Gerry Adams [3]

Gerry Adams is a cunt…

Of course we all know he is, but now this twat is whining because he’s getting a bit of overdue payback… Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called on those who attacked his home to meet him…. Adams asked those responsible to have the “gumption and guts” to meet him and explain their actions….

Explain their actions? Like his IRA mob of murderers explained killing military personnel, police,civilians, war veterans, pensioners, children, and royalty alike? Not to mention attempting to murder the British government, and bombing British cities and ruining several businesses and buildings in the process… This piece of Fenian filth has absolutely no room to whine about being attacked by anyone… Cunt!

Nominated by Norman

48 thoughts on “Gerry Adams [3]

  1. A richly deserved cunting for this fucking terrorist scum. The fucking Irish have been a thorn in our side for far too long, we need another Cromwell.

    • Should have left them alone then. The only reason my ancestors caused any trouble was because you buggers would not leave us alone. Old Adams getting some shit is really good news long may he be harassed he richly deserves all the “love” that comes his way.

  2. Detestable murdering cunt. The SAS should have taken the fecker out instead of him being paid at our expense to represent the IRA.

  3. It’s a shame they missed him, but I reckon we’ve at least been spared another Al-BBC grief-fest on the Toksvig Towers scale.

    Apparently the local medicos are very good at dealing with the aftermath of kneecapping, so perhaps some horrific injuries in the ano-rectal area are called for.

  4. The day the cunt dies will be a truly great day in the history of our species.

  5. He wears the rictus smile of a man who knows he is hellbound for his lifetime of evil. At least all his friends will be there. Cheer yourselves up by googling the song Famine is over.

    • Also the “You are a Cunt” song.

      IMHO, it’s “up there” with Schubert and Hugo Wolf…

  6. The problem for Gerry is that his would be assassins could well be on his own side. He could have been having a drink with them last week celebrating England getting kicked out of the World Cup.
    That’s what happens when you are such a stratospheric cunt……you make a lot of enemies.
    Tony cunt Blair please take note.

  7. Adams has simply experienced a sample of what others suffered and endured. Perhaps now he knows what it feels like to be targeted. Lots of innocent Police Officers, Military and Civilians ( many of them children ) died or were maimed with his blessing.
    One day, hopefully soon, he will experience the true terror of death. I shall then raise a glass to savour the moment.

  8. Adams has been subject to a bit of underhanded skullduggery instigated by the UK Government and morally bereft EU in order to stoke up tensions over the so called Oirish problem. Soubry and Co will all now starrt wailing and head slapping screaming ‘see what you idiot Brexit cunts have done while trying to look like they’ve just found Peter Sutcliffe in their wardrobe. Fuck off you low life anti democratic shit stains. If the Micks are so thick to allow a trading arrangement to give the green light for murder then they deserve to be nominated Mega Cunts of the universe. Go fuck yourselves.

  9. What a cowardly heap of slimy filth Adams is. Almost crying because somebody tried to do to him, what he actually did to many others. Perhaps he should get Mandelson to be his bodyguard.

    • Not to worry Mr B – I’m sure Catweasel & McDonalds gave him some nice big hugs to make the naughty men go away.

    • Mandy could always get one of his Brazilian house boys to give Adams a conciliatory blow job.

      One of them has a cracking set of false tits – allegedly…

  10. Some may think that Sinn Fein IRA leader Adams would deserve to be killed by a bomber, but I don’t agree. I would prefer to see him crippled by a bomber and to spend the rest of his life suffering with excruciating pain and depression. Death’s too good for him.

    • And NO free NHS treatment – Adams and Sinn Fein don’t recognise the legitimacy of the British State.

  11. i saw this the other day and didn’t know whether to laugh or wank. this one, like Mcguiness deceased hahaha is pure, unadulterated scum. blood on their hands – yes. the sooner this bearded fuck shuffles off this mortal coil.the better

  12. Last year’s film, The Foreigner, was a big surprise to me. I thought it would just be a generic action flick but it turns out it was actually Jackie Chan killing the shit out of Gerry Adams and his IRA henchmen. I highly recommend it and think it should be viewing material for our parliament to hopefully inspire them to send death squads after all these IRA terrorists turned politicians.

    • Pierce Brosnan was the image of Gerry Adams in the Foreigner . He also sounded just like him. Good performance of the Cunt Adams

      • Yea normally I don’t think brosnan is much good but I thought he was excellent in the foreigner.

  13. “I would appeal for calm. These attacks are the desperate acts of increasingly desperate and irrelevant groups.”

    Yep absolute hypocrisy of that statement good cunting norm

  14. Fenian filth.
    I suppose with the decline of the high street in England there’s not much opportunity to blow some pre-schoolers out shopping. Be careful bog trotter – Bliar might have legitimized you for whatever fucking devious reason… (hes not widely known for good things) but we won’t forget. Birmingham won’t forget.

  15. Just seen a 20 second piece of shit on the BBC news. Apparently the I-ties are refusing to take a couple of shiploads of “refugee” scum and want the Czech Republic to take them. Fuck knows why they think the Czechs should take them but they are saying “fuck off you cunts.”
    Fucking raaay-sists! Let’s bring them over here I say! Plenty of room here.

    • The Czechs have quite rightly said it’s a road to Hell if we start taking these cunts , or words to that affect. And if they try and force the predominantly fanatical Catholic Poles to take them , well it would soon become a blood bath make no mistake.

  16. Doctor Who trailer on during the Black Broadcasting Corporation’s World Cup coverage… So, what was in it?… Tardis? Daleks? Cybermen? The Master? The Doctor him (sorry, her) self? Nah! All I saw was a load of those right-on dark skinned types, and the jumpable Jodie was on at the end for a second… What a fucking surprise, eh? The same old PC load of cunt….

    • I saw that too. Black person, Middle-Eastern type person, angry-looking, wrinkled old white man, then some token bird with a bob hairdo.

      Which one was Dr.Who?

  17. The irony of this story is pretty strong. I’ve noticed he’s been subtly trying to soften hs image for years. He played the “Remain” card (yawn) and before then it was a story about loving his dogs and jumping on trampolines. Aww, how cute.

    Tell that to the relatives of Warrington, London, Manchester, Belfast, etc, burying the dead because of Adams’ signature. I hope Death is near.

  18. Indeed, the mighty IRA struggled for centuries to rid their country of the hated British.
    Now they bend over for the EU , lick the bumhole of a foreign poof and prepare to be flooded with lowlife scum. A bunch of cunts living in the past, too thick to understand what’s going on right under their noses.

  19. Not related to anything, just seen ad on the Logi Baird large group of old tabbies bouncing on trampolines and everyone of them has pissed emselves, if thats the result of bouncing why the feck are they doing it, STOP IT and you will have dry cacks for fucks sake.

    • Yes I’ve seen that add, also known as 50 shades of mocca.

      “I used to dread bouncing like Zebede’s sister plagued with St. Vitus dance syndrome but now I can piss myself with confidence!”

      New TwatSplash kipper liners, now with wings, wheels and a portable bin liner.

      “…I just hope they work as well round the back as I’ve just shat myself too!”

  20. Excellent cunting Norman,
    The lives that this twisted fuck and his ilk have destroyed, the exact number of which will probably never be known only to him and his maker. The “disappeared”, Bandsmen, horses, the 2 signalmen that took a wrong turning at a funeral who were beaten to death and shot in the back of the head – in the intervening 3 hours Adams fucking knew with 100% certainty that those cab drivers had those 2 young lads and were going to torture them beyond your darkest nightmares, Captain Robert Niarac whose parents pleaded personally to this cunt to give up the whereabouts of their only son buried in some field or as some have said fed to pigs after being beaten to death – and he fucking knew / knows not only how he was topped but who where what and when it was done, the peoples of all side of the divide in countries that had fuck all to do with the “troubles” that still, despite protestations that no sectarian violence takes place, is as prevalent as ever, the peoples of Birmingham, Warrington, Manchester, London and even their own blown to smithereens for what? The dopy bog dwelling cunts believe in the same fella just a different flavour. How fucking stupid that your children cant walk safe down the street to school on their fucking “marching days”, you could get snotted for dating the “wrong sort”. Orange cunts largely from Scotland (they are as big a problem as they are in Ireland – Rangers v Celtic??) flying / sailing over the Orange marches to celebrate King Billy and any country that has a “marching season” tells you just how twisted these cunts are – and always will be. I often wondered throughout all the years of murder and mayhem how Adams and Paisley managed to dodge a bullet. The hatred that these awful cunts spat daily about people from their own land was risible. The atrocities can only really be understood if you are a scholar of everything from the spud famine to the final “destruction” of arms but the story doesn’t end there, it never will. Even at war I cant think of 2 enemies (perhaps Russians, Germans and Poles is as close to hatred as I can think of) who went to such lengths to kill, maim, obliterate with maximum pain as these cunts have. To sup with the devil you have to have a long spoon and old Beelzebub will have a seat at his side waiting for this cunt. I hope the cunt dies screaming in agony – which will only account for a dimple on a pimple on a money spiders bollocks compared to the abject misery he and his ilk served up.

    • Now Gib is always a great place to celebrate but knowing that some of these cunts were snotted down there by “the regiment” and unarmed is worthy of a snifter anytime. The cheeky cunts like Adams declared it an execution – fucking right it was, as they had done and were planning to do. All that money saved on a trial and instantaneous justice. Please Sir, can we have some more?

      • The “regiment” are renowned for the “double tap” Cuntsville – up close and personal so just bang bang – they aren’t big on theatrics 😉

  21. Adams is a vile cum sucker of a human being, up there in the pantheon of cunts alongside the well spring from whence all cunts and their like spring tony blair.

  22. Toothy, bearded, grinning, murderous cunt Adams though that when he ostensibly renounced violence and continued the cause through politics, his troops would follow him.

    Wrong – they now likely view him like we view most of our own scum politicians.

    Adams knows it is only a matter of time for him.

  23. The attack on him was completely wrong.The fact though he does not acknowledge the irony of his innocent family being put in danger is incredible when we consider the countless families attacked on his watch.Adams is a truly odious sociopathic hypocritical evil cuntbag.

  24. We mock the old communist regimes for attempting to rewrite history, yet we do it ourselves far better.
    My kids do not believe me when I tell them these peace peddling cunts like Adams, Mandela etc are merchants of death and misery. They are completely brainwashed by what they see on the BBC and read on social media.
    They think I am a right wing bigot, but the evidence is there if they wish to read it.

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