Lisa Armstrong

I would like to cunt Ant McFartings soon to be ex wife. This typical bitch has done what most bitches do when a relationship ends for whatever reason [usually due to them being insufferable cunts], they make your life a misery, spend your money like it’s going out of style, withhold sex, let themselves go so you wouldn’t wanna fuck ’em anyway, and then as soon as he could do with some support and it looks like his career is up the swanny she’s out the door quick as a flash.

She then gets a solicitor to try and take poor old Ant to the cleaners, even wants the fucking dog,and generally wont be happy until she’s picked him clean.

Then this gold digging tart gets her arse in her hands when he moves on and finds the next Mrs gold digger, so typical ex wants the fucking air that you breath and still wants to make sure you can’t be happy.

So stick with it Ant, even though you get on my last nerve I’m with you on this one. Don’t lie down and take it in the arse just yet. It will be over with in 4 or 5 years and then the cunt will apologise and want to be friends.

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  1. Couldn’t give a fuck about either of these nomarks. His only function is to tell me which programmes are utter shite. ie ones with him in them. No fucking idea who she is.

    • That’s funny …..At least you’ve found a use for the Cunt!! To be honest I’m stumped……

  2. I find this one difficult because nobody knows what the truth was but he was obviously very very unhappy so why on earth would she want to continue. I don’t think either were without flaws but the sickening way she started having a hissy fit when several months later he was dating again did her no favours. I hope they go to court and I hope his lawyers get a reduction in money paid out because she has purposefully set out to further tarnish his reputation and ruin his career. He has not said a word, wisely. Also, after much criticism of her appearance she appears to be making an effort but you can’t forget the deliberate attempt for sympathy is looking as she did – I can see her on loose women how once she has sorted that bleached rat hairdo and hopefully got whatever health issues are going on sorted/less obvious. She’ll be their new project in their man -blaming week complete with makeover (she might be good at other peoples but doesn’t seem to get the look right on her own).

    I’m from the byker grove era so are fond of the two lads. She doesn’t seem to realise that once the money stops rolling in it’s finite. Happens a lot with bitter women.

    PS. I thought deuce were terrible. I really hope they are not planning a reunion.

  3. He’s a nasty little runt. Apparently all that stuff about her wanting a huge payout and the dogs came from his “people” not her. I actually think that she has been pretty restrained in not going to the press with tales of his excesses concerning prescription pills and alcohol. Even he has admitedt that he was hell to live with while addicted.
    Most “celebrity” wives would have sold their story and tried to get the press on their side. As far as I know,she has kept quiet. He’s a pissed-up junkie who has stolen a fucking lucrative living for years.. Good luck to her if she does the same. She’s earned every fucking penny that she gets out of the little wanker. I hope she picks the little bastard clean.
    Most times I would always side with the breadwinner in a divorce case. Golddiggers are pure Cunts,but not in this case. I can’t stand Ant and Dec and would always take the other side against them. “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” was an atrocity,an abomination…whatever terrible events befall the instigators are deserved.

    Fuck him (and his sidekick).

    • Interesting comment – any insight into why she won’t sign the divorce then? Her people don’t have the say on that!

      • No idea…maybe she just wants to fuck him about after he took up with her friend?

  4. A pair of celebs I really couldn’t give two fucks about. If she fucks him over then she fucks him over – surely he couldn’t be that naive in thinking that’s how some failed marriages end up when things go south!

    If he had any sense he should have insisted on a prenup before marrying the tart. If he didn’t then he really is a dip shit.

    So yeah, if he gets taken to the cleaners for millions then tough luck on him. He’s a celeb – take the rough with the smooth; and it won’t take long before he falls back on his feet and nets himself another million or so for reading an auto-cue and acting like an arse.

    He won’t starve I’m sure; unlike the ordinary plebs who go through far worse experiences when going through divorce proceedings.

  5. Question:

    Why were there so many fakestan flags at the Trump rally yesterday? Why the boycott 🇮🇱 badges, banners and placards?

    • I did wonder krav, first picture I see of the protest and some hairy arsed charidee worker with mudflap tits is holding up a “free palestine” banner.
      They basically organised any of their 3rd sector chums for a day off and a jolly round London town. All on our coin most likely… Made it seem like 250,000 hate trump. I doubt that very much.

  6. The nations favourite pair of cunts. Couldn’t give a fuck and a half what the hell he or she do. Anyone who buys into the celebricunt drivel need examining with a very large magnifying glass. Soft cunts.

  7. Two inconsequential cunts… symptomatic of our terminally diseased society.

    Let them EAT FORK!

  8. I’m sure the slaphead wanker can afford to bung the bitch a few million although i’ve heard that him and his little pal are as tight as Ann Widdecombe’s cobweb encrusted pussy.
    He’ll just have to suck it up the cunt. Neither of them are going to be visiting a food bank anytime soon so fuck ‘em.

  9. Google image her,the fucking state of it now,she looks a right old boiler these days,like an extra off Shameless….

  10. Bloody creatures want their independence, but not from your wallet, Fucking things.

  11. A couple of totally untalented rodents Hate that drink driving scumbag with a passion a total wanker

  12. When do they start showing films on his forehead?

    Will it be a drive-thru?

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