Ken Livingstone [7]

Ken Livingstone deserves another cunting.

So, Red Ken has finally quit the Labour party. This, nasal voiced, squinty eyed, newt shagging piece of shit has been on suspension from the Labour party for the past few months, over yet another anti-Semitic outburst. His resignation letter contained this gem, and I quote;

“I do not accept the allegation that I have brought the Labour Party into disrepute – nor that I am in any way guilty of anti-Semitism. I abhor antisemitism, I have fought it all my life and will continue to do so”.

This guy is the poster boy for self delusion. Abhor anti-Semitism? Fuck off Ken, you have a long, sad, public history of making anti-Semitic remarks. And you have NOT fought it all your life, you lying cunt. The shiniest gem though, came today (Tuesday 22nd May), when he claimed that Seumas Milne wrote his tweets, and didn’t tell him NOT to talk about Hitler. What…the actual…fuck? Ken, you’re 72 years old for fucks sake. You shouldn’t NEED to be told not to talk about Hitler. We all know that the left are retarded, but Livingstone is taking the piss here. He clearly thinks we’re all as thick as he is.

The only thing more disgusting than Livingstone himself, is Corbyn’s response to his old friend’s anti-Semitism. He’s spent months doing absolutely fuck all about Livingstone, probably in the hope it would all dye down and go away.

“Ken Livingstone’s resignation is sad after such a long and vital contribution to London and progressive politics, but was the right thing to do.”

That’s all Corbyn has to say about the resignation of his old mate. Livingstone is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Labour, a liar, a bigot, a vile, nasty and generally unpleasant excuse for a human being. And under his mate, Comrade Corbyn, his ilk have not only thrived, they are increasing, both in number and unpleasantness. Livingstone and his clones in momentum and the Labour party, are humanoid filth.

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  1. So Flabbott states “all white people are racist”. Presumably she includes her colleagues in this regard? She must have hated it when Compo put his little honky winkle in her disgustingly sloppy turkish delight…

  2. Let’s not forget the role of Baroness Checkmebargee and her whitewash report on Anti-semitism in the Labour Party. The arch hypocrite gets to park her arse in the House of Wax for the rest of her life for writing that particular fairy story.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  3. The Labour party, financially propped up by my tribe, has become an utterly disgusting vile place for Jew hatred. They hide behind their criticisms of The State of Israel. They propagate the Jews rule the world mantra but would happily celebrate if Muslims did.

    Livingstone is an utter cockwombling scum cunt whose Jew hatred is indicative of modern day Labour. Why do Femanazis and fellow poofs promote a 7th century death cult that kills poofs and subjugates women.

    • Because they are cunts 24/7 immersing themselves totally in a vast ocean of bollocks ideology, naivety, holier than thou fuckery, self hate and guilt plus the crowning achievement of pc that is the replacing of reason and common sense with the opposite.
      Fuck them and the eco fucking bike they rode in on. With you all the way kravdarth.

    • Indeed, this is what I can never understand…

      Certain groups buy into a sort of bulk-package of clapped-out ideals.
      It’s like boxes of 100 CDs at a give-away price. Most of the CDs are more than ok, but it’s a way for record companies to squeeze more dosh out of some total write-offs.

      Turkeys voting for Christmas, or maybe I should say Goats voting for Eid-el-Fart.

  4. Fully behind this excellent Cunting, though have to take issue with one statement:

    “This, nasal voiced, squinty eyed, newt shagging piece of shit has been on suspension from the Labour party for the past few months…”

    Hardly a “few months”, fact is Ken had been under suspension for TWO fucking YEARS while Corbyn faffed about thinking he could brush the issue under the Labour carpet, then quietly reinstate the slimeball.

    Of course, as he chose to quit, there’s nothing to stop him rejoining once the dust’s settled…

    • I think he once met Gerry Adams. All in the cause of peace, you understand. Not a lot of people know that…

      • Corbyn and McDonnell were honorary Fenian cunts…. They were well up the IRA’s arse and fraternised regularly with Adams and McGuinness…. Now this scruffy cunt wants to become Prime Minister, when he sided with (and made excuses for) the bogtrotting scum who killed the Queen’s Horseguards, countless members of the British armed forces, scores of civilians (including children, war veterans, and old age pensioners) and caused immense damage to towns like Birmingham and Manchester? The scruffy old catweazle cunt can get fucked….

      • Fucking straight Norman, anyone defending the raging Marxist scum running labour now is either very naive or a convert to the cause. Socialism killed millions in the 20th century. These cunts would sacrifice the majority of humanity to build their socialist utopia and you can bet your last bean they would make damn sure the working class are eradicated.

      • He’s never stopped believing in the IRA cause as far as I know, and won’t condemn their murderous ways. If asked to, his weasely stock answer is: “I condemn violence on all sides.” Treacherous cunt.

  5. Intrigued to see that antisemitism is in a wholly different category to ‘waycism’ here. The former, of course may not be under any circumstances ridiculed, while the latter is exclusively the ridiculous complaint of lefties.
    I call double standards.

    • That was badly phrased, my inner cunt got full expression. Try again…

      Antisemitism may not be condoned under any circumstances, but we encourage each other to laugh at lefties protesting at ‘waycism’?

      Hit one, hit all, I say.

      • Except that the antisemitism is generally very clear whereas the chants of racism are mostly utter bollocks.

      • I suspect that depends on where you’re sitting. I don’t go with Jewish exceptionalism. Racism – actual racism – is no less real than antisemitism and both are subject to the same shameless exploitation by interest groups.

      • So does Netanyahu. Intentionally. He needs scared Jewish immigrants to Israel, because in a very few years the non-Jews will outnumber them, otherwise. There’s very definitely two sides to this one.

  6. I remember Ken getting mercilessly (and rightfully) savaged on Spitting Image…. And also Bernie Grant… Wasn’t Bernie Grant a huge colossal cunt?….

    • Indeed he was Norman.
      It was him to whom Compo showed a naked Diane Abbott. Bernie asked to watch them engage in coitus, but it was all a ruse. Bernie was actually gay and had a secret crush on Jezza. As soon as Corbyn buried himself in Diane’s pudding, Bernie quickly stripped off and forced himself on Corbyn, crushing his weedy, white body between two brown, round blobs, a move known as the “Oreo”.

    • Indeed he was Norman….
      Grant like Abbott was actually a rascist Cunt and a nasty piece of work!
      You only have to scratch the veneer and you see people like grant , Livingstone, Abbott and Corbyn for what they really are……
      The poor Labour Party’s been hijacked by catweazel and Co, I just hope they’ve had their high water mark!! And something happens ……

      Off point
      Did any cunters watch England v panama?
      First half the Panamanians resembled a bunch of harbour sharks rolling drunk sailors down the quayside!! Dodgy Cunts!!

      • “The poor Labour Party” was hijacked by Blair & New Labour, and has been shit ever since.

      • Shitty, shittier… and now shittiest.

        Flabbottomus’s impersonation of a steaming heap of dogshit is appropriately symbolic of the current Labour Party.

  7. The left throws itself on the bandwagon of anti racism but throws my tribe under a bus. CUNTS.

    • Really? Thought everyone was getting very concerned about your tribe. Great stick to beat Corbyn over the head with, and can we have another holocaust memorial, please? Even though we were on the other side?

      You want real antisemitism, btw, talk to some old-skool Tories.

      • Ken Clarke’s best friend is a Jew. He gets cheap suits from him.

        NB This is not an A-S comment, but takes the piss out of all those people in the past, esp. in Germany, 1930 onwards, who were in the habit of saying “My best friend…”

      • I worked at Tory Party HQ in ’87. Yes, there is Jew hatred amongst some tories but it is much worse with Labour.

  8. Whenever I think of Livingstone, my mind just says ‘cunt’ ad infinitum.

  9. Livingstone fits in well with the rest of the socialist filth. Surprised they let him go.

  10. He set the bar low as Mayor of London,but Johnson and Sadiq Khan managed to reach gutter level. I wonder if it’s part of the job description that to be Mayor of London,you must be a copper-bottomed Cunt with all the appeal of a dead hamster dragged from Dale Winton’s corpse’s dung-trumpet.

  11. Totally off topic, but doing my early am perusal of the snoozepaper sites, I stumble across Graham Norton’s Agony Uncle column in the Telerag. (I wonder what sort of agony he dishes out ? Nailing foreskins to breadboards ? )

    Apparently, somebody from a “music group” wrote in to say that a new member, a ‘star’ violinist, is behaving howwibly…

    If I could have been arsed to register on The Telegraph’s website, I might have posted a tried and trusted recommendation from fellow cunters:

    “Kick her in the cunt.” You know it makes sense.

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