Shami Chakrabarti [4]

Shami Chukkabutty (something like that) is a total cunt. She looked into anti-Semitism in the Labour party and gave the all clear. Yes, and since then even comrade Steptoe has admitted to it. So where the fuck did she look? I could find it without being a party member.
Also, today on the radio she used the Remoaners argument about a commons vote on air strikes – you know, the one where you must publicise and debate your negotiating position before negotiating.
Whether you agree with the air strikes or not you have to acknowledge that giving your tactics and proposals ahead of military action isn’t a good idea, much as the Brexit negotiating position. But Chukkabutty was adamant that there should have been a full debate and vote. This wasn’t Blair taking us to war but a limited use of force to fuck off the Ruskies, which may be the problem as Labour is more pro-Russian than pro-British.
So Shami ‘I see no anti-semites’ Chukkabutty is a cunt who does whatever Steptoe wants, regardless of truth or viability. The cunt..

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97 thoughts on “Shami Chakrabarti [4]

  1. I wonder if she looked under the big pile of empty chigun buckets or at the back of the cupboard behind the rice and peas?

    A despicable cunt that brings shame on our country when ever she speaks.

  2. Shami chucklebutty is a cunt and what a great nom. Had non jobs all her life and ends up with a gong and a seat in the lords. I wonder of anyone remembers when she accepted £1.5m from Gaddafi’s son when on the board of a londonistan Uni.
    Phil Shiner is a British former human rights solicitor and was Head of Strategic Litigation at Public Interest Lawyers (International) from 2014 until the firm’s closure in August 2016, when he was struck off the roll of solicitors in England and Wales over misconduct relating to false abuse claims against British troops. Shiner’s disgrace resulted in criticism by former army officers of Chakrabarti and her support for Shiner.

    Johnny Mercer MP, a retired Army captain, chided Chakrabarti “almost child-like understanding of military operations” and for “trying to retrospectively apply European Human Rights Law to the battlefield”. Richard Kemp, a retired Army colonel and commander of the first Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan in 2003, accused Chakrabarti of being “one of [Shiner’s] greatest supporters”. He said that she had been saddened by Shiner’s downfall and had said that, before “losing his way”, he had “given good service to the public” and “did some very good work that has been upheld by a judicial inquiry”.
    I wouldn’t trust this cunt to oversee having my car washed. Just a Corbynista shill and a pure cunt.

    • She is child like….Spoilt fucking brat child like. Ever seen the cunt on AlBeeb Question Time stamping her feet?

      A perfect example of why decisions that could impact our servicemens lives while in combat should not be up for prior debate by traitors of the house.

      I still can’t shake the visual thoughts of Catweazle calling Assad & Putin to forewarn them following the Prime Minister calling him to notify the imminent military strikes coming their way.

      • Do you think they monitored his phones? If I’m suspecting the cunt capable of selling out our servicemen, surely the thought has crossed more capable ones minds with investigative tools?

      • It would be a serious dereliction of duty if Corbyn’s communications were NOT being monitored closely by the security services. Along with all those other Labour /Momentum quislings.

        Would have been a no brainer back in the ’60s/’70s. Difference these days is security services have no brains. Fuck ’em.

      • The ruskies are no doubt cunts – – – but they ain’t gonna let their lands, cities towns and villages be over run by third world sponging, hate whitey, shit on your doorstep, wankers.
        Seems to me that a lot of anti Ivan MSM spew, is exactly because Putin won’t roll over and surrender to the shit cunt globalist, turning their world brown! So who are the bigger cunts?

  3. Just remembered this cunt was supporting that group of bent lawyers that were trying to raise false claims against British troops actions in the gulf etc.

    Had the cheek to call out the Tories for being islamaphobic following her brushing of anti semetism under the Labour rug, which she was rewarded for by Catweazle in the form of a seat next door alongside unelected cunts such as Adonis.

    Yet the disgraceful cunt is No1 poster girl for the Anti British Broadcasting Company getting shitloads of airtime and no doubt a nice chunk of licence payers money.

    • Sometimes it’s really hard for me to have any sympathy for the British public. “Modern” Britons don’t give a fuck about national sovereignty, mass immigration, HoC and HoL being populated by anti-British, quisling cunts, NHS and the benefits system being raped to death by illegals and never-ending flood of Third-Worlders, LGBTQXYZ “activists” poisoning the schools and unsuspecting children’s minds by their ceaseless propaganda, etc. That Doctor Who’s role must be played by a Feminazi or Al-Beeb’s fake news must be presented by a Durka Durka “minority” is far, far, far more important than any of the aforementioned issues.

      From British Empire to Pissfull, Tranny, Gangsta, Snowflake Britain.
      And this is called “progress” !

      • So true I oft despair at the lack of knowledge and the outstanding naivety of so many people I have to interact with. The real killer I think is the total lack of critical thinking there was a time when one could take an A level in the subject but if memory serves me this was one of the harder A levels so it’s demise was assured. We appear to be more fucked than a Christian in Bethlehem.

  4. Limp wristed arse bandit Owen Jones says he’ll be at the forefront protesting when Trump arrives on July 13.
    With luck, someone will kick the little faggots’ teeth in….

    That’s all….

    • Lock the little prick up for public order offences and let big Winston burst his ringpiece.

      The shame these cunts bring on our country by protesting their disgust at another country’s democratic choice of leader when they should be more concerned at our country’s disgust of their behaviour.

      Why don’t they take their protest over to Washington and see where that gets them instead of behaving like cunts on our streets?

      He’s not a murderer like Saddam Hussain was or Assad is, what’s the big problem for the British snowflake aside him denying all polls and those who laughed and said it will never happen….

      Just like Britain would never vote to leave the EU?….Suck it up snowflakes.

      Like him or loathe him, he was chosen by the people of America and he will be here following invitation in our country’s best interests.

      Go celebrate Ruth Davidson expecting a baby you bunch of LGBTGTF snowflake fuckers and let Trump get on with enjoying his visit.

      I might just get a confederate flag and go welcome him to our country, poke Owens eye out with the flag stick if it gets in the way. 😉

      • He’s doing more in the short time than most of the spineless shit did in a full term in GB. He wants to actually succeed and be remembered in history for being a good cunt and not a failure. He started off on the right foot by telling the peacefuls and the mexicans that they wouldn’t fuck up his plans.

        Maybe a government that doesn’t appease the cunts bringing GB to it’s knees will deliver one day.

      • In the Libtard /Remoaner mind, the worse they can piss off Trump the less chance of Brexit being successful.

      • The cunts are fucking up their own futures and they don’t even know it, makes me wonder why I bothered as they will reap more rewards from brexit than I’ve got left…cunts!

      • Would love to see someone infiltrate the crowd of flakes and get next to little Owen and as Trump comes by and his vile abuse flows, punch the cunt out a good un leaving him a veg. The Graun could then talk about him in the gardening column.

        Amazing this squeak preparing to face Trump behind the safety of his fellow ‘flakes when he wouldn’t face him one to one!

        He should just shut the fuck up and go play with his Tiny Tears dolly with his fellow cunts, Afulla Shit, June Arsepong etc. After all, a night on the sofa at Sly News discussing newspapers with Julia Hartley brewer ended in fucking tears, one look from The Don would have him running for his safe little space…cunt!

  5. Knocking down yet another old pub near us… The Elizabethan (known affectionately as ‘The Lizzie’) is coming down to make way for ‘new and affordable’ housing…. And I strongly suspect that this housing will be for a wagon train of our lovable african friends… They are popping up around where I live now, and in five or so years, I reckon it will be absolutely festering… Another piece of English life gone, and what a load of cunt…

    • It’s happening all over the north, Northern councils are taking loads of cash from central government to settle immigrants. It’s starting to look like the league of fucking nations in our area . As you say Norman, a load of cunt. Uppity fuckers too.

      • Cunts will end up better off than better folk as they say, especially after we pay their benefits, education, health and pensions and the latter two for their parents and grandparents too.

        I’m not taking any more of the “put them in the system and they can pay their way in taxes” shit either.

        One cunt working for minimum wage tax payments on his 11k salary or less, over his lifetime don’t cover benefits for housing, council tax, child benefit for 6 to 9 kids, stay at home wife (or cash in hand at the warehouse) and one set of old dears, maybe their old dears pensions and health care too (while proceeds from homes sold back home is under uncles mattress).

        No fucking way does this add up even with a Casio Flabottulator.

        It’s fucking slave labour. Who’s the slaves now? Cunts!

    • Sad times Norman, but atleast it ain’t turning into a peaceful religion worshipping den like my old local did.

  6. I don’t know how anyone thought that it was possible to sweep “Anti-Semitism” under the carpet. Although I’m sure that they have good reason to be a bit touchy,there is absolutely no fear of them being ignored if they sense any bigotry concerning their own members.

    Fuck them.

  7. A fucking Baroness? Are you fucking kidding me?

    As an Americunt I had to Google this cunt and I’m sorry I did. Shami as a leader is a sham but her cuntishness is in the forefront of the Ruin Britain movement.

    “How do I cunt thee? Let me count the ways…”

    • I’m sure a little research would prove that she was the only one put forward for Baroness by Corbyn and it was just after she made her report of her investigation into Anti Sematism within the Labour Party she got this. I may be wrong but pretty sure.

      Personally I think religion is best left out of British politics (and education in schools) and more time is spent focussing on our success and resolving problems that concern all of the public regardless of religion.

      There’s little chance of them convincing the electorate that they are capable of pulling together and worth voting for if they can’t get along with each other in their own party. Debate and argue over real problems but if they want to preach religion, then go find an appropriate house of religion of choice.

      These MP’s are paid to serve us remember.

  8. The peerage system over here General, is a strange and mysterious beast. The House of Lords (or cunts more apt) is a rouges gallery of crooks, shysters and parasites.

    • Unelected and a high percentage of our failures of society are within saving on their gas bill at home while being paid £300 a day plus for turning up…and often falling asleep as seen on TV. Cunts!

    • I want a fucking Peerage! General Sir Cuntster, 1st Marquis of Cuntsbury. I’ll straighten out those cunts in the House of Losers…uh Lords…

      Hey! Your Loadshit…wake your ass up! We’re debating something important here.

      “Mi Lord…the Not Honorable Baroness of Sham is pissing me off. Can we silence the dumb cunt and get on with some real business instead of this PC bollucks?” (😀)

      “I ask this august body…is this cunt for real?”

      ” Jesus H. Christ Himself! We got real fucking problems in this country and this senile old bastard just pissed himself in the front bench.”

      “Mi Lords the people voted. Now we leave! Debate over!”

      “If that cunt May doesn’t get it done then we veto her Remainer ass and send her to the Tower.”

      “Meghan Markel and the Royal Baby? Who fucking cares?”

      Being appointed to a lifetime peerage is my only hope as I would never get elected on a “Make Britain Great again…ride to the sound of the guns” platform.


      • I will put you forward General. Have you done fuck all of use all your life? Can you investigate where bears shit? The Pope’s religion? Should be a shoo-in. Lord Cunster of Little Bighorn. Go collect your £300+ a day.

      • To my friend the Rt Hon. Cuntstable

        Q: Have you done fuck all of use all your life?
        A: I have not done one fucking thing of value to the human race.

        Q: Can you investigate where bears shit?
        A: I propose a Blue Ribbon private panel composed of Tony Blair, Anna Soubry…Shami Chakrabarti…Elton John, Meghan Markle and Postman Pat.

        Q: …The Pope’s religion?
        A: I propose another panel made up of former IRA members from the Republic of Bog Jumpers and random citizens drawn by lots in the Peaceful Caliphate of Londinistan.

        General Sir Cuntster, 1st Marquis of Little Big Horn. UK, USA, ISAC…et cetera et cetera

        🇬🇧. 💂

      • You have just done more than two rows of the dopey cunts do in one year General.

        Great steps to making Britain Great again!

      • The pope has expressed doubts as to the existence of hell. He is no longer a catholic. I believe Attenborough is looking into the bear question…

  9. The Donald to visit UK in July, Friday 13th, talk about a fucking omen. Plenty of time for that little cunt Citizen Khan to get himself worked up, I bet he’s got his big boys crayons out in his office at City Hall making up his protest placard as I type.

  10. At my advanced time of life, few things would afford me greater pleasure than to snort a goodly line of speed, don a pair of hobnailed boots, and go beserk kicking Chuckyercuntee’s chuff in of an evening.

  11. Waterloo Road actress Heather Peace and her wife Ellie are left ‘raging’ after a ‘homophobic nanny REFUSED to work for a family with two mothers’

    Read more:


    Why the fuck do these perverts expect everyone to endorse and accept their deviancy? Nobody should be forced to accept the abnormal just to placate a pair of muff-munchers.

    Fuck them.

    • I once did a tree-felling job for 2 Gays. I didn’t drink the tea that they brought out in case they’d put “date-rape” drugs in it.

      • You would have had a hard time convincing your mates that the stains on your pants were non fling chain oil

      • You want a plumber to burst your pipe?

        You need one that’s Corgay registered for that level of service.

      • Hope you didn’t use their toilet either or footage from the hidden cameras will be floating around the “network”.

        It’s all getting high tech these days, your looking for more than just a ‘glory hole’ behind the length of drooping loo roll. Cunts!

    • Maybe these dyke bitches could get the turkey baster to look after their soon to be gay brats when they can’t be arsed to do it themselves.
      The woman who refused the job was almost certainly an immigrant. Ironically the cunts the libtards want to flood the country with are exactly the same cunts who despise the libtard way of life. Turkeys voting for Christmas anyone?

      • Exactly !

        The camel jockeys have the mindset of a desert-dwelling, savage Arab and despise all that Libtards, their protectors and abetters, stand for.

        And some people have the temerity to call ALL humans Homo Sapiens !

    • Is that deviant the one that was in that fire brigade soap thing years ago?

      If so, I could smell Captains Pie from that one even way back then.

      • Londons burning it was called iirc.

        Think it was before we got that shut rammed down our throats via the lantern, think blokey gayness was just ramping up then. Mind you I watched decent stuff back then when tv had stuff worth watching.

  12. Some lefty tofu rolling ugly dyke in the London Evening Standard tonight droning on about toxic masculinity. Fuck off you silly little bint. I find you and your cock hating kind uber toxic.

    • Would take either one brave fucker, one boney arsed Commie cunt or maybe one of them desperate Incels to fulfil that request!

      Has she had him twacked down faw waycism yet? 😀

      • Must have been a while since any cunt paid the hippopotopussy attention,unless old Commie Cunt cops the odd session for old cunts sake.

  13. The fecking liberal treasonous unpatriotic left keep shouting loudly and in unrelenting voices to the young knowing that some of it will stick with the huge bonus that the doppy little twats havnt lived through anything of any note , ira , Falklands , strikes and other national upsets so the twats lap up all this diversity multicultural homosexual gender crap, we are fucked we shall soon be governed by a load of bull dykes and effeminate men who risk assess everything and wear gloves for a piss.
    SOMEBODY HELP!!! before its to late.

      • What a cunt going out dressed like that. Clearly robbed a dumpster for that clobber. V neck down at her non existits. stretched out of shape like her face

    • Need your new email on the system Shaun

      “The form, Shaun! Use the form.”
      Nobody else but admin will know it. We promise!

      • Sure keep forgetting.Will send it in the afternoon following my half day shift in the hell forsaken repugnant shithole that makes sucking Diane Abbotts arse hole look good in comparison.

  14. Two things have pissed me off today:

    1. Bill Cosby.

    Bill Cosby is no doubt a lecherous cunt and deserves whatever shite goes his way. What pissed me off was the fact when two retrospective cases that were thrown out previously all of a sudden get resounding convictions when no additional evidence was provided.

    When asked outside the reason for the new conviction, the woman lawyer, spokesperson, or whatever said: “Because now women are being believed in the court of law and not just on #metoo.”

    No the reason is because of #metoo and the nefarious witch hunt culture being garnered across the west agains men.

    Wankstain and Cosby are two cunts who are probably banged to rights but there have been several cases where men in public office, business and education who have been named and shamed (by cunt media) into giving up their positions/livelihoods on nothing more than hear-say, and then – when eventually they reach the court – the allegations have been retracted or the case immediately thrown out of court.

    These men cannot go back to their former lives – and yet the cunts making those false allegations walk away unscathed.

    What a fucking disgrace and sad indictment of modern times. It’s the same group-think thought process which absolves “peaceful” cunts of multi-death atrocities as being a bit “misguided” and yet define cunts like Darren “fucking” Osborne as real terrorists! Fuck off! Flip it and be right for once you twats!

    2. Elmer Fudd.

    Why is it every cunting time I flick the fucking box on Amber Rudd is on there apologising for yet another thing that’s not of the current PC or “Cultural Enrichment” mantra?

    Today it turns out we’ve been trying to crack down on illegal cunts. Woooooo!

    The Windrush lot are safe. The Govt has rightly protected their right to be here and to be British citizens. Great so now we can move along right!?!

    Wrong. Because – as promised by Governments before, since and including the Tony B.Liar years – we’re supposed to be cracking down on immigration and illegals. It what’s the public wants but obviously – like Brexit – no cunt gives a shit what we want only what the politico and media neo-liberal fascist cunts want!

    So when Elmer was asked (actually more like screamed by some neo-liberal ABBC or Sly cunt reporter): “MINISTER! MINISTER!!! IS IT TRUE YOU HAVE QUOTAS TO EJECT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!?! MINISTER! MINISTER!!!!!!!!”

    What she SHOULD have replied is: “Yes. And?”

    But no, hours and hours and hours of appeasing/apologising/hand wringing/yadda yadda yadda…

    Fucking grow a pair you useless cunt and tell it like it is. The public will appreciate it even if the public eye cunts don’t!

    Remember: theirs is just one vote, just like mine, so instead of pandering to those twats, how about pandering to a cunt like me, and millions of others like me unlike the few hundred cunts in politics and the meejah!

    Fucking cunt! Don’t you DARE, don’t you fucking DARE!!! run for Tory leader you weak cunt!


    Oh great. Cunstion Time now. I see Abbott is on. Well my piss was already at steam. No doubt gas plasma is looming. Fucking cunts!

    • And she’s totally against anti-semitism.

      “Peaceful” atrocities and yardy-boy stabbings not so much…

      The only thing worse than a weak cunt Home Secretary like Elmer Fudd is a thick and racist cunt like Dianne Abbott!

      • P.S. This is not me saying that anti-semitism is wrong, it fucking is!

        But so are blowy-up “peaceful” bastards and stabby bastards. O’course that’s just cultural isn’t it. FFS!

        Oh and there’s the green party bean-flicker cunt straight in on the defence of more “peacefuls” in Palestine – or another terrorist incubation cell as I like to call it! Cunt!

  15. Racism against the windrush lot, racism against the four by two’s
    When are the CuntionTime fuckers gonna talk about the racism against the white indigenous fucking honkies the Hypocritical virtue signalling CUNTS!!!!!!!!

    Diane Flabbott is a fat fuckin leather sofa

    Rant over

    • You white privilege cunt!

      Don’t you know it’s waycist to moan if you’re white these days. Especially if your gender designation is of the male variety!

      • I await my front door being kicked off its hinges by the fucking lawmen for speaking my mind

    • Lifetime warranty on that leather, thickest fucking hide ever. Much stronger than carbon fibre.

      Cunt did the look down in shame while others spoke about anti semetism, just like when accounts of abuse were read out in HoC last week.

      Another AlBeeb Trump bash opportunity. Should have guessed it would be choice topic.

      • Well Elon Musk is trying to patent her hide for his Mars lander.

        Thick as triple day porridge and impervious to any kind of assault apart from numerical.

      • Fat cunts no stranger to mars landings…in the bottom of her slurry store size gut.

        Snickers & Twixes too, but no fun size shit.

  16. The flabbapotamus slagging The Don about grabbing wimminz pussies
    The fat fuck must have forgotten comrade corbyn showing his mates pictures of herself butt naked just after he’d demounted off the cunt

    • I bet she remembers the day of the clip posted above earlier.

      What about the crazy snowflake bitch….”he’s not my President”

      You are so correct, he isn’t so belt up you cookie bitch. He isn’t your problem.

    • Do you mind!

      The badly packed kebab I was just about to tuck into has suddenly lost its appeal. Chilli sauce and all!

      • My local outlet is closed following immigration control raid.

        They must have found the “great escape” style tunnel system.

        The only two in town with no major environmental health problem history get raided simultaneously.

        No wonder they claim to be the most original & authentic cunts when they have the most recently arrived “back room staff”

      • Was skiving off work today to apply for a new job and had to travel to a nearby city to send some paperwork in.Anyway was done by 6 and thought you know what I will make the most of it and eat out in a restaurant. was looking round the city for nearly two hours trying to find somewhere that didn’t have overpriced pretentious veggie crap and that wasn’t filled with fucking millennial hipsters.In the end managed to find a Mexican restaurant reasonably priced and made in front of you for half the price.One bar I was planning on eating in charged me over 5 quid for a pint.Fucking liberty.

      • Sounds like you had a well deserved cunt free day, aside cunt wanting £5+ for a beer.

    • Fuck, his load would have been like a pin head size on that cunt, bet there wasn’t enough to coat both her tits.

  17. Yeah, Flabbot said Trump talked about pussy grabbing “during the election campaign. “ No it wasn’t, it was a fucking video taken ELEVEN fucking years before. Bitch!
    And who was that Muzzie bird who said she doesn’ t accept Trump as her President, straight after declaring herself a UK citizen? He’s not your President you cunt! Or have you forgotten whose country you are living in this week. Fuck off.

  18. Caroline Lucas shouting at the audience for booing her because she wants another referendum “don’t boo me because I want democracy”
    What a fucking dumb thick cunt of a bitch!!!

    • Thick bitch should try harder to educate herself instead of arranging / attending protest shit, but she ain’t the only one.

      All MP’s should have an exam which tests them on basic politics, any questions wrong and your out / not fit for office.

      Question 1. Explain & demonstrate knowledge of election process fully.

      Question 2. Explain democracy in full.

      Question 3. Define what treason and what would deem a person to be a traitor?

      There is a start for the cunts.

  19. Lucas is a fucking fascist bitch who only got elected because of all the bumbandits in Brighton. There’s another bunch of Turkeys voting for Xmas. There’s not much Iron Curtain immos and Camel drivers hate more than poofs.

    • This is what baffles me about the left.They call any Brit who makes a joke about queens dangerous but want to import people from places that happily lynch gays.That is why I just have no time for these lefties wankstains.It is like saying Jim Davidson is too inappropriate to baby sit my kids so I will get Gary Glitter to do it instead.

      • The Gizzard appealing for The Yemen superheats my piss.

        Because I couldn’t give a toss.
        Because Keith Vazeline is a monumental cunt, and a Yemeni.
        Because The Gizzard, by definition, is anything but “appealing”
        Because the hypocrite didn’t wear his Widow Twankey/Carmen Miranda drag-up when visiting these shiteholes as a UNESCO ambassador.

        Truly, a fart in a colander that can’t get out for holes.

    • For some strange reason, I had her down for a tuppence licker for years though in my defence I had never looked her / it up online. She still could be in denial or yet to realise it.

      Living proof that E.T brought a bird with him and fucked off home without her…no wonder!

    • As a professional homosexual who once snogged a Blackman I can honestly say that I would not vote for some tofu eating, sandal wearing, Guardian reading Eco terrorist.

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