Computer Game Addicts

If you have an unhealthy interest in computer games, you are not an addict. No, you’re an oxygen-stealing, waste of DNA cunt. Switch off your console, talk to people, get a girlfriend and get a job. If you want to get battlefield experience, join the Armed Forces. That said, they tend not to employ cunts.

Games developers are also cunts. These people are undoubtedly talented, but if they are diverted their energies into curing cancer or solving the world’s ills, we’d all be happier.

That computer gaming is now classified as an addiction is another sign of how snowflake cunts are dragging society down the pan.


Nominated by Sgt Maj Cunt

17 thoughts on “Computer Game Addicts

  1. That’ll be something else the NHS will be lumbered with – twats who just can’t switch off their games consoles will be be demanding care and attention; and then telling everyone they have a “syndrome”

    Syndrome – is the new buzzword these days; and acts as an alias for what it really means – weak-minded cunt who can’t man up and get a fucking life. But tag themselves with a “syndrome” and all of a sudden they’re a victim deserving sympathy and lots of medical support blah blah.

    Game Over, Cunts!

    • I have snowflake hating syndrome. Every time I see one I want to BASH THEIR FUCKING SKULL IN.

      • Problem is, Son of Krav, trying to educate some cunt of a snowflake often backfires. Especially in London. I once pushed some phombie cunts onto his arse cos he had walked into me. No apology from him, of course, just that entitled look. I had had a few so down he went. It was like stirring an ants nest. Very quickly, I was surrounded by hissing millenials saying “you can’t do that”, “so rude” which are the cries of these cunts all over. Needless to say, I extracted myself.

      • I’ve actually taken to deliberately walking into Cunts who are staring at their phones as they waddle along the pavement. I’ve had some outstanding results…broken phones,winded Cunts and a particularly satisfying episode when one called me a “stupid prick” but then fled with his friend when the “stupid prick” invited him to do something about it…Soft Cunts couldn’t get away quick enough.

        Fuck them.

      • Nice one, Dick, a man after my own heart. The ones that make my piss vaporize are those that are watching TV with headphones whilst walking along. The cunts never apologise for their behaviour, so it’s so satisfying when their Cuntpad hits the deck.

        It’s another dimension to this awful generation who care nothing for others, especially, in this case, the blind, elderly and disabled. Heaven help you if you challenge their behaviour.

      • I’m lucky Sgt Maj. I live in an area where these types are still a minority. I actually started doing it after watching a couple of schoolkids force an old biddy to step off the pavement while they stared at their phones. Ignorant,entitled Cunts. They were my first “victims” but certainly not my last,and I must say that a sharp “Watch where you’re fucking going,Cunt” normally has the soft shits apologising to me when it’s actually me who dropped a shoulder and walked straight into them. I think the fact that they are,invariably,too pathetic to even get into an argument about it makes me even more contemptuous of them.

  2. I play real time strategy games and rpgs on my gaming lap top but always with a lager tinny in hand.

    I can drink beer without gaming on my laptop but can’t play on my gaming laptop without drinking beer.

    I think it’s obvious what my addiction is.

    • Work t-shirt I’m afraid. The beer and gonna pay for itself.

      As it is, the only t-shirts I own are my old royal signals t-shirts, some gym t-shirts, my Donald trump t-shirt and my pro brexit t-shirt.

  3. Oddly enough, there was a farticle in one of the papers last week saying that millenials find it “too much trouble” to go out…

    Is it too much to hope for that they are starting to wake up to the fact that…

    Everybody thinks they’re a bunch of cunts ??!

  4. Having been a minor when the SNES was big, to be fair kids are pretty helpless against it. It’s bloody fun and isn’t weather dependent, and is a guaranteed dopamine hit.

    Doing stuff in dreary urban centres is expensive, some of us think drinking culture is a pile of dogshit stuffed with double digit IQ fucknuts, and the fuck else is there? We used to get stoned and up to no good, but if there was a free house.. it was gaming and getting stoned.

    Who allowed our culture to revolve and unevolve to the point of worshipping flickering screens? No child asked for this shite, and none can resist it.

    • Sounds like you’ve got the bases covered. Not sure those activities will suffice for teenagers though, especially ones who are more cerebral and don’t want to be curtailed in authority approved outlets.. ie can smell adult bullshit a mile away.

  5. Let’s imagine this addiction is called “Cuntitus”.

    “So what’s the cure doctor?”

    “Yes it’s very simple. You basically leave all of your electronic devices at home between the hours of 9am and 5pm and then go and do a hard day’s work.”

    “Ah but I haven’t got a job doctor.”

    “Yes most of you lot haven’t and that’s why we allocate you to a civil service unit keeping hedgerows trim or mopping up in hospitals and the like.”

    “Er, actually doctor I think I’m just going to go home…”

    “Unfortunately you’re now in the system and failure to comply = no benefits, etc. So at the end of each working week you are given the amount commensurate with your efforts. You’re expected to do 40hrs a week. If you do 40 you get all your benefit monies. 20hrs then 50%, 10hrs then 25%, etc. Simples!”

    “But that’s unfair!?!”

    “No it’s called an incentive to get better!”

    Problem solved.

  6. If you take the Sgt-Major’s advice and join the Forces, there is in fact a niche for you: The RAF operate their very own shoot-em-up drone games from a shed in Yorkshire somewhere. Which happily combines the requirement never to go out, on-screen action and the destruction of sinister ragheads in another country (unless GPS is on the fritz.) You’ll still be unemployable when you get out, though.

  7. Should I get a Girlfriend? That might spice it up in the bedroom more so than Hubby rolling over and farting. Mind you while we were courting he Dutched Ovened me once and I thought that was the height of romance. Went out for Maccers after.

  8. How perfectly ironic. I just put Wolfenstein 2 on my Xbox One on pause to check the latest posts on ISAC.

    Fortunately, I don’t have an addiction. I play a few nights a week for a few weeks, then the console doesn’t get switched on for 6 months. I have phases with all sorts of things. I’m sure some can relate.

    Time for a cuppa, then back to shooting Nazis in the head.

  9. There’s a contingent of cunts who play video games precisely because they have a job, a girlfriend and have to talk to people.

    Without Call of Duty, these cunts would be rightly compelled to massacre hundreds of well deserving cunts on a weekly basis.

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