UN Human Rights Council

A cunting for the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Below are some of the members:
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

There are also some actual democracies on the council including the UK but no longer the USA. Trump sees it for what it is. How can any of the countries listed above decide on Human Rights? Shitholes of repression one and all.

Israel is often criticised by this lot. Fair enough you might say, Israel does have a lot to answer for. But compared to this lot it is a beacon of fairness and good practise.
I cannot understand the hypocrisy and pretence that the UK or any other democracy demonstrates by rubbing shoulders with this lot regarding human rights.


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31 thoughts on “UN Human Rights Council

  1. An excellent cunting CC of a wholly corrupt, immoral and malignant club of Ultra Neo Libmongs who suck up each year $5.4 billion in existance allowances. This money funds paper written reports of absolutely no fucking value every year. An example of this bowel avulsing sum of money, is the £500,000 report for the “Vancouver Declaration ” which recommends everyone has the right of abode. ( 3 years in commissioning and over 120 contributors ) I could make a similar declaration sitting on the bog having a leisurely shite of some 20 minutes or so, and penning my work on bog roll!
    The UN is a fucking shithole of misfits and academics ( unemployable ones ) who deserve to be lined against the Walls of Jerusalem and shot with freshly squidged camel turds. Their pro Palestinian anti Jewish State deserves the attention of an arsefull of piles to attract the interest of passing bot flies!

  2. “Following is the statement delivered today by UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, in the UN Human Rights Council interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Assembly. The UN’s report on the UK criticized Britain’s existing counter-terrorism policies for “dividing, stigmatizing and alienating segments of the population,” and for “crude racial, ideological, cultural and religious profiling.” The UK submitted a rebuttal on errors of fact.”
    I wonder just which segments of the population that they felt were being stigmatised and alienated? I know,lets give them free healthcare,housing,schools,benefits and turn a blind eye to their predilection for underage taxi-passengers. That might make them feel less alienated.
    To be lectured by a bunch of uppity natives is intolerable. Wish we had the guts to do a Trump and just tell them to Get Fucked.

  3. United Nations? Yeah we know what they are united for…….to make the rich cunts even richer. I notice Qatar is on that list. What about all the poor cunts who have died in the construction of their World Cup infrastructure? Piss poor cunts shipped in , living and working in appalling and unsafe conditions, passports taken away, more or less fucking slaves. What about their human rights? No fuck them, there’s money to be made. Human rights are like democracy, it only applies when the rich and powerful want it to.
    We don’t need corrupt organisations like the UN and the EU lecturing us about Human rights and fucking democracy. They don’t give a fucking shit.

  4. Yes, it’s hard to see why, apart from their oil reserves, many of these states merit inclusion. But, just as is the case with the NNPT, which some of the same actors have yet to sign, the UNHRC does bring problematic players into contact with the wider world’s views. Notwithstanding that without real powers of enforcement t, both organisations are pretty worthless. But I think Trump would have done better to keep the USA’s foot in this particular door rather than pulling out to give himself more wriggle room on human rights at home, which may be his actual reason.

  5. Sorry to change the subject but it’s 45 years today since The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd went to number one. What a heap of pretentious,over-rated crap that was.
    I bet there were a bunch of Cunts who bought it just to impress their mates,and never listened to the shit again. Can’t say that I blame them.
    I liked Shawadawaddy and that “Leader of the Gang” fella.

    • If that’s excluded from your music collection I can’t imagine what did make the cut.

      Dark side I can live without. Echoes I can not.

      • Echoes rules!

        Though you need an attention span of more than 2 minutes 35 seconds to fully appreciate it.

      • I like Dark Side, but Meddle is my favourite Floyd album…. Dark Side is great enough, but it’s been elevated above its real worth by chinstroking critic cunts and the like… A bit like ‘Exile On Main Street’…. Yeah, it’s good, but ‘Beggars Banquet’ and ‘Sticky Fingers’ piss all over it…

      • I’m a ‘Between The Buttons’ man myself… though if push came to shove would tend toward ‘Exile’.

        The live half of ‘Ummagumma’ ain’t no slouch neither.

      • Showaddywaddy- a poor mans Barron Knights Barron Knights were funnier and had their own material to boot and did covers as well

        That Leader of the Gang fella you mean Gary Glitter? lol crap music shit persona and is a massive nonce also sucked at his own genre glam rock

        I agree with Dark side of the Moon being overrated but its not pretentious shite I just think the great gig in the sky (aka the moaning orgasm song) and money made that album ridiculously popular with yank audiences

      • Agree – always skip ‘Great Gig’.
        ‘Money’ overexposed to death, but has shrewd lyrics.

        ‘Time’ is an perceptive gem, as far from pretentious as it’s possible to get!

      • I liked Pink Floyd’s drug fuelled trippy period up untill Meddle. The Wall was fucking shite and Roger Waters is a self important cunt.

  6. I don’t get the point of Israli’s getting the shit end of the stick on human rights issues from the UN?

    I mean they don’t treat their own people like shit do they?

    If they’re on about Palestinians then they are not Israli’s, they are Bomb-Makeri’s aren’t they?

    Geography is no indication of self or allegiances. If a dog is born in a barn it does not make it a horse does it! Especially when it identifies as a dog!

    Norman Tebbit was right when he asked: “Which cricket team do they cheer for?” – well in a recent test match in Leeds a lot of the “Grooming Gang” locals weren’t cheering for England that’s for sure – born here or not!

    Also when was the last time the Israli’s/Jewish people blew fuck out of/beheaded/knifed us poor wee U Christian folk?

    Er…is it never?

    And yet swathes of the powers that be shit themselves to appease “Peaceful” cunts, from top to bottom, left to right, while treating our Israli/Jewish friends – and they are friends as far as I am concerned – with a thinly veiled layer of contempt!?!

    So they get medieval on fuckers who would do them harm; as far as I’m concerned we should take a leaf out of their book and deal with our own indigenous “Peaceful” problem in the same manner!

    Unfortunately – unlike Israel – our Govt is a nest of spineless twats and are appeasing cunts to a one!

    • British army sources list 911 deaths in Palestine during 1939-1948. Of these, about 2/3 were from accidents and disease. about 300-350 were killed in the conflict with Jewish insurrection fighting the British for curtailing immigration and closing entrance to refugees from the Holocaust.

      Israeli/Jewish people have blown fuck out of us in the past, Rebel. King David Hotel was one such example. Many of their early leaders were terrorists who had murdered British servicemen.

      Just saying,not trying to deliberately provoke.

      • Fair do’s but I can only take as I find and when I was in Israel I didn’t feel threatened in the slightest.

        In fact I fear walking about in Lutonistan far more than I ever did in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.

        And I’ve only ever been treated with kindness by the Israli’s and Jewish folk I know in this country.

        And – to be fair – it’s not all “Peacefuls” who are cunts here either. The folk stranded here from Iran when the Shah was deposed in the ’70’s are as nice as you like. Decent, secular folk who integrated.

        The real “Peaceful” issue in this country is pretty much the fuckers who tagged along from the Northwest passage with our Hindu Indian friends.

        They’re the “Peaceful” cunts to be watched. Luckily we don’t have any in high office like Home Secretary or Mayor of Londonistan…

      • Glad you pointed that one out, Dick. It saved me the effort.

        That said, Rebel is right. Living in Londistan, I find Jews pretty inoffensive and I find anti-Semitism a puzzle. Blambos and sand people on the other hand….

  7. The answer to your question is….oil. Oil =money.
    In the words of the old song….money makes the world go round.

  8. Let’s face it, the Jews and the A-rabs have been slaughtering each other for millennia and they ain’t about to stop anytime soon. “Forgive and forget” is not a concept they have any familiarity with.
    Frankly the sooner they blow each other to the after life they love so much the better. They can all fuck off to their wonderful heavens and leave the real world to cunts who can appreciate it.
    While we’re at it we may as well bung in all the other superstitious fuckwits who need a witchdoctor to tell them how to think, how to act, what to say.
    Admittedly there won’t be many of us left but , fuck it, i’m all for giving people what they want. That’s the sort of caring bloke I am.

    • I dunno, I’m pretty old testament myself when it comes to holding a grudge.

      As a C+E Christian, the old fella asked me to read the bible for £20 quid. I was 13 and this was 1984 – when £20 quid meant something like two speccy or C64 games!

      He told me to skip the begats and stop when I got to the New Testament.

      “Well, what do you think?”

      “It was a bit dry Dad.”

      “Yes but at least there’s some semblance of historic fact in there. They know there was a flood way back when. They know there was a Scargill rabble-rouser type called Jesus. Son of God, who knows. But know this, the New Testament is just stories to suit a dying Roman Empire. The Romans Empire threatened your life, the Holy Roman Catholic Church threatened your immortal soul!”

      He then gave my 2 rules to live by which applied universally irrespective of race, colour, creed or religion.

      For an illiterate miner he was a pretty clever bloke me Dad.

    • Not really millennia. The saracens military conquest of byzantine Palestine was in the 7th century so 1400 years tops. (although I get the point you were making.

      • The Old Testament contains a pretty comprehensive pre-CE record of warfare over the Disputed Territories. The Saracens certainly weren’t the first or last. In fact the Sassanians had a go just before them, and were apparently aided by the Jewish population, who wanted rid of Byzantine rule.

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      It comes complete with tertiary syphilis.

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  9. Fuck me, a sex doll that gets headaches?
    I think this bloke has completely missed the point.

    • Won’t be long before us hated middle-aged white men are behind robots in the pecking order next.

      Just keep paying the taxes though, to fund everyone else o’course!

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