Mr. Cunt-Engine….I trust that your good lady wife is in the rudest of health? Mr and Mr Daley send their regards and do hope that Mr.Creampuff and yourself will be free for their next Finnish sauna party…..I’ve volunteered to thrash everyone with a birch branch….good for the old circulation,apparently…you’ll be first,while my thrashing arm is still at peak performance….

      • Evening Mr F.
        Just because I have the gayest moustache in England (it currently looks like mid-80’s Tom Selleck), that doesn’t necessarily mean I’d like to be thrashed with a birch by your good self. If you were Charlize Theron then that would sweeten the deal.
        Unfortunately Mrs Cunt Engine is still alive and well and hasn’t acquired an inoperable brain tumour. Maybe I should encourage her to go to London? A stabbing would be practically guaranteed!

      • @ DF

        Birching never did me any harm…

        @ TtCE

        Mrs Cunt Engine is a blick? If she doesn’t fit the profile, stabbing would not be a certainty you know.

      • Jolly good. If they get caught fighting, they can say that they identify as a transgender muslim gypsy and any criticism or punishment will be regarded as a hate crime. I’m going to give that one a try the next time the police pull me over for speeding.

  10. Deport the fuckers.

    And fire the person/persons responsible for wasting taxpayers money by virtue of not checking that the flat in Grenfell even fucking existed. Which it didn’t.

    Incompetence and abject failure rule the waves..

    • If every person responsible for wasting taxpayers money were fired, the National Debt would be wiped out overnight!

      The officials and bleeding heart lefties who enabled Douglas and Brooks in their criminal endeavours are guilty, at the very least, of aiding and abetting fraud, imho.

      If the jails are full, lock the crooked cunts up in old ocean liners out in North Sea.

  11. Woa, woa, woa!

    This cunting is clearly waycist.

    No doubt the two upstanding citizens in question were either doctors, scientists, architects or pillars of the comoonity, surely!

    How very dare you! Diane Abbott is torn between the extra value KFC bucket or writing a four word tweet. How dare you put the shadow (and it’s a big fucking shadow) home secretary in such a choice position.

    These misguided and misunderstood individuals quite clearly didn’t know what they were claiming for and so should be absolved of any responsibility financially and paid a handsome sum in compensation for even daring to ask the question of our “culturally enriched” members of society.

    How very dare you!

    They’ll be on sleb bake-off before you know it. You unfeeling cunts!

  12. Sorry if this has been said but this pair of snot filled boils on the arse of humanity have like the other “victims” been granted leave to remain and so are technically UK citizens and likely they won’t be able to be deported when the “lawyers” (leech cunts) get involved…..sorry if this pushes anyone over the edge!

  13. Headline news on al Beeb is still about layabout scum protesting Trump in Scotland. I was going to say he doesn’t give a fuck, but he probably does. As in, if he is upsetting the right people, he’s doing his job. Think about it, if these twats are moaning, it means stuff is happening that they don’t like, which in my humble opinion, can only be to the betterment of mankind. Vermin guardian commentator and perennial cunt Owen Jones has been spouting off, saying that the alt right are ‘triggered’, and calling them snowflakes for moaning about the Trump blimp. This from the twat who stormed off Sky news when he couldn’t accept that non gay people could be upset about gay people being murdered.
    The mainstream media seem mo, to focused on the protests than the substance of the visit, which tells you everything you need to know about them. Shallow, reactionary, and lacking in any real news. So what, if a couple of thousand twats met up and waved a couple of shitty cardboard signs, many millions of the rest of us were out and about, enjoying the glorious summer weather, not giving a fuck, one way or the other.

  14. don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but FUCK GERRY ADAMS.. the cunt is complaining over someone throwing a bomb at his house. ‘ my grandkids could have been there’ well fuckin tough you murdering fuckin scumbag. fuck off out of it you hypocritical cretin.

    • It’s a shame him and his family weren’t killed. I hope they keep trying. A bit fucking rich that the cunt is moaning about .

    • Thats terrible, being attacked by terrorists.He could have been killed. His family could have been hurt too. That would have been really sad. poor Gerry. He must hate terrorists now…

  15. My 13 year old son just came back from the park after playing tennis with a friend. Their game was somewhat shortened when unannounced four Eastern European men walked onto their court and started playing football.

    The Eastern European couple on the next court told the men to get off but they were outnumbered and ignored.

    Within a minute the police arrived and told the men to get off the court.

    Eastern Europeans, rude ignorant lazy scum fuckers who should not be here.

    • Lots around here who like to fish by the rivers and leave a mountain of trash behind afterwards. Spied some cunt snapping off loads of tree branches to open up his favourite spot to the sun.

      Here’s to hoping they never learnt to swim.

    • Sorry to hear about that Willie. Kids should be able to play without aggravation from people who ought to know better. The thing is, these people just don’t give a fuck, as long as they’re doing what they want to do then that’s ok, cunts.
      My youngest daughter (30 ) was attacked by a smack head a few months ago outside a supermarket .He picked on the wrong one, she slammed him into a plate glass window (she’s always been handy ) and he decided he’d had enough and fucked off. Country’s gone to shit.

      • Good on her Jack. Fuck run, hide and tell.
        Two scumbags recently tried to mug my Mrs.The first one, a weasel faced, smack head, she swung his head against the wall, which he had tried to pin her to, game over, smack head to crack head. The second one, a rancid, lardy female, who’d snatched the bag and wobbled off, she chased her down, pull, pushed her rucksack and the fat cunt fell face down hitting the deck. All the spoils of their bad day fell out of the bitches rucksack, purses, money and credit cards.
        The Mrs, took back her purse and scooped all the cash, while fatty begged for mercy.
        I naively asked her why she’d not reported these scum bags to the police? You can guess what her reply was!

      • Fucking londongrad british gov is complicit in protecting these Oligarchs or sons of Oligarchs either way its disgusting big money talks tho bullshit walks you know the saying
        eastern europeans are cunts especially the ultra rich ones who refuse to learn english!

  16. Anyone else remember when the Grenfell lot were moved into an apartment complex where the penthouse was worth 7 million? Guy must have slashed his wrists.

    His gaff was worth about 250k after they moved in downstairs

  17. I think I need to go away on holiday somewhere and perhaps not come back.

    Either that or I need to lock myself in a dark room for all eternity.

    Cannot believe how much unbelievable shit is going on in this country, incompetence, lies, corruption, hypocrisy and blatant stupidity.

    The weak “leadership” of the current government are to blame for the majority of the country’s problems, and I am of the opinion that things will get vet ugly sooner rather than later as many people are furious and have simply had enough.

    The fucking wankers in charge are clueless. Theresa May today says trust me or we will not have a Brexit.

    Fuck off you stupid bitch.

    • “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

      (Joseph de Maistre, fucking yonks ago).

      • I just heard that Tommy Robinson’s appeal will now be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice on 18 July. There will be three judges including Sir Ian Burnett,the most senior judge in the UK. Is this due to concern about possible civil unrest…?

      • So they should be fucking concerned, coz its them that have fucked it up for the rest of us.
        What’s the betting they will spring Tommy, but with an electronic ball and chain around his ankle and all his moves monitored, a virtual house arrest, with no internet thrown in. Then the authorities will smugly think that is enough to silence the objecting majority, by demonstrating to the plebs that we live in a fair and equal society, ha,ha!
        My home town allows the degenerates to occupy our town centre. The local council, an organisation that was bloated and still is ever wasteful, suckled on the teat of the liberal public purse and hence is full of lefty driven Cor-BIN-istas. They’ve been financially cut back, but instead of chopping their nonsensical, pet projects, they seek to demonstrate to the public, how unfair our Tory society is, by rubbing the drunken, drugged up, mugging, dosser shit wasters in the publics face and keeping it there. Cunt em!
        Good luck to Tommy on the 18th, we’re rooting for ya son!

    • Just to put things into perspective, at the lowly age of 20 I’m probably the youngest on here and yet thanks to all this shit I feel closer to your age mentally. Really fucking wears you down after a while.

      • That would be thanks to my old man – he’s always had a staunch hatred of the illiberal libtard types and thankfully raised me to recognise their shit and not become one.

      • Good for your father and for you OC.

        This country needs more people like you.

  18. Wonder if any of the fanatical libflake diversity mongs have pulled the racism card out after Angelique Kerber beat Philip from Rising Damp in drag at Wimbledon?…. Because, rest assured, they fucking well will…

      • Old Adolf would have loved to have seen Williams gubbed in a Wimbledon final by someone from ze fatherland….

    • The one time when I actually welcome a Kraut victory. Never like Williams – she’s always come across as being very uppity and arrogant.

      • I’ve just proposed a cunting for womens tennis. Maybe it’ll get a show sometime. Dreadful business.

      • And now doing mattress adverts FFS?

        Has she no pride? Clearly not- it must be all about the money, as if $150m is not enough.

      • No doubt she’ll have a big whinge about it on Twatter or some magazine interview….. she might even squeeze in the tried and trusted race card and how “all those whitey folks in the stands were just willing the other bitch on!”

    • Fucking hell, I hope I’m wrong and there really is something up there so I can watch what happens to society as these pricks get hold. Bumming in the street will become commonplace.

      • Nah. Sorry Kendo, but you’re gonna be reincarnated straight back into the shithole… to reap what we’ve sown.

        Have a nice day y’hear!

  19. Surely the people who attacked Gerry potato Adams were freedom fighters not terrorists?

    Fuck of you bog trotting murdering scum cunt.
    Mind you, at least the IRA were proper hard cunts not like these sissy ISIS nancy boys. All male training camps and no wimmins? A bit gay me thinks….

    As for the Grenfell pair
    Man dem two is well UGLY FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Radisson Blu -favourite doss for taxpayer-subsidised leeches:
    Including the one in Kazakhstan:


    Today former political leaders (Tony Blair comes and goes), royalty (Britain’s Prince Andrew has been a regular visitor) and international business czars drop by to curry favour with the country’s rulers,…

    • Amd M’tembe drops by to curry goat.

      And to lick up tasty little “morsels” dropped by P**** Andwoo.

      • Nice tattoos Limpy… I like the monkey and alien one, I’d get one if I was raving nutcase with nothing better to do with my dosh but theres nothing more moronic then getting inked on you for ludicrous amounts of money no matter how neat the art is

        My mummy got mad at me for having a temporary tat sticker when I was 10 never had a temptation to get one since

  21. If Grenfell had been a high-rise in Merthyr Tydfil it would have barely scraped the national news. It showcased the worst SJW slime we have to offer, and it’s unbelievable one year on that that ‘peaky saku’ idiot who ‘just happened’ to be cycling past was given so much airtime to 100% genuinely blame ‘the rich’ and ‘the royals’. The brutal truth is that if the country hadn’t been flooded with ‘diversity’ by SaTony Blair, tower blocks in cities could have been decomissioned and demolished long ago. As for this pair, they are exactly what they look like – damn dirty apes. And most of the rest were freeloaders who aren’t far behind.

  22. Blimey! Looks like I’m going to have to do Unconscious Bias training all over again. Just when I had taught myself to believe that darkies and eurotrash are good citizens, ISAC goes and ruins things. I’m joking, of course; I only have to step out of my North London front door to realise that most shitskins are utter vermin.

    Thanks to you all for supporting the Armed Forces, by the way.

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