Pop up adds.

Advertising really fucks me off. Made by irritating cunts that think it’s ok to butt in whenever I look online. FFS has anybody ever seen an add that made you go out and buy whatever shite they are promoting?
Next cunting is for the add sales cunts ,that call and try to persuade you to part up with hard earned money for a Shitty bit on a page in some shit magazine you’ve never heard of. Cunts
Do advertisers go to the same uni as estate agents to learn cuntishness?

Nominated by, Berkshire Hunt

46 thoughts on “Pop up adds.

  1. All advertising is a cunt. That’s why I refuse to go back to cable television. And if I’m forced to hear shit radio ads at any place of business, I give them a shitty review if they ask/beg for it. You asked, cunts! And now with facial recuntnition being a THING, it’s a matter of time before we’re in a Minority Report (shit movie) sort of world with personalized ads blaring out of everywhere. Fuck me to tears…

    • People would have trouble targeting me with ads, as these days there’s fuck all new I want to buy… (and if they can mind-read, the best of British to them !)

      Unless I’m somehow on the radar at “Women’s Worn Knickers, Inc.”

      • I buy the occasional book from charity shops, but that’s about the full extent of my consumerist tendencies these days. Apart from an unhealthy interest in Japanese porn that is.

      • Ah… better strike “unhealthy” and replace with “obsessive”.

        Not averse to a spot of wee-wee now and again though.

      • Replace “obsessive” with “entirely justifiable”. To call my own porn collection excessive would be doing it a disservice…if you cloned an army of Jimmy Saviles, Rocco Siffredis and Peter Sutcliffes, they couldn’t wank to it all in several lifetimes.

      • Share the interest RTC.

        Japanese porn is fantastic and highly erotic in my humble opinion. Best stuff is on the Japanese websites. Most of it is watchable in the U.K. and is free.

        Don’t know where I stand on ISAC in recommending so will refrain from doing so unless Admin give me the green light.

        The girls are extremely feminine, all great figures, no tattoos and really seem to enjoy themselves.

        Strangely a few years ago it was illegal for the films to contain pictures of public hair but totally legal to show businessmen raping a young girl!!

        Some of the stuff is bizarre however really something for everyone. Even Mrs Stroker seems to enjoy it.

        Fifteen years after discovering Japanese porn have not found anything else that comes anywhere close.

      • Ha ha – Willie said: “comes”.


        You are clearly a Cunt Engine of great discernment Sir! All I got is fuckin’ Google…

      • Japanese girls are fantastic and there are some stunners who do porn, like Aya Koizumi and Maria Ozawa, although she got tattoos eventually. The only problem with Jap porn is mosaic covering the important bits. I particularly like the films they make on public transport.

      • Mika Tan is a nice bit of totty and good with it too. Big ol’ bush as well.

  2. Is there equality across the globe with these pop up ads..?

    Is there a stunning Russian girl sitting in her Moscow apartment, on her laptop, dismissing ads like..

    “Fat, skint, borderline alcoholic English guy…looking for girls like you”….

  3. Advertising has got to be one of the core pillars of cunt. A straight mix of pure narcissism and greed.

    The ones I really don’t get are McCunt and CocaCuntola. What’s the point? Even dirt eating starving Africans know who you are and you’re never going to be beaten by another company. Total attention whores who need to fuck off.

  4. Off topic, but I just saw this on the ABBC website:


    Working in IT as I do, I’ll say that the technology behind voice recognition is clever and may have its uses and some very specific applications. Such a device sitting in your home constantly listening to what’s going on and ready to react to a trigger word is just asking for trouble. If you have one of these devices in your home, then you are a cunt and deserve everything you get.

    I have a GPS device in my car which has voice recognition. It sometimes goes from the fucking map I’m following to a fucking menu when it hears a trigger word on the fucking radio! Cunt!

    As for these ads, I really hate the ones where you go to a website and everything seems fine for 30 seconds. Then some bollocks fills the middle of the screen asking you to sign up for their newsletter or some shit and you can’t do anything unless you click the X and make the fucking thing go away. I wish I knew what caused those things so I could disable it. Note to web developers – you’re all cunts anyway – but has no one told you how fucking annoying this shit is? Quit doing it you rancid arse fucking shit stained ocean going industrial strength wank stains of cunt.

    • when I was a kid there was a joke about a voice controlled dildo, the punchline was when the husband came home and found it and asked his wife what it was and said ” voice controlled dildo my arse!”

      • I remember that joke. More a shaggy dog story which you could spin out for 20+ minutes before getting to the punch line.

        Remember those jokes which weren’t jokes? The ones you’d tell the class square and all your mates would fake piss themselves to see if said square would laugh at something which was obviously not funny. The one I remember was this:

        Man walks into a bakery and asks for a loaf of bread. The baker says, “Yes of course, white or brown? and the man says, “No that’s OK I’ve got my bike outside”. Now obviously not funny and not even a joke, but really funny when your victim laughs because then you can take the piss. Very very childish, but then we were children!

  5. I get a lot of “mature local women who don’t say no”. More like local beer bellied pervert with a wooden leg and a sex dungeon.

  6. Fuck the overt cuntiness. Damn fuckin’ right some cunts need to be held to account . Only this morning when I was set to enjoy my breakfast whiskey and oats did I see some disable ad blocker pop up. Fuck you’s. And fuck you’s and fuck you to the next money tree ding-arses.

    • Real women put Jack Daniels on their oatmeal.

      😀. 👩 🍚 🇺🇸

      • Some cunt was fucking with me. i suspect it was hubby. Cunt nicked the J’D’s. Didn’t leave an apology note. Cunt.

      • In the People’s Republic of California (aka Los Republica Espanoles Alta California) I think that’s grounds for divorce. In Texas it’s Justifiable Homicide.


  7. Joseph Isaacs, the cunt who attacked 96yr old Normandy veteran Jim Booth with a claw hammer has received a 20yr sentence. In my opinion this is far too light for this utter coward. He’s lucky I’m not running the show, as he would experience a world of fucking pain for what he’s done. Hope he gets banged up with an ex squaddie who has a suitably Old Testament attitude to retributive justice. Total fucking cunt, unlike Jim Booth, who I imagine would have kicked the living shit out of him had he been younger. I do hope Jim lives out the rest of his days in total contentment, he deserves it, not a lot of Normandy vet’s left now.

    • why don’t you write it up in the nominations? fuck all use here the mods don’t post from threads.

      Admin note. you are correct, want a job?

    • Oddly, Isaacs reminded me of Linekunt.

      And is Jurgen Klopp related to Verminhofstadt ??

  8. seeing as I am not the resident pervert I will share two stories with you.
    No1 back in the day before the internet i was a member of a club called “mature contacts” you set up an account and when you called through they would set you up with someone local……….. now being savvy I played away from home, arranged the meeting and got blown out….
    so in the end I arranged a very local meeting, the lady called me number withheld as per norm, thing is she didn’t know the name of the shopping center she had arranged to meet me at!
    I took the firm to the local trading standards, it was a rip off, the woman at the counter almost died when I explained about my failed quick fuck meetings.
    The hacker……..
    This was pretty much in the days of Dial up, I logged on and an “Important message” popped up saying that I had been viewing porn (true) and that a virus was going to lock my computer (our computer) and display all unless I clicked the link to update my anti virus…………
    as you can imagine I was mortified MRs Benny MKII would know about my “other habit” However as the pictures on screen flicked through something showed up a miss, Pictures of a rather voluptuous lady of colour spreading pink, Now only a few close friends and sexual partners know that I was almost crippled by a Nigerian prostitute and a badly fitted coil, for the best will in the world I cant get a stiffy over it, its not racism, its more like don’t touch the hot thing again.
    any way I digress, the out come was Mrs Benny MKII being shown the problem (Diana abbott spreading) and agreeing to restart the computer at an earlier date, seems she downloaded the trojan on a fucking recipe web site!

    • Do you remember the ‘You’ve been bearded’ Trojan floating around in those days? A veritable yeti of a cunt as a screensaver……

  9. Not only do the advertising cunts follow what you do on line but the so called “news services” do the same. I saw a news story tag line that said the Queen was livid with Harry’s new bride. So I “clicked” it and read the story. (Apparently Britain’s Black Royal betrayed her true colors by saying fuck while riding in the carriage after the wedding. It was caught on tape and supposedly, all over Cuntbook.). As a result of my “click” look what popped into my daily news feed today.


    Now I’ll be bombarded with Diana 2.0 stories for the rest of my life.

    As an aside here’s some things that should be on her real coat of arms:

    ♠. 🍉. 🐓. 🍌. 🎱

    • Worried about what? If they steal anything or are dealing drugs there’s nothing you can do. California is a sanctuary state and will just release them back into society.

      Maybe if you offer to pay them cash they will mow your yard.


      • or re-sod your lawn or re-tile your roof or fix your electrics or unblock or plumbing or re-paint your house, inside and/or out or re-pave your drive. Did I leave anything out?

      • No you didn’t but I did. Be careful if you go out to habla with them. The greasy bastards all carry knives.

        🇲🇽. 🔪

      • Thanks for the tip, General. Where I live now there are quite a few of them about.

        All the ones I’ve had any dealings with so far have been super nice – I have to admit.

        That said, I’ve been scouring ye olde groupon website for some local hand gun classes. Found a bunch too. I’ll be tooled up before you know it.

        Any recommendations for a first hand gun? I’m thinking something 9mm, low recoil with an auto aiming option for undesirables.

      • Oh yeah lots of recommendations.

        But first…the rules:

        1. Never carry a gun unless you’re prepared to use one. (Sub rule 1A. Any man sufficiently at risk to carry one gun should carry two.)

        2. Any man worth shooting is worth killing.

        3. A hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a .45.

        A nine is a good calibre choice for the reasons you mentioned and then some. Accurate…low recoil…readily available (not only in the US but all over the world) and with the right ammo choice very effective. (i.e. Hollow points +P or otherwise)

        If I were you I would also consider the .40 S & W. Similar dimensions and recoil but considered to have more stopping power by some. But don’t get too hung upon stopping power. Remember rule 3.

        As for the actual firearm I would recommend the Glock for all kinds of reasons…not the least of which is safety. The safe action trigger is (in my opinion) excellent for beginners and pros alike.

        Glocks are also accurate, reliable, and durable. They come in a variety of sizes and their mags are interchangeable. Very useful if your “back up” piece is also a Glock.

        This is a important point with regard to subrule 1A. ALL of the old timers who taught me swore by this rule. The theory being if you shoot you weapon “dry” or encounter some sort of malfunction or (God forbid) someone takes your gun away from you you can still defend yourself.

        The reliability of today’s auto loaders has lessened the malfunction argument. And many experts say if someone takes your primary weapon away you’re truly fucked anyway but I still believe it is good advice.

        Finally, get some good professional instruction. Massad Ayoob’s book “In the Gravest Extreme” is excellent even if a bit out dated.

        And by all means forget the cowboy/Hollywood/James Bond bullshit. No cowboy ever killed a bad guy or an Indian riding a horse full speed over the open range shooting over his shoulder. Conversely, you will not…in the heat of anger shoot some cretinous cunt in the knee cap.

        And you won’t scare said cretinous cunt away just by pulling your gun or firing a warning shot that might ricochet or fly errantly into some innocent bystander.

        Best real world advice…avoid if you can…run if you must. But if you can’t do either …shoot to kill.

      • By the way. When I lived in Southern California I worked with a lot of people from Mexico. Good salt of the earth folk. It’s the gang bangers and the mooches I dislike.

      • Thanks General. I’ve signed up for a beginners ‘Learn to Shoot’ class at a local range/gun club. Also booked some range time at another location where you can enjoy unlimited swap outs of hand guns, so you can try lots and see what you like. All very exciting.

        My uncle took me shooting way back when. I fired a S&W .357 with magnum bullets (don’t remember the grade). Chunks of the target disappeared. Woah! I also fired a Colt .45 Government Edition or 1911 or 1912, something like that. I’m sure you’d know what I’m talking about. The recoil on that was a monster. Very aggressive and way worse than the .357. It hurt!

        Had a half day shooting experience a while back and got to fire all sorts of things. Including an AK47. Talk about LOUD!

        I appreciate your wisdom, experience and caution. I do take this seriously and would like to get good at it. Thanks again.

  10. According to YouTube, Tommy Robinson has been arrested while reporting on a slime paedo grooming trial in Leeds ??
    And what was on ITV Cymru News this pm ??!
    “The Plight of slimes in Wales” Opens with the Call to Jihad, sounded like a donkey being fisted, made my eardrums defecate. “Oh, we’re victimised, abused…”
    After Manchester and other events, hardly surprising. Just fuck off to some medievalist shitehole
    MainstreamMedia ? “Move along please, nothing to see/hear”

  11. Off topic. …
    Cunts in spaaaaaaace !!!!!
    Richard Branson in training for space flight.
    Dead Pool nom’s are available .

    • Have had my fingers crossed on that one for some time.
      Heat shield failure or explosive decompression. Either will do…

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