Spy ware for sale

What cunt thought this one up?  A program designed to steal your personal information from Facebook! (as opposed to them selling it to whoever) so that they can get their own marketing list or worse (details of every cunt you hate)

I do wonder. Shit like this makes my piss boil

67 thoughts on “Spy ware for sale

  1. Any genuine company seeking to use this as a marketing tool would be on a sticky wicket with the new data protection Regs which will come into force next week on the 25th.

    That aside, this is a marketing package fit for a cunt. Anyone who uses this kind of shit to inflict unsolicited correspondence on anyone deserves to have their knackers flambayed followed by immediate spatchcocking.

      • If that is directed at me then go forth and fuck yourself bandy, Sir!

      • I would if I could, but I’m all spunked out thinking about Meghan’s wedding night.

        Admin edit. Everyone behave. We are watching.

      • For the avoidance of doubt, my “clueless” comment was meant wholly in jest. And I took Paul’s reply to be in the same spirit. Perhaps I should have used one of those smiley face thingies.. 🙂

      • Same here. I don’t take any banter too seriously. For God’s sake my name is Paul Maskinback!

  2. I used some keylogger software on my ex-wife’s PC one time, specifically to capture her email password. Found all the correspondence between her and her fucking weasel cunt lawyer which had been going on behind my back. Aha! Busted!!! Sneaky software has its uses. Wish it could also have electrified her keyboard and fried the bitch. I’m sure there’s an untapped market for that.

    • Wish I had had a copy of that 15 years ago when I got rid of Mk1 – would have saved me a fucking fortune. Turned out her brief and the Judge were golfing /Masonic chums. I walked out of court that day £276,000 lighter. Because she had a thick imbecilic child with her ex victim who had a SEN (one of those statement thingys) the judge in his wisdom wouldn’t allow the property to be sold as it would likely “disturb his advancement and disrupt his education”.
      He gave her the fucking lot – awarded her costs – that day I walked out homeless and had to sell my TT that same day just to cover her court costs. I had the scruffiest fucking Barrister (I think he was a Barista) who came up from Manchester in a fucking suit I wouldn’t be seen laid out in – greasy fucking hair with dirty shoes and a handshake like a wet lettuce. His advice was “move on and start again”. For £1100 I could have done that myself. I asked about an appeal – to be told the judge who made my decision was the appeal court lead Judge and if I wanted to waste another £18,000 the result wouldn’t change as it would be unlikely that his “guidance” to the appeal judge would have already been decided before I even walked in.
      Until that point I really thought the law was there to be fair to both parties. It fucking stinks worse that a dung collectors duffle bag. When you are almost told / advised / instructed that no other judge would dare overturn a decision made by that cunt it made me physically sick. CUNTS

      • Stories like that reaffirm my resolve to never get married, cunto.

        It’s bad enough my ex taking 15% of my salary for a kid I hardly ever see, 400 miles away.

      • Yep. My lawyer for Mk 1 told me – almost in these exact words – once you put a ring on their finger and fuck ’em, you’ve cooked your goose. By the time Mk 3 came along, I insisted on a pre-nup. Paying bitches to fuck off got too expensive. So far Mk 3 has behaved, but like all females, she has her moments.

      • Same happened to me lost house and forge but ex got a lovely 4 bedroom house paid for outright and i got all the debts from being ill and off work for 2years, now live in a fecking trailer with no way back, but at least shes happy so thats ok then. Ive turned into the mysoginst from hell now.

      • Cunto: That story of yours made me angry. It rings true with me, although I did not suffer financially as much as you did. I’m genuinely sorry that happened to you. Not much comfort I know, but I feel your pain and sympathise. All the best to you – I.Y.

  3. Think I saw Arry on Holland Park Avenue earlier in his Royal convoy. Didn’t see Meghan though she was probably sucking him off… The slaaaag. Royal cunts.

    • Camilla must be so glad that Charles is taking Megan up the aisle, it’ll give her a day off. Slaaaaags.
      Good afternoon.

      • Are you fucking kidding me? How big of a fucking cunt do you have to be when you can’t find anyone you know to give you away?

        Harry Windsor and the Half Breed Twat wanted to invite their friend Obama…what about him? What about someone from Hollywood…say…Harvey Weinstein? How about Tony Blair? He gave away everything else in Britain.

        Jesus H. Christ Himself. It’s just another fucking episode of The Real Housewives of Windsor Castle.


      • Yes General. Us peasants are supposed to fawn and tug the forelock for these fucking parasites. The Queen has a fortune of over £300 million give or take. She also has a private (how the fuck can that be?) art collection of around £3 billion. We still pay the fuckers countless millions a year for zero return. Add in the cost of security, more millions, especially since Charlie’s horse Camilla doesn’t actually live with the jug eared cunt which adds £1.5 million, for nothing.
        We are the dumbest fucking nation on earth.

      • I thought she’d already been given away to some cunt who presumably discarded her somewhere along the way… since when did Prince Jug Ears assume ownership?

    • Rice n Peas and jerk chicken sound like a winner, iv got some little plastic Union Jack/Stars and Stripes flags ,some wedding cups and plates, only a bit chipped and fresh in from Bangkok, pirate Suits dvd’s -highest quality I’m assured. You know it makes sense B&WC, plenty of plonkers to go araaaand.

      • They’ll be lapping it up LL, being an ethnic wedding we will make a killing. They’ll pay £20 for a bit of chicken a burnt rice. The cunts.

      • You friggin’ Beef eaters don’t know about Africunt/Americunt cuisine…aka soul food:

        First a toast with Muscadine wine. Then…fried chicken and waffles. Cornbread and butter beans. Collard greens with ham hocks. Black eyed peas…chittlins’…fried okra…fruit cobbler and grape Kool-aide. Oh…and watermelon.

        I can hear the Barry White now.

        🍉. 🍗. 🌽. 🍇

      • Its dinner time here General and that all sounds like some damn fine eating but we are on a budget.

      • @LL

        Time for some truth in advertising…my true love was a schvartze so I know all about soul food and love it! Besides, my southern, redneck ancestors ate the same thing…except chittlins’. 🍽


        My friend you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten fried chittlins’…properly chitterlings…the small intestines of a pig… I believe you tea drinkers would call it…shite pipe. 😬

  4. How about a Hewitt/Markle marriage longevity sweepstake? I give it 14 months before the cracks begin to show.

    She is a social-climbing bag of ‘celebrutee’ warfare and he is a dumb schmuck.

    Any thoughts?

    • She’ll probably knock out a ginger or blonde Easter Island looking sprog to make sure the support alimony is sorted and then do one back to the states and hook up with some “qual” Kanye or JZ gangstah! Ayyyeeeee!

      Hewitt Jnr will then make the rounds through the Page 3 birds – and fair play to him!

    • I think 18 months. She moves to a new home, he finds some Africunt Village to save, and the shit starts to fly. A sprog popped out to ensure the regular meal allowance, and the movie follows just to finish it off.

    • I seem to remember an announcement that the happy couple were paying the costs of the wedding themselves. I bet the £30 million security costs will come as a bit of a blow in that case. The most that ginger sponger’ll have paid is £50 for the hire of the hall.
      I reckon the marriage’ll last exactly nine months. When she whelps a chocolate orange and realises just what she’s created she’ll be off swinging through the trees just as fast as the vines’ll carry her. That thick ginger Cunt probably wont even realise that she’s gone if someone just gives him an access all area pass to Whipsnade.
      I actually quite like her and fail to see how either her or her family could bring any more disrepute to the royal family than they’ve already managed themselves.

      Fuck them.

      • Might I be so foolish as to enquire what it is about Ms. Markle that you “quite like” Dick?

      • You do realise Hewitt Jnr’s filthy little knob has been up there, don’t you?

      • Just a thought, what are the odds that a few months from now she might churn out a completely black kid? I’m not clued up on genetics but I believe it’s statistically possible. Now that would just about finish Phil the Greek off.

      • I fear Phil the Greek may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome…

      • @RTC I fear Phil the Greek may actually be croaked and they have stuffed him full of animatronics to deny me my win in the Dead Pool.

      • Either way he’s bound to be up to his gills in drugs, like those walking dead Soviet presidents of old.

      • She’s had a nose job, obviously didn’t like her mama’s africunt style big nostrils

      • DF, slightly off-topic, but re being stuffed full of electronics…

        Reminds me of an alleged FBI intel op in USA: it had been noticed that a cat was making regular journeys into the premises under surveillance. They got a compliant veterinary to put the mikes and trasnsmitters into the mog, and let it out to undertake its first spying mission.
        Unfortunately, the poor creature was flattened by a parcels truck.
        I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    • Put shit on shit what do u get?

      On the up side must be one of the first royal weddings where the bride and grooms father couldn’t be fucked turning up.

  5. Well the cunts can mine every bit of my CuntBook and Twatter data.

    That will be 0 bytes then!

  6. Well Cuntflap, when they lost their jobs as the stars of the PG Tips adverts they applied for a Giverment Grant to retrain as IT specialists.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.


    Da feds is still rrraaaaccccciiiiiisssssttttttttt init,says her royal nothingness Shut the fuck up.

    Da po po need to engage wid da black kommunide says Doreen. I say go away…….

    • Engage with the black communidee, as in “get hacked to death with a machete”, by any chance ??

  8. and the Archbishop of Canterbury is a MASSIVE CUNT. Says he wouldn’t mind if the CoE broke up as the UK is not a majority Christian country.

    WTF! CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • True, the Archcunt is a cunt massive proportions, and his church is an irrelevance. If it disestablishes it’ll disappear altogether and then the ground will be clear for the Papists and Peacefuls to divide and rule those amongst us stupid enough to fall for their fucking mind controlling mumbo-jumbo shit.

      • Yet the robed cunt is quite happy to draw his pay and enjoy all the jollies that go with it. Useless cunt. I’d like to shove his crook up his butt hole !

      • He’d fucking enjoy it too much. Probably ask you to shove a twiglet in his gob while your at it.

    • To re-hash a saying from the time of the Abdication,

      “Oh what a silly old Cantuar !”

      If the Arches won’t stand up for Christianity, they shouldn’t be surprised when the rest of the poulation’s interest dwindles to nothing.

      I don’t think Welby stands for anything, but I suspect he bends over quite a lot.

  9. 42 mill this fucking wedding is costing us. Presumably there is a free bar so I hope all the Ruperts and Henriettas get pissed and have a massive ruck. You can imagine Camilla dragging jug ears away……”leave it Charlie….the cunt ain’t worth it!” And Andy screaming…”so my gels ain’t good enough to be HRH….you’re dead you fucking cunt!”
    Her Maj..”do something Philip you useless prick!”
    Ahhh….there’s nothing like a Royal wedding to brighten up the dull lives of the peasantry.

    • 42Mill Freddie !…Think of the piss up we could arrange for site members with that shit load of dosh ? 42 Mill to marry a half n half…fuck me baldy !

      • Well, if you’re going to call me baldy and want me to fuck you then no, it’s a very bad idea.

    • We are way off the topic of spyware but…

      It seems to me this whole dysfunctional nuptial extravaganza is not a good “value for the money.”. I mean Harry is (presumably) getting a good ” bang for his buck” but as for the rest of Britain?

      Why spend £40 plus millions to import one foreign cunt when you could spend the same amount and export thousands?

      I’m just sayin’…


      • We don’t do export in the UK General, only import. Any fucking scummy cunt can come strolling in. Nobody knows who they are or where they come from. They destroy all their papers on the plane or boat and then scream ASYLUM!
        Hold out your hands while we give you everything you want and can only dream of where you come from.
        Fuck the British population who are paying for all this, fucking foreign criminals and terrorists come first.
        But we’ve got a Royal wedding. Aaaah…..so romantic. I’m waving the fucking flag here General. It’s not a white one yet. Don’t hold your breath though.

      • The government here has just given a Guinean refugee £110K for keeping him in prison too long following sentences for two sexual assaults while processing deportation, General. The Guinean government has refused to recognise him and take him back, this is one story but in truth could be any given week over years and years.

        With the Royal wedding blanket coverage Trump calling immigrants ‘animals’ has gone pretty much unreported but from what iv seen has been selectively skewered when he was actually referring to MS-13 gang members.

  10. I wonder what all that “poisoned Russian spy and daughter” story was actually about? I see he’s been released from hospital today,and she’s been out for weeks. The whole thing just seems so bizarre. The Russian secret services have certainly gone down in my estimation if this half-arsed load of bollocks was the best that they could manage…although,somehow, I suspect that it isn’t.

  11. Radio and tv silence for me this weekend. Fuck the wedding and fuck the football. Will watch recorded stuff with Saturday night curry and go for long walks during day.
    Fuck the parasites and fuck Linecunt and his jabbering cronies.

    By the way. The family of German parasites we support are related to Queen Anne as George Ist was her second cousin. So we have this lot because they were second cousins to a Scottish family in 1714. I have as much claim as them, as do 70% of the British population.

  12. Well the sun is forecast to be out tomorrow and I have a garage to build.

    I consider myself blessed to have enough in my life to keep me occupied so I am not drawn to watching this spectacle of gonadery on the idiot lantern.

  13. Can’t see what all the fuckin fuss is about the half chat yanks dad not attending the wedding, neither is Harry Hewitts, but fuck all as been said about that, cunts

  14. Well stumbled upon Frankel Boyle’s new comedy vehicle on AL-BB-CERA 2.

    Five minutes in and I’m fucking sickened by the the nest of virtue-signalling twats he’s got on there.

    Utter cunts!

      • Frankie Boyle, undoubtedly funny and not afraid to say terribly amusingly sick things, is still an arch-leftie and therefore a cunt.

    • It’s on AL-BB-CERA iPlayer.

      I suggest you watch the first five minutes where this (so-called) comedy show unsurprisingly puts the boot in on Trump as being racist and some unfunny lady who’s opening gambit is to totally put the boot in on the hated middle-aged white man and his “white privilege” whatever the fuck that is.

      Pity cos Catherine Ryan was on and while I disagree wholeheartedly with her neo-liberal bullshit I think she’s a really pretty lady. That’s what the mute button is for I suppose.

      Here’s the link. If you get through more than the first five minutes then you’re a better person than me, or a cunt, whichever fits.


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