Philip Hammond (5)

Hammond and his Treasury cronies are platinum, executive class, global ™ cunts.

Our strong and stable government has just sold 7.7% of its shares in RBS, at a loss to the taxpayer of £2 Billion. In April, RBS reported a profit for the first quarter of £792 Million. The mismatch between these figures is obvious. RBS, after all the problems arising from the fraudulent sale of worthless instruments leading to its financial collapse and its rescue by you and me, is now in profit. If the government retained its shares in RBS and collected the dividends on these, it could repay the loss to the taxpayer incurred in buying the shares in the first place, and maybe a little something extra to pay for the Forces, or infrastructure, or the NHS…and then if it liked, sell the shares at a price related to RBS’s recovery. But no. The government, incompetent in every department, has opted to return RBS to the private sector for what it can get, because private is good and public is bad. And it’s run out of money, again/still/for ever. And because the CEO is no longer content with being paid mere telephone numbers but wants a bigger slice.

Hey, cunts, RBS was completely restructured under public control, downsized drastically, and forced to pay gigantic sums of money to the US authorities (who are a lot harder on corporate fraud and malfeasance than our fluffy-gloved unregulators). But it worked! Now it’s back to business as usual, in profit, and likely to remain so.. And that without the government’s even bothering to get voting rights on the original share purchase! Pretty damn good for public.

So…It ain’t broken,we’re still out of pocket, let’s not wait to get paid back, but instead pay Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan -all of them – an undisclosed wedge to lose this embarrassing success at a loss. (Not for the first time, either. The previous sale of shares in 2015 lost us another £2Bn)

If the global entrepreneurial types responsible for this crock of shit had appeared on Dragon’s Den, Shifty Sugar, the dodgy stereo king, would have told them to fuck off in short order. Your business plan is a load of old tut, and you are irredeemable, unqualified cunts.

Nominated by Komodo

44 thoughts on “Philip Hammond (5)

  1. Did this weasel faced ball sack get his economics degree the same place as McBroon with his flogging of UK gold reserves.

  2. Perfect cunting . It’s been said before , many, many times .. If these guys managed the Sahara , they’d run out of sand.

    Probably another graduate of that stain on the underpants of the planet “the LSE”

    They all talk of saving the country for future generations and yet can’t see beyond next week!
    Fucking useless

    • I’m looking forward to McDonald pissing an extra £500billion down the shitter when Labour assume power soon.

      It’s ok though, other people’s grandsprogs will pick up the bill, I don’t have kids so fuck them.

  3. Another Chancellor of the Exchequer who puts the taxpayers’ best interests a poor second to the best interests of his banker friends. They gambled,the taxpayer lost. I plan to send my next bookie’s bill to The Exchequer,along with a note saying that I’m an arrogant Cunt who recklessly gambled with other peoples’ money,and since I lost, I expect the taxpayer to pick up the bill. Cut services,lay people off, tell them “we’re all in this together”..I don’t care,just cover my losses,oh,and I’ll have a seat in the House of Lords too…just for being a Cunt.
    Only good thing about Hammond is that at least he isn’t that revolting little Shit, Gideon.

    Fuck thwm.

  4. Why do we have such cunts holding the red case? Parsimonious, silver-spooned fuckwits who’d struggle with basic Entry Level Maths. Extra cunt points for this shrivelled turtle for always kissing the EU’s dirty arse. How does this skeletal, death-faced wimp sleep at night?


    If you’ve seen one traitorous, betraying cunt, you’ve seen them all.

  5. No incompetence here. The first job of government is to look after the rich, that’s what we pay tax for. Good work slimeball, big reward to come.
    Your hunchbacked jellyfish boss must be well pleased although a little busy selling our country down the river to pat you on the head. Never mind, we won’t forget your Stirling work you fucking cunt.

  6. I don’t believe Hammond is a fool. He is a shifty little snollygoster arsehole who treats the taxpayer as the ‘Strong and Stable’ Tory’s fucking piggyback. The cunt will raid it with gay abandon and sell us all down the river.

    A loss of £2B surely would not have sat well with National Audit Office, that is even if this shit is audited properly and these cunts aren’t being steered by some other cunting puppetmaster with other interests. Everything the governments touch seem to have the financial reverse Midas touch about them.

    Remember that fucking Millennium Dome bollocks that cost us cunts a cool fucking £1Bn or thereabouts? Precisely how the fuck is the taxpayer benefiting from this now?

    Utter fucking cuntbubbling cockwombling arsehole acrobats, the fucking lot of them.

    • Not to mention the £9billion wasted on that superannuated sports day the 2012 Olympics, and projected £80billion (so far) on HS2…!

      • Only payable in the event of a deal.

        Which there will be.

        A shite one.

        For us.

        And we’re not leaving.

    • Millenium fucking boghouse.

      Aerial photos make it look like some dead undesirable pinned out of dissection.

      A perfect monument to twats with inflated egos. I’m surprised Simon Rattle hasn’t grabbed it to be London’s great new concert hall – The Simon Rattle Hall.
      Here’s hoping he’s not reading this…

  7. Well cunted komodo.

    Let’s not forget that out of all of their compatriots, the politicians are by far the runts of the litter. Totally devoid of any business acumen of competence of any kind.
    While all of their public school friends went into law, banking or big business so that they could rape vast sums from the taxpaying public, these cunts went into £70,000 per year jobs where they get constantly attacked and hated by everyone, just because they’re too fucking stupid and incompetent to do another job.
    Civil service and political jobs allow you to be the most useless cunt in the world and then get away with some dumb excuse.
    If they ran a business even half as badly as they run the country they’d be bankrupt and destitute in no time at all…
    Instead it’s US that ends up bankrupt and destitute while they all bungle onto the next disaster. Cunts.

    • Those that can do.

      Those that can’t teach.

      Those that can’t teach go into politics.

      And those too untrustworthy for the low bar of politics go into the legal profession.

  8. Baroness Shami Checkmebargee on QT tonight.
    Grenfell, Grenfell, racism, Grenfell, racism, Grenfell, Grenfell , racism……..


  9. You think these people are thick? You think they are failures because they do this kind of thing? Think again. All calculated, all on purpose. The next 10 generations of the chancellors family have just secured their place at oxbridge, internship at goldman, gold plated careers. Even spreadsheet himself has just bagged the next 20 years worth of non executive directorships at various establishments or charities that are under the watchful eye of the beneficiaries. The kickbacks from this kind of treachery are immense and they get away it every time because we all just think it’s run of the mill incompetence, ‘just sack him’ we’ll say. That’s what he wants, the quicker he is off the hook, the quicker he can get down to £500k an hour after dinner speaches at shitty bank. Steal a million and they will jail you, steal a billion and they will knight you. They all need to go…

  10. Wonder if those in charge of squandering and wasting taxpayers hard earned taxes handle their own financial affairs in such a wreckless and slapdash way.

    Very much doubt it.

    • I’m sorry to let you know this Willie but I used to work for the Tax Dep’t and most of these high flying political fuck ups had disastrous personal finances (and personal lives).
      You would read articles in magazines and newspapers about their riches and wealth and canny business talents, fucking superstars- all of them.
      Then when you actually had to dig into their dealings and talk to them, it was invariably a train wreck of unpaid bills,ex wives , mistresses, failed business ventures.. you name it and many of them had fucked it up, or just plain fucked it.
      It was a marvellous education working in that privileged ( but very low paid) position.

      • I stand corrected PYP.

        Must admit to thinking that those concerned would employ the services of wealth management firms to look after their financial matters.

        Mind you this involves unnecessarily paying money out to third parties.

        Can imagine it was an extremely interesting and eye opening job.

    • I sincerely hope they all get ripped off by bent accountants !


  11. Interesting item on the national news tonight.. LFS are to be looked at as part of the criminal investigation into Grenfell, particularly re Stay Put… could be interesting..

    • To the music of “Macho Man” by the Village People…

      “Compo, compo man!”

      “I wanna be a compo man!”

  12. I rarely post on political issues because I’ve had gut full.
    Leadership battles, elections, Brexit, don’t fucking care.

    Hammond has a nice property portfolio and millions, can’t see him having any reason to look out for my interests….

  13. Seeing that picture of him there…he does look somewhat 4x2ish…he also has rather a cunty hairdo.

    • Phew, that’s a relief… I was beginning to think he might be innumerate.

      Please see previous nom for cunty hairdos.

  14. Brilliant cunting Komodo.

    You perfectly identified something that “the meedija” seem to wilfully ignore. They say “The Government lost £ 2Bn” but it’s actually “The Government lost the TAXPAYER £ 2Bn”.


  15. A bit off piste, but in the spirit of Dead Cunts… who do you think will be the first LFB brass to bail out … answers on a postcard to your local FBU Office. I was disappointed in the wake of the Manchester enquiry to find the head Cunt had already crept off without a word, to be replaced by someone who looked like an elf. Not quite Londons burning was it, I mean Bayleaf would have hung about for a bit apologising and cooking a nice chilli…
    As they like to say… Get Out and Stay Out…

  16. Boris Johnsons foreign office Deputy Alan “Brexit was a working class tantrum” Duncan has called for another referendum.The Maybitch is yet to sack him unsurprisingly.

  17. Heinz, you obviously have a serious beef with the firefighting industry and appear to have personal experience and/or inside information .
    May I suggest a formal nomination on your part? I , for one, would like to hear about it.

  18. Fuck me! Add Richard Madely to the tiny list of slebs who aren’t stinking remoaners.
    Funny how you can change your mind about a cunt In 10 seconds flat.

    • Madely has always been a cunt. Even before Brexit. And a petty criminal to boot.

    • Fucking hell it gets worse these mentally deranged cunts really are the end of our civilisation. No clue as to the importance of the real world. How many of these twats work for a living because they’d last three seconds at my place of work not because we are heartless but listening endlessly to the drivel would cause concentration issues and possible manslaughter charges. As one of our respected cunters Kravdarth has said on more than one occasion. ” Your gay it’s not illegal anymore you’ve won so shut up and get on with life”.
      If they allow this fundamental change to our registration rules then we really are a morally defective society.
      LBGTXYZ Cunts move to Saudi Arabia and experience the diversity you so desperately crave. Diversity of methods of death.

  19. This pathetically sad sack of shit has the charisma of an undertaker but don’t be fooled into thinking he’s not one of the most conniving Cunts in the brexit fiasco!! Make no mistake this twisted weasel worded fuck and his hunchbacked boss are stealthy derailing brexit…….
    A more untrustworthy pair of Cunts would indeed be hard to find!
    Hammonds a deceitful calculating 24 carat cunt…

  20. Derby Day coming up soon…

    How many billions will he put on some three-legged nag in the 4.30 ?
    Will he go for The Wanker, Tits or Vagina ??

  21. These people are total cunts they Ban FOBT machines for the everyday public, meanwhile they play their own FOBT machine where They control the odds but if They are still so fucking stupid that they still lose They know they can nip up to the counter, pull out the plug and demand that every other cunt in the bookies digs into their pocket to cover their loses. My piss is boiling so bad that I have just scorched the lawn in my neighbours garden as I pissed through a hole in the fence.

  22. If I can get this through – ISAC doesn’t like my operating system and I often can’t cunt here – the original victim of the cunting was The Treasury, not Philip Hammond. Admin changed it, (understandably), but yes I am aware that Hammond is a conniving cunt not a thick cunt. As are the vampires, PwC etc, RBS, the current government in its entirety. But I never ascribe to malice what I can blame on sheer cunt stupidity…

  23. …and the stupidity lies in the notion that the conniving cunts could have made themselves even more money by selling a profitable and expanding business later rather than an unproved and only-just recovered one now. As well as not leaving the rest of us out of pocket.

  24. Project Fear 2

    The fucking cunt (otherwise known as Philip Hammond) has been responsible for much piss boiling, and still it continues.

    Hardly a day goes past when some gloomy, wrist slashingly negative forecasts and doom mongering from one or another proven unreliable and uncredible government anti Brexit departments is issued.

    About time Eeyore was productive in a positive way and boiled down to make glue.

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