Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar deserves a nomination for musician (allegedly) cunt of the year. So he does a gig and invites one of his white female fans up stage to join him in singing a song he wrote that contains the word ‘nigger’ FIFTEEN times. Said fan, no doubt deliriously excited to be up on stage, singing with her hero, duly sings the word ‘nigger’. Lamar stops the show, berates the fan in front of the entire audience for singing that word, and then kicks her off the stage.

What an absolute cunt. I’ve seen the video of this on YouTube, and I just can’t escape the conclusion that Lamar’s only reason for inviting her on stage to sing that song, was to virtue signal by publicly berating a white girl for using the word ‘nigger’. It was a set up, pure and simple. It was also massively hypocritical, because a number of Lamar’s other songs contain the racist words honky, honkies and cracker. Incidentally, there is video taken at other gigs, of the predominantly white audience all singing the ‘N’ word. He doesn’t stop the show to berate any them. The answer is simple. If you don’t want white people to sing the ‘N’ word at your gigs, DON’T FUCKING PUT IT IN YOUR SONGS!

Kendrick Lamar, you are without doubt, an interstellar cunt.


Nominated by, Quick Draw McGraw


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  1. I saw this on YouTube last night and my piss turned into steam immediately.

    What a cunt.

    Cunts like this are the reason that white people don’t give a fuck about knife crime.
    Let ’em at each other … save us the fucking job later.

    • As a sort of linguist (a cunning one ??) I say either the “N-word” is acceptable, in which case ANYONE may use it, or it isn’t, in which case no-one does.

      Not all Ns boil my piss, but stupid, whiney, faux-philosophising SJW libtard cunts certainly do… The wannabe blecks are FAR worse then the genuine item. That jug-band YouTube that a fellow cunter kindly recommended was excellent !!

  2. Agree that white people shouldn’t use that word (nor should black people or anyone else for that matter ) but also agree that Kendrick Lamar properly set this poor girl up , the fucking cunt.

    Maybe Kendrick should donate ALL monies received from white fans to civil rights charities but I doubt his “principles” extend much past using his power to bully some poor bitch who’d just been invited up on stage by her hero without really being informed of the ‘rules’.

    Cunt and in the customary fashion I hope he gets some nasty terminal disease sometime soon.

  3. Off topic but does anyone remember that cunt Rachel Dolezal that blacked up and pretended to be African American even though she’s white?

    Well she’s just been done for welfare fraud ….

    … well at least she’s committed.

    I’m not saying anything. 🙂

    • I believe there is a documentary on Netflix about this clearly insane cunt. I haven’t watched it as I fear it may well be sympathetic to her “plight” and I’ve just bought a new TV and don’t want to be forced, yes forced to kick it to pieces when they no doubt say something like, Rachel should be free in a progressive society to identify as anything she wants.

    • It shows how thick people are that a woman who was obviously NOT black, could fool so many people for so long. And even when she was found out, she STILL tried to tough it out by claiming she ‘identified’ as a black woman. I’m glad she’s being done for welfare fraud, she deserves it.

      • What brings confusion arguements, & utter chaos
        in Afro households in London?
        …..Father’s Day of course!

  4. Surely the only reason these dumb idiots buy this shit is because of the “edgy” lyrics…..loads of bollocks about shooting “feds” and fucking “bitches” and “hoes” as well as being well ‘ard nig nogs……er… you can probably guess i’m not an aficionado.
    It’s exactly the same as when, back in the day, the BBC refused to play a record because it had a dirty word in it, and every silly cunt went out and bought it. Instant number one!
    This looks like a carefully staged publicity stunt to me. After all, how many people had ever heard of this two-bob wanker before this?
    Not worth getting excited about if you ask me……just some cunt screwing money out of thick tossers…….a down market Simon Cowell if you like.

    • I’ve never heard of him and even while I was reading this post I couldn’t bring the cunt’s name to mind even though it’s a the top of the cunting.

  5. Stupid bitch got everything she deserved. Silly little white girl wanting to ape ” da bruvs”. Crawling along to kiss the arse of some uppity jiggy. I’m just surprised that he didn’t molest her,fill her full of drugs and pimp her out as a $10 gobbler.

    “Once you’ve had black,you’ll never go back”…indeed.

    • Maybe the Proms should invite Mr Lamar for the final night to sing along to Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem, diversity init brudda?

      • Do you think General Cuntster, after spending a humid evening sitting in his old rocking chair on the porch, sipping his Jack Daniels, Remington 12 gauge at hand, faithfully sings this in front of the flag before heading off to the land of nod in his Confederate jim jams?

      • Goddamned tea drinking, beef eating, umbrella carrying, bowler wearing, cricket playing, limey sons-of-bitches. Get it right!

        While it is humid as fuck here on the “Redneck Riviera” I don’t sit on the porch. I hide in the buses. I don’t sip Jack Daniels. I chug Rebel Yell. (Google it). I don’t have a Remington shotgun. Mine’s an Ithaca. It’s too fucking hot and humid to wear old school Confederate flannel jammies. I wear Stars and Bars boxers with a wife beater T.

        And while I love the Confederate anthem…and there are much better versions than that…when dealing with porch monkey bullshit…I prefer the late, great Merle Haggard.

        As for Kendrick Mothafuckin’ Lamar…to paraphrase the great Groucho…I’d horse whip his black ass…if I had a horse.


      • Thanks for putting me straight General, and since you have now confirmed you are a gun owner from the South, whatever you says goes.

      • You “hide in the buses” General? Is that cos you’re too cheap to buy a ticket?

      • @Ruff

        No it’s co I got me a 6 grade edu-goddamn-cation and I cain’t spell.


        Any time you need “gunfire support” to liquidate some liberals you just toot your bugle and me and the 7th will come ridin’!

        By the way…didn’t I read somewhere that you are a kraut munching, sausage chewing, Riesling guzzling, lederhosen clad, Aryan?

      • That was for your Halloween shindig General, I’m a rootin, tootin Brexit Trumpite when it matters my friend.

  6. I was brought up to never judge a book by its cover. I’m more than prepared to make an exception in this case, fuck him and fuck the cunts that listen to his urban jungle jiggy shit .

  7. Indeed… recently one of the victims of the now almost mandatory stabbings in Londonistan had a glowing write up courtesy of the Al- bbc and other fellow media travellers… he was a wonderful boy who planned to be an architect, according to a quote from his mother.He was also a talented and aspiring musician ( are you starting to hear alarm bells yet.. ??) Indeed he was musical, his “songs” being from the so-called “drill” culture that relates to and glorifies gang violence… needless to say it was the Police’s fault, for reasons not made fully clear but presumably instinctively known to the chattering liberalista Cunts that form the media…Oh Well, How Sad, Too Bad…..

  8. Hopefully the cunt will go on a virtue signalling visit to the DRC in support of his bruvs and contract Ebola.
    Good morning.

  9. Never heard or seen the cunt but not surprised by his cuntishness.
    Carney alert – the cunt is at it again. Doomed, we’re all doomed.
    And the EU negotiators say we are living in a phantasy world. Walk away you stupid cunts. While we show such weakness they will continue to take the piss.

      • I used to believe that about Maggie, until someone told me that she had every opportunity during her long reign to tell the EU to fuck off, but did not!

        Sobering thought that….yeah…why the fuck didn’t she ?

      • Thatcher was far from perfect..She was one of the main architects of the 1987 Single European Act, the treaty which gave us EU militarisation, the single market and the single currency.

        A little potted record history:

        In 1979, one of the first things she did when she became prime minister was to remove all controls on capital, as demanded by the European Community treaties.

        Her successive administrations fell into line with the needs of the EU and the finance sector by de-industrialising the country, shutting down the steel and coal industries and eroding the manufacturing base, which led to mass unemployment paid for by squandering revenues from North Sea oil.

        By 1983 the newly formed European Round Table of Industrialists, made up of major global corporations, launched plans to deregulate European economies to allow big business to grab more industries in order to extract profit.

        To make this a reality former Irish foreign secretary James Dooge chaired the secret Dooge committee of the European Community in 1985. It prepared the ground for the Single European Act and the Maastricht Treaty. Malcolm Rifkind was Thatcher’s appointee to this committee.

        These plans formed the basis of the Single European Act and set the ideological framework for all treaties that followed. In the proposals Lord Cockfield pushed through over 250 measures to remove barriers to trade by qualified majority voting.
        As Thatcher herself put it, “We wished to have many directives under majority voting because things which we wanted were being stopped by others using a single vote.”

        Another Tory involved was a young John Bercow… He said: “Margaret Thatcher was herself a driving force behind the Act and some of her ministers positively fizzed with enthusiasm about the single market, which they believed achieved the Thatcherisation of Europe.”

        This was followed by Thatcher’s infamous “big bang” deregulation of the banks and the City, marking the launch of a rapacious and profoundly corrupt casino economy that has done much to bring us to the current crisis of capitalism.

        By the late 1980s all Thatcher’s hard work led to the launch of plans for the Maastricht Treaty, designed to further centralise powers to the EU.

        It was only at this point that she began to turn against the EU she had done so much to create. She opposed the fall of the Berlin Wall as she understood the power a reunited Germany could wield.

        Tory Europhiles quickly moved against her, kicking her out “like a dog in the night,” in November 1990 as Dennis Skinner put it.

        Europhile John Major replaced her as Tory leader, forcing through the ‘Thatcherite’ Maastricht Treaty and among other things the privatisation of the railways – under EU directive 91/440.

        I’d better leave it there… assuming anyone’s still reading and not gone off for a wank instead…

  10. I’m not surprised. Leftists will use any tool they have to try and score an ideological victory.

    • ‘Tool’ being the operative word. Depends what you mean by ‘leftist’, though. I’m on the left end of the ISAC spectrum, as far as I can tell, and thousands like me can tell the difference, between a self-promoting talentless twat abusing the concept of music in order to incite discord among his peers, and anything or anyone of any real value to society. Uncle Joe would have had him quietly shot, and no-one would have been allowed to notice. V Narod!

      • By leftists I mean the cunts on the authoritarian left. It’s the term I use to differentiate those people from actual liberals and sensible left wingers.

      • All this left, right, centrist, authoritarian, libertarian, socialist, capitalist, collectivist, individualist, social Liberal, classical Liberal bollocks really does my nut in as a lot of it is so poorly defined and is often defined differently across international borders.

        For instants, in the USA the term Liberal seems interchangeable with lefty socialist cunt….. Which it isn’t…….just ask Sargon Of Akkad.

      • Absolutely… classical liberalism is a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government.

        Developed in 18th-century Europe it drew on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the growing notion of social progress.

        It is as different as chalk and cheese from the bastardised, relatively recent American ‘Liberal’ import creation we cunters know and hate as Libtardism…

  11. Cunts like Lamar do more to poison and aggravate race relations than a thousand BNP activists could ever hope to. Imagine if the roles were reversed: a white cunt performer berating a black girl like that – the white cunt’s feet wouldn’t touch the ground!

    That said, the girl’s a snowflake cunt too. And the audience. A plague upon all their shit houses.

    Guess who’s side the Grauniad took…

    • Every time I see a Groaniad article I feel like smashing my head repeatedly into a brick wall. Even that would probably be more entertaining and have more journalistic merit than one of their articles.

    • Ellie Mae O’Slagheap is a fucking fascist, big pals with Owen “cry baby” Jones. She runs some shithouse organisation called Opendemocracy. Like all remoaners obviously a big fan of irony and doublespeak.

      • Her type coined the phrase the Democratic country of North Korea. I’ll wager if you look into her background she would have lived a privileged life, privately educated (probably all girls school) and her daddy was a merchant banker.

    • Ellie Mae O’Hagan is clearly a deeply stupid snowflake fuckwit. Had to laugh my balls off when she finished her idiotic article with a call for a conversation on this ‘issue’ and then noticed the comments are not allowed. Typical leftie arsehole.

  12. I think everyone should go on Spotify or whatever and report his songs that say “cracker” or “honkey” as hate speech.
    If we can’t say “nigg@” without being in trouble it should be the same the other way around.
    Dicks like him constantly ripping whites then whining like a bitch if anyone dares to say “THE N WORD” 🤤😢😭👜
    And cunts like him would call US racist…

    • I just tried to use imojis to make a point as I’m young and hip, and they came out totally different than the ones i selected.
      ….maybe I’m not young and hip after all.

      I’m fine with old and grumpy anyway.

    • What I’ve generally found in life is the people that are always shouting RACISM and the most racist Cunts themselves…….
      Much in the same way people who like to refer to themselves as “ liberals “ are some of the most bigoted and intolerant Cunts you will ever meet, one supposedly liberal belief is that of free speech?? Really! ……

  13. I’m reliably informed his real name is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth….

    Oh so gangsta…

  14. Off topic, and fucking hell! James O’Shithead has just revealed that if abortion had been legal in Ireland in 1972…


    Makes you think. I’ll say no more…

  15. And feminists love him because it’s ok if he (and the culturally enriched) call them bitches.

    A hated middle-aged white man holds a door open for one of the cunts and it’s “rape”!

    What a mentally unstable society we live in; promoted by the media, policed by social media, and supported by the government.

  16. I bet the demographic breakdown of his record/ download sales show they are predominantly to white people, they should boycott this 24 carat Cunt!……….

  17. Kendrick Lamar is an even bigger cunt due to the fact that this whole debate was settled (quite excellently) by Chris Rock years ago…

    When I first heard about this I thought it’d been settled but I couldn’t remember which comedian it was.
    Chris Rock is fuckin hilarious. Comedians these days are shite.

    • His act didn’t make me laugh, but I was impressed by his instant costume changes.

    • Chris rocks sketch on ‘niggers vs black people’ is brilliant, and bang on the money.

  18. The dirty cunt is a complete parody – I bet he wears his trousers half mast, sans belt, to “emulate de boyz from da hood who bin takin by da feds”.

    Lamar clearly has an IQ struggling to nudge 50; my only question is why some bright youngsters latch on to this non-lyrical nonsense, pay good money to attend his concerts and buy his CDs and merchandise so this silverback can likely spend it on hoes, drugs and firearms.

    I am an Engineer, so my artistic side is probably not brilliantly developed compared with some, but with absolute certainty I could pen an infinitely better track than this uppity simian.

    • No,not me MK. I’d have had a lot more to say to them before I set the dogs on the dirty Cunts. I hate fly-tippers as much as peacefuls and I can see even my even temper being stretched by those two filthy shitebags.

      Fuck them.

  19. She should sue him under the equalities act.

    Fucking ghetto poetry cunts. Why should they get special treatment when it comes to a word? Our language is.. our language. The irony of it all is these cunts are actually deserving of the banned title as they’re a fucking disgrace to the black community and should be ostracized for the greedy primitive morally debased cunts that they are. Go back to school, learn English, get a proper linguistic or literature job, cunts.

    As for the white girl. What a moron. No respect for white people who listen to this garbage. Be white, be lame, deal with it.

  20. WTF? I cunted this cunt a fortnight ago. Surely there are rarer cuntings in the queue?
    Not to disparage this excellent cunting, though.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Excellent cunting…but recently done. Maybe because of a specific episode?


  21. This guy has been recently cunted so there’s not much left for me to say about his cuntishness. Also recently cunted was Political Correctness. The two dovetail each other.

    Broadly speaking I believe everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect until they demonstrate they don’t deserve courtesy and respect. This fucking porch monkey has proved it.

    Politically correct dogma says he can use any language he wants and I can’t. If he (or any other black person) says N****r it’s OK. But if I say it I’m a racist? Fuck you, you fucking cunts! There is one standard for all.

    This bullshit pisses me off* and I refuse to play their game. So to Kendrick Lamar…and all of those like him who have demonstrated that they don’t deserve courtesy and respect…and want to control my language and accuse me of racism I say:

    Fuck you, you nappy headed, melatonin enhanced, basketball playing, ebonics speaking, Newport smoking, malt liquor drinking, watermelon eating, pimp walking, bling wearing, shuck and jive, gang banging ghetto rat.

    Your black ass should be thanking my white ass. If my fucking ancestors…hadn’t bought your fucking ancestors…from your other fucking ancestors…you’d be swinging through the fucking jungle on a vine with the rest of the fucking monkeys, fighting for bananas and wiping you ass with your hand.

    How the fuck do you like me now?


    *American slang for angry.

    • 🙄 Ooh you are awful General… but we like you.

      …well, some of us… 😉

      • Hey Ruff,

        I am awful but I no longer care. One cannot reason with cunts like Kendrick. So if he wants to start a fire…I’ll pour gasoline (petrol) on it.

        I appreciate your kind remarks. I know I’m somewhat of a caricature here. My Americunt wit (and indeed wisdom) is lost on some and offensive to others. As for where the intelligent/ignorant discourse ends and the insulting/insightful sarcasm begins…I leave it to the reader to decide.

        Sometimes I take it seriously and sometimes I shrug it off. But in the end as the Froggies say…c’est la vie motherfucker.


    • Ha ha ha …
      Can’t say I agree totally with your comment but you have the right to say it…
      Your constitution protects you.
      Don’t know if it’s the first amendment or third or what but I guess the second ensures your right to free speech anyway. 🙂
      Wish we had it… we’re in troubled times at the mo.

      I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

      ….and maybe laugh my arse off in the process…

      If any of us said that we’d probably get our door kicked in by the fuzz … sorry, very nice gentlemen at the station…

      ….I gotta hand it to ya, you yanks can be badass when you wanna be.
      Though your law protects you, ours protects who it feels like at the time.

      • Hey DtS

        It is the First Amendment that guarantees my right to free speech.

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Our Founding Fathers considered themselves loyal Englishmen deprived of their natural rights by an abusive Crown. The US Constitution reflects and protects those natural rights.


      • “door kicked in” DTS? Fuzz more likely too busy painting their…

  22. One of George’s best numbers was redone as an anthem not far from me – “When I’m licking windows.”

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