Gerry Adams [3]

Gerry Adams is a cunt…

Of course we all know he is, but now this twat is whining because he’s getting a bit of overdue payback… Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called on those who attacked his home to meet him…. Adams asked those responsible to have the “gumption and guts” to meet him and explain their actions….

Explain their actions? Like his IRA mob of murderers explained killing military personnel, police,civilians, war veterans, pensioners, children, and royalty alike? Not to mention attempting to murder the British government, and bombing British cities and ruining several businesses and buildings in the process… This piece of Fenian filth has absolutely no room to whine about being attacked by anyone… Cunt!

Nominated by Norman

Gerry Adams


Worth reminding ourselves who this rat faced oirish cunt is. Son of Gerry Adams Snr and has a son called Gerry Adams Jnr. Can you guess the name of his grandfather? Why Gerry Adams. Obviously not much imagination in the family or a lot of incest. Indeed our Gerry has shed tears on air when talking about the abuse he received from his paedo father.

Is it possible to question his loyalty to the Parliament in which he served until 2011 or at least claimed expenses? Well Adams Snr set a fine example during WWII by helping the Nazi war effort by taking part in IRA operations against British forces. We do not forget that Lord Haw Haw was a mick.

With a slippery Fenian cunt like Adams it is always important to listen to what he does not say rather than to what he does say. Remember “putting arms beyond use”. Did not mean they were being destroyed as part of the peace process, just hiding them in a hole somewhere in Donegal (bandit country). Likewise his statements about Jean McConville. He has said that he was not involved in her abduction and her murder. It may be strictly true that he did not get his own hands dirty but it is a coaches and horses statement which still allows him to have participated in the planning and sanctioning. Typical Adams speak.

Have knocked around Northern Oirland meself in the ’70s and ’80s and had me old Bentley driven orf the road in bandit country by some paedo provo cunt in a van just because I was sporting English number plates. No secret then that Adams was an IRA brigade commander who went on to become chief of the whole shooting match. Adams is a typical two faced IRA cunt with a vast catalogue of previous. He is as guilty as hell. If he becomes a further embarrassment to the IRA there are plenty of arms buried in Donegal that can be returned to use.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( Is this the same guy that played with Gerry and the Peacemakers? Ed. )