Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers are cunts…
From piss-poor Clash tribute band to stadium rock bores, these tossers have always been crap… But one could forget what actual total cunts they were back in the old days… They looked like complete twats and they acted like twats too… Coming out with shite like Axl Rose, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe were their heroes, and the totally pretentious and laughable things they did in order to get noticed… That little fucker who vanished was particularly a proper and spectacular cunt… From him covering himself in Superslag Monroe tattoos, to cutting himself to get attention, to actually singing and playing absolutely fuck all on any of their dreadful records… I saw a book on these pricks when I passed HMV in Manchester today… The cover can be seen below, and I’m sure you’ll think what I thought: Weren’t the ‘Manics’ a bunch of 42 Karat cunts?….

Nominated By Norman


78 thoughts on “Manic Street Preachers

  1. Those two have CUNT written all over them …
    There’s no way they aren’t bent. No straight man would ever be seen dead looking like that, even in the 80’s. …… surely … ?

    • Ironically enough, the dead one on the left was by all accounts a bit if a monster for the groupies. The one on the right is married to his (female) childhood sweetheart.

  2. I liked their album The Holy bible, and few of their singles. Laughably pretentious yes, but if you consider the musical landscape of their heyday – blur, oasis, neds atomic dustbin, suede, etc – you arrive at the inescapable conclusion that Miles Hunt is probably worthier of a cunting. Just for being in a band with a ‘fiddler’.

    • Agree, Holy Bible ok, and parts of other albums, if you can blank out histrionic lefty lyrics… Irredeemably smug cunts after Everything Must Go.

      • Suede were alright, but the rest of them were shit… And Suede will soon have their third new album out since they re-formed six years ago… Something those lazy arsed Stone Roses cunts could learn from…

      • Suede WAS the truth back in the 90s, but they’re a lich band now like far too many (Slowdive, looking at YOU). These old cunts who refuse to let a good career pass into proper legacy need to go. Props to the Stone Roses for keeping it cuntish and refusing to reform.

  3. The pair in the photo above look like they are partial to excessive dungtrumpetery.

    I do remember the group from the 90s but they looked a bit more normal than in the above photo. Did someone tell them that imitating the Arch Duke cunt guzzler Marc Almond wouldn’t bring them commercial success, so they took note and started dressing less like a pair of sex cases?

  4. Bloody spell check should have been cum and not cunt. Couldn’t see Almond dining on the vertical burger.

  5. I may sound like an old cunt but have never understood a fucking word these taffy pricks warble about, never have, even when I was a much younger cunt.

    • I’m an old cunt and I’ve never heard anything they’ve done. Going off the above picture, they were trying to look like the New York Dolls. Didn’t think much of them either, but at least they were a bit more original.

    • Thankfully, their music isn’t loud enough to carry across the Atlantic so I’ve never heard of what probably should be called Main Street Cunts.

  6. Ugly posturing right on twats Norman, remember a train journey many years ago when the cunts were in the same fucking carriage, feet up on seats, foul mouthed, swearing in front of children. A couple of angry fathers sorted the cunts out, and they moved to another carriage. Excellent cunting to pricks who deserve no less.! Cunts!

  7. I believe the mislaid one wrote the lyrics, which JD Bradfield then attempted to shoehorn into his music, which is why a lot of it doesn’t seem to gel…

    From Despair To Where* is a monumental fucking beast of a song though and I won’t have a word said against it ! Or James’ ability as a guitarist.
    *So is “Australia” and a few others.

    I get the feeling I may be about to be ripped a new arsehole…

  8. If I had been a musician in a band and wore make up, I would’ve had to leave the band, because my dad would’ve broke my fucking arms….

  9. They look like a bunch of fucking crossdressers FFS…. honestly never heard much of the preachrrs but I know Norman hates them so i don’t have a dog in this fight only heard a song or two. One of my friends said they sound like the charlatans on speed, not so sure thats a good thing…

  10. Don’t know anything about them but if the image is anything to go by then fair play to them, for finding a niche in the market under the category ‘actually, you can polish a turd’.

    When you’re slooshing around the bowl with the rest of the turds a little bit of lipstick and glitter can make you stand out.

  11. Emergency cunting request for the fact that Magen Merkle is being described as a ‘gender equality’ campaigner. That is all.

  12. I don’t know how the fuck the Welsh got a reputation as good singers. Manic Street Preachers, Cerys Matthews, , Ian Watkins, Aled Jones,Charlotte Church…hardly a very salubrious bunch. Although out of the lot of them at least Church looks like a taker….I fear the rest would be givers of the most unforgiving kind.
    Those Welsh Cunts singing “Men of Harlech” in Zulu appeared to be a pretty rum bunch too,looked like they wouldn’t be averse to being overrun by coloured gentlemen looking for a gay old time.

    Fuck them.

      • I was always highly suspicious of Velma’s intentions towards Daphne in Scooby Doo. Fred,quite obviously,was A Gay. I’ll bet there was quite the daisy chain when that collection of amateur crime busters dragged Shaggy and Scooby into the back of their mobile love-dungeon…the mind boggles,it really does,at just how perverted and shameless these cartoon makers are. An orgy involving a Great Dane,a drug addict,A Fruity and a pair of lezzas all on children’s t.v.
        It’s a fucking disgrace.

    • Tom Jones can go fuck himself too. Coffin-dodging old Cunt still hasn’t set fire to a large wooden cross outside Will i am’s dressing-room despite all the jerrycans of petrol,boxes of matches and white hoods that I’ve sent him.
      “You can leave your hat on” indeed.

      • always seems the most peculiar of black men, don’t you think, Mr Fiddler? He certainly doesn’t seem to have the usual traits of the common-or-garden music industry uppity and seems to not be quite all there up top. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if he were on Operation Yewtree’s radar though.

      • A slight hint of Michael Jackson crossed with Bill Cosby about him I always think,Mr. Cunt-Engine, both coloured icons who set a fine example to their communidee

      • If you want to Leave Your Hat On it has to be the late great Joe Cocker. Jones is a pale imitation.

  13. I recall these cunts saying (or singing?) ‘I laughed when John Lennon died’ And another said ‘I hope Michael Stipe (REM) gets AIDS’… But, some years later, when someone else said, after their little pet cunt did his disappearing act: ‘Look at Richey! He’s not so manic now!’ the remaining ‘manics’ got all outraged and offended and did the grief stricken act… Fucking hypocritical shithouses….

  14. I see Prince Harry has invited two of his exes to his wedding…
    He’s dicing with death already… Only a matter of time before he gets the ‘Don’t TOUCH me!’ and ‘Who DO you think you Are?!’ treatment off Meg O’ Marple…..

    • The wife is glued to the telly watching the shitfest unfold. Im desperately in need of relief from this cack…and the bread knife is looking good !

      • Mercifully my missus has gone round her deranged mother’s to wallow in the Cuntfest. Good luck to ’em…

      • Unfortunately mine as well ASA,
        She actually squealed with excitement at the sight of George clooney and Beckham!, then clapped when markle stepped out of wedding limousine!! WTF!!
        I’m in the process of starting divorce proceedings claiming unreasonable behaviour…….

      • Q, it sounds like Mental Incapacity to me…

        I hope to have a brief look at the news tonight, to see if Camillaaaah got kicked in the cunt, or to see how Phil did as a Goodwill Ambassador.

        Hopefully, I’ve slept through the worst wankpuffinery by now.

      • Whatever it is HBH it’s definitely grounds for divorce! πŸ˜‚
        My wife’s an intelligent woman, has a proper job, is an avid reader of quality literature BUT!!
        Has a real penchant for TV SHITE!! Especially reality bollocks and royal weddings! 😑
        I got a fuckin running commentary on who was wearing what! Who had the best hat! FFS!!

      • Ah, Q !
        Royal hats…
        I have NEVER forgotten the sight of one of Fergie’s offspring wearing something that resembled a giant pink foam-rubber IUD at some equestrian do.

        My ex is the same – Ph. D, hospital geneticist &c., but could never keep away from the magic rectangle when a royal event was on. Wtf ??

      • TV and radio Off. I have no interest in seeing the illegitimate son of an upper class slapper, now sadly deceased I believe, marrying a piece of trailer trash. At my fucking expense. Cunts.

      • Whaddya talkin’ about Cuntstable? She’s a lovely girl. Mars bars wouldn’t melt up her chuff.

        Besides, it’s amazing what a nose job and a spot of skin whitener can do for a regular everyday piece of trailer trash!

      • Am certain that, for a price, a private clinic in Devonshire Street can perform a Radical Blackendectomy. King Ethelred Hospital for Officers and Posh Totty &c.

        Reminds me a bit of a line in one of my all-time favourites – Sean Connery saying very boldly
        “Miss Debenham is not a woman…”
        “She’s a laydee.”

        Was it Marty Feldman who did a song saying Vanessa Redgrave was “two small men in a large tweed costume” ? (Euston station, automation, hypnotising earwigs with a billiards cue. Could be a good encore at a Wigmore Hall lieder evening…)

    • So how do we think this will end?

      Car ‘accident’, private jet ‘accident’ or yachting ‘accident’?

    • Here in the states, the magical joining of Harry Windsor and the Half Breed Twat is mostly confined to the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune Americunt (BBCA) and some cable news channels. I honestly don’t know if the Networks are covering it or not.

      I have satellite TV so I started today with reruns of the Lone Ranger. Now I’m watching a documentary series on WW II. I actually, thought I saw Harry. But it turned out to be Newsreel footage of a Concentration Camp Guard.

      I send my condolences to my fellow cunters. I can only imagine how you must feel.

      πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§. 😡. 😫. 😬. 😭. 😈. πŸ‰

      • Interestingly, during R4’s coverage -abbreviated by the off switch – of the cunts drooling on the streets of Windsor, they could only find American voices. Followed by a report from BBC USA indicating that this was being watched coast-to coast by persons who had donned fancy dress for the occasion. Eg as a cute old fashioned British mail box adorned with the cute old fashioned British flag. There appears to be some discrepancy with your account, General!

      • Golly gee willickers Mr. Komodo I didn’t mean it. Gosh aw-mighty, the BBC would never get anything wrong. Boy…Meghan sure looks swell!


  15. They are whiney, shit, middle of the road, stadium rock bellends.

    The musical equivalent of the colour beige.

  16. I didn’t mind this lot. My daughter had some CDs back in the 90s. Plus they are from my home town so apart from Cardiff road, are probably the only decent thing to come from there.

    • MAN were a good band. Used to play their Back Into The Future album all the time (apart from that pointless choir track at the start of side 3). Great live C’mon.

      • Badfinger were a great band. first band to be signed to Apple label, Harry Nilsson heard them recording their song, without you, blagged it from them and they never got the recognition they deserved, sadly two of the band topped themselves, tragic story

      • I loved the Badfinger ‘Straight Up’ and ‘No Dice’ albums when I was a lad… I loved the ‘No Dice’ album cover even more…

      • I knew Badfinger when they were the Iveys. And Man as well. Back in the day. When I was a Welsh cunt. I also remember Shakin Stevens and the Sunsets, from Barrie I think. Stevens always was a cunt.

      • Still got Man’s ‘Daughter Of The Fireplace’. Thought it was great and was looking forward to seeing them at the local tech. They came on, motioned everyone to sit on the floor, one of them started playing something, they all joined in one by one and we were subjected to an hour of improvisation which was just a cacophony of noise. I’d have enjoyed myself more if I’d stayed at home, laid on the carpet and listened to the hoover.

      • @Allan

        Suspect I would have rather enjoyed that “cacophony” you speak of. Even more if I’d had a little something to smoke.

      • Ditto all the Badfinger comments. Always enjoy watching their live (well they were back then) stuff on CuntTube.

      • I saw Man at the top rank suite in Brighton 1973 . At the top of the game. Went with a 16 year old Swedish student. Fuck me she was hot.

    • For some reason, the best Welsh bands are from the North: Y Niwl, Super Furries/Gruff Rhys, Anhrefn…not sure where MC Mabon is from exactly, though. He’s good.

  17. Newsflash…..
    Police in Liverpool have 3 of 4 well known scouse Islamic terrorists.
    Bin Snortin, Bin Dealin, and Bin Theavin,
    so far there’s no sign of Bin Workin

      • Not forgetting
        Bin Offended and
        Bin Chicken-Mourning

        I also hear there’s (another) Beatles tribute act… Only this one has made the Mersey Sound even more Scouse… They will perform the following reworked classics….

        Back In The DHSS
        And I Mugged Her
        Hey Judge
        Yellow Shellsuit Green
        Here Comes The Scum
        Are Dey In For Life?
        Ticket To Skive
        The Fool On The Pill
        All Smelly Thieves Forever
        Got To Get Out Of Doing Life
        Nick My Car
        I’m Only Thieving
        Twist and Shite

      • Very nice Norman. But you forgot one Beatles song…

        Jamila in the sky with Allah.


    • Fuck me. Watched for no more than 10 seconds. Thought I was watching a gospel get together.

      God only knows what Philip is thinking but can imagine it is not broadcastable on air.

      Hallelujah brother.

      • Dat is well RRRRRAAAAAACCCCCCCCIIIIIIIUSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTT! Da kommunidee won’t like it!

      • I’m surprised those Black Broadcasting Corporation cunts didn’t officially label their coverage The Grenfell Tribute Winnie Mandela Black Panther Royal Wedding…. They really do have an obsession about bringing it into absolutely anything and everything, don’t they?….

    • Was that picture before or after he jumped off the Severn Bridge?

  18. To be fair Cuntflap – which I know you always strive to be – The Residents weren’t like that, in fact they went out of their way to remain anonymous, no one to this day knows who they are, their heads hooded when playing live, etc, blah blah.

    Check out their album, The Third Reich & Roll – I think you’ll enjoy…

  19. Just checked my collection and was surprised I have as many MSP albums as I do:
    Everything Must Go
    Generation Terrorists
    The Holy Bible
    Journal For Plague Lovers
    Know Your Enemy
    This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

    I don’t listen to them much if I’m honest. Can’t remember the last time I did actually. Favourite song is Motorcycle Emptiness. They opened with that the one time I saw them live in Minneapolis a few years back. I think my interest in them peaked around the This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours album. More recently they seem to have meandered into female backing vocal and brass section territory which is so fucking crap it’s unbelievable. File under ‘run their course time to jack it in’.

  20. Wonderful cunting, Norman. Proof that you never stop learning.
    Being a regular reader at Cardiff Central Library, where a plaque proudly states that said institution was opened by these people, I have oft wondered “Who…the fuck ?”
    Given the number of assorted religious-tract twatting numpties in the locale, I had always assumed that they were some sort of Beardy-Man-in-the-sky botherers…

    I shall have a long, hard leer at my Anne-Sophie Mutter and Cecilia Bartoli albums…

  21. I like their music that everyone loves to hate from the 90’s
    This is my truth and lifeblood we’re good albums . All that 3 chord punk shite goes in one ear and out the other.

  22. Who are these people, thank fuck along with everything else i hate i dont like fecking music either

  23. Motorcycle Emptiness is a great song. No idea what it’s about but I fucking love it. Met James Dean Bradfield in a pub once. Really lovely bloke. They are well left and acted like proper cunts at times but have made some great albums in my opinion.
    Reckon Harry is going to do Meghan up the wrongun tonight.

  24. I vaguely remember the cunt fest that was If you tolerate this your children will be next, which is bang up there with one of the worst songs ever written.
    Fucking Welsh shitcunts

  25. The manics were shite in the 90’s and they’re shite now. They have an amazing ability to switch off my car radio too along with anything by Pulp, Travis or Placebo. Fucking Absolute Radio.

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