Alek Minassian

Alek Minassian, the Toronto van driver.

Apparently, this loser deliberately targeted women because he didn’t have a girlfriend and was ‘involuntarily celibate.’ There’s a motive for mass murder!

Don’t know about fellow cunters but I’ve had more than one period of being ‘involuntarily celibate.’ If he was that desperate, I believe there are certain women who provide a service for this problem – for a fee of course.

To paraphrase Mr D Fiddler of this parish, fuck him.

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37 thoughts on “Alek Minassian

  1. Apparently there are several websites dedicated to these “incels” as they call themselves. Fucking millennial snowflakes expect everything to fall into their laps, including pussy now.
    Fuck me, unless you’re rich or a sleb you’ve always had to go hunting for it you cunts. Get over yourselves you wankers.
    Of course it didn’t help when little Alek allowed himself to be labelled with “Aspergers” instead of having a Dad to give him a slap and tell him to shape up. It’s no wonder so many of them are turning Gaylord.

    • I think I heard that Asperger’s may be on the “banned list” soon – another Austrian collector of shrunken heads &c….

    • I dont think it’s a matter of turning “Gaylord” its more a matter that the younger generation only seem to engage in electronic interaction and have very poor personal skills (conversation, empathy, ect)
      Likewise through the electric paradise they are able to access pictures of top notch totty, that have very little connection with the reality of women ( no make up on having a shit on the toilet in the morning).
      Now in my day (growing up in a village on the hills with no girls but plenty of sheep) the best I could hope for was finding some old discarded razzle magazine next to the road, However (dam and blast how lucky are these fellows) the world has changed to the extent that they make some very good quality latex ladies, however expect to pay more than £700 for one unless you are happy with the meter high economy versions which seem to be made for pedos.

  2. Don’t understand why the cop didn’t shoot the cunt. He could have said he was pointing a gun, hard to tell in the panic.(it was a phone, apparently) Would have been one less piece of shit. No blame for the cop.

  3. Now that’s why there’s a big drive in GB to make homo’s common place in life and placing young male children with homo couples, clearly there isn’t enough choice out there by natural occurrence and they are farming the numbers up.

    Efforts of spiking drinks then spiking arses of innocent heterosexual males must also be failing to convert some into their way of thinking and grow the numbers.

    On a straighter outlook, is the mindset of these cunts that all the “Stacey types” should be available to them for sex not similar to the peaceful religion worshippers view of young British white girls being there for them to abuse as they please?

    One of my children has extremely pale White complexion and seems to generate an unhealthy interest from peaceful cunts she comes across in her current job in high street retail. Cunts better watch their step or they will find themselves in my fucking basement where only my morals will apply to those crossing the line.

    Still can’t believe this cunt drove allegedly more than a mile on the pavement with such a poor tally either…cunt!

  4. I’ve not even had so much as a winky-touch off a bird since November 2015……… Not killed any cunt though.

    • I had a blowjob last Wednesday.

      Sorry. That’s not really advancing the conversation, I know.

      • heard a good one about that,

        old couple decide to have a 69, the guy is at it for a couple of minutes gets his head out and says “I cant carry on, that stinks!” she says “I am sorry but thats because of my rheumatism”
        “you have rheumatism in your cunt???”
        No she says, “in my elbow, I haven’t been able to wipe my arse for a month”
        which brings me on to.
        why is an interview under caution like oral sex?
        A slip of the tongue and your in the shit!

        Thank you and good night my name is Lord B

  5. Jesus wept, we have Labours answer to Carol Vorderman on Sly criticising Immigration “targets” and scweaming for Wudd resignation and on Parliment we currently have Cooper the back bench Blair pushing EU customs crap.

    I can’t wait until north Korean channels are made available so that I can watch some sensible news.

    Rachel Shabi being an utter despicable nasty ignorant cunt re immigration target headlines and an ignorant bitch talking over Harriet Sargeant.

    Am I the only cunt sick of illegal immigration being discussed on the same level as those in the “windrush situation”?

    They shouldn’t be relaxing any migration, they should be tightening our control in preparation for EU withdrawal so that we can choose any migrants with skills appropriate to our country’s future success and rejecting those who would ruin our future and burden society?

    We are the second largest donor for providing foreign aid to help these cunts improve their own “shithole” but yet they still try pouring in here?

    Those staying in the shitholes will be living like royalty with the money we give per head of those staying put.

    We need targets, end of story.

    • The problem is that they’re not just trying, they’re fucking succeeding on an epic scale.

      • Dawn Butt-lard was just on the Daily Politics, doing her damnest to confuse and conflate Windrush debacle with the government’s rightful antipathy toward illegal immigration. Must have repeated government was “institutionally racist” about 30 fucking times, the thick racist cunt.

        If she wants to create a hostile, piss boiling environment for Butt-lards and Fabbottomus’s, then she’s definitely going the right way about it.

    • You need to understand the Libtard mentality. These Lefticunts, especially those lunatic cunts who teach and indoctrinate snowflakes in universities, believe that utter backwardness, barbarity, and primitiveness of Africans and Middle-Easterners is White men’s, in this case native British men’s, fault !!!!!!!

      All their actions (e.g. mass immigration, vilification of our ancestors and British Empire, glorifying and protecting the Religion of Piss, etc) follows from this utterly insane RELIGIOUS belief. You heard it right, RELIGIOUS belief. This delusion is generally know as White “guilt”.

      Egalitarianism, Open-borders, Communism, “Equality”, Marxism, Post-modernism, etc are modern substitutes for Christianity. Whoever thinks Religion is dead in the West is an ignorant cunt.

      • You know Gary you pretty much nailed that one. 🔨. What you described is orthodox dogma right out of the Libtard Manifesto here in the states.

      • I’m speaking from experience General. I teach a natural science course in a British university and, unfortunately, have daily encounters with snowflakes and their lunatic professors in Humanities and Arts departments. It’s so depressing to see that these cretinous cunts are in charge of “modern” Western culture.

      • The thing that pisses me off is that in years to come, the peacefuls will smash our historical buildings, museums, art galleries in fact erase history the way they tore through Palmyra etc in Syria.

        I can’t see our artistic history loving snowflakes putting up a fight to save it.

      • My Serbo-Croatian is a bit weak there your Lordship. And of course I live in the USA and we don’t use the cyrillic alphabet. So would you mind translating that….Putain de salope!

      • its latin with accents, but any way sad boy decides he is going to jump off a bridge on the motorway (freeway?) so the local troopers managed to get 13 artics (rigs?) to park under the bridge to stop the knob jumping off

      • its the modern text is latin although with these fucking emoy things it is going back to hieroglyphics.

  6. I bet he’ll be looking back on his days of celibacy with nostalgia after sharing a cell with Big Rastus for a week or two.
    What a shame that Darren Osborne didn’t think of saying that he only ran those Peaceuls down at finsbury mosque because he fancied doing an unwashed employer of young white lasses up the shitter. Not to everyone’s taste,I’ll admit,but at least we’d have got an even bigger laugh.

  7. I have long known that I am an ugly cunt with negligible interpersonal skills and that that is why I have only ever pulled women who are both unpleasant to look at and clinically insane; and not many of those.

    In contrast to today’s young people, I accept my limitations thus:

    An important but little-known fact is that while manipulating your male appendage instead may or may not be as psychologically fulfilling, it can be much more pleasurable physically, and that without the obligations, conditions and opportunities for blackmail invited by proponents of partnered sex. With this realisation, and only a two-wheel license, I have never even contemplated mowing down unsuspecting citizens with a van. I hope you will give this knowledge the widest possible airing.

    • Komodo, I suspect, reading between the lines, that you work in Wetminster. Thus the over-harsh self-crit would make sense, as you have described politicians and associated females to a T.

      I’d bang the fuck out of Penny M, however….

      Personally, for transport, I’d choose a turbo-charged gang mower. Could come in handy. Whether I’d had leg-over, or not.

  8. PS.
    There are probably ten times as many regular wankers as all of LGBTQ+XYZ put together. Why is this activity stigmatised and the subject of antiwankerist abuse such as ‘You fucking wanker!’ (surely a contradiction in terms?) ? Let’s stamp out discriminatory behaviour and hate speech now! And raise the Wanker flag (white W, anchor and messy splotch on black background) high, with pride!

    • During basic training (in barracks) I used to enjoy banging one out in the small hours of the morning and with an expert flick of the wrist, flick unwanted load on to the ceiling above a rather unpopular persons bed and wait for the stalactite to fail.

      see I used to be a bit of a nasty cunt myself.

      • we had some fuck who turned up with his own iron (going to be a clerk) any way he wouldn’t let anyone else use it so I filled his iron with cockle brine, he looked good but smelt quite peculiar.
        He was the recipient of the stalactites too.
        ( Also a bath filled with piss too if I remember well)
        Character building it was!

      • can I just say I was not responsible for the piss bath, it was an intake effort after he disappeared during block cleaning and was discovered lounging in the bath that we had never had time to use.

  9. Good evening children and welcome to Uncle General Cuntster’s tips for getting laid. Tonight we’ll address what too when you leave your 3rd World Shithole and travel to a civilized country.

    1. Bathe with soap. (Use shampoo for your hair.)
    2. Use deodorant
    3. Brush your teeth..
    4. Wear clean clothes…including underwear.
    5. Leave your turban, fez or keffiyeh at home.
    6. Do not piss in or drink from mud puddles in the parking lot of the nightclub, pub or bar.
    7. Do not scream religious blasphemes when shown a menu with beef or pork entrees. Simply explain politely that you don’t eat meat and ask to see the vegetarian menu.
    8. If in a shopping mall or bowling alley refrain from demanding loudly that they “Open the snackbar!”
    9. Do not explain to potential dates that you live with “mama”… in the basement…of your uncle’s house…along with 19 other “family” members.
    10. Always offer to pay for a lady’s drink…but not with dinar, shekels or rupees.

    And one last helpful reminder…as always…if you are mentally I’ll and feel the need to take a life…please…take your own.

    That’s all for now children and remember if your are “incel” and wonder why…ask yourself…”would I want to have sex with me?”

    This your old Uncle General Cuntster saying good night and remember…there’s no shame in mental illness…only in not getting lobotomized…uh treated. Oops…sorry.

    • mine is less complicated.
      1, google friday add
      2, go to adult contacts
      3, sub section escorts
      4, phone chosen advert
      5, go to cashpoint
      6, program sat nav with said postcode
      7, Enjoy!

      note after 4 or 5 visits, home visits can be arranged and steps 1,2,3 and 6 can be skipped. (no declarations of love are required, nor the toleration of in laws/ friends, money well spent in my opinion.

      • @Ruff

        It’s dangerous to drink that stuff. Especially, on a empty stomach. One should eat a few Tide Pods laundry pacs first and then drink a pint of Draino.

  10. If a bloke is involuntarily celibate he has several options, all of which are better than driving a van into a crowd of people. He can wank, he can pay a prostitute, he can get a queer to suck his dick or he can get married.
    The last option is almost as easy as the first. There are herds of women out there who only want one thing, and that’s a man to put a ring on their finger. Half of them don’t even care who it is. If he’s not too fussy, an ad in the local paper would do it, then he could work his way through the applicants.

  11. Woohoo!

    Her indoors has informed me that two kebab outlets in the area have been stormed simultaneously by immigration services.

    The pictures on Facebook of them marked up Merc Vito minibuses are a welcome sight given the stuff that’s spewing from Looney Labours finest politicians in an attempt to allow illegal immigration to become acceptable.

    I have never seen one of these vans until now, hopefully get some detainee pics however one has tunnels to the brotherhood next door and flats above. A right rabbit warren set up apparently.

    Just what I needed prior to AlBeeb QT starring the fat leather arsed one.

    Have faith folks it’s business as usual at immigration!

  12. Just had a thought regarding these ‘incel’ cunts and their ideology, can you imagine being a fly in the wall of their ‘chat rooms’ when the story broke about all those Hollywood tarts throwing themselves at fat Harvey knees and smoking on his blue veined Havana?

    They must have been having fucking kittens!

    Bet their social meedja pages were a right laugh as the weeks followed and each slag broke cover, one by one.

    Every revelation must have been another cut on the wrist and a night of tears and anguish and screams of “why him and not metoo”.

    Silly cunts!

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