Richard North

I crave the indulgence of the administrators while I get this off my chest, but I need to vent my spleen about Dr Richard North.

What? You never heard of him! North is a very important man who runs a blog called EU Referendum. I know he’s important because he told me so. “My site exceeds 100K daily hits – my comments sometimes reach 1000 in one day” he said. He was a little less charitable about mine however : “As for your blogroll, It is just as well you told me, otherwise I would not have noticed. Your traffic is so low that I can hardly recall getting a link from your site.” He’s no longer on my blogroll.

The problem arose when he wrote an article about Brexit. I felt the tone was such that he sounded like a Remainer, which surprised me as he is a long standing Leaver. So I said so and got savaged by several other readers, one of whom called me a ‘twat’. Result? The good Doctor banned me from commenting. So I asked him, very politely, why.

Personal comments about me and my motives, the author, are off limits.” Oh. Right. So I dared to disagree? Apparently, I “clearly set out to breach the most basic rules of the site“. Curious as to what the rules were, I looked for them and when I couldn’t find them anywhere I pointed this out to him. “Rules are for lawyers and small minds.” So that’s me told, then!

Such personal comments are considered ‘ad hominem‘ and not tolerated. So he banned me. I pointed out that he doesn’t seem to have the same problem when writing about other people. Well, that’s simple. “Of course the “ad hominem” rule doesn’t apply to me. I am the owner and moderator of the site and it falls to me to herd the cats and maintain some sort of discipline. Tu quoque is a pathetic, playground defence.” Dr North likes latin words although he doesn’t seem to know that the plural of ‘forum’ is ‘fora’ not ‘forums’.

All this is in a string of emails so if you’re thinking of suing me, Dr North, everything in italics is cut and paste from your replies which I have kept.

Also, since banning me, he has published a not entirely accurate comment on his site (click to read) calling me an “ignorant fool” and alluding to my being “blinded by prejudice”. Of course, I have no right of reply to this because he’s banned me. So this nomination is my reply.

I hope he’s truly happy spending “more than 12 hours a day” in front of his screen running his echo chamber, enjoying “immunity from having his motives questioned” and pretending that he is writing his blog “as an investment in our future” rather than a vanity project.

So to sum up: an arrogant, self important, pompous, rude hypocrite. Eche homo. (That’s Latin too!).

Nominated by Dioclese

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  1. A left field nomination, but a worthy one all the same.

    Richard North- sounds either similar to an adult film star of the 80’s or the man who had his hand and wrist up Basil Brush’s arsehole in the 70’s.

    You can’t argue against the case that this man believes his Dr title gives him the right to behave like a pompous cimex (A bit of Latin there!)


    • There seems to be something about Dr. and Prof. on the front of people’s names that turns them into ego maniacs. I have neither and am therefore an intellectual pigmy unworthy of serious consideration.

      Nice Latin reference incidentally. The cimex lectularius for those interested is a particularly unpleasant insect that likes to feast on human blood.

      His profile on his site is worth a read as is his massive tome as to how we really ought to be running Brexit. It is, of course, a simple choice : his way or the wrong way!..

      • Absolutely true dio …
        my next door neighbour is a professor at the LSE, he’s actually a decent enough fella who I’ve shared more than a few beers with but!!, he appears to be an expert on everything from the World Cup to the droppings of the Guatemalan fruit bat…….. I regularly give him some proper tap which his wife absolutely loves , she tells me at work his word ( bull) as she calls it is sacrosanct …….
        Excellent and deserved cunting of a pompous bigoted prick!!

      • Strange isnt it that someone that does a degree in history or acting suddely becimes an expert on the economy and politics.

      • Exactly DTS….
        Just because your an expert? In one sphere doesn’t mean you know shit about anything else!
        Let alone be a fuckin expert on absolutely everything in existence!

      • You have my sympathy, Dio.

        I stumbled across a vid and some related threads on YouTube…
        a guy with a name something like catamite seems to be pretending to be a “Dr”, of what, it is not known. But behaves in the same fashion.
        Your interlocutor claims to be a..”Leaver”, but his behaviour is bizarrely like that of the ones who are terminally confused and outraged. Maybe he got confused, and really meant to describe himself as a “liar” ??
        Excellent cunting, I shall go and have a gander at his ineffable ullage.

      • I hadn’t heard of this cunt but I’ve heard of Peter North, famous for spurting pints of spunk over young actresses. Couldn’t believe it when I heard he’d done gay porn early in his career. I looked it up and it’s true, he takes it right up the arse. Ugh! The things people have to do to climb the ladder to success.

      • Outside one of those half arsed crackpot cunts one sometimes stumbles across when searching for something completely different the man is a fucking legend in his own head. The contributors (or posters in the comments section) are without doubt disgruntled cuntish BBC loving (and they declare so) ex gnardiu readers who wouldn’t pay the quid to keep the boy Jones in male incontinence pads (for when the turds rebel and refuse to be pushed back anymore) and the fat old cunt Toynbee in Ferrari’s. In all fairness the tone of the cuntish doctor and his slavish adherents remind me of the jeering uppity cunts that told us we plebs didn’t have clue what we were voting for 2 years ago. So many cunts and so little available firearms. Why do cunts like that talk AT you or down to you with so many ad hominem (they like a bit of latin on there too) comments? Its like they make a post and completely ignore any rational answer that would spark debate. Regardless of the moaning know it all cunts – we are English for fucks sake. We don’t do anything without a struggle to get what we want and that what makes us incompatible with the lazy, thieving, smelly, cowardly cunts of the EU – or a little Latin perhaps.
        Ad astra per aspera

        PS Dioclese – well done that man for calling him out. A cunt of biblical proportions.

  2. Blimey Dioclese “Dr” North sounds a complete arrogant cunt.
    To have a non disclosed policy of arbitrary control over the comments on his blog speaks of an ego almost on a par with Tony Bliar.
    Seems a very strange way to run things to me.
    Ahh well he’s at his screen for twelve hours a day so keeps him off the streets I guess.

    • This was my original email :
      I posted a perfectly reasonable comment which provoked many responses – some reasonable and some derogatory and name calling.
      I posted perfectly polite reasoned responses.
      So please explain why you blocked me.
      I am a well known blogger and have been writing for several years. I voted Leave.

      Your actions would seem to suggest that any comment that disagrees with your view of things is unacceptable or that I am some kind of troll. I’m not.
      Please have the courtesy to reply to this mail as I am genuinely perplexed at your action.
      Thank you.”

      And this was the reply :
      “Personal comments about me and my motives, the author, are off limits. They always have been and have always met with the progenitor being banned.

      This also accords with my general policy that commenters should address the issues and avoid ad homimen, and (until the watershed of 1600hrs) should remain on topic. Your comment, directed as it was to a discussion about me, was ad hominem. Since my motives or character were not the subject of the post, it was also off-topic.

      And, since you are an anonymous poster, who clearly set out to breach the most basic rules of the site, I owe you nothing – not even the “courtesy” that you so manifestly fail to afford me and my readers. In all cases, the decisions of the moderator are final and are not open to discussion. If you are the blogger you claim to be, you should know that that is the way it is. It is the only way to manage comments ”

      And that’s final – but only for me…

      • Any cunt I have to Google is not as big a cunt as they think they are.And that’s final – says me…

      • Well now if he googles his name and the word CUNT he’ll come top of the list.

        Ha … cunt.

      • True ! That’s how I found this site. I googled “James O’Brien is a cunt” and was so pleased to find a sanctuary of like minded people.

  3. Bloody hell watching some old shite on the Al-bbc about financial compensation for victims of terroist attacks.
    Now don’t get me wrong but surely the victims should get good medical treatment and psychological help as required but MONEY for what. If I have a car crash and can’t work does the government pay me unless I become properly disabled, not as far as I know. I could sue the other driver possibly but that could take years.
    Now to me if there’s a problem with terrorism and they want compo ask the perpetrators to pay up. Bit difficult with a suicide bomber but I suppose you could contact those who support them. The whole compensation culture is getting completely out of control.

    • Like so many new or proposed laws, this one in unnecessary. As is stands, anyone who sustains physical or mental injury as a result of a crime of violence can apply for an award of compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

      Then again, introducing a dedicated compensation scheme for victims of terror attacks might help to deflect weak minds from the fact that HMG is doing the square root of nowt to prevent them from happening.

    • Make the mosque that radicalized the cunt in the first place to pay….

  4. I presume this pompous cunts middle name is ‘I never go up’. Supercilious twat.

  5. I just read his Wiki profile and it seems he stood for election in Sth Derbyshire and was a member of UKIP at one stage. Seems to be anti EU and has written a few books about it. What a strange attitude towards Dioclese when you’d think he’d welcome all views. He could just have been having a bad day. Maybe he just found out his Ma has got a bigger cock than him.

  6. I’ve never understood why so many of these “intellectual” types get so upset when someone questions their position. If I was as clever and erudite as this North fellow, I’d be delighted when someone disagreed with me. It would give me the perfect opportunity to show off my superiority and show any intellectual pygmy who challenged me,just how low down they are in the old “brainiac” food-chain…I’d make the thick buggers squirm,alright.
    But seriously, the best and most intelligent are never afraid to debate their beliefs and points. They have no reason to fear opponents because they believe in their cause and have the brains and balls to express themselves. Only the truly pompous and stupid refuse to listen to dissent,perhaps they know that bluster is no answer to legitimate questioning?
    I’ve got absolutely no academic qualifications. Just imagine what a patronising,arrogant blowhard I could be if backed by formal qualifications. The world would be my oyster and I certainly wouldn’t miss the chance to belittle anyone who doubted my brilliance. Perhaps the good Doctor believes that he is sparing you a mauling, Dio?…and not just a windbag unable to accept or debate any point other than his own?

    Fuck him.

  7. Anybody who spends 12 hours a day on a computer needs to get a life.
    Good morning.

    • Indeed, Jack, I did point this very fact out to him :

      100,000 daily hits! Wow! It must be a terrible responsibility being so very very important.
      So not just arrogant, then? Pompous and self important too.
      Clearly much too important to actually read what I wrote.

      As for my blog, I don’t write much these days as I have a life.
      And I prefer quality to quantity.
      It’s very rude of you to belittle it as you did.

      You’re clearly comfortable in your echo chamber censoring out anyone who dares to disagree with you or criticise you.
      Your choice – but very sad in my opinion. But what do I know? I’m clearly just an intellectual pigmy in the face of your towering intellect.”

  8. Could be worse, you could have had a ‘fatwa’ issued against you like poor old Salman Rushdie who dared to criticise that most peaceful and understanding of religions.

  9. Looks like one of them dirty old cunts with an acorn sized cock you find on nudist beaches wanking over other couples having sex,but he’d still have his white socks and sandles on,another Owen Jones really, just bans everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

  10. I just read his post about banning Dioclese.
    A very long winded way of declaring “I’m much too important to critcize”

    Pompous cunt…

  11. Looks like a pig’s cunt from here. That Dr thing – I forget who said that someone who insists on being called Dr – other than an MD, perhaps – is someone with whom you should avoid all contact as they’re bound to be a cunt. Accurate, I think.
    Pedantic cunt at that.
    Isn’t it ecce homo?
    Dr. Komodo.

    • I’m a Doctor Of Psychotic Enlightenment.

      R.T. Creampuff DOPE

      Not a lot of people know that…

      • The thing to remember about a majority of Drs. (non-medical or veterinary) is that they know no more than anyone else about any aspect of existence beyond their narrow specialist field, And this may be waved at them if necessary. Dr. North obtained his PhD from Leeds Metropolitan University. His thesis was on public-sector food-poisoning surveillance….and the rest is opinion, sometimes expensively demonstrated to be wrong, usually without peer review, and pushiness.

        The version of Brexit he currently supports, along with Arron Banks, is an incremental, gradual process over several years, without any clear commitment to the final status. A fudge, in other words.

  12. Intellect by itself is no garauntee of good character.
    (One of the last things I posted on facecuntbook before signing out forever)
    Cold hard intellect marched people into gas chambers and ovens…

  13. Serious allegation being made about Nigel Farage. When on referendum night he announced Leave had lost he in fact knew they had won. He said they had lost in order that his hedge fund pals could make some serious money betting on the foreign currency swings that would have resulted if we had in fact voted ‘remain’.not good if true.

      • Ask Dr. North. He knows all…
        Or is that fuck all? I’m too stupid to tell…

        Eche homo = Behold the man
        In case you were wondering. Benefits of a public school education you see? Even though I don’t have a doctorate I were brung up proper…

    • Anything on JOB should be taken with a barrel of salt.
      …or is that a barrell of shit?

  14. Some lying Bloomberg cunt, a pal of James O’Shithead.
    As far as that cunt is concerned Farage is the devil himself.

    • It’s like the remainer fuckers who want to question where the Leave campaign got it’s money. I wonder how they would relish having their accounts looked into? the Soros money, the Gina Miller and hubby money and the Blair money (in the latter case mainly the earnings of a political prostitute).

      • Yea the cunts moan about Russia, then take millions from Soros, hypocritical cunts…

  15. And where did the 9 and half million quid come from to pay for that lying fucking little book that came through every letterbox in the country?
    Oh yeah , stolen out of OUR pockets……I nearly forgot.

  16. As presented by the chlamydia-fouled cunt Adonis, yesterday on R4, the questions presented on the remoaners’ re-referendum paper would be:
    1. Do you agree to get out on the terms negotiated with the EU? OR
    2. Should we forget about it and stay in?

    I note there is no option for:
    3. Bugger the watered-down terms meekly agreed with the EU. Out! Now!

    Which seems just a little undemocratic of them.

    • Under Article 50, staying in is not an option, is it?

      The correct questions should be :

      (1) Accept the negotiated terms and leave the EU
      (2) Reject the negotiated terms and leave the EU

      We already had a referendum on leaving. It’s just about the terms on which we leave isn’t it?

    • And option 4 ….
      Arrest the commission, get gchq to raid their banks, air strikes on Brussels (just their bit) and Adonis, Lamy, Ummuna, Anna Sourkraut and the like to be locked in the tower….

  17. Sounds like a cunt.
    Well worthy of a place on here among the other cunts of the world.

  18. I wonder how much traffic this site gets?
    It must be a fair bit. There was a flag thing on the home page and it seems to come in from all over the world…

    How many people must’ve typed “Tony Blair is a cunt” into Google (as I did when I first found this site). Bet it’s hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

    • FYI in round numbers about 5,000 hits a day

      As regards coming in from all around the world – yes it does, but bear in mind the site is not located in the UK although that’s the bias and where most of the traffic comes from.

      • Cheers admin…


        5k isn’t bad at all.
        Not that I’d know…

        Yea probably not best to be based in the UK with the anti free speech clampdown that’s bound to happen if comrade compo gets in! …but the UK seems to be the main manufacturer of cunts at the mo.

      • Frightening isn’t it… we’re about to drift off into the Atlantic, passengers on a modern day Titanic crewed by millennials and snowflakes, with ‘Queen Midas in reverse’ May at the helm…

      • And no one’s built a shit capable of holding the abbopotomous yet….


    • I didn’t type in ‘Tony Blair Is A Cunt’. I just typed in ‘Cherie Blair’, and there she was, being cunted halfway down page 1. She’s slipped since, but ‘Cherie Blair cunt’ puts her on ISAC at #2 on page 1, and, sad to say, on cuntscorner*, at #1.

      *which was new to me but seems to have the right idea.

  19. Solidarity Dio. This Dr.North sounds about as kosher as the Rev Dr Paisley, Dr Goebbels or any flim flam artist “Dr” in the Wild West peddling snake oil.

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